Aki the Border Collie Beagle mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Aki's mom says: Aki was born in Taiwan and now lives in Irvine, California. Aki's father is a Border Collie and mother is a Beagle. She has the soft, black and white Border Collie coat, yet her hair is really short, like that of a Beagle. She is shy when it comes to strangers, but will shower you with love and endless energy once she gets to know you. She loves walks and lives for snacks, and also loves to nap with her mommy in the afternoons. Her favorite stuff animals are cows, as she looks very much like one herself. When she was still a tiny puppy, I could never get anything done if I took her out with me because people would just stop me and ask to hold and play with her. Everyone complimented on her extremely shiny coat and irresistible cute face. Aki is my companion and my best friend who keeps my going since she is my only family member here in the U.S.