Saturday, July 12, 2014
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I wish Alice a happy and long life. She seems to have such sadness in her eyes, but time heals. I know you will give her and her sister Mabel lots of love! Please give them both a hug from me. It make me feel good knowing that they now have a forever home!
Mar 14, 2009 bkregh
Youare a sweetheart. And beautiful. I am so glad you have a good home and friends to play with. YOu derserve it little girl.
Mar 14, 2009 suelill
Awwwwwwww Alice baby you are soooooooo adorable and I'm so glad you were rescued. Lots of biscuits and the biggest cuddles sweetheart. Have a happy life.
Mar 14, 2009 GoLdeN RetrIveRs RocK
oh my god how sweet! super cute! i love him! CUTE CUTE CUTE
Mar 14, 2009 kady
What beautiful pups and a hex on the people who dumped them. That is one of my pet hates and certainly wasn't the christmas spirit which you surely have.
Mar 14, 2009 Lab_mum
What pretty little ladies you are Alice and Mabel!!! Wishing you and your family all the love, health and happiness in the world, lotsa love from Ange, Max and Chloe. xoxoxo
Mar 14, 2009 swarna
Mar 14, 2009 wolfgirl66
Pretty Alice is very sweet!
Mar 14, 2009 papajoe
I hope you all enjoy long and happy lives together. They are fortunate that you found them.
Mar 14, 2009 puppyloveforme
Alice, because of wonderful people like your new family, you are going to have a wonderful life. I admire your owners very much! They really gave you and your brothers and sisters a Christmas miracle! God bless you guys, and Alice, you are a lovely little girl and I wish you the best! zillions of biscuits, hugs and cuddles for lucky, loveable Alice!!!!
Mar 14, 2009 snoopygirl
Awww They're gorgeous!!
Mar 14, 2009 PamVTX many ways to relax, so little time. Hugs and biscuits forever for Ms. Alice. She's beautiful--and oh, so lucky to have you as her forever family!
Mar 14, 2009 drakes' granny
Thank God you found them. They are just beautiful girls. Alice and Mabel are lucky girls for you to share your home with. So are the ten year olds. Hopefully there other siblings found someone kind and loving as well.
Mar 14, 2009 malawi
How wonderful they are! You did a great thing in rescuing them all....hope you all have many happy years together!
Mar 14, 2009 ejay
I think Alice looks as if she knows that she has found herself a very nice home and is enjoying life. She is one cute looking lucky girl. Heaps of biscuits and belly rubs,please.XXXXXXXXXX
Mar 14, 2009 fritzy
HOW CUTE!!! Thank you for giving she and her sister a home. :)
Mar 14, 2009 StylinGirl
Such a sweet story! You lovely ladies have a super wonderful human. Thanks for sharing your story and love to all!
Mar 14, 2009 lkg0711
I don't know who is luckier, you or Alice, but thank God for happy endings. I wish you many happy healthy years together.
Mar 14, 2009 longislander
Alice and Mabel - I love their old-fashioned names. They are adorable girls. Bless you for rescuing them and their siblings. How anyone could dump living things like that is just beyond comprehension. You did a wonderful thing. Many happy years with the girls (and your two others) and big bunches of biscuits for them all.
Mar 14, 2009 wolfhowl15
OMG they are both so perfect and beautiful! thank you for rescueing them. it is awful what people do to puppies. i hope they all find a great home like these two have!
Mar 14, 2009 yorkigurl
First of all I want to say, God bless you for adopting 2 precious furbabies from a terrible ordeal of being dumped off. I will not get into how I feel about ppl doing this, as it would be a novel. I am sure Alice & Mabel know they are 2 very lucky furbabies....they are just adorable, so poised in the pic.
Mar 14, 2009 HillCountryGal
What a sweet face. Thank you for doing the right thing with her litter mates. Hugs all around!
Mar 14, 2009 TummyTickler
Bless you for taking in all the puppies and for keeping Alice & Mabel. Love the names!!! I hope they all found loving homes. It's sad to think people can just leave puppies at the side of the road and never look back. It makes me very upset. Thank goodness for animal lovers like yourself who come to their rescue. Long and happy life with the 2 cutie-pies!!!! Give them both some tummy tickles from Zoey and I.
Mar 14, 2009 abby17
You did the right thing. Alice is such a beautiful little girl!
Mar 14, 2009 pamfontainepeters
What a cutie. Alice looks like a happy puppy! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Mar 14, 2009 laurielloyd
They are just lovely little dogs. Good luck with them :) I think mutts are the best! (They live longer too!)
Mar 14, 2009 Saptember
You are two beautiful get 11 biscuits from me :)
Mar 14, 2009 w102663
It's incomprehensible to me how someone can be so cruel and heartless to the most precious and innocent of God's little creatures. Thank God for people like you! Alice and Mabel are beautiful...Esther and Betty sound like pretty special doggies to make the two newest members of their family feel welcome. I love all their names really cute. XXX OOO XXX OOO XXX OOO XXX OOO to all your girls.
Mar 14, 2009 allie loves pups10
Awwwww cute!!
Mar 14, 2009 kyladee
This is a great pic!!
Mar 14, 2009 wisenow
God bless you for taking on the responsibility that those ignorant orginal owners shirked by abandoning those defenseless puppies. I'll bet they haven't had the mother neutered yet, either. You are my hero for the day and Alice looks like a charmer. You're both very lucky.
Mar 14, 2009 toddycat
Thankyou for rescuing the puppies. I don't understand why people dump their pets. Alice is beautiful, a little sad though. I hope she and your others dogs have a wonderful life. Hugs, kisses, tummy rubs, and bikkies for all.
Mar 14, 2009 virgomell
What sweet looking puppies!
Mar 14, 2009 dianel99
It always makes me sad to know pets are unloved. I'm so happy you came along to change their lives. You are a hero!
Mar 14, 2009 philip
all puppy!!
Mar 14, 2009 amyliz
Thank you for rescuing these two beauties! What sweet faces!
Mar 14, 2009 ladydi48
God bless you for rescuing these precious pups and finding as many homes as you could for the ones you were not able to keep yourself. If only there were more people like you in this world, it would be a better place......Thanks again and God bless
Mar 14, 2009 wheatie mom
Much love to you for saving Alice and Mabel; people like you make all of us want to be more kind, loving and all around better people! Love those pups!
Mar 14, 2009 ckendall
Two beautiful adorable ladies!!!!!! Thank you for being a loving compassionate person and rescuing these precious fur babies!
Mar 14, 2009 jenlf
i know from experience rescue dogs are the most loyal and happy dogs. it breaks my heart at what some people do to defenseless animals. tummy rubs and treats to your adorable pups.
Mar 14, 2009 yoshi girl
Sooo cute!
Mar 14, 2009 lucyny2000
Thank You for another wonderful heartwarming story! May God always Bless and Protect you and all your fury angels!
Mar 14, 2009 melodious
Rub My Belly! So cute, how could ANYONE dump her on the side of the road?
Mar 14, 2009 daphne's mom
What sweethearts! I hope you have many happy and healthy years with your crew! Much love and many biscuits to all!
Mar 14, 2009 LucciBindi
Priceless-- this picture deserves a Pulitzer.
Mar 14, 2009 brunomom
Mar 14, 2009 tink'smom
God bless you for taking Alice and Mabel into your home. I am sure the pups will repay the favor in loyalty and devotion many times over throughout their lives. Anyone who could dump helpless puppies, the day after Christmas no less, well, God bless them too, because they surely need it. Alice, you are a playful cutie. Love and a long, happy life to you and your wonderful parents. XXX
Mar 14, 2009 michellet
Alice your such a beautiful girl!!! I can't believe anyone dumped you!!! and I'm soo glad you have found your forever home!!! Live a long and contented life little girl... XXXOOO!!!
Mar 14, 2009 Coinshop
What an adorable girl! Alice, you deserve your happy home. I wish all of you many years of happiness together!
Mar 14, 2009 usfour
Alice you are a beauty sweetheart. You are going to do well - and thank you to your lovely rescuers. XXXOOOO
Mar 14, 2009 doggybiscuit
What beautiful puppies!! I just don't understand how people can be so cruel and ignorant. So glad they have a good home lots of hugs and biscuits : )
Mar 14, 2009 spaniel
What beautiful young ladies you are!
Mar 14, 2009 AbbysMommy
Thank you so much for rescuing Alice and Mabel! All the best to you and the girls! Happiness forever!
Mar 14, 2009 kimnjaeger
Saving these puppies at Christmas must surely entitle you to some extra good karma! They are just so precious and we send all of your doggys a big hug and cuddle (and to you too for stepping up and doing the good thing). xx
Mar 14, 2009 mkesj
What a beautiful Alice she is. Love her markings. How lucky for those two to have you nearby! Good for you!
Mar 14, 2009 sarah calvert
OMG, Alice looks so like a wonderful rescue boy we were lucky enough to have in our lives, unfortunatly for a shorter time thna we hoped. Cherish little Alice, I think she will be a wonderful and wise companion. Wishing you many happy years xx
Mar 14, 2009 katetrav
You are so wonderful to have saved their lives and opened your heart to them (sounds like this isn't the first time). They are adorable and look so happy. Wish you and your new girls only biscuits and happiness :)
Mar 14, 2009 MetallicaChic101
AWWW, Alice looks like she has some shepherd in her! She's just a gorgeous dog!! Biscuits and Belly Rubs from Ellie in Memphis!
Mar 14, 2009 curlyreddogs
How can anyone be so cruel and heartless as to dump pups or kitties on the side of a road>>>?? You did the right thing and will be repaid in lots of puppy love and caring! Bless you...
Mar 14, 2009 susannablues
You big-hearted souls - thank you for taking action for Alice and Mabel and the other pups. The way people treat animals is surely the best touchstone of what kind of people they are. Hugs and cudddles all round. Susanna
Mar 14, 2009 allmyshelties
You did a great & good thing by rescuing these pups.They might not have had a chance if it weren't for you & your kind heart. Alice & Mabel have been blessed with a loving home & I'm glad the boys did, as well. The other girls are safe for now & have the chance to find loving homes, thanks to you, their human angel. God bless all of you.
Mar 14, 2009 misspiggy
What a true beauty you are Baby Alice. I am sure you are going to live a long happy life with your pack. Many hugs and kisses to you and your siblings. OXOXOXOX
Mar 14, 2009 Susie44
Alice and Mable, What Beautiful Puppies you are. I am so-oo-oo glad that you both were able to get a Wonderful Home,People Can be so cruel to our 4 Legged little ones. Take Care, and Lots Of Love and Kisses. Susie44
Mar 14, 2009 SandyB
Stories of rescued puppies are my favorites!! Alice and Mabel are adorable. Obviously, one of the parents was a Rottweiler - look at Alice's eyebrows! God bless you for taking these puppies in and finding them good homes. I'm sure they didn't stay in the shelter long, as cute as they are. :)
Mar 14, 2009 doggone1973
Alice is a very cute little girl and i am glad she has a good home. All of her friends are cute too.
Mar 14, 2009 luvrescuelabs
Blessings on you for giving Alice and Mable a loving home! I will never understand how anyone can be so cruel as to dump puppies on the side of the road. Both you and Alice and Mable are lucky to have each other - may you have many years of the unconditional love that only dogs can give. Lots of hugs, kisses and treats for these beautiful dogs. They are irresistable.
Mar 14, 2009 r2bear
Since Alice is my fur-niece, I'm a tad prejudice! :) What a gorgeous girlie she is!!! And, how lucky she landed in my sister's home! Congrats on being a star pup today, Miss Alice!!
Mar 14, 2009 gryt
Aww what cute babies!
Mar 14, 2009 laxlilyg96
She s soo cute!!
Mar 14, 2009 ChunkyBulldog
They are gorgeous dogs!
Mar 14, 2009 maddiesmom
Alice how lucky you are to have found a loving home. You are a beautiful girl, you look like a german shepherd puppy! Smart loyal and loving. Your sister Mabel is gorgeous too!
Mar 14, 2009 puppieluv
You are sooo cute Alice. Who is this?Is it your BFFL????? I think so!! You look so cute together!!! xx xx xx xx xx xx
Mar 14, 2009 puppieluv
Thank you sooooooo much for taking Alice and Mabel into your home!!! Me and my Grandma absolutly hate people who throw their pets into the street. You are a life saver to them. THANK YOU!
Mar 14, 2009 K9srock
What would happen to unwanted animals if it weren't for people like you? This is literally a picture of happiness and your new pups will now have the happy and loving life they deserve. So beautiful! xx
Mar 14, 2009 iluvk9s
Such a sweet pretty girl, what a cute pic of the two! Thank you so much for rescuing these adorable babies!! Tons of hugs and kisses from Rusty and Duckie in Madison, Alabama!!
Mar 14, 2009 leorox!!
these are both ADORABLE pups!!!!! i'm really really really glad that they were all rescued and taken to good homes or a shelter, these wonderful doggies deserve it!!!!!!
Mar 14, 2009 lisalisa
How could someone have done that to Alice and her litter mates? Humans never fail to shock me with their cruelty towards animals. I wish Alice and all her litter mates long, happy and healthy lives. They deserve all the goodness in the world! :)
Mar 14, 2009 clemency
Alice and her sister are so adorable! I hope you have many happy years with your doggie family! By the way, we have a kitty named Mabel who would like to say "meow" to her doggie namesake! ;o)
Mar 14, 2009 quilla
Thank God for people like you!!!! Alice and her sister are so very lucky and I hope their siblings find as nice a home!!!! Alice is a sweetie!!!!!
Mar 14, 2009 soccerlover111
a naturally curious puppy. I hope she lives a long and happy live (treat her VERY well too)
Mar 14, 2009 LSM
Every picure is adorable!!! Alice & Mabel are both a pair of cutie-pies. It's people like you who make a difference and make us realize there are still lots of good folk out there in the big world. I hope all the puppies have found kind and loving homes where they can live long lives!!!! Storme & family, Manitoulin Is. Ontario.
Mar 14, 2009 djmc
How sweet ya'll are. Many hugs and kisses. Happy days with your new loving family
Mar 14, 2009 puppylover536
Alice is so cute in this picture. I want to take her home with me. I already have 3 dogs though and am getting a puppy soon. I want a mutt. I want it to look like Alice.
Mar 14, 2009 puppylover536
P.S. I want to say thank you for saving her. How could people dump out dogs like that? Esecially so close to Christmas. Ugh it makes me so mad! Well hope all you dogs live happy long lives. P.S.S MUTTS RULE!!!! And sodo purebreds I have three of those.
Mar 14, 2009 sidneyd
She is adorable she remionds me of my baby Tiki when she was her age. I'm sure she'll be a very loving and faithful girl through out her life. I miss my Tiki as I lost her in 2008. Give Alice lots of love and affection.
Mar 14, 2009 ruthie
Alice is a very pretty girl, as is Mabel. I am so glad you found them! Wishing you all happiness and many, many wonderful years together.
Mar 14, 2009 puppy world
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love how he lies down like that it looks like it herts but i wonder y in daily puppy there uis always one or more dog uhhhhhhhhhhh there not that lonley
Mar 14, 2009 caroleanne
Laying in the grass is fun and cool on a hot summer day.
Mar 14, 2009 tessiesmum
AH puppy paradise...a good home and lots of long grass to lay in..
Mar 14, 2009 daveydog
The girls are praying that their Momma is rescued by loving, understanding people who ensure she's spayed so this never happens again. Bless 'em all. The doggies are perfect; the humans need work. Ontario, Canada
Mar 14, 2009 coolpupluver
Alice and Mabel are absolutely precious!!!!!
Mar 14, 2009 terry c
Cute. And it can't be said often enough: people who mistreat animals should be thoroughly horse-whipped.
Mar 14, 2009 pooh91158
Thank you for all your wonderful comments and all the biscuits! Alice would thank you herself, but she's currently stretched out asleep on the couch. She's had a busy day getting into everything and being a typical puppy!
Mar 14, 2009 Shakespeare'smom
Congratulations Alice on your DEBUT!! You and sister Mabel are so cute!!! You know you have been chosen by two of the kindest puppyparents! You will live a life of privilege and one filled with good care and lots of love. Bless your little puppy hearts!
Mar 14, 2009 TedsMom
Well, she looks like a happy girl now! Thank you for your kindness and for keeping two sisters together. Some people have the morals of jackals (no offense meant toward jackals) and don't deserve to ever experience love from a furry companion.
Mar 14, 2009 kiza123
shi is sooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots of hugs and biscets from me
Mar 14, 2009 Ziva12
Puppy luv!
Mar 14, 2009 TuiToo
what a blessing! Enjoy your family!
Mar 15, 2009 Sladesmaid
I just love these girls! And they're lucky to have you & Betty & Esther to raise them, that's great! Tail wags to you all :}
Mar 15, 2009 kyladee
Alice is so cute. I love all her pics. She looks so loving and sweet.
Mar 15, 2009 jenbeagle
Best buddies!!! So adorable!!!!
Mar 15, 2009 Beagle109
I'm so very glad you were able to rescue most of the pups! They are adorable! I just don't understand how anyone can dump an animal, especially a puppy, by the side of the road. It's like they almost put them under a car's wheels, and to do that on the day after christmas - unbelieveable! Please give the sweeties lots of hugs and kisses from me!
Mar 15, 2009 naomi_C
They are adorable!!
Mar 15, 2009 scout
ADORABLE!!! Thank you for creating a home for the 2 girls!
Mar 15, 2009 Beth1226
You have good hearts - unlike the person who abandoned them to die. Alice (and Mabel) is such a cutie! Sweet baby!
Mar 15, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
These two are just adorable. I would love to have one of their siblings. Thank you so much for the rescue, and may you be blessed with many happy, healthy, fun-loving years with your little ones. Please give them lots of nose kisses and baby bear hugs from me. And Wolfenstein says to give all your babies a billion biscuits from him.
Mar 15, 2009 mell
Who's the other dog? Nevermind that, they look sooooooooooooooooooo cute
Mar 16, 2009 Softpaws
What pretty babies!! Thank you for adopting her and finding homes and shelters for the rest of the siblings! God bless you always!
Mar 16, 2009 tamwise21
Thank you so much for saving this dog and his 9 brothers and sisters. You are a great person.
Mar 16, 2009 mikdebluvpups
They are both too cute!
Mar 16, 2009 maddie the dog
mom how much longer do we have to hold this position- I mean I know we are cute and all
Mar 16, 2009 lovekiki
Mar 16, 2009 sputnik
Kudos to you for saving these gorgeous dogs! Extremely beautiful!
Mar 16, 2009 Tufts6
you r the greatest little puppies i have seen. and very luky the u were saved from becoming stray
Mar 16, 2009 phaedrapetnanny
Ok, I have officially been KILLED with CUTENESS today! Thank you, thank you, thank you for rescuing and adopting these precious angels! I am quite sure they will have a fun, happy life now! Many hugs, belly rubs and treats to all of your pack, phaedra and pack
Mar 16, 2009 piobaire
Hello sweet Alice. Your mommy and daddy are angels and you are a lucky puppy to be adopted by them. Be sure to give them lots of loving back cuz I know they are going to love you with a sweet face like yours.
Mar 16, 2009 anitac
Sounds like you have a wonderful bunch of pets there! thanks for the pics
Mar 16, 2009 Rickysmom
Beautiful! Thank you so much for rescuing them.
Mar 16, 2009 2pups1kit
Alice has gone thru WAAAY too many challenges in her young life...she & her sister have been blessed to have found such a wonderful forever home! She is a beautiful girl! Best wishes for a long healthy life for both of these girls!
Mar 17, 2009 grace108
Two cuteypies !!!!!Sooooooooooooooo adroable!
Mar 17, 2009 MacGyver39
Awwww. Look at dose coote fwuffy wittle earrrssss. hahaha. I wanna meet his freond, too!
Mar 17, 2009 tambore
"Thelma and Louise?" Bless you family for rescuing two sisters..... hope the other puppies do as well. Kisses to Alice and Mabel from your Aunt in New York.
Mar 18, 2009 puppyluver8
sssssoooo cute. she looks like a rotweiler
Mar 20, 2009 decada58
omg hes to cute
Mar 20, 2009 puppiluvr333
oh!!!!!!!!! love the cute dog!
Apr 5, 2009 MaudiesMom
Aww!!!! I love that playful look in the their eyes. Alice and Mabel have the coolest mix!
Apr 6, 2009 Puppy Lover!
I saw Mabel! I was wondering about what little Alice looked like, and now I know, cute!
Apr 6, 2009 love.dogs1437
Alice looks sooo........ cute with this dog and just look at her sooo cute when she is looking at the camera.!!!!!!!!!!!
May 22, 2009 rottweiler13
awww they are all adorable
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