Atticus the Poodle

Puppy Breed: Poodle

I brought Atticus home in November. At first, he was a little angel and wanted to cuddle 24/7. In about a week his personality started to show. He is a crazy little guy who loves running around, playing with our other dogs, and playing with his toys. When he's not acting crazy he likes to cuddle and sleep on our laps. He's not what everyone assumes a toy breed dog would be like. Most people assume they just want to be carried around and are nippers. But not Atticus! He'd rather be walking around meeting new people and dogs than being carried around all day. I have been working hard on making sure he is well socialized so I take him everywhere with me. Wherever we go he always draws attention because of his small size. I am so happy to have him! I can't even imagine life with out him!