Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Oct 20, 2006 samir
let me be the first to say that is one CUTE dog!
Oct 20, 2006 moggy mcmogmog
oh man he is so cute.
Oct 20, 2006 Sean
cute doogy...he must be pretty happy about the game tonight.
Oct 20, 2006 PippiMom
Oct 20, 2006 Stacey
Awwwwww he is sooooo cute i love ALL of the pics of him, keep up the great work oops i mean play ;) .
Oct 20, 2006 Philippe
He is so cute !
But :
-2 weeks is way to early to take a puppy away from his mother

-The owner should learn how to carry a puppy !

Nevertheless, he looks like a sweatness :-)
Oct 20, 2006 Samantha Gee I-m a puppy Lova!
Hes so adorable man hes cute!
Oct 20, 2006 Michael
Phillippe, I would guess that Albert's parents were visiting him at the breeder or shelter until he was old enough to bring home. If he was 6.5 pounds when they got him, he was probably older than two weeks. That first picture doesn't look like 6.5 pounds of puppy to me. :-)
Oct 20, 2006 Dawn
The ST Louis Cardinals have cute little mascot. He is adorable.
Oct 20, 2006 Dawn
The ST Louis Cardinals have cute little mascot. He is adorable.
Oct 20, 2006 Alberts Mom
From Alberts mom...We were very excited to get Albert and were able pick him out a 1 week. The breeder was very nice and let us visit and take pictures at 1 week, 2 weeks and 4 weeks. We were not able to hold him until 4 weeks and brought him home at 7 weeks.
Oct 20, 2006 Winnie-s Family
He is sooo adorable, and it is definitely not fair that he was potty trained in a week and a half!!!!!!
Oct 20, 2006 DogMom
To Alberts' mom: He is the most precious baby I have ever seen!!!! He is absolutely gorgeous. BTW, I visited my breeder the day after my puppy was born and every week until I brought her home. I look at those pictures and enjoy how small and young she was (she is 11 years old now). Enjoy your beautiful baby!!!!
Oct 20, 2006 Jackie I
Love the face..
Oct 20, 2006 Bunnied816
What an incredibly adorable boy you have!!! Congratulations! That is one of the sweetest faces I've ever seen...those eyes look back at you with such honesty and trust...<<sigh>> if I found a man that looked at me like that, I'd marry him on the spot! :)
Oct 20, 2006 Kendra
Squee! What a cutie! And may I just say that "Albert" is by far the most perfect and fitting name for him. : )
Oct 20, 2006 lola
Albert looks like a little polarbear! Soooo cute!
Oct 20, 2006 dogwalker
I know a goldendoodle that's a very nice dog. But I wonder at people deliberately breeding what are essentially mutts, and wonder even more at people paying premium prices for them.
Oct 20, 2006 txmadre
I want one!
Oct 20, 2006 Doritoes
What a cutie!

Go Cards!
Oct 20, 2006 dawn
Albert is the perfect name for him. Many years of happiness to you and little Albert.
Oct 20, 2006 HONEYS MOM
Oct 20, 2006 Sarah
Congrats on a super-cute puppy and a super-big win for the Cards last night!
Oct 20, 2006 Lloyd
What can a proud grand parent say but - WOOF - WOOF
Oct 20, 2006 Wendy
That face! What a doll...congrats on a beautiful addition to your family.

Go Cards!
Oct 20, 2006 Lennie-s Mama
Oh wow!!! Albert is gorgeous... I love goldendoodles! The growth time-line was a nice touch.
Oct 20, 2006 ilovedogs
Albert is sooooooo GORGEOUS AND CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!! I love the picture of him with the frog!!!!!!!
Oct 20, 2006 The Terrior Terrors
Long Live King Albert! He's too cute for words! Pup and family, we'll see ya in Detroit!
Oct 20, 2006 Julia
I, for one, find it heartening that people are recognizing the aesthetic and personality value of cross-breeds and prizing the total package over a purebred "status symbol". I agree that people who choose a cross for a fashion symbol are buying for the wrong reason, but I feel the same way about people who do that with purebreds. I am happy that people seem to be placing more value on health (freedom from congenital defects from overbreeding) and personality than show history.

I have never showed any of my dogs, so the price paid was always for their health and companionship. While my two dogs now are rescues, I would have paid money for them, if necessary. I love sweet mixed doggies. Also, the label "mutt" to me applies when doggies are random hodgpodges or if you don't know what the cross was. I don't find it an offensive name, as my baby boys are mutt-tastic, but I don't usually use it if I know what the dog is "made out of". :)
Oct 20, 2006 Alice
What a shame the pics ended at 12 weeks! Can we look forward to another installment of pics from the next 3 months? I gotta see what happens to that hair! Gorgeous!
Oct 20, 2006 heather
That Dog Is So Precious Looking and That Little Face Adorable!!!!
Oct 20, 2006 Jay
Your puppy is soooo beautiful! I don't have a puppy yet....but that would be the one I would take home!
Oct 20, 2006 Pete
Go Albert and Go Cardinals!
Oct 20, 2006 puppytails
Albert is WAY TOO CUTE! I also have a "doodle"named Dudley. They are great dogs.

To see Dudley: http://www.dailypupp
Oct 20, 2006 Susie
I claim to be part of Albert's darling former dau in law has a wonderful husband and "puppy kid"...Albert joins a beautiful adopted cat and I promise you, has all the love a furry kid will ever need....With half a dozen animals of my own, I know what love they have for this particular exceptional addition to the family, and I know how long they looked for just the right "baby" .... I know how much love she has to give, since I'm included in that bounty!
Oct 20, 2006 Susie..again...
Julia...I have all "throw aways"...they're all mixed breeds except an American Foxhound and a miniature poodle...All were left to fend for themselves as youngsters.Some were abused as well as abandoned.....I also have a "purebred" American Catahoula that someone mistook for a "mutt"....These wonderful animals are intelligent and loving.... I think mixed breeds are wonderful as I think purebreds are wonderful...I just think furry kids are wonderful!
Oct 20, 2006 PINKPOLO531 PUP LOVER!!! : )
Oct 20, 2006 Daisy-s
I am so proud of my baby.....he is adorable!! It warms my heart to see that he is loved so much.....Thanks so much! Terry
Oct 20, 2006 puppyluvr
aww...he groes so fast!!!
Oct 20, 2006 Cocoa
Wow! He is definately a growing puppy.
Oct 20, 2006 PUPPY LOVER
Oct 20, 2006 Plutos Mommy
Awwww, he's so cute! Not as cute as my mutt, but I'm biased ;-)

My Plu's wearing his STL red and white too! Go Cards! Squee!!
Oct 20, 2006 Apple
What a nice cousin to have.
Oct 21, 2006 Lisa
Albert sure is getting big! And such a cute puppy! He is so adorable! He really causes me to want one of my own! I know one thing is sure that he is definitely in a good home and will be very much loved by you both! I can't wait to meet him, so I can love around one him! Give him a hug for me!
Oct 21, 2006 nicole boner
very very cute puppy!!!!!!
Oct 21, 2006 zizi
Very sweet
Oct 21, 2006 by lala and panesita
How bueatiful he is growing precious puppy
Oct 22, 2006 Krysia
It's crazy how fast they grow! He's an adorable fella. ;)
Oct 22, 2006 Aunt Pam
It's amazing the joy a puppy can bring to a home. We're so proud for you.

Albert truly is precious! Just look at that face - - - it captures your heart!
Oct 23, 2006 Lovin the Puppy breath!
Go Cards....Albert is a PERFECT Mascot!!! Hopefully he'll help them win the World Series!!!
Oct 23, 2006 Fletch
Albert is cute! We have a 9 month old Goldendoodle who's name is St. Louis "Louie" for short. Sure are cute aren't they!

Go Redbirds!
Oct 23, 2006 puppyluver
a wiry little fellow...what a cutie!
Oct 23, 2006 puppy lover Betty
As Albert's next door neighbor I will say he is truly a sweet happy puppy. I only wish my dog Katie would be more friendly. It's beginning.
Oct 24, 2006 Bridget
Oh he is cuuuuuuuuuute! I love his wavy hair.
Oct 28, 2006 CHRIS FROST
so damn CUTE!
Oct 28, 2006 chris frost
Oct 29, 2006 nicole
what a cutie!
Oct 30, 2006 Baby Baby
That puppy is so naughty. I want to bite its little ear and those pads on its toe. Not too hard.. but just until it makes a little noise.
Nov 5, 2006 holly
it is ssssssoooooo cute aspecily 1 and 3 i love the pics
Nov 5, 2006 Hayley Ferrante
Look at wittle alberts face!!! To freakin adorabje!!! :)
Nov 6, 2006 Jessica
I love the 9 weeks picture it is so cute.
Nov 12, 2006 PupSmellsRule
Nov 16, 2006 KIKI
Nov 17, 2006 Shannon
I have a goldendoodle too... I just love all the pictures of your puppy... I'ts so fun to see them grow up because they go through so many coat changes! What a cutie... Goldendoodles are the sweetest most cutest dogs out there.... enjoy him... he's so adorable! :)
Nov 21, 2006 Jo
awww sooo cute they grow so fast goldendoodles are jsut adorable
Nov 23, 2006 sara
i love the first picture
Nov 25, 2006 Friday
AAAWWW CUTIECUTIE!!! (how original of me...:P)
Nov 29, 2006 blabla
so cute!!!!!!!!
Dec 4, 2006 ilovedogs
awwwwwwwwwww I wish he was mine!
Dec 19, 2006 lovesdobermans
i think hes cute but 2 weeks is a little to early to take him away from mommy unless she doesn't want him thats an exception anyway he is adorable.
Jan 3, 2007 hbird2
From Albert's Mom...the first picture at 2 weeks is the breeder holding Albert. We were not able to hold him until he was 4 weeks old. We were very luck to get to visit him several times before we brought him home at 7 weeks.
Jan 15, 2007 LadyIrisTheGreatDane
how sweet i also have a golden doodle but she is BLACK! they are truely wonderful dogs ! very smart
Jan 21, 2007 Knate and Charlene
Adorable! Love the little tongue pic. Albert's tail is going to be gorgeous-my husband said Goldendoodles' tails remind him of those fluffy feather boas that 1940's movie sirens used to carry.
tummy rubs to your fabulous boy.
Mar 20, 2007 Loizhanne
thank you so much for sharing albert with us! i love watching him grow little by little in your photos. He really is a handsome dog.
May 4, 2007 sylvanbliss
It is remarkable to see just how fast your puppy grew! Wish I'd been so disciplined with my wee one. (too busy taking things away from him) Great pictures, thanks!

Albert is so cute and was sooo tiny...once. Have a wonderful life together!
May 28, 2007 vllybllstar
you can see him getting bigger and bigger....haha!
11 biscuts and more
Jun 13, 2007 doxielvr
oh the puppyness is so cute!
Jul 8, 2007 Dogs4Evr
Cant i buy him he is sssssssooooooooooo cute
Aug 11, 2007 Mummm
I love the progression of the photos. What a cute dog!
Oct 13, 2007 puppy*power
He's just the cutest little dog
Dec 12, 2007 my_stoney_baby
Oh! I'm a sucker for any dog that's been mixed with a poodle, and you are no exception Albert! I grew up with a Standard Poodle, and loved him so much that I now have a Weimaraner / Standard Poodle mix. He is the sweetest (although most rambunctious and hugest!) puppy ever and the mix is just perfect for my husband and I!

Albert, you are adorable, many happy years with your loving family!
Feb 10, 2008 kwikwitz
Albert is one cute pup! He's even cute in 2008!
Mar 22, 2009 georgia04
What a precious little guy Baby Albert is! He's a million times more beautiful than his namesake. What a darling baby boy, he'll be a beautiful adult, too. How lucky you are to have him.
Mar 27, 2009 animalsoftheworld
May 17, 2009 kendra blackie 08
So small and cute.
Aug 8, 2009 preciouspuppylove
awwwwwwwwwww when youre a baby you look just like a golden but the more you grow, the more you have that poodle in ya. very cute
Aug 18, 2010 bkregh
You are one sweet puppy. Have a wonderful life with lots of hugs and kisses forever.
Jul 6, 2014 Kddid429
I got my rubber ducky...ready for the plunge! ;)
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