Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jul 23, 2010 sandee
awwww, Aston. You are just a sweetie. In this pic you look like you're actually paying attention. Lol. Tons of kisses / hugs and treats to you :)
Jul 23, 2010 jrstar
Such a beautiful baby. What a face!
Jul 23, 2010 pupfanatic
Awwwww, you don't have to promise anything you little angel, but that's so sweet that you did. Trust me, your Mommy and Daddy love you no matter how educated you are!:) I, for one, am totally smitten, Aston, that face. Oh, that face. Just one snuggle...please!!!???
Jul 23, 2010 teeru
cute kiss kiss
Jul 23, 2010 ebead
That's not A.D.D., it's P.A.D.! Puppy Attention Deficit. Don't worry, it will pass. And in the meantime, you are too cute for words!
Jul 23, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Aston, are you being naughty? With those eyes you won't stay in the dog house for long. You are one cute cuddle-bug. Lots of love and biscuits from Scamp's Grammy.
Jul 23, 2010 RGN
Jul 23, 2010 merrylady11
So precious!! May you have a life filled with hugs and kisses!!
Jul 23, 2010 princelover
What a perfectly beautiful little angel! His coat looks like spun gold. Awesome! Tell mommy and Daddy that while you may want to chase a car someday, this is not a good thing. Better to chase other puppies! Have a wonderful and healthy life filled with much fun. Big hugs for a wee sweetheart.
Jul 23, 2010 goldenlover
Really cute puppy.
Jul 23, 2010 mattysmom
Aston you are a sweetheart. Enjoy your special day! Lots of cuddles to you.
Jul 23, 2010 longislander
What a cutie pie. All puppies have ADD, don't worry about it. With your face and personality you'll never be in trouble very long. Who could be mad at you!!
Jul 23, 2010 sam's mom
Aston, I know a puppy just like you and his name is Sam.... but I know for a fact that you are going to grow up to be the best friend your mommy will ever have. you ADD will turn into pure love
Jul 23, 2010 cluvsdogs
u r such so cute!
Jul 23, 2010 lhunter
Oh Astin you are adorable!! I'll bet you are smart too. Hugs and kisses
Jul 23, 2010 guerrero's grandma
you gonna drop that treat or what... Aston, you are such a cute boy, I love your coloring, your coat looks very soft & cuddly... Have a Long & Happy & Healthy life big boy
Jul 23, 2010 spunky
Aston, you look so mischievious & adorable! Toooo cute!
Jul 23, 2010 HillCountryGal
Cute all over! Ashton, you've just got being a puppy down pat... that's all. Big hugs and extra treats for you today.
Jul 23, 2010 wheatie mom
Those classes can be hard for pups like
Jul 23, 2010 wheatie mom
Oops, my finger hit enter too soon. Anyway, you're going to be a great friend to your family and just enjoy being a happy puppy on your D. P. Day!
Jul 23, 2010 Lexiesmom95
she's smiling!!
Jul 23, 2010 layfenci
This like this one is up to no good! Cute as a bug.
Jul 23, 2010 anniesmommy
Aston, you definitely have those cocker spaniel eyes! You look so sweet, but there's jut a little bit of mischief there too!
Jul 23, 2010 poochies=love
Aston is beautiful! Sounds like he's full of spunk too. Blessings all around!
Jul 23, 2010 pelligrino
Aston, you are so adorable! I agree all dogs have ADD, they also have selective learning syndrom. When you are this cute you can get away with getting someone else to do everything. Work in Aston! Have a happy, loving and healthy life!
Jul 23, 2010 amyliz
Aston, you are 10 lbs of cute in a 5 lb bag! Don't worry about class...the time will come when you pass with flying colors!
Jul 23, 2010 siun
awww cute! i like this mix, its really adorable! cute name, too! kisses for u, Aston! xxx!!
Jul 23, 2010 jocie3
That is one cute face! Enjoy the puppy pranks. They grow up all too fast!
Jul 23, 2010 Samba1260
Many tummy rubs and hugs and kisses to a real handsome boy! You are a work in progress and your guardians are very lucky.
Jul 23, 2010 Gert&Duke
Greetings from your Fort Worth neighbors! Aston, you are precious!!!
Jul 23, 2010 Pug Mom
ADD or not, I think you've got SIT down just fine.
Jul 23, 2010 gem1945
Aston, you are a beauty!!!! I loved reading your story. But don't ever chase those cars! You look a lot like my Dusty, who was a cocker, RIP. I hope you have a long happy life like she did, 16 years old +. Lots of belly rubs, kisses, and romps with your neighbors from our critter gang in Montana. xxxxooo
Jul 23, 2010 enbenke123
you are sooo sweet!!! dont chase cars!!! they are bad!! i had a cocker splaniel but it got hit by a car!:( so dont chase those cars!!!! you are sooooo cute!!
Jul 23, 2010 annie08
Jul 23, 2010 Mimifruit
Guilty as charged! For CUTENESS
Jul 23, 2010 lilyb
Aston you are one adorable little man! With this look in your arsenal you can get away with anything.
Jul 23, 2010 meganbooth
Aston darling, you look so adorable and scrumptious I could just eat you up with a spoon!!! Give your mommy a kiss and try hard to pass your puppy class. I know you can do it!!
Jul 23, 2010 AnnM
Cocker-Spaniels are just the sweetest, most adorable, most micheivous puppies, tht grow into the sweetest, most adorable, most micheivous dogs in the world...... Wonderful pictures!!!
Jul 23, 2010 Malimom
"aawww...there's nothing better for my new teeth than mommies nice leather shoes." I like what "ebead" said. It is very hard for puppies to focus at this age. Cockers are smart, learnig will come with time,love and patience. Have fun in the mean time and have a great day today.from Ca
Jul 23, 2010 Zabilka
Great bio and photo !! :)
Jul 23, 2010 sputnik
Here's the deal, mom... if you dress me in funny pom-poms, I will eat your shoes. Lots of hugs to you Aston!
Jul 23, 2010 coonhoundmama
What a beauty you are--a beautiful color and very smart I think. Don't you worry about the P.A.D. You'll outgrow it. Many years ahead for you and your pack. Please don't chase cars--I don't think Mom will let you anyway. Years of tummy rubs, treats and hugs. Thank to your pack for adding you to their lives.
Jul 23, 2010 Rio
Absolutely adorable!
Jul 23, 2010 animalluvr110
Aw! Your adorable, Aston! 11 biscuits for you! Wishing you a long and happy life to come! :-)
Jul 23, 2010 lalamcgoo
Awwwwww I want to kiss that sweet little head!! Aston you are precious, look at that face!
Jul 23, 2010 Shadow's Mom
Hi, Aston Martin! I loved reading your story, and I loved how it said that you are fast and sleek like the Aston Martin car (I've always wanted one of those). You are a precious pupster, and one of the cutest I've ever seen! I love all of your photos! Lots of biscuits and tummy rubs to you, precious little one!
Jul 23, 2010 bestfriends
Oh, the love in this shot! Aston is a heartbreaker. Enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life filled with snuggles and tummy rubs.
Jul 23, 2010 pumkin
your are the cutest little fellow I've seen in a long time, I had 2 golden cockers, they were small 25 lbs, Willie and Wayland, just loved them so much, they really are smart too, but need lots of attention or they really can make havic of the house LOL, lots of loves and hugs
Jul 23, 2010 The Raven
Aston, you little doggie imp. Look at that guilty face. "What shoe? Not me?" I lived in Dallas, it is a HOT city. You look like you can be as sweet as ice cream and as wild as an Aston Martin. One of mine and James Bond's favorite cars. It can beat you in under 10 seconds. Have a long and happy life and do well in doggie class, I know all those other pups can be a distraction but you can do it!!!! Make your Mommy proud (and shoeless)
Jul 23, 2010 drakes' granny
Such a sweet little furry friend. Aston has a beautiful coat and warm friendly eyes. What a treasure!!
Jul 23, 2010 oopsidaisy
Jul 23, 2010 lucysadoxmom
Your sweet face just made my day!!!
Jul 23, 2010 janaS
oh you little trouble maker, but the cuteness forgives it all. When mine were pups one chewed my $500 glasses and chewed off my expensive wooden bedpost. Now I keep even the garbage basket out of reach.
Jul 23, 2010 Lovemydogs13
You are just too cute for words!! Look at that little face :D just adoorable.
Jul 23, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
Aston you are about as cute as they come!
Jul 23, 2010 l944a
Caught but too cute to care! Just a suggestion, when you find Aston be very matter of fact about it. But when you can get him to come to you, even if it's only a few inches to start with, make the biggest fuss you can. Laugh, clap, hug, sing (a little song with his name in it is best). The happier and more excited you are the sooner Aston's great joy will be to come when you call him. Be as silly as you can. Aston will love it!
Jul 23, 2010 Tzarinac
Oh-oh! Aston, you'd better find a chew bone instead of Mom's shoes! You are a cutie and very sweet looking. Belly rubs to you little one.
Jul 23, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
Aston you are just precious!!! Many belly rubs for you today.
Jul 23, 2010 Goldenmom58
Someone is being a wee bit naughty, eh? Your cuteness will negate all of your badness. From a fellow Texas, stay out of the heat and ask mom for some "pupcicles". Take care cutie.
Jul 23, 2010 iluvk9s
What an adorable little fluffy baby!! Don't chase any cars precious! Zillions of cookies, hugs and kisses for Aston!!!
Jul 23, 2010 tink'smom
What a little darling! She is completely adorable. May she live a long and happy life with you. Precious. XXXX
Jul 23, 2010 Dog Master
Oh, Aston, those eyes are too cute!
Jul 23, 2010 khloe101
what a cutie
Jul 23, 2010 harlequinguy
He can get away with murder - and he already knows it. Adorable.
Jul 23, 2010 Puppygirl93
Aston you truly are a cute little spunky puppy! Wow you seem sot be all over the place when you're hyper or when you ADD kicks in. You're a cute silly little puppy! I wish you a long and happy life sweetie! Hugs and kisses and tons of doggie biscuits for you too!
Jul 23, 2010 wolfgirl66
Sweet Aston is 2 cute 4 words!!!!! I hope Aston enjoys a long life full of LOVE & FUN!
Jul 23, 2010 nancy24tarn
Hello Aston from New Jersey.. You are one really gorgeous pup..So adorable and cuddly.. I could just hug you and pet you forever...:):) Tons of belly rubs and biscuits for you.. Enjoy your new family and have tons of fun!!!
Jul 23, 2010 Wheaten Terrier Lover
Oh, Aston is truly adorable! Just love this picture :) :) :)
Jul 23, 2010 Candy&Chloe's mom
I think you just might have found something Aston does NOT enjoy...those darling orangie thingies..he just doesn't look like he's liking that one bit! He is an adorable puppy, he has such a handsome little expression. Since all of Aston's pictures were so darned cute, I just add to pick the one that shows him sulking, just a tad. Aston, my Candy has that very same expression reserved for just such occasions.
Jul 23, 2010 molly's mom
Jul 23, 2010 sheila
Aston is quite simply a little cutie pie! What a pretty little puppy with such a sweet little face!! Long and happy life to Aston and his humans. And don't worry sweetie - you'll pass your classes!!
Jul 23, 2010 Jose
Your sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Jul 23, 2010 tzumom
You have the sweetest little face Aston, love your whole self. Have a wonderful life with your forever family!
Jul 23, 2010 daphne's mom
Aston you are so cute! I hope have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles sweetheart!
Jul 23, 2010 allmyshelties
Oh Aston, you really ARE one smart little guy. You have already learned to work those "puppy dog" eyes on your mom. Boy, is your family in trouble :).
Jul 23, 2010 lucyny2000
I bet, Aston - means Hearts Breaker! What a beaut! Kiss-kiss-kiss, and good luck with your classes! Blessings from NY
Jul 23, 2010 biff
ADD? No way. You stood still long enough for this pic. Best wishes to you, Aston (Martin), for a long and happy life.
Jul 23, 2010 monkeynbubba
Jul 23, 2010 furriesrfantastic
Awwww "AM" who could blame you for having a little touche of ADD ... you're still smack dab in the midst of your puppyhood (although you are a puppy forever). I'm sure you try so very hard every day for your mummy & daddy. What a gorgeous puppy you've been blessed with, enjoy every single second that you are blessed with him/her in your life. Oh by the way, steer clear of those cars, it's always soooo dangerous for puppies to chase bad ol' cars.
Jul 23, 2010 loveheals
Aston is way too cute. Just look at that face, an expression to melt hearts! Wishing you all many years of joy together!
Jul 23, 2010 lizanne
Aston, You are a very sweet little guy and I bet it may be a while before you catch that Aston-Martin! I bet you keep things lively around your house. Hugs and tummy rubs from Elizabeth, Miss Katie and Mini Cooper in NY~
Jul 23, 2010 Dogs4dogs
Don't worry Mom still loves you. Leave the trash alone.
Jul 23, 2010 3saavik
Uh-oh, I see a shoe about to be torn up shortly! I didn't know dogs could suffer from ADD, but anything is possible. He'll grown up and with puppy kindergarden,,he'll get better!
Jul 23, 2010 lotsapets
Ahhhh !! At last..............a shoe to chew on for my dessert !! Nevertheless, I am one cool puppy, and I WILL get over my ADD.......eventually !!
Jul 23, 2010 curly#1
Aston, you are sooo adorable! I can see the mischief in your eyes. I would love a puppy like you! Lots of biscuits and hugs for you!
Jul 24, 2010 puppy world#1
o_O omg
Jul 24, 2010 minkiesmum
What a sweetheart you are and very attentive too !
Jul 24, 2010 pirosred
Look at that wonderful face! What a beautiful mix. You are so lucky to have him! The best life for him, Im sure you will give him that.
Jul 24, 2010 w102663
Puppy ADD, awwwww, that tugged at my heart. You can't help if you get distracted 'cause there's a lot around to take in and explore! Aston Martin you are so adorable I'd love to hug and kiss you..... oxoxox
Jul 24, 2010 tearkissedlies
That is just too adorable!!
Jul 24, 2010 lucybee
Aston-you look so much like our Buddy,who was cocker spaniel mix.She went over the rainbow bridge when she was 14,but she was always the sweetest baby.I hope you bring as much joy to your family as she did to ours.
Jul 25, 2010 Susie-Q
Ooooh Aston! Did you get into your mommy's things to play dress up? You're a cutie pie. Next time in class, try to behave, and outsmart that ADD! You can do it. If my antsy dogs could do it, so can you!
Jul 25, 2010 chanceandellee
its funny, shoes are WAY more fun than a chew toy :)! many kisses to you!
Jul 26, 2010 RheannaMarie
Jul 26, 2010 beckers02
I had a cocker spaniel growing up! You are in for a lot of love and a wonderful, sincere, companion! Enjoy a life full of cuddles and tummy rubs!
Jul 27, 2010 lynetz2
oh oh! aston is chewing on something here! but what can you do when he looks at you with those gorgeous brown eyes? what an adorable puppy! have a wonderful life with your new family and doggy friends little one! biscuits and hugs to you!
Jul 28, 2010 Catherine Chivers
NOT AS CUTE AS MONTY THE WINNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! but still cute
Aug 2, 2010 donnie6680
Very cute puppy!
Aug 9, 2010 swtdreamz
What large eyes! A spaniel? I
Aug 11, 2010 TrishaBebop
makes me miss my cocker spaniel
Aug 31, 2010 rareimage
Wow! Thanks for all of the nice comments. Aston is doing well and growing! He is now 4 1/2 months old and currently in 'doggy boot camp'. This is where he is trained for 2 weeks and will come back knowing all the things he needs to know to be a well behaved dog. I miss him so much....can't wait for Saturday! He is the love of my life. :)
Jul 20, 2011 Treble
I always wanted a puppy named Aston Martin! I love the name =) He's so cute.
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