Arwen the Chihuahua

Puppy Breed: Chihuahua

Arwen's mom says: Arwen was born on St. Patrick's Day and was the sole survivor of her litter. I named her after Arwen from "Lord of the Rings" the Elf Princess because of the pointy ears. Arwen now lives with 2 cats and 3 dogs. She loves to play with her toys that are much bigger than her and chew on rawhide sticks. She doesn't bark at all, and if she wants to go potty she runs in circles to tell you. She loves to cuddle, be bathed by the cat and is best friends with our Pekingese. She's the baby of the family and everyone treats her so. In the winter she loves the heating pad and snuggling under covers. She's also quite the little pig. She loves treats and meal time. She loves all cats and dogs we meet. Arwen is very special.