Friday, July 25, 2014
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Aug 20, 2007 PIPPIN
What a bright-eyed happy little fellow is Archie. And I know mum and dad will be all forgiving with the taste testing of flowers and digging up the lawn. Who could scold you when you look at them with that sparkle in your eyes. Have a fun life Archie.
Aug 20, 2007 inmemoryofshelby
What character! I'll bet you all have your hands full.
hugs and kisses to Archie
Aug 20, 2007 jenpic
I love how he appears to be "pouncing" on his shadow! CoNgRaTs!
Aug 20, 2007 Kellybeth
How adorable! He just seems so full of life and ENERGY!
Aug 20, 2007 casey's mom
Such a handsome little guy! Archie's only trying to help with the gardening and lawn care, that's all!! Enjoy your busy bundle!
Aug 20, 2007 madziajk
Arche is one happy baby, esp in this photo where he has a big smile! Enjoy this little guy, he is adorable!
Aug 20, 2007 VikkiFox
i love this pic where he's trying to get his tiny mouth around the toy! so cute =)
Aug 20, 2007 ckporter73
WHat a cute, happy, fluffy little fellow!
Aug 20, 2007 DogyLvr
Get that shadow! Adorable!
Aug 20, 2007 Mixie
I love how is eyes look so full of mischief in this photo. He is one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen, 11 biscuits!
Aug 20, 2007 seeress83
Oh that is just too cute! He looks like a big white fluffy ball of fun!
Aug 20, 2007 gordygus
Awwww.... Archie has worn himself out!
Aug 20, 2007 gordygus
If you want to see what Archie might look like when he grows up you can have a look at my Westy [url= m/index...]Sarah[/url].
Aug 20, 2007 sheltiemum
Well, of course he digs, he's a terrier!! And a cute little stinker at that!
Aug 20, 2007 sue
hes soooo cute
Aug 20, 2007 chikbrite
Such a cutie and looks like he's making fun-filled days for everyone! I know my Westie does that for me.
Aug 20, 2007 vaishakbelle
very cute!
Aug 20, 2007 webbcues
This has to be one of my favorite dogs!
You are very lucky to have this beautiful
puppy... many dog cookies - what a sweetie! :):):)
Aug 20, 2007 vegasmom
Yippy! I love Westies! I have my own white ball of fluff, Vegas. He is 6 now and still a crazy happy fool!! Archie looks full of love and goodness, I know he will bring you as much love and companionship as Vegas brings me.
Nothing like being greeted at the door by a jumping Westie everytime you come home. Love to Archie!!!
Aug 20, 2007 vedder242003
He is such an adorable little guy!! He looks like he really enjoys his toys. I love this picture of him going after his shadow. My old dog did this all the time and we got the biggest kick out of it. Best wishes!
Aug 20, 2007 llt214
Come on, Archie get that shadow! What an adorable little pup. I love his ears, they are sooo cute! I hope you have many fun-filled years with this cute little ball of fluff! Big smooches to Archie!
Aug 20, 2007 savon19
It's VERY tiring having so much fun, ya know...

He's a sweetie! (Are you sure he isn't a wind-up toy?)
Aug 20, 2007 DogMom
what a cutie pie! Such a handsome young pup -- with what looks like a ton of naughtiness! Lovely, lovely boy! ENjoy your little Archie-man...
Aug 20, 2007 weinerdog
Awwwww......I want one. Everybody should have a puppy.
Puppies make the world a better place.
Aug 20, 2007 llamajoebbama
awwm he seems like such a bundle of joy! ha! this one looks like an action shot,absaloutely adorable puppy-congrats!
Aug 20, 2007 moviefreak
I love the opening pic because of his white hair trying to hide his black eyes. So adorable! Looks like a little fluffy teddy bear!
Aug 20, 2007 ginnieliz333
What a darling, little fuzzy angel!
Aug 20, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
i just love, love love him!!!! i have a white miniature schnauzer and she looks just like him, what a BEAUTIFIL baby!!!!!!!! god bless him
Aug 20, 2007 Taiyin
Ok, much as I love the one of him pouncing on his shadow in the grass, I must say, this picture just cracks me up. What a character! Such personality. He's a riot -- and a cute to boot. Enjoy him!
Aug 20, 2007 Terry C
He is adorable.
Aug 20, 2007 shootscore
Hi! As a fellow Westie owner all I can say is Archie is adoreable! Enjoy him as I couldn't imagine my life without my Gracie.
Aug 20, 2007 more
Love your puppy! And yes, everyone should have one...
Aug 20, 2007 tazziesmom
Love your "baby"..I am seriously considering getting a Westie next spring when we officially retire to our home in Canada..Being a "scottish" community I think a scottie and a westie will be good choices
Aug 20, 2007 doxiemum
Mmmm! Hosta!!!! Archie is a bonnie lad, and you just have to love an enthusiastic amateur gardener!
Aug 20, 2007 marleysmom
What a beautiful pup! He definitely belongs on the Kong Toy "Wall of Fame"!
Aug 20, 2007 Maz
What a mischievious little imp you are Archie - so much fun and naughtiness ahead of you. Just look at the devilish look in those eyes..... what an adorable treasure - and your name suits you perfectly!
Aug 20, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
I love him from his little black nose to his sweet little fluffy playful paws............
Aug 20, 2007 maddie's mom
I know this look very well. It means I am going to jump up now and do something very silly so beware.
Aug 20, 2007 JaxMom
Oh he's just adorable and what a cute little name for him!!! I love Westies, I have a friend who has 2 and she adores them. Give Archie and big squeeze from me and have a wonderful time with him...xxxxoooo
Aug 20, 2007 weaselsmom
I love your baby! You must be so proud. He's truly beautiful - and appears so happy. He sure has great toys!
Aug 20, 2007 txmadre
Archie is adorable! I love the picture of him "shadow boxing". He looks like he is full of energy and love. How luck you are!
Aug 20, 2007 sandrahender
Ooooooh! What a character you are Archie! I love you! How I wish I could pick him up and kiss him! My sister has a Westie mix...looks like Archie except she's tan from whoever fathered her. She was found at the spca...
Archie you are such a ham! Kisses to Archie and tons of biscuits!
Aug 20, 2007 BeckersUNC
Archie is adorable. And what a great nameā€”it totally suits him!
Aug 20, 2007 eharkins
Now THAT is a daily puppy.
Aug 20, 2007 bopeep
What a marvelous bundle of energy you are Archie. On top of that you are a very good looking puppy. Mum and Dad, you have to stay on your toes don't you? Hugs and kisses.
Aug 20, 2007 FRITZY
This little guy is to CUTE!!!!!!!
Aug 20, 2007 laurenluvsdogs
love him! xxxx
Aug 20, 2007 faintsfromcutedogs
Benny the Westie, who was made famous here on DP, http://www.dailypupp knows an adorable puppy when he sees one, AND HE SEES ONE! The fun and loyalty in your future are beyond description. Also, all Westies are cute and funny and perfect. So what could be bad about Archie? Absolutely nothing :)
Aug 20, 2007 Yankee-7
That is ONE adorable dog! Hmmm, I don't think I'd mind having a Westie myself - do you think I could have Archie?!
What a sweetie!
Aug 20, 2007 Yankee-7
Ps. Love this picture... look at his little feet in the air!
Aug 20, 2007 Nilli
Oh how I [color=red] LOVE [/color] Westies! Archie, you further affirm our need for a terrier in our lives. We live near a Cairn breeder and have visited your breed's "cousins" in the past. You're known as a terror-ier for many loveable reasons. Have your dad check out your breed's history as it relates to Cairns... very interesting!

Lots of love, snuggle time, and years of happiness to you and your family! I can tell you are one happy, feisty pup... exactly as you should be.

Nilli V
Aug 20, 2007 Yankee-7
Hmmm, didn't show up... They really should make picture favorites easier to access, especially for those like me without high speed.
Aug 20, 2007 MyGoldenGirls2
What a beautiful little guy! I have always loved Westies! Many happy years to you all! 11 million biscuits!
Aug 20, 2007 kitkat_00
So adorable and fluffy!
Love this one, he reminds me of a polar bear.
Aug 20, 2007 kukie
oh my lord what a honey of a westie you have!!! There was a TV show called Hamish MacBeth with Robert Carlyle and he had a wee westie named Jock who won my heart and now when I get a dog (read when my cat passes away) I will definitely get a westie as they are just the best dogs ever!!! thanks so much for sharing those wonderful pictures of Archie he looks like a wonderful westie!
Aug 20, 2007 Sally
I love this pic. He looks like a bunny in the garden! Archie is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing him with us! :)
Aug 20, 2007 plantsforjenny
Just cute all over!
Aug 20, 2007 piobaire
I can't tell who's winning here! What an adorable dog!!
Aug 20, 2007 pawspupraiser
He is absolutely adorable! Easily one of the cutest pups I have ever seen and I have seen a lot! Many snuggles are sent his way!!! :P
Aug 20, 2007 olgadabest
What a sweetheart! Please give Archie a hug for me!
Aug 20, 2007 ilovedogs
Archie is such a cute puppy!!!!! My favorite pic is the one where he is sleeping next to his toy!!!!!! :)
Aug 20, 2007 jinglesmom
oh, so adorable....11 biscuits from me. His name matches him. Enjoy!!!
Aug 20, 2007 pomtzu
He looks like a bundle of energy. I love this pic - reminds me of a bunny hiding in the grass and plants. Enjoy your adorable little boy furbaby for many, many years.
Aug 20, 2007 pomtzu
Sorry - didn't attach the "bunny" pic.
Aug 20, 2007 Crazy4Chis
What a cute baby!!!!!! :)
Aug 20, 2007 SerenaDawn
What a CUTIE!
Aug 20, 2007 Dolores & Aibo
We are westie lovers and thisis the cutiest westie.
Aug 20, 2007 yujismom
peek a boo-i see you!
Aug 20, 2007 Johnwalk51
You are one Cute Puppy Archie alway nice to see a happy puppy having fun

john / irene Maxwell
Aug 20, 2007 chipsmom
Archie is too cute! What a bundle of energy! 11+++ Biscuits!
Aug 20, 2007 Gretchie's_Mom
Absolutely love Archie. He should come visit his Scottie cousins; we probably wouldn't have a house left!! Many bisquits and tummy rubs. And MANY happy years together.
Aug 20, 2007 harry's mom
You have a very handsome young man there..... Knowing Westies he will keep you on your toes and life will never be dull!

I wish you many happy years together.
Aug 20, 2007 Minkiesmum
Your little guy is just smashing !! And he has the black ears which means the better skin too-how sweet is he ! I have 2 Westie girls-14 and 12 now but I still remember their puppy days with so much fondness. Enjoy him-he's lovely.
Love Lynda XX.
Aug 20, 2007 pato
oohhhh...i want him!!! 11+ biscuits!!!
Aug 20, 2007 CJLines
Awww. There's nothing so cheering as the sight of a smiling puppy. He's a lovely happy chappy. :)
Aug 20, 2007 Rainey
Archie is like a little child... give him the refrigerator box and he sure knows what to do with it.....
Aug 20, 2007 easycompany
[color=purple] They found me darn!!! I love him 11 playfull biscuits
Aug 20, 2007 TessiesMum
What should I do next, maybe close my eyes so they cant see me??? Hes so....CUTE!
Aug 20, 2007 LisaLisa
Archie's a beautiful little doggy. I love the name - it suits his breed nicely! He's just gorgeous. :-)
Aug 20, 2007 Chloe's Mom
Archie is soooo cute enjoy him
Aug 20, 2007 kathyb
What a 'andsome little darlin' .... you'll love it down on the farm
my luver ...
Aug 20, 2007 DebbyD
What a doll!!! Congratulations on your new baby! His name really suits him! 11 puppy cookies for him!
Aug 20, 2007 DebbyD
What a doll!!! Congratulations on your new baby! His name really suits him! 11 puppy cookies for him!
Aug 20, 2007 saahikat
CoNgRaTs!! on this new puppy. let me tell you first, everyone should have westies, 11+ bisuits!
Aug 20, 2007 Lizanne
Archie is such a sparkling bright little guy. Love the shot with that "devil eyeball" look which means I'm up to something. This shot touched me somehow and I love it. :)

Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Aug 20, 2007 pauleenm
He's a cutie!
Aug 20, 2007 maggie13
Archie is adorable! Westies are so cute! I have a Yorkie. I love her so much!
Aug 20, 2007 DogyDiva
Thanks for sharing your darlin' and very dashing young Archie with us. I am blessed with two Wild Westies, MacDhu and MacTavish, and they both rock my world!! All the best to you and your "Rock"-Archie!!
Aug 20, 2007 Rufus77
So Poofy! So Cute! So adorable! As you can see from the pictures this little ball of fun is quite the character!
Aug 20, 2007 emaallen1993
i have a westie who is almost six years old and i absolutely love him. Archie reminded me of him the moment i saw the picture. westies are great dogs to have but they are little bundles of energy! I hope you and Archie have a great long life together. and many hugs and kisses.
Aug 20, 2007 Judi
What a doll baby. I want to play with him!! I can almost feel his soft, white fur. You are so lucky to have such a fun loving sweetie.
Aug 20, 2007 guido's mama
My dear old friend, Maggie Scott, loved her Westies!!! Maggie is gone now, but she left $50,000 in her Will to take care of "Sugar" for the rest of her life. Westie's are sweet, loyal, and beautiful pup-pups. Archie is one lucky dog to have such a wonderful family. May you all have a long, healthy and happy life together. Thank you for sharing sweet "Archie."
Aug 20, 2007 bhyancey
This pupply looks exactly like my Westie, Duffie, did at that age. Duffie is 14 months old now. They are so cute!
Aug 21, 2007 SydPro32
absolutely adorable - the pictures are all wonderful; i really like the polar bear quality to this shot with archie's legs up in the air!
Aug 21, 2007 chrissynj28
Archie is just adorable, We had a westy many years ago her name was gidget, the pics brought back very happy memories for us.
Aug 21, 2007 chrissynj28
Archie is just adorable. We had a westy many years ago named gidget, these pics brought back many happy memories
Aug 21, 2007 jenholiday
Archie is a try Westie - your fun has only just begun. You should show him - these guys love to perform and he's so perfect!
Aug 21, 2007 Kenzi
Eeeee, I love Westies. Nom nom nom...
Aug 22, 2007 Mummm
Archie could not be any cuter!
Aug 22, 2007 JWW
I had a Westie named McDuff. He was put to sleep last Dec. at the incredible age of 18 years old. What a joy he was!! Your pup is of great breeding as was my McDuff...where did you find him? Great dogs but do not ignore him or he'll let you know he doesn't like that!! McDuff would wait for my husband to come home from work and then "danced" in joy once he got home!! It looked like he danced the "Can-Can" for my hubby...too funny !! Enjoy your fantastic pup!
Aug 22, 2007 Feenix
I can't believe something can be sooo cute!!!
Aug 22, 2007 Bijou903
What an adorable pup! I love how he's pouncing on his shadow! He certainly loves his toys doesn't he? 11 biscuits for sure!
Aug 23, 2007 vllybllstar
aawww he's having a lot of fun!
ily this 1 and the 1 above this comment
so cute! xoxo
Aug 24, 2007 lig921
Archie looks like a bundle of joy. He is too cute...enjoy!
Aug 24, 2007 maggiesmith'smom
[color=green]Ach, Aye - all Scots have attitudes, and Archie understands.

Good life and happy chewing. Maggie Smith McKenzie recommends you try a chuck-it tosser and ball. It keeps the two-legs busy and uses up some of that highland energy.[/color]
Aug 25, 2007 paristrance
OMGosh!!! I can't believe how adorable Archie is, I actuallty held my breath as I scrolled through the pix!!!
Aug 27, 2007 puppyluvr
[color=purple] It's hard to tell who is winning the fight with this toy!!! What a sweetie!!! [/color]
Aug 27, 2007 fancymama
Archie, I can just see your are full of it, and by "it" I mean all of the good things puppies are made of. He looks to pooped to party in the one I labeled my favorite, but I love the ones where he is romping, and rolling, and exploring and making me want to cuddle him. They are all great pictures. May you all be blessed.
Aug 27, 2007 fancymama
Archie, I can just see your are full of it, and by "it" I mean all of the good things puppies are made of. He looks to pooped to party in the one I labeled my favorite, but I love the ones where he is romping, and rolling, and exploring and making me want to cuddle him. They are all great pictures. May you all be blessed.
Aug 29, 2007 Luvmywestie are so precious! I adore Westies and Archie is a beautiful baby boy! I really love his coat! 11 biscuits!
Sep 1, 2007 postiemayer
11 biscuits for you Archie. Hope I picked the right photo. Was trying to get the one of you smacking your toy with your paw. My 14 year old westie does that, smacks her cookies and her toys while playing. Yes, she may be slowing down but she can still play like a puppy. You will have sooooo many years of happiness with this little one. Westies have got to be one of the best dogs (and the most manipulative and creative) there is. Oh, would love to have a youngster again. Lots of hugs and kisses to you Archie (that is if you will sit still long enough!)
Sep 2, 2007 dog_lover13
i have one highland and i love him
Sep 4, 2007 Ayrshire




My heart broke in two, the day I gave him to a new family. It still hasn't healed to this very day.

Love your dog, just love him and see what you get in return...
Sep 24, 2007 Jean1018
So Very Cute. I have one looks much the same.
Sep 25, 2007 ttamore
To the parents of Archie,
He is so precious! I have 4 yr old westie named Bailie. These little guys are loads of fun. Take care of that cute baby.

Oct 31, 2007 mollysmommy
What a cutie pie. Tooo cute for words. :)
Apr 2, 2009 Hersheypup
This dog looks showdog material! You just wanna pick her up, give her a million dog biscuits, and give her first prize!
May 17, 2009 Polar Rufus
Aug 13, 2009 weezie
ok he's adorable
Nov 2, 2009 sugar bear
What a cutie you are Archie! Give your parents a break every now and then!
Jan 31, 2010 Malimom
WOW...WHAT A CUTIE...not one bad picture...but this one is my favorite one.Love how really, really white you are.(like Rembrant toothpast.which actually isnt a bad name for a white dog..."Remmy" for short..hehe)
Mar 4, 2011 pelligrino
Oh archie you abd that little black nose are adorable.
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