Akuma the Shiba Inu

Puppy Breed: Shiba Inu

Akuma is a good boy, toilet trained in the first week, and knows the sit and come commands. His favorite snack is banana; every time I fed him banana, he licks all over my palm until it's all gone. He is very friendly and active. He is not shy and makes new friends straight away. He likes being around people. During the day he will just follow me around wherever I go. Or if we leave him in his playing area, he will come check on us to make sure we are still here. He is very cheeky on the other hand--he likes stealing our underwear and socks just for fun. He does a lot of silly things, like chasing after butterflies, barking at an empty plastic bag, jumping on a inflatable bed and looking for sticks in the backyard to bring to a particular spot and build his own fort. He likes to do his chewing there for some reason.