Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Dec 3, 2009 Joonat
Awww, thousands of hugs and kisses.
Dec 3, 2009 wolfgirl66
Hello Annie! You are sooooooo very pretty and I hope you enjoy a long and happy life!!!! GO PUPPY GO!
Dec 3, 2009 MOYMOYMOY
ADORABLE. I hope you're having fun in those leaves! And hi Joonat
Dec 3, 2009 Mrvisions
Annie your the first non brown dachshund, I have ever seen. They say when the white buffalo comes he brings peace with him, I hope you bring the same to your family as well.
Dec 3, 2009 Cassolly
Hello Annie, you are so cute, I've never seen a white dachshund before, you are gorgeous. Have fun, sending lots of bickies and hugs to you xx
Dec 3, 2009 emerybored
OBSESSED! I love dachsunds! I've never seen a white one either but she is mighty cute!
Dec 3, 2009 2pupsmomma
Just wonderful, Love, love, love the ears.
Dec 3, 2009 pupfanatic
Annie! You stubbie little beaut! What an adorable hunk of white chocolate you are. I bet watching you whip around like white lightning is the cutest thing ever. A billion kisses and I love your little freckles, too!
Dec 3, 2009 pupfanatic
Annie! You stubbie little beaut! What an adorable hunk of white chocolate you are. I bet watching you whip around like white lightning is the cutest thing ever. A billion kisses and I love your little freckles, too!
Dec 3, 2009 AnnM
Annie is a cute little puppy....enjoy your digging, running, and joyful times....You really are sweet.
Dec 3, 2009 ebead
Too cute for words!
Dec 3, 2009 jessicasummerfield
Wowzers! Annie you are GORGEOUS! I love miniature dachshunds, and like lots of others, I haven't seen a white one. Amazing! Huge kisses and lots of belly rubs. xxxxx
Dec 3, 2009 Critter Crazy
What a darling girlie. I've never seen an all white, or nearly all white Dauchshund. She is adorable!
Dec 3, 2009 sunshineangel
Oh My Word! TOO Precious for words! I wish I can give you a hundred biscuits vote! SOO SOOO Precious! Love her color!
Dec 3, 2009 lalindamore
Pink ears!!! How cute!
Dec 3, 2009 lady_illusionitst
Well hello pretty little baby girl! I have never ever seen a white dachshund before! You are so pretty! Huge puppy *huggs and snuggs*
Dec 3, 2009 Tango!
C-u-t-e! Little Annie is just the sweetest little Dachshund I've seen, she's one unique girl! A White Dachshund? Beautiful! Chicken and Beef Treats from T&K
Dec 3, 2009 sandrahender
Oh MY GAWD! WHERE did you ever find a white doxie? How precious! How beautiful! How darling! How precious! How wonderful! How precious! How kissable! How precious! How huggable! How precious! Annie I love your name! You're so precious! You look like a beautiful miniature perfect PRECIOUS Snowflake! You are so precious! Do you have ANY IDEA how PRECIOUS you are? Just like a little ballerina in an all white tutu! Did I mention how PRECIOUS you are??? Many many wonderful healthy happy years for you and your family! You're absolutely PRECIOUS!
Dec 3, 2009 doggieaunt
Look at you -- you pretty little pink and white girl -- so feminine!
Dec 3, 2009 Estralita
Wow!! you look a ton like my dog!! check out "estralita"
Dec 3, 2009 Saptember
how cute :)
Dec 3, 2009 carol-spain
She's pink!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty girl. Kisses,from Spain
Dec 3, 2009 HillCountryGal
Hi Annie! You sure put a smile on my face this morning. Love all your pictures... but this one!!! "Does my butt look big?" ..comes to mind. :) Sounds like your puppy-hood is going great.
Dec 3, 2009 w102663
Beautiful, beautiful shot! Annie is gorgeous with the sun highlighting her pink ears and undercarriage.:) I never recall seeing an all white Doxie before...unequaled beauty! ooo xxx
Dec 3, 2009 jolieavon
I have NEVER seen a pure white dachsund - WOW! Very cute pup.
Dec 3, 2009 lalamcgoo
I bet you are a wild girl! You are so beautiful little Annie, I bet people are smitten with you the minute they meet you, have fun being you sweet girl!!
Dec 3, 2009 clarejane
oh my lord you are gorgeous! millions of biscuits of you little one xxx
Dec 3, 2009 txtbirdchic
What a sweetheart! She is precious. Congratulations on DP.
Dec 3, 2009 bogemna
o! my little friend Annie won! you are the best!
Dec 3, 2009 fluffy ears
OMG! I love the color!
Dec 3, 2009 bogle_pup_guy
What a lil' treasure! Wishing ya many years of happiness and belly-rubs with "White Lightning"!
Dec 3, 2009 Maxwells Mom
OH you are gorgeous!!! White! Love it! many happy years and snuggles to you!
Dec 3, 2009 fritzy
Dec 3, 2009 barb_dozer
I have never seen a white dachshund. Boy is she GORGEOUS!!!!
Dec 3, 2009 guerrero's grandma
Wait! Come back here BUG!!!!! I was playing with you! Annie, you are such a precious pup, a real cutie... Long life & loads of belly rubs to you, & play nice with your brother... rrr :-)
Dec 3, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Well, Annie, aren't you just the cutest little girl! What a sweet face and I love your ears! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Dec 3, 2009 Missy's Mom
That little girl is just precious! I hope you have a long and wonderful life!!
Dec 3, 2009 Candya
I've never seen a white Dachshund. are they very rare? she as sooooo beautiful.
Dec 3, 2009 goldenlover
"I'm in traing to catch a mouse." Beau tiful little gal !!
Annie is a cute dachshund!
Dec 3, 2009 tuckers_bff_2005
Annie you are one pretty little girl! Lots of hugs sweetheart!
Dec 3, 2009 Mademoise11e
Ive NEVER seen a white dachshund before! SOOOOO CUTE!!!
Dec 3, 2009 daphne's mom
Annie you are such a cutie! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many bicuits, and tons of cuddles sweetheart!
Dec 3, 2009 kdcrazy
Congratulations scdoxielove! I'm so glad sweet Annie finally is a Daily Puppy! She is so beautiful, and is looking very healthy! Please give her lots of love, treats, and belly rubs for me today. Have a happy, healthy, and overall wonderful life together!
Dec 3, 2009 ckendall
How lucky you are to see this sweet little face every day!!!!!!! Annie is just adorable!!!!!
Dec 3, 2009 meganbooth
Annie you are beautiful and very charming. I just love this picture.
Dec 3, 2009 amyliz
OMG, I have never seen a white doxie before! Annie is one of the cutest pups imaginable...what a little love!
Dec 3, 2009 puppyloveforme
Yes, Annie! We see what a lovely little girl you are! She sounds so sweet! Wishing you all the best! Loads of hugs, cuddles and kisses for beautiful Annie!
Dec 3, 2009 CollieMom
Sweet, sweet Annie! Lovely color. She's beautiful.
Dec 3, 2009 djmc
Annie you are sooooooooooo cute. love ya baby. hugs and kisses
Dec 3, 2009 Crittersister
Annie is so cute! Like other comments, I've never seen a white dachshund before. She's a sweetie!
Dec 3, 2009 ebrott89
o my goodness what a sweet little pup! you got yourself a real beauty :)
Dec 3, 2009 minkiesmum
I don't recall ever seeing an all-white Dachshund and you're adorable !!
Dec 3, 2009 theheaddog
I have a picture very much like this one of one of my past dogs...this brought back memories:) Annie is Beautiful...I have never seen a Dachshund like her before. Enjoy!!
Dec 3, 2009 malawi
How absolutely adorable...I had no idea doxies could be white...she's wonderful
Dec 3, 2009 molly's mom
What a sweetheart!!!!!
Dec 3, 2009 little_v
Annie, you are almost too cute to be real. What a little doll you are. Keep on being sassy, sweetheart! xoxo and lots and lots of biscuits and hugs.
Dec 3, 2009 Ellie&Stewart'sMom
What a swetie! SO cute!!
Dec 3, 2009 Miko
Annie you are such a beautiful puppy!!! You have the sweetest face! You are a little princess!
Dec 3, 2009 The Fur Gang
Annie, you are so beautiful. I have never seen a white Doxie before now. God bless you with a long, healthy, happy live.
Dec 3, 2009 angelwhisperr
Annie, What a beautiful little girl puppy you are! Grow Big and strong and healthy sweet Annie . Have a wonderful life! Love & Hugs
Dec 3, 2009 bostonrosa
Absolutely beautiful!!!
Dec 3, 2009 Yuppy apparel
what a beauty! I have never seen a white doxie. Have a happy life. Can you be my girl friend? I'm a long haired dash. Milo!
Dec 3, 2009 Shelly
Awww sweetie!!!! Annie your are such a little cutie pie!!! Have a long and happy life with your new family!!! Big hugs, kisses and loads of yummy treats from down under!!! ^_^
Dec 3, 2009 ursa'smomma
Sassy indeed! Star quality in this baby gurlie! Love the pink ears.
Dec 3, 2009 Shelly
Awww sweetie!!!! Annie your are such a little cutie pie!!! Have a long and happy life with your new family!!! Big hugs, kisses and loads of yummy treats from down under!!! ^_^
Dec 3, 2009 Shelly
Dec 3, 2009 denise0817
I have never seen a white Dachshund before! She is ADORABLE!!!!
Dec 3, 2009 The Raven
I never knew that doxie's came in white. You are certainly clean. Enjoy your are such a cutie.
Dec 3, 2009 oopsidaisy
"White Lighting" you are adorable!!!!!!!
Dec 3, 2009 wheatie mom
Love your pink ears and the person who labeled this picture, "does my butt look big?". CUTE!!
Dec 3, 2009 sugar bear
What a pretty girl you are! LOts of tummy tickles & kisses Annie!
Dec 3, 2009 horse_rider
Annie... how cute are YOU!?!? White Lightning - what a great nickname for you. Lots of belly rubs and biscuits sweetie.
Dec 3, 2009 Sunday2009
this pup is very cute and very lucky to be so healthy.(Double dapples can suffer from deafness and blindness.) Give her some tummy scratches from me!!!
Dec 3, 2009 Limmyluver
WOW! Annie is sooooo cute! I was commenting on her the other day and now here she is on the DP! Congrats! Annie is adorable. It looks like she lil pretty pink ears the way the sun is hitting her. How adorable!!!! Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U!!!!
Dec 3, 2009 pene999
ISN'T SHE JUST DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARLING!!!!!!!!! I've never seen a white doxy before!! : )
Dec 3, 2009 Iggy'sMom
You are SO cute that I just had to write a comment -- Many blessings to you, little one, enjoy jumping, playing, running and grabbing those tops off Mommy's flowers,(sorry mom) as you are only a puppy ONCE. May you have a long and happy life.
Dec 3, 2009 sac4563
Annie you are just so cute and absolutely adorable!!! I also love your little pink ears and I think you should get 11+ biscuits. I have never seen a white doxie but you are a beauty!!!
Dec 3, 2009 soozn
Oh my goodness! I've never seen a white wiener dog before... and she's so beautiful!! Enjoy a long, happy life with her!
Dec 3, 2009 sarl6618
You are such a darling Annie !
Dec 3, 2009 MNarverud
I have ten dachshund left from breeding days ages 7-13 yrs all black, red, long hair, smooth. 1st time I seen a white one, she's soooooooooooo pretty and cute. Would'nt have missed this journey for anything. Lots of good luck with her.
Dec 3, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
Oh, my goodness! She is just adorable. Lots of nose kisses and tummy tickles. Sending a virtual TON of biscuits for her to share.
Dec 3, 2009 Shanti
All tender!!! Lots of kisses for her. Shanti
Dec 3, 2009 threedoxiemom
OMG I WANT ONE!!!!!!! I would love to find a little white doxie girl just like Annie -- I'm in love!
Dec 3, 2009 Doxie Daddy
Cute baby, having 3 Doxies that are now grown, you have a winner
Dec 3, 2009 crazy4hawgs are ADORABLE!!! I wonder if you are a piebald dachshund with no body spots. Unusual for sure! Hugs and smooches from me and my dachshund kids.
Dec 3, 2009 Malimom
Did you know?....pumpkin is actually really good for cats and dogs..for cats it helps digest the hairballs and for dogs.. its just good plain fiber for digestion. You definitley have a one of a kind baby.(dont forget the sunscreen). She reminds me of a cute little mouse. my girls(8,10) would love her to pieces. WERE THERE OTHERS IN THE LITTLER LIKE HER?.Congratulations..well deserved :)xoxo from monterey
Dec 3, 2009 spongebrooke
i also haven't seen a white doxie. very cute!
Dec 3, 2009 cjsadlier
What? I wasn't doing anything! How cute she is. I recognize this face. My beagle puppy gets that same look when he is up to that not so innocent thing. She is precious and I wish you many years of happiness.
Dec 3, 2009 ssmmtm
Run Annie Run!
Dec 3, 2009 doreendixon
Annie is all girl! What a beauty! I've never seen a blonde dachshund before (actually, here she's a pink dachshund!), and I like what I see!
Dec 3, 2009 sjh
Being a doxie owner seeing Annie's pictures made my heart melt! She is so beautiful and unique. I have never seen a white doxie either. I just want to hug and kiss her all day.
Dec 3, 2009 Rosie-woofwoof
:D Sooo cute! She looks almost pink! What an adorable puppy.
Dec 3, 2009 dogworld93
Awwwwwwwwwww she is just too cute! I agree with Rosie-woofwoof that Annie does look a bit pink! Eleven biscuits for this cutie! Give her a big kiss and a treat from me and my dogs! xoxo :D
Dec 3, 2009 owhoami
Oh my, what a cutie she is! I love this picture, she's quite the little princess. Many, many years of health, companionship and happiness to you all.
Dec 3, 2009 jlmcleod3
Cutest dachshund I have ever seen....what a cutie pie
Dec 3, 2009 pumkin
I don't think I've ever seen a white dachshund, Annie you are just beautiful. and I just the ath dachshund attaude. Lots of huggs and kisses to you. god bless
Dec 3, 2009 skeemmn
You're beautiful, Annie!! A long happy healthy life to you!
Dec 3, 2009 kady
What a sweet girl.She is gorgeous.
Dec 3, 2009 elliel
What a perfect pose. I have never seen a white dachshund. Lovely puppy!
Dec 3, 2009 goodmrsfitz
Your Annie & my Annie Beans sound like sisters under the skin. You go, little girl!!! Just wait until you discover the wonderful world of balls, of any size!!! (Keep an eye on low hanging tomatoes in your garden) And, see you in the Weinernationals!!!
Dec 3, 2009 piobaire
Annie!! Is that you giving us the stink eye? You are the prettiest little white dog I've ever seen. I can tell you're full of sass and I would love to meet you and snuggle you right up!
Dec 3, 2009 kian
How exciting to see Annie today! I love your pictures, they are all adorable. Big congrats and enjoy many happy years!
Dec 3, 2009 LaurenM
OMG -- she is soooo cute!! I have never seen a white dachshund before... she is just the most precious baby ever!!! Love her!!!
Dec 3, 2009 iluvk9s
Cuteness alert!!! Annie is such a precious adorable baby!! Doxies are such great doggies, my Duckie would love to play with Annie. Zillions of cookies, kisses and hugs!!!
Dec 3, 2009 becca
WOW!! What a beauty you are Annie. I have never seen an all white doxie before.Lots of hugs and belly rubs.
Dec 3, 2009 Niki97cherry
I have never seen a dachshund of this color before. Very beautiful !
Dec 3, 2009 rawrfunkyfresh93
Very cute. She's adorable.
Dec 3, 2009 hectorboyardee
What a saucy little puppy! Love the pink little toes! I want her to come play with my two little wienerschnitzels!
Dec 3, 2009 cocobelle's mom
Ahhhhh, Annie, what an angel. You are just too cute for words! Lots of hugs and kisses!
Dec 3, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
I'm hiding mom! Come find me. What a cute photo.
Dec 3, 2009 jaspersmom1
Annie, you are a gem! Such beautiful coloring for a Doxie. I have a red smooth coat that LOVES to steal her brother's toys, too! Doxies just love their toys, but wait til you chase your first squirrel. That's true Doxie heaven:)
Dec 3, 2009 TummyTickler
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh Annie, you just take my breath away with all your cuteness!!! I've never seen a white mini Doxie before and you are pawsitively ADORABLE!! Take care sweet girl and have a long & healthy life. Zoey and I send cuddles, kisses & tummy tickles on that pink little belly.
Dec 3, 2009 bliss
this is the cutest dashund ever! xoxo from squeak + bliss
Dec 3, 2009 kidpepe
just GREAT!! We have 2 minnies and 1 "tweenie".The greatest dogs period. Never saw a white one though! Wow!
Dec 3, 2009 rileybear's big sis
Annie you are soooo cute! Hope you live a long happy life!!!! belly rubs and treats for you!!!!! -Riley Bear and Crissy
Dec 3, 2009 princelover
I, too, have never seen a white Doxie before, and those beautiful dark eyes. She is so cute and tiny it makes your heart melt. She looks like she is saying, "say, what?" Hugs from Sher,(mom) Prince and Coby
Dec 3, 2009 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Annie!!!! Congratulations on being the Puppy of the Day. You are such a darling girl, and I know your Mommy & Daddy love you to bits. Big hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Dec 3, 2009 nadinemerry
Annie is beautiful and looks like so much fun!! Belly rubs and biscuits from Bean and Daisy in Pittsburgh!
Dec 3, 2009 Freedom's Pet
So precious and adorable!! Lots of treats and tummy rubs for lovely Annie(and her friends) and wishes for long healthy and happy lives for all!
Dec 3, 2009 snookylove
What an aborable little thing you are. I have never seen a white dachshund like every one else. You are certainly a little beauty. Lots of hugs and kisses to you baby.
Dec 3, 2009 georgia04
Baby Annie is beautiful. I just love that itty bitty tail of hers! Give her smooches and cuddles from me!
Dec 3, 2009 puplove13
You are sooo adorable Annie!! :)
Dec 3, 2009 Applegirl
white lightning; adorable :)
Dec 3, 2009 Misha58
Annie, with that face, all your pink girly toes, ears, tummy - you are too beautiful to describe! Words fail me. May your life be as long and happy as you are beautiful! And please ask your Mommy and Daddy to keep posting pictures so we can share more of your precious life!
Dec 3, 2009 4 the Dogs
I love this picture, It's like the sun is shinning through her!! Very pretty girl!
Dec 3, 2009 RubyJeansMom
Annie is sooo adorable. She's very unique looking and I love the brown patches on her back.
Dec 3, 2009 lucyny2000
Are you for real? Annie, you are too precious for words! I know all dogs are angels, but I had never seen one looking so much like one! Blessed be every day of your life!
Dec 3, 2009 infinity2 of the sweetest beautiful puppies I have ever seen....what a doll...
Dec 3, 2009 Yeta
Which one is Annie? Is she orange or white?
Dec 3, 2009 shcalla
Adorable. I would love to find one just like her!
Dec 3, 2009 drakes' granny
Annie you are adorable. My friend has a mini dachshund and he is so cute. I love to watch him run in the grass. His little legs are so short he has to hop over the grass after his toy to fetch. Here are some xoxoxoxoxo for you and hope you get plenty of treats too.
Dec 3, 2009 gail koup
Annie you are gorgeous! You sound like a wonderful pup full of spunk! I am so glad that you found a loving forever home! Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Dec 3, 2009 lotsapets
Annie, you are a beautiful, dear little girl !! I would love to be able to be there to watch you run and play in the grass :) :) :) Have a happy, happy life, honey !! I KNOW your family loves you so !!
Dec 3, 2009 I love my pets
Such a cute puppy!!!!!!!!
Dec 3, 2009 Teeny83
Aww, What a sweet little girl you are Annie. Lots of love and biscuits from Daisy and her mom!
Dec 3, 2009 leia kelly
She is so, so beautiful. What a sweet face.
Dec 3, 2009 laughingdog
Too Cute. I have never seen an all white dachshund.
Dec 3, 2009 teddie11
Dec 3, 2009 doggone1973
Annie you are so so cute! I love all you pics. I have been mom to doxies over the years, but i have never seen a white one before. i could cuddle you all day. lots of love little baby girl!
Dec 3, 2009 KATZ613
OMG Annie, you are just way too cute. Many happy and fun years with your new family. 11++++++++++++++++++++++++++biscuit s for the lovely lady and zillions of hugs, kisses & belly rubs xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Dec 3, 2009 milton's mom
Simply this: she takes my breath away. My husband rarely comments on these pix but he was mesmerized. Take out a patent on this pooch!
Dec 3, 2009 Bunny_Boo
O M G!! how adorable!! Never ever thought i would see i white daschund which makes her even more cute!! Even w/o that white coat shes still adorable hugs and kisses for you and your furry family tonnes of bicuits from me :)
Dec 3, 2009 puppy_lover98
Ohhh I love little Annie! Hugs, belly rubs and biscuits for Annie!! =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=) =)=)=)=)=)=)
Dec 3, 2009 adidaz377
OMG she is the cutest thing ever! I don't think I've ever seen that much white on a dachshund, she is adorable :)
Dec 3, 2009 blaze
Aw this puppy is so adorable she reminds me of my dog
Dec 3, 2009 allmyshelties
Oh yeah, that's one sassy little cutie. She's beautiful. I've seen some unusual colors in Doxie, but never white. She's incredibly adorable and full of mischief I'm sure. Very lovable!
Dec 3, 2009 ruthie
I am in awe of this beautiful little girl all dressed in white! Annie looks like an angel..wishing you many, many happy, love-filled years ahead.
Dec 4, 2009 XcarolX
Dec 4, 2009 kerryllr
Oh my! What a little doll! Beautiful.
Dec 4, 2009 germ-X
This puppy looks like mine just not the same breed or color shes so cute!!!!!!!!!! just like mine!!!!!!!!!
Dec 4, 2009 lucybee
Aren't you just the cutest thing ever? The shock of seeing a white doxie reminds me of seeing the video of the pink dolphin.So unique and I know you must draw attention everywhere you go.Happy long life sweet girl,I wish you many happy days of playing and being loved.
Dec 4, 2009 puppyfaces
puppyfaces- I have never seen a white duchound before. How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 4, 2009 Roseanne
Dec 4, 2009 ArcticWolfLuv
Awwww she is so pink and tiny!! I am used to big dogs like my old saint-bernard!
Dec 4, 2009 taniamorse85
This picture defines being a puppy! Doing something a little naughty, and looking cute doing it! Annie is adorable, and I can't get enough of her ears!
Dec 4, 2009 Sammy2
Oh my goodness this is puppylove!!!!!!
Dec 4, 2009 Jose
What a cutie.
Dec 4, 2009 Shadowgirl
I love her tan spot's on her butt...does that make her a piebold?? She is just beautiful. I have a black and red minnie with white hairs so she has the jeans of a dapple.
Dec 4, 2009 luvmypuppy101
That face is so adorable!!!
Dec 4, 2009 malachy
aww what a cutie and love her color! I just love baby doxie apple heads and doxie lips LOL... enjoy many happy years with yer little girl. from one doxie parent to another! Chris and Malachy doxie doxies rule!!!
Dec 4, 2009 puppy world#1
Awwwwwwwwwwww Anie is sooo tiny some people call those breeds weener dogs even though Anie dosent seem to have a long body. I never ever seen a whits Danshud ever that is cool. anie is to cute and tiny fior words.
Dec 4, 2009 xxmaddy4uxx
i love her. so cute. i what her so bad!!!
Dec 5, 2009 MissAbigail
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww annie is cute she is awsome and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Dec 5, 2009 mydexy
C to the U to the T to the E! What does that spell? CUTE!!!!!
Dec 5, 2009 shortyww22
Dec 5, 2009 milly5
when i saw this picture i just about died! she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo adorable omg! shes beautiful!
Dec 5, 2009 jgraham0218
Annie, you are so cute. I've never seen a full white dachshund!! Lots of biscuits for you.
Dec 5, 2009 nancy24tarn
Annie, you are one adorable pup..I am so glad you have a home filled with love and hugs and a brother, too. I didn't know dachshunds could be white..Tons of belly rubs for you sweetheart.:):)
Dec 5, 2009 nancy24tarn
Annie, you are one adorable pup..I am so glad you have a home filled with love and hugs and a brother, too. I didn't know dachshunds could be white..Tons of belly rubs for you sweetheart.:):)
Dec 6, 2009 germanshepherd
she is so cutee and i never had seen a white dachsund i just love this dog
Dec 6, 2009 ShadyCreekRescue
You look so beautiful and intelligent but I see a bit of mischieviousness there too!
Dec 6, 2009 puppylove241
Awwwww! Growing up, and getting cuter, and more rambunctious I bet!
Dec 6, 2009 puppylove241
Awwwww! Growing up, and getting cuter, and more rambunctious I bet!
Dec 6, 2009 puppylove241
sorry, I didn't mean to press the button twice!
Dec 6, 2009 pupsrcute
Awww, so cute!
Dec 6, 2009 Purplewolf43
Annie, you are the most adorable little puppy I've ever seen! If you didn't have such a wonderful home, I'd adopt you in a heartbeat! YOU are just so adorable! Hope you have a wonderful, long and happy life with your family!
Dec 7, 2009 cherylann50
OMG!! she is sooo cute! i have 3 dashunds.verrrry cute
Dec 7, 2009 swarna
white cute little girl,you really sweet and beautiful i love you sooooooooomuch long life to you......
Dec 7, 2009 Luv-my-dog12
Awww!!! I can't find the words to describe her!!!
Dec 9, 2009 HappyDays
Woah white dachshund! shes adorable !!
Dec 9, 2009 puppymoma
you little puppy is she albino- she is very cute I have never seen a white dachsund before -- lots of luv from me n Canada and Lily
Dec 9, 2009 lornad1103
Annie you are a cute little white Dachshund. I have never seen a white Dachshund before. At one time I had a black & tan Dachshund/Fox terrier Mix named George but he looked mostly like a Dachshund. Lots of hugs & Kisses & belly rubs from me and my Min Pin Georgia
Dec 12, 2009 tape33
Annie, you are so sweet and adorable! you're such a little pumpkin!
Dec 13, 2009 Dachshund lover
she's soooo cute! i love her coloring!
Dec 14, 2009 FakePuppyPolice
Dec 15, 2009 LilysMommy
the most beautiful little girl! like snow white!!
Dec 15, 2009 zipwiddy
The CUTEST puppy I've ever seen... *cuddles* *kisses*
Dec 17, 2009 afrolick
Dust weiner dog dust.......:P
Dec 21, 2009 BobtheStickman
I've never seen a white dachshund. her eyes stand out the most, they sparkle. love the shade of her fur.
Dec 22, 2009 puppykiss
Dec 22, 2009 ssmit136
So cute! I have never seen a white dachshund before! She is precious!
Dec 23, 2009 maria05
I usually don't really have a thing for these dogs, but her ears make her unresistable!
Dec 28, 2009 enbenke123
ummmmm im not in your flowers mommy!!!!
Dec 29, 2009 mushermaggie
I have never seen a white one--sooooo beautiful!
Dec 30, 2009 NOLACJ
HOW CUTE! You must be kissing that face! Lucky Finn to have a nice warm home.
Dec 30, 2009 jamie&jordyn
I love the color of this dachshund. Very unique
Jan 2, 2010 tweetybird98
soooooooooooo cute.
Jan 27, 2010 puppyss
so cute i love this dog
Feb 25, 2010 makojuice
Very cute and rare solid white , wow , i happen to own a rare solid black male. wonder if the puppies would look like zebra DachshundS lol
May 25, 2010 SilverShadow
white is gorgeous on a dachshund. how old is she now?
Jan 7, 2011 lornad1103
I love this picture of you Annie you are such a cute little Doggie!I hope that you have a very good life with your family. lots of biscuits & belly rubs from Georgia & me.
Jan 21, 2011 nobepa
Annie u r extremely cute!
Feb 19, 2011 pelligrino
Annie you are so cute, I would want cuddle with you all the time! I have never seen a white Doxie before. Have a long, happy and healthy life pretty girl!
Jun 27, 2011 Musiclover94_12
Hi, I have been looking for a pure white daschund for a very long time, I was wondering what breeder you purchased her from? My email thanks!!
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