Akando the German Shepherd

Puppy Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Akando came from Minnesota on a big jet airplane. He didn't mind the trip as much as the Sun. The desert sun was so hot, he only wanted to lay down in the shade. He had lots of space there to run and play, but mostly just sat on his fuzzy butt, where it was cool. He especially liked the air conditioning vent. He learned all about walks and food and baths, and how to go outside for potty. Then Banshee came to stay and be his sister. At last, somebody to play with and chew on. She was awfully small, but had a bark just like a big puppy. It wasn't even another week before Daddy, Uncle, Banshee and him all moved to Seattle, the land of cool greenery. He likes the cool much better, though the rain takes some getting used to. Now with his adult fur and lanky puppy legs, he can out-pace even his daddy on their daily walks. If only he could get those pesky ears to stand up straight all the time!