Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Dec 20, 2009 puppy world#1
Awwwwwwwwww Atticus is jkust to adorable for peoples eyes i mean look at his co=urly red fur its shiny cute clean and his black beady eyes with the most cutest tail and he also is sooo adorable when he runs.Atticus is like friends with everyone lucky him he is good at making friends. Awwww atticus is cute in that pic making friends with that cat "hello my name is Atticus""got any..... fish atticus...pup?.Atticus is a really interesting name where did you get that name from or the idea?
Dec 20, 2009 Joonat
Awww, your fur is soo cute!! Have fun playing in the snow!
Dec 20, 2009 kwikwitz
Atticus is a beautiful apricot color! I had a sweet apricot toy poodle, Bert. The toys are just as bold and smart as their full size cousins -- Atticus proves that point! Poodles got that "I'm a smarty pants" attitude going on!
Dec 20, 2009 wizzbean
very beautiful i love his colour!
Dec 20, 2009 sunshineangel
He is just TOO Adorable! :) I LOVE Him! Thanks for sharing!
Dec 20, 2009 princelover
Atticus, You are georgeous! I love your curly perm and your top notch and your coat is brilliant. All of your pictures are so good that it was so hard to choose just one. You should be chosen Puppy of the Year. Tons of hugs and every good thing being sent your way. You are beautiful, baby! Hugs from Sher, Prince and Coby
Dec 20, 2009 carinio
Atticus is beautiful, and his mop of ears is to die for. I don't understand why folks are giving him anything other than 11 biscuits. Bah humbugs that they are.
Dec 20, 2009 carinio
I forgot to choose a pic. I like this one a lot, but just love all the ones of him and his friends. He definitely acts like a little social butter-dog! Love you, little guy.
Dec 20, 2009 Candya
Now this picture makes me laugh out loud. funny little guy
Dec 20, 2009 goldenlover
"What are you?" Looks like a little fun guy.
Dec 20, 2009 fritzy
Dec 20, 2009 dogmom
Oh, wee little Atticus, you are so cute I can hardly stand it!!!! What a face -- the curls, the eyes, the ears. And the itsy bitsy teensy weensy paws..... I am suffering from cute overload. You are a perfection on four legs.
Dec 20, 2009 cocobelle's mom
Ohhhhh, Atticus, you are such a sweet guy, a real heart stealer! That face is sooooo cute, no wonder people fall in love with you! Many, many happy years to you and loads of biscuits and treats! I'm sure Santa will have a special gift for you cause it's your first Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Dec 20, 2009 cocobelle's mom
Ohhhhh, Atticus, you are such a sweet guy, a real heart stealer! That face is sooooo cute, no wonder people fall in love with you! Many, many happy years to you and loads of biscuits and treats! I'm sure Santa will have a special gift for you cause it's your first Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Dec 20, 2009 curlyreddogs
cute, but looks like a Pomeranian in this pic! love him.
Dec 20, 2009 ckendall
"High five!" He is soooooo adorable!!!
Dec 20, 2009 Ihave8cats
Since I have 8 cats, I thought this was a great picture. I'm sure several of my cats would love to play with this lovely little pup! Enjoy!
Dec 20, 2009 mustluvdogs
Although it's rare that I'll comment on any pictures, today is an exception. Love this one! Laughing with a snort when I saw this one. Looks like he's coming out from under the blankets....Truly this little one has some of the most expressive eyes! You go little man, Atticus!!!!
Dec 20, 2009 mottad
What breed is the other dog, the one in the 3rd photo from the top?
Dec 20, 2009 ursa'smomma
What a handsome little apricot poodle!
Dec 20, 2009 CollieMom
I love everything about Atticus. He even has a great name. He is clearly doing quite well with the socialization. These little guys have such big personalities!
Dec 20, 2009 scdoxielove
Darling photo of Atticus and his sibling. He's a real cutie! Enjoy many happy years with him.
Dec 20, 2009 sarl6618
Atticus is so adorable. What a cute little sweetheart !
Dec 20, 2009 drakes' granny
Great pictures of Atticus. This kitty seems to be wondering what Atticus is. Maybe never seen a puppy so small. Atticus is adorable. Glad you found each other. Give xoxoxo
Dec 20, 2009 loveheals
Wow Atticus is tiny! He deserves 11 cases of 11 biscuits!! So pretty and cute and he sounds like a wonderful personality. Wishing you many years of joy together!
Dec 20, 2009 loreejay
Aww, Atticus looks so mischievous in the second picture, with his little tongue sticking out. :)
Dec 20, 2009 Malimom
wow...good for you in socializing him so well and letting him be a dog and not being carried. Poodles are great dogs and were once used for hunting like labs. I love them and can see me with one some day. I love the name "Atticus" and i love your natural hair. Very smart and fun breed. Lots of fun treats for you today.xoxo from monterey
Dec 20, 2009 kian
He is adorable and no matter the size, they are dogs! He knows it and will bring many years of happiness.
Dec 20, 2009 ILOVEHARLY
Dec 20, 2009 ILOVEHARLY
so its snowing were u live she so cute in the snow lol
Dec 20, 2009 ILOVEHARLY
true love sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Dec 20, 2009 bkregh
This is a good photo. I love their little antics. Aticus is a little doll. hugs and kisses to you little boy.
Dec 20, 2009 amyliz
Atticus, you have so much cuteness, charm, and personality bundled up into one tiny package! Lots of belly rubs to you, sweetie!
Dec 20, 2009 daphne's mom
What a sweetheart! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Atticus! Happy Holidays to all!
Dec 20, 2009 molly's mom
He is so cute!!!!
Dec 20, 2009 meganbooth
Wow, Atticus is so tiny!! Who didn't give this little furball 11 biscuits - shame on you :-)
Dec 20, 2009 3pups1kit
All of this LITTLE guys' pics are good, how could they be anything else with the subject being such a cutie! But this one made me smile--he reminds me of the Ewoks of Star Wars fame---off the scale adorable! Must wonder, though, how did he get his name? Was Atticus some ancient Roman warrior?? Reminds me of a chihuahua who lived up the street from me when I was a child; his name was Brutus!! LOL! best wishes for many happy, healthy years ahead!
Dec 20, 2009 Prancer90210
Awww, he is SO cute. He looks like such a cuddly little boy, too.
Dec 20, 2009 lalamcgoo
hee hee this little toot makes me giggle!!! I love the hair do, just adorable. i bet he makes you smile a thousand times a day! :o)
Dec 20, 2009 malawi
What a precious face little Atticus has...and what a character he seems to be! Just delightful :-)
Dec 20, 2009 mamadog
Oh dear, some people are being scroogies with the biscuits! Dear sweet Atticus, don't take those humbugs seriously. They've obviously never known the delights of a toy poodle in their lives. And you are an especially fine specimen. Long, healthy life to you, darling!
Dec 20, 2009 longislander
What wonderful pics. Atticus is adorable. But I love this "talk to the paw" pic. Hope you have many happy years with him
Dec 20, 2009 jessepuppy
what a doll baby!!
Dec 20, 2009 Bella'sMom
Atticus is a riot!! (Love his name, too) He must have a ton of personality! Much happiness to all of you!
Dec 20, 2009 newfieluvr
you are sooo cute!!!
Dec 20, 2009 princy&lady
atticus is so cute! i love this picture of him!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 20, 2009 monroe
atticus is sooooooooo ardorable
Dec 20, 2009 samlou97
He's adorable. It looks like he's wearing a little red wig!! lol I've had poodles all my life and the fact that poodles are always part of the dogs like the Cockapoo, labadoodle and countless other breeds is no mistake!! Yeah for the poodle!! Merry Christmas Atticus and family.
Dec 20, 2009 manuoliveira
muito bonita, e seu casaco de mel maravilhosa! e seu rosto malandro! Seja feliz!
Dec 20, 2009 KUI'S MOM
Dec 20, 2009 tink'smom
OMG, what a gorgeous little redheaded boy. His spunky personality sounds like my granddog, buddy. Buddy is also a toy ginger poodle who reminds me of Paddington Bear. There is a certain little proud gait they have that is so cute. Many years of happiness and health to you and Atticus. XXXX
Dec 20, 2009 wheatie mom
Atticus is a love and so is your long-haired dachsie! I love whiskers!
Dec 20, 2009 w102663
Even the kitty loves Atticus.:)
Dec 20, 2009 w102663
What a darlin' little minute this "wild and crazy" guy, smile!!! All his picture are great. ooo xxxx
Dec 20, 2009 Greyhoundsrgreyt
How could you not love that cute little button nose.....hope there are many treats, love & bellyrubs in your future:)
Dec 20, 2009 Muzzlenuzzles
What an adorable little man! He's so cute he makes me want a toy poodle for the first time in my life. Here's a truckload of biscuits, Atticus!
Dec 20, 2009 Cooper :-)
Yea I guess your cute
Dec 20, 2009 puppylover111
Cute picture of him
Dec 20, 2009 terry c
How sweet.
Dec 20, 2009 papajoe
Dec 20, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Wow.. I didn't really get how small Atticus is until I saw this picture! What a cute little guy! Sounds like what he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Dec 20, 2009 shortyww22
Awwww!!!!! Atticus is a very cute little guy...I love his friend too...great picture of them together...kisses n hugs for both doggies...hope you have a wonderful life with you're new puppy..hes 100% adorable and soooo cuddly looking...come see my dogs n comment please...Merry Christmas....
Dec 20, 2009 enbenke123
awwww he is soooo small!!! not even bigger thean the cat!!!!
Dec 20, 2009 *Buddah_Buddyy*
I love Atticus's ears in this picturee! love his little face and eyes[:
Dec 20, 2009 luvlabsluvlife
Atticus is SO adorable and his pictures bring back happy memories of our sweet Honey bear, also an apricot toy that we lost after 15 wonderful years together. Poodles are so suprising because everyone thinks they are fluff puffs, but they are really fiercly loyal little beasts, and unbelievably smart. I wish you at Atticus a very lonfg and happy life together
Dec 20, 2009 ruthie
Atticus is adrably cute; his sibling is also! What fun you must have..wishing you all many, many happy, wonderful years together.
Dec 20, 2009 bestfriends
Atticus is beautiful. I agree with carinio, don't know how anyone could give this precious puppy less than 11 biscuits. Sweet, lively bundle of love!
Dec 20, 2009 sugar bear
atticus you are adorable and just like my maltese - much rather be meeting new people and running around having fun! Lots of biscies and cuddles to you!
Dec 20, 2009 Samba1260
Whatever comes after precious, this little one is. Many years of joy to you both!
Dec 20, 2009 tink'smom
More biscuits for Atticus!!! What's wrong with you people? Again, small dog prejudice rears its head. If only everyone knew how intelligent poodles are and what a small percentage actually look like the prancey, ostentatious show dogs they see on TV. Poodles rock.
Dec 20, 2009 taniamorse85
What a charmer! Atticus is adorable, and this look on his face just melted my heart!
Dec 20, 2009 supersweet
Dec 20, 2009 keiko
What a handsome little looks like he really enjoys life.
Dec 20, 2009 Jose
What a cutie!
Dec 20, 2009 Jose
Your soooooooooo cute!
Dec 20, 2009 flubbish
You look like a little genius in this picture. I love all the px couldn't pick one! Wish you had 11 biscuits!
Dec 20, 2009 lilyb
Atticus you are just the cutest little guy! And you have personality plus. Bunches and bunches of biscuits for you!
Dec 20, 2009 lovely latvian
what a curly wurly flubby gubby puppy, I would love to cuddle you Atticus, such lovely photos, here big smoooooch..
Dec 20, 2009 drifter.rox247
Dec 20, 2009 wolfgirl66
100% cute+!!!!!
Dec 20, 2009 lucybee
I couldn't resist this picture,he doesn't even look like a dog in it,he looks like a little stuffed toy.( Ewok,indeed!) What a precious red haired baby you have!
Dec 20, 2009 lucybee
It's carrot top!
Dec 20, 2009 lotsapets
Such a beautiful reddish color he is !! I am very glad he does not like to be carried around, and loves to be active instead. ^_^ :)
Dec 20, 2009 djmc
cute cute , love ya sweety, hugs and kisses
Dec 20, 2009 gtownlovespuppies
cutest poodle puppy! how can you not give him an 11??
Dec 20, 2009 Scamp's Grammy
Can't decide which is the cutest: The curly red fur or the winter coat or the pink tongue. Put them all together and they spell adorable. Cuddles and biscuits from Scamp's Grammy.
Dec 20, 2009 Anipal13
Added him to my favorites:)
Dec 20, 2009 iluvk9s
Cute, cute, cute!!! What a sweet precious baby!! Never ending cookies, hugs, kisses and snuggles for Atticus!!
Dec 20, 2009 georgia04
Atticus is darling. I love his fluffy coat! Lots of cuddles for him!
Dec 20, 2009 swarna
cute poodle, sweet poodle,, lovely poodle lot of kisses. long life to you.....
Dec 21, 2009 Muzzlenuzzles
Atticus' coat is such a beautiful color! He is a spectacular-looking pup.
Dec 21, 2009 missbiscuit
Atticus is absolutely adorable. Love his name and apparent spunk. Poodles are among the best. Long , healthy life and much fun to you both.
Dec 21, 2009 tamwise21
What a face to cute for words
Dec 21, 2009 mycharm
Poodles have never been real high on my list, but I am a true dog lover, and true dog lovers do have their favs, but love ALL breeds of dogs. And anyone here that gives less than 11 biscuits are not true dog lovers. That being said, Atticus you are truly adorable. 1000 biscuits and belly rubs for you :)
Dec 21, 2009 puppyluv2248
sweetie u look soooo cute! i love this pic because u look like u are waving! lots of belly rubs, kisses, tickles, and biscuits from me to u sweetie! luv ya! bye!
Dec 21, 2009 Limmyluver
"Talk to the paw, Mom." Atticus is sooooooooooooooooo adorable! I added him to my favorites! I gave him 11+ bicuits. Have a great lfie little one and luvs 4 U!
Dec 21, 2009 jsewell51
It looks like you have a "very good" home! Hugs & Kisses!
Dec 21, 2009 Owen's Mom
What kind of dog is the dog with Atticus?? He looks JUST LIKE MY DOG!!
Dec 21, 2009 Saptember
how cute :)
Dec 21, 2009 piobaire
He's so cute I can hardly stand it. I love this picture because he looks like he's having a bad hair day. HAHA...too cute for words.
Dec 21, 2009 piobaire
He's so cute I can hardly stand it. I love this picture because he looks like he's having a bad hair day. HAHA...too cute for words.
Dec 21, 2009 piobaire
I think boxers have the sweetest faces. Tallie is no exception. She's a keeper for sure!
Dec 21, 2009 lucymom
I love this little guy! Thanks for sharing him! I wonder if he's named after the character in "To Kill a Mockingbird". Many happy times to you!
Dec 21, 2009 HillCountryGal
The cat is wondering if this is real or a toy. :) What a cutie.
Dec 21, 2009 atticusmom
Cute little doggie!!!!!!!!!!! I have a chihuahua named Atticus, so I just had to check him out. We approve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Atticus and I think your little fur ball is very special and photogenic.
Dec 22, 2009 kitcaepup
He is so cute! Love his color!
Dec 24, 2009 j414
He is beautiful!!! I love his coloring!
Dec 25, 2009 FakePuppyPolice
Someone Stole YOur puppy picture The one on Top! YOUR PUPPY IS CUTE BUT THE STOLEN ONE IS NOT!
Dec 28, 2009 LolaLover
Oh My Goodness! This is the cutest little poodle ever! Reminds me of my Lola when she was itty bitty - if you check out my pictures you'll see what I mean. Love that curly coat!
Dec 30, 2009 jamie&jordyn
I really enjoy the long-haired dachshund in the picture :)
Jan 16, 2010 Puppyluver23
Mommy & Me
Jan 21, 2010 iloveprinniex3
sosososososos cute!! his little afro!!
Jan 23, 2010 Savannahcrazy(CS)
Way 2 Cute
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