Monday, July 28, 2014
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Mar 29, 2007 emmas_mom
Anabelle is too cute for words!!!!!
Mar 29, 2007 untbunny
Oh, I just love Anabelle. Bassets always look so comical. Just love her floppy ears and soulful eyes. Hugs and kisses.
Mar 29, 2007 doxietail
Anabelle is sooooooooooo adorable! Her coloring is gorgeous. The pictures are so great, too! She looks like she has a great personality! :D
I would love to see Anabelle as a "grown-up puppy" some day!
Mar 29, 2007 Cheryl
The puppy is precious. And these are some of the funniest/best puppy pix I've seen. Love the one of her in the leaves and the ones with the cat -- heck I love them all.
She seems like she keeps busy and is enjoying life to the fullest. She's a pretty little thing -- give that tummy a rub for me.
Mar 29, 2007 melwri0881
she is absolutely gorgeous. i too would love to see her as a grown up puppy. too cute 11 biscuits for sure.
Mar 29, 2007 flyingdachshund
Annabelle is so unbelievably more than adorable and gorgeous--her personality sounds great as well---i love basset hounds!!!
Have fun with her!
Mar 29, 2007 Marlene3109
She is a sweetheart, I love her little belly on the one pic. Looks like shes having fun with her kitty brother!!! Thanks for sharing.
Mar 29, 2007 geeg
Are you kidding me?! What a cutie! Love the one in the leaves! Peek a boo! Can you see me?! Freckle-belly hound!
Mar 29, 2007 trendypuppy
she's gonna be sooo cute when she grows up and droops more!!!
Mar 29, 2007 Amberlena
I have visited this site for a long time but this is the first time I have been so moved to comment. She is sooooo precious and cute. 11 biscuit definitely!
Mar 29, 2007 sue
she is adorable if she was chocolate i could eat her
Mar 29, 2007 Caseysky
Annabelle is adorable! Love the picture covered in leaves, and playing with the cat. What a doll.
Mar 29, 2007 DieselsMom
*sings* Annabelle...... OHHH Annabelle...... Come on girl - time to come home with me!!! I LOVE that camoflage pic with the leaf on her nose..... Lot's of love & hugs & kisses to the entire bunch!
Mar 29, 2007 BrianneSmith
I'm a hounddog! ru ru ru ru!
Mar 29, 2007 loisnc
What a beautiful little girl!
Mar 29, 2007 mariannaregina
No words for such cuteness :o) Especially "fighting" with the kitty.
Mar 29, 2007 Yourmomsage
Can I give Annabelle 20 or 30 biscuits? Who could possibly resist her soulful eyes, droopy ears, and that wrinkly soft adorable face? Then you kill us even more with PUPPY BELLY and adorable getting into trouble pictures? I'm dead from an overdoes of her cuteness!!!!!! Kisses to you Annabelle! Rooooooooo!
Mar 29, 2007 Taiyin
How irresistible is she!?!? OMG. What a cute, cuddley muffin. I'm in love!
Mar 29, 2007 Dogsrule17
11 bones 4 you, cutie!!!! I LOOOOOVE you!
Mar 29, 2007 werleybird
Anabelle is too cute. I love the picture of her with the cats leg in her mouth. It's almost like she's saying "look, look I caught a cat". She is absolutely adorable, many, many happy years with her. And 11 bones to you Anabelle.
Mar 29, 2007 yujismom
basset ears! bassett ears! bassett ears!
nuff said
Mar 29, 2007 puppyl0ve
Anabelle is precious!! My boyfriend & I have an 8 month old Basset Hound, Sadie Leigh, who is the love of our lives! I wish she was still Anabelle's size! She is still very mischevious & curious & in to everything! We love her though! Basset's are the best!
Mar 29, 2007 weaselsmom
I love Annie! She looks so playful. And she is beautiful.
Mar 29, 2007 gerty4ta
Annabelle is the cutest! Bassets are so sweet and adorable. Pictures of her are too cute for words! Have fun with the cutie!!!!
Mar 29, 2007 dancinft1994
She is the cutest ever!!! And I can tell her kitty sibling just LOVES her and would like to tie her ears in a knot. There are not enough kisses in the world for her let alone bones. And her name is perfect. Good luck with her she looks like a barrel of fun!!
Mar 29, 2007 snuggles19973
There are not enough words to say how cute this little girl is. I love the ears, Bassetts are soooooo cute. I love all the pictures of her especially the one with the cat. I am anxiously waiting to see her pictures when she is all grown up until just enjoy every minute of puupy hood as they grow up too fast. Huggs and Kisses for that little nose.
Mar 29, 2007 gryt
What a little lover! She's beyond adorable.
The pics of her and Max are hilarious!
Mar 29, 2007 Lobiscuits
She is just toooooo cute! Love the picture with the daffodils and the next with Max. Great video candidates. Would like to see Romulus get in on the act. Biscuits and more biscuits.
Mar 29, 2007 Mana
Mar 29, 2007 1000RainyDays
aw, look at her wee little face : )
Very nice camera work, too. I love the pic with Annabelle vs the cat.
Mar 29, 2007 ceejay413
*snorgle snorgle close to the ground* mmooooo-oooommm... did you really think putting the food that high was going to stop me? pshaw!
LOVE Annabelle, she's a cutie alright. 11 biscuits all the way!
Mar 29, 2007 dkritter
Oh my GOD! The cuteness! I love the picture of her hiding under the leaves!
Mar 29, 2007 spike982346
she's very cute I like th pic when she's camofloged
Mar 29, 2007 Lydia
That is too cute! And I love your cat! 11 biscuits!
Mar 29, 2007 Odie4L
I love her! My old dog and cat use to hang out together all the time. They even use to sleep next to eachother! Her ears are so floppy and cute
Mar 29, 2007 jack_russell_lover
i live in georgia!!!!! it would b awesome if i saw anabelle. ive never thought of having a bassett hound, becuz well, ive only liked jack russells and beagles. but anabelle definately makes me want one!
Mar 29, 2007 debora
Now aren't you a cutie. she's got it all. You are so lucky to have her!
Mar 29, 2007 Candace
Anabelle is spectacularly adorable - 11 biscuits. PLEASE BE CAREFUL when you take her for walks by the creek, though. Apparently, Bassets cannot swim! I heard it has something to do with their body mass ratio to their short legs.
Mar 29, 2007 Geenie
absoulutely adorable!!!!! I love her floppy ears!!!
Mar 29, 2007 mschauser
Positively, absolutely love the ears!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is truly precious!
Mar 29, 2007 s4puppylove
cute puppy she must be much fun to have. she looks so CUTE
Mar 29, 2007 Zoe's_mama
Anabelle is precious! She must bring such fun and love to your lives. I especially like the ones with her and Max - kind of reminds me of Disney's "The Fox and the Hound" - such a sweet, unlikely pair! Cuddles and kisses to both of them!
Mar 29, 2007 SwattyMcFox
Mar 30, 2007 hetzlerl
Awwww, what a beautiful, precious little pup!!! 11 bones, paws down!! I love her coloring, her long ears, and her rumply little face :-D
Mar 30, 2007 mkkpitts
ahhhhhh i want to eat her up, she is so cute i had a baby basset hound named lilly she was born on easter day sh got out and someone took her :( i miss her adorable little face
Mar 30, 2007 mkkpitts
ahhhhhh i want to eat her up, she is so cute i had a baby basset hound named lilly she was born on easter day sh got out and someone took her :( i miss her adorable little face
Mar 30, 2007 jdean813
Your pictures of Annabelle are simply precious! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I would have to pick the one of Annabelle sniffing the jonquils....I grew up in Arkansas where jonquils were the definite sign of spring, so that photo brings back memories - and includes a sweet basset hound puppy to boot! Tell Annabelle that she has some basset hound friends in Texas who are all sending her some 'welcome to the world' arooooos!

Janet and her Basset Brigade ~
Jackie, Kim, Kelly (NTBHR foster) and Opie (OMBR foster)

P. S. If you'd like to see some bassets available for adoption in north Texas and Arkansas, go [url=http://www.bassetres]here[/url] and [url=< /a>]here[/url]
Mar 30, 2007 Sashasmommy
Those pictures are so funny! I can't believe how the cat plays with her! And the ones of her with the food bowl and that huge stick that's bigger than she is... she's trying so hard to be grown up!
Mar 30, 2007 Fran
She is a beauty!! Best of luck with your pup!! lots of love... Fran
Mar 30, 2007 cindsue
Those are fantastic pictures. He is just adorable. Looks like he almost got snagged by the cat who is also adorable. The picture with him in the leaves looks like he's hiding. Wonderful shots.
Mar 30, 2007 j000wxe
After seeing the two of them together - Annabelle and Max will be come the best of friends! Annabelle is adorable!
Mar 30, 2007 daria
What a doll baby! I love the pictures with the kitty, in the leaves & at the food bowl. Enjoy her. Hugs and belly kisses!
Mar 30, 2007 samadison
Soooo sweet. And such great photos ... you really captured her personality -- and the cat's!
Mar 30, 2007 MommyOfEldri
Anabelle is a fitting, beautiful name for this beautiful pup... give a belly pat from me :)
Mar 30, 2007 subarugirl06
She is so beautiful, I love that her coloration has more of the black than brown, and her little spots on the white parts are pretty cool. I like the camouflage shot of her in the leaf pile!
Mar 30, 2007 karbels
Aww... there's just not much else cuter than a puppy with big floppy ears.

Love the name!
Mar 31, 2007 houndluvr
Aaaaaawww! Is there anything better than a basset pup? Not in this life! Anabelle is pure puppy porn!! Since you're in Georgia, I wonder if Anabelle came from Harmony Hounds in Nicholls, GA. If so, I may be the basset mommy of one of Anabelle's half-siblings from a different litter.

Enjoy your beautiful puppy! And, remember, if those ears are dragging water all over the place from the water bowl, you can get a basset-friendly water dish at most pottery shops. Tall and narrow enough so the ears fall on either sided of the dish/vase, but don't get wet!!
Mar 31, 2007 sgirl58
Your pictures are fantastic! Especially loved the one in the leaves. The first one with those big sad eyes was lovable. What a sweetie!
Apr 2, 2007 Baltimoregal
When I was a child in N. Georgia there was a basset in my neighborhood who would always come out to "greet" us when we rode by on our bikes. He was a grown-up but looked a lot like Annabelle- same coloring. He was a sweetie and barely ever barked or howled- just plodded along!
Apr 10, 2007 naomimoore
She is one pf the most adorable basset hound ive ever seen!
Apr 24, 2007 mikthom39
What a beauty, her markings are similar to my Daisy. Just a heads up about water. Bassett hounds can't swim, they are too front heavy. We lost a puppy to drowning, because we didn't know.
awwwwwwwwwwwww!! annabell is sooooooo cute!! the only thing cuter that ive ever seen is my own dog, sally!!
May 3, 2007 doxielvr
awww! she is gorgeous. with ears like that how can u not love her.
May 6, 2007 choclabmomma
OMG so speckly and adorable!!! I just want to cuddle her. I love too that she is so friendly with your tabby. It reminds me of the relationship our golden used to have with our brown tabby, Templeton, when they were both alive.
May 7, 2007 MapleBasset
Oh my gosh! Thats ADORABLE! I have a basset hound named Maple Syrup. Your puppy is to cute for words. I just love tje markings.
May 28, 2007 sandi
what an absolutely adorable young lady. I would love to feel those ears of hers-- they looks like velvet and that cute snout. Don't you just want to tickle that little freckeled belly? She is definately a beauty. Her name is just perfect for a sweet southern belle.
May 30, 2007 bassettlover179
Annabelle is beautiful! we have an 11-month old basset hound puppy and we adore her also. Bassets are stubborn, playful and bold....and very loving, gentle and cuddly. Our basset loves to run off with our socks and take them out into the yard; she also loves ice cubes and having her belly rubbed. She also enjoys sunbathing out on the deck, on her back with her pink belly soaking up all the sun. We love her velvety ears and looong face. Your Annabelle is as cute as our Ruby. Bassets are so lovable....We would do anything for our Basset. Your photos made me many of Annabelle's candid moments are similar to our Ruby. Enjoy every minute with your gorgeous basset!
Jun 20, 2007 deevine
OMG! I love the pictures of the dog and cat playing! My favorite, however, is the one of Annabelle eating the daffodils! Perfect!

xoxo to Annabelle
Jun 21, 2007 gill
Your darling dog is just gorgeous. The sweetest one I've seen in ages. Looks like the cat has her paws full!! Very, very sweet Annabelle!!!
Jul 8, 2007 mling
Anabelle is such a sweetheart!! She is one of the sweetest basset hounds I ever ever seen!
Jul 28, 2007 nash5081
I used to think ALL BASSETTS should be named FRED, but Annabelle
has changed my mind. This name is perfect for this little angel. I love the picture where she is playing Peek-A-Boo in the leaves. She sounds like she's got a great life... Romulus, and Max, she lives in the mountains, and plays by the creek.... Nice! Her parents sound really great too. Thanks for sharing your family with us. Love and Licks to ALL of you
Oct 11, 2007 gill
Annabelle is a dote. Love those eyes. Have fun.
Oct 18, 2007 tucker8
this is the cutest dog ever~~~~~~~~~
Nov 28, 2007 Mary V
Just saw this adorable basset! LOVE Bassets!!!! I have two and wish I could have 3 more!! Annabelle is so cute. I remember when mine where little and stepped on their ears! Thet are 6 yrs now and still enjoy chasing the cats and sharing nap time with them. Much luck with her. I would love to see an update on her. They are my best friends!
-Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Jan 23, 2008 puppy*power
I love the picture with the cat's paws in anabelle's mouth
Feb 13, 2008 ador2024
Mar 5, 2008 lisabillingsly
anabelle is beautiful. i have two basset hounds and i think they are the most beautiful and loving creatures. enjoy her.
Aug 5, 2008 SexiLexi
My Bassett Hound does that he just walks aroundwith a stick in his mouth!!!!!!!LOL
Aug 5, 2008 SexiLexi
Awwwwwwwww So cute
Aug 5, 2008 SexiLexi
She is sooooooooo perddy
Aug 5, 2008 SexiLexi
I luv all the pics thier adorable
Dec 11, 2008 Pixi's mom
What a beautifully marked pup. She is amazing. Just love those floppy ears. Does she bay yet or howl?? Too cute.
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