Anabelle the Basset Hound

Puppy Breed: Basset Hound

Anabelle's parents say: Anabelle is the newest addition to our family and lives with us in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. Since her arrival, she's been exploring all over the place. Max (our cat) doesn't know what to think of her, and Romulus (our mastiff) is rather put out right now but he'll adjust! She's got her own little bed inside a crate and she's really loving her space. She and Max play together like puppies; we cannot keep the two separated. The minute we remove one from the picture, they come racing back to each other. It's going to get interesting when Anabelle grows to her full size! We go for walks down to the creek and she wears herself out trying to keep up with Romulus. She's not thrilled with playing in the water, preferring to sit back and watch him. She loves to eat his food and play tug of war with him (poor girl doesn't stand a chance). She also loves to check on the flower garden and help with the yardwork. Anabelle may be little, but she has her sights set on the bigger things in life. Anabelle's Flickr Page