Amos the English Setter

Puppy Breed: English Setter

Amos's dad says: Many months prior to our recent wedding, my wife and I had been planning to add a puppy to our family. We researched many breeds in order to find the perfect match for our lifestyle. We were looking for a breed that would be good with people, children, and our Siamese cat -- a dog that would be playful and active, but with a laid-back personality. We found our match with the English setter. Finding a breeder was not easy, and finding a breeder with available puppies was even harder. We were lucky enough to hear about a litter that was due in September. We quickly put our request in for a tri-colored boy. On November 4 we traveled 350 miles from our Maryland home to Connecticut to bring Amos home when he was just eight weeks old. He has quickly adapted to his new life, and when he is not getting into puppy mischief, he enjoys playing with his stuffed goose, being lazy on his bed, learning good manners and tricks, and his daily walk to the nearby park. Amos is a head turner and he gets a lot of attention when out on the town. He is often mistaken for a Dalmatian or a Dalmatian mix. He doesn't seem to mind though; he is just happy somebody is petting him.