Alex & Lisa von Williams the Adoptable Pups

Puppy Breed: German Shepherd Dog

ALEX and LISA von Williams are soaking up all the affection they can get after their near death experience. Someone put these two adorable babies in a plastic bag and tied the ends in a knot. The bag was tossed in an alley way. They were slowly dying when someone heard their faint cries for help. Both were severely dehydrated, the vet who examined them guessed they were in the sack for about 24 hours; they are about 8 weeks old, closer to 9 weeks now. They have been packing away the food and are very healthy now. We want to find them an extra special home, they are so deserving! They are mixed with a variety of breeds; your guess is as good as ours. They will be on the bigger side, Alex is 17 pounds and Lisa is 19 pounds! Please fill out an APPLICATION if you are interested in adopting one of these babies. (Southern California Residents only please.)