Austin the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer / Labrador Retriever

I adopted Austin from a local Humane Society at eight weeks old. He was abandoned along with his siblings. He loves his stuffed pheasant and puppy classes, and he just conquered his fear of stairs.

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suelill Apr 1, 2009
Awwwwwwwwww Austin you are so gorgeous. Lots of biscuits and cuddles...

caraschotch Apr 1, 2009
Austin, you have a gentle, intelligent, and beautiful face--- and I...

Sladesmaid Apr 1, 2009
Austin is SUCH a beauty! So much love is written in all his...

lotro puppy Apr 1, 2009
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thathat Apr 1, 2009
What a gorgeous baby! Belly rubs and biscuits to you, Austin!

lotro puppy Apr 1, 2009
so cute!!!!!!!!!x100000000000

Karren Apr 1, 2009
Many happy years for you!!!!!!!!!!

ECHOBLIZZ Apr 1, 2009
A VERY passionate face....WOW! You have a VERY beautiful Boy, who...

sabby1543 Apr 1, 2009
Who would abandon such a beautiful baby.

oldsgrl99 Apr 1, 2009
He seems to be saying "But I don't want to deal with the...

lizanne Apr 1, 2009
Austin, you are a beauty. I love the expressions this guy gets. So...

caroleanne Apr 1, 2009
Oh, those eyes. If I live to be a 1000 I will never understand or...

Reblgem Apr 1, 2009
So handsome! Good luck to you boy... many hugs and kisses as well....

Saptember Apr 1, 2009

terry c Apr 1, 2009
He has such pretty eyes and, yes, a gentle, intelligent, and...

malawi Apr 1, 2009
Austin is such a unique and handsome little guy! He's a beauty...

toddycat Apr 1, 2009
Austin, you are beautiful. I'm so glad you found a home. You have...

karczmj Apr 1, 2009
What a beautiful face. So wise. So compassionate. Many happy years...

jenlf Apr 1, 2009
Austin you are a gorgous pup with the most beautiful loving eyes. I...

Myghin Apr 1, 2009
OH MY GOSH AUSTIN!!! You are completely gorgeous in every single...

killersmom Apr 1, 2009
oh how could you not just love that face! what a good boy you are!!!...

fritzy Apr 1, 2009
It is hard to believe someone would leave a guy as cute as this. I...

Mommys_girls Apr 1, 2009
HOW many stairs are there?!?! What an adorable...

w102663 Apr 1, 2009
Austin, your eyes are beautiful! You are one incredible looking...

BuddyOscarKusawaRoxie Apr 1, 2009
What a nice looking dog. He could be related to Oscar, my dog. ...

ikhan82867 Apr 1, 2009

amyliz Apr 1, 2009
Austin is a great-looking dog! And just look at those adoring eyes! I...

Darra Apr 1, 2009
Austin you are so delightful! Have fun growing up.

molly's mom Apr 1, 2009
Hi Austin, you are just too cute. Thx to your recuer, have fun...

loveheals Apr 1, 2009
Austin is very handome, he looks intelligent and sweet. Wishing you...

muffin Apr 1, 2009

daphne's mom Apr 1, 2009
Austin you are too cute for words! I am so glad you found a forever...

Brooksieb Apr 1, 2009
Those eyes are amazing!!! you've got a handsome man there! enjoy!

EmzyandHarley Apr 1, 2009
He is the cutest dog i have seen today, it always makes me happy to...

gryt Apr 1, 2009
Lovely puppy!!

chad696 Apr 1, 2009
He's a beauty.

sugar bear Apr 1, 2009
what a beautiful guy! What a great face - lots of puppy hugs &...

djmc Apr 1, 2009
Austin you are a doll , God bless you for giving this baby a home...

shandi13 Apr 1, 2009
Austin you are a real sweetie. How could any body abandon such a...

loopy Apr 1, 2009
Austin you are a very very HANDSOME baby = : }

mummm Apr 1, 2009
I've never been able to understand so called humans who could...

anitac Apr 1, 2009
He is beautiful, I love his eyes!

jolieavon Apr 1, 2009
A VERY handsome boy! So glad you found a good home.

SadieTutka's Mom Apr 1, 2009
Not much is going to get past you, huh gorgeous boy? Those eyes are...

Dodgerdog Apr 1, 2009
LOVE his big eyes!! Soooo CUTE!!!!!

lalamcgoo Apr 1, 2009
Wow-look at this face, what a soulful little man he is, you can see...

sdv in slc Apr 1, 2009
What a sweetheart! Austin looks like he could use a big snuggly hug. ...

clargyrace Apr 1, 2009
Love this baby...Austin, you are a beauty and a very lucky little...

jburn Apr 1, 2009
Austin is enjoying his dailypuppy feature and spent his morning...

luvlabsluvlife Apr 1, 2009
Austin you are a sweet boy and so brave to tackle those

Rickysmom Apr 1, 2009
What a precious little guy. I love those adoring eyes. Thank you for...

maddie the dog Apr 1, 2009
Austin- I know how scary the stairs can be- good job!!!

wolfensteinsmom Apr 1, 2009
What a precious face! You are just adorable, Austin. How can...

mikdebluvpups Apr 1, 2009
He is adorable!

vorner Apr 1, 2009
Oh Austin, you are beautiful and I love your name too! How anyone...

babygirl rox Apr 1, 2009
awwwie soooo cute!!!

DailyPuppy Admin Apr 1, 2009
I am so happy you found your forever home Austin. Many biscuits for you!

lucybee Apr 1, 2009
What a gorgeous baby you have,he's the color of cream,and those...

TedsMom Apr 1, 2009
What a lovely, inquisitive face. His eyes are a very unusual and...

Lisaez1 Apr 1, 2009
What a sweet boy!!!Those stairs do take some getting used too!!

bobby the builder Apr 1, 2009
I want ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!

doggone1973 Apr 1, 2009
Austin you are just so cute and from the look on your face i bet you...

emm Apr 1, 2009
he is so beautiful!! i love him!! and dit is wonderful how...

gilbert Apr 1, 2009
WOW!!!! he is a really good looking dog. his eyes are really...

wellie'smum Apr 1, 2009
I think I'm in love! Austin is such a handsome, sweet faced guy! ...

puppy lover_forlife Apr 1, 2009
omg your dog is just so cute

newfieluvr Apr 1, 2009
i'm cuuute!!!

ruthie Apr 1, 2009
Austen, you are a beautiful guy, love your eyes, ears, color and...

2pupsmomma Apr 1, 2009
Austin you remind me of Cary Grant in Arsnic and Old Lace. Such an...

courtx Apr 1, 2009
i love this look they give you! haha kudos to you for rescuing this...

kady Apr 1, 2009
What a gorgeous pup.How could anyone abandon such a wonderful dog.

dogs_rule1997 Apr 1, 2009
What a cutie

Lucy's Dad Apr 1, 2009
Austin - where did you hind your stuffed pheasant - LOL? You are one...

tazzysmom Apr 1, 2009
Austine is so handsome! His coloring reminds me of cafe' latte...

tobyslattery Apr 1, 2009
Oh man is he cute. Why anyone would abandon such a sweet little dog...

bella96 Apr 1, 2009
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww austin you are soooooooooooo cute....

georgia04 Apr 1, 2009
What a gorgeous little boy he is. Poor thing, being scared of the...

skunkysmom Apr 1, 2009
What a pretty, pretty dog!

wolfhowl15 Apr 1, 2009

iluvk9s Apr 1, 2009
What a sweet face!! Such pretty eyes.

maddiesmom Apr 1, 2009
what a cutie wishing you both lots of happiness and cuddles

jbroy Apr 1, 2009
awww, he is so cute!!!!!

Coinshop Apr 1, 2009
Austing is gorgeous! Hope you have many happy years together.

wolfgirl66 Apr 1, 2009
Awwwwwwwwww!!!!! Adorable Austin sounds very sweet and...

chicka Apr 1, 2009

Oliver's Mummy Apr 1, 2009
Austin is just striking! What a beautiful boy indeed and bless you...

mirann7 Apr 1, 2009
Oh those eyes!!! Such a cutie!! You're very lucky to have found...

BerneseMountainDogLover101 Apr 1, 2009
Aww! i love his face! He looks like the kind of dog that would always...

allmyshelties Apr 1, 2009
Austin, what a brave boy you are, conquering the scary stairs and...

mckynziewarren Apr 1, 2009
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww your dog is so cute...

Noodles'Mom Apr 1, 2009
Austin, you are positively GORGEOUS. That face, those eyes, that...

Mrs. Gentry Apr 1, 2009
Austin is a cutie pie! Lots of kisses and belly rubs from Jack &...

GoldenRetriverLuver Apr 1, 2009

spaniel Apr 1, 2009
Just so darn cute!!!!!!!! May you have a long and wonderful life with...

Clarinet Apr 1, 2009
.....I don't even know what to say. Austin is just too cute! =D

piobaire Apr 1, 2009
Oh look at this sweet face. I can't believe he was afraid of the...

harleyMamma Apr 1, 2009
Can't resist those beautiful eyes! wow! His coloring is gorgeous!

longislander Apr 1, 2009
What a beautiful boy. He has such soft beautiful eyes. Lots of luck...

Copper's Dad Apr 1, 2009
Austin you are a great looking dog. have a good life!!!!

/./zero/./ Apr 1, 2009
Thats one cute dog.

Julianlover195 Apr 1, 2009
What are the breeds Austin are mixed with? He's super cute and I...

Lab_mum Apr 1, 2009
Such a cutie pie! Lotsa love from Ange, Max and Chloe. xoxoxo

lucyny2000 Apr 1, 2009
What a face! And what a plush velvety boy Austin must be! Gorgeous...

lucyny2000 Apr 1, 2009
I cannot get over how hundsome Austine is! So I just had to comment...

puppy world Apr 1, 2009
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mean mom he was abanded atleast sell him well glad...

sac4563 Apr 1, 2009
What a real cutie pie!!!!!

susanah Apr 1, 2009
This is an absolutely stunning dog. A combination of two favorites. ...

shugsmom Apr 1, 2009
Oh my gracious! He is GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! What a beautiful...

muttlover Apr 1, 2009
Austin in one good looking pup! Best of luck with him. He is so...

Bunny_Boo Apr 1, 2009
Cute,cute sooooo cute. Luv ya austin!!!

puppyloveforme Apr 2, 2009
Austin is a handsome young man! he looks so cozy in his...

dfox Apr 2, 2009
He is soooo adorable!!! I love his facial markings!!!!

my_stoney_baby Apr 2, 2009
Oh Austin, you are absolutely adorable. What beautiful eyes you...

cyndita0414 Apr 2, 2009
What a beauty! Good luck to you & this handsome fellow, it sounds...

naomi_C Apr 2, 2009
Look at that puppy dog face!!

Iris200 Apr 2, 2009
Awwwwww!!!! He's cute!!! He looks like part pit-bull and kinda a...

m&m Apr 2, 2009
luv him! cute! 200 % adorable! Austin rox my sox off like a fox in a...

tambore Apr 3, 2009
"Just tell me what you want in doggie talk and I'll do...

Puppy Lover99 Apr 3, 2009
Oh my DoG, his/her nose is so red thats...

snoopygirl Apr 4, 2009
WOW! What a very uniquely beautiful dog you have there, with such...

salsaz Apr 4, 2009
Sabby1543 is right! It must of been a monster! Lots of hugs and...

Mmie Apr 4, 2009
soooooooooo cute

lisalisa Apr 4, 2009
I'm so glad you found your forever home, Austin. How could...

Doglover243 Apr 5, 2009

mushermaggie Apr 5, 2009
What are people thinking,abandoning such beauty!

lynetz2 Apr 5, 2009
sorry i am so late in saying how handsome you are, austin!! i am so...

daliagarwal Apr 5, 2009
this one is wise and thoughtful...beyond his age.

Puppy Lover! Apr 6, 2009
Awww, soo cute!

love.dogs1437 Apr 6, 2009
Austin is sooooo cute when he does that. hugs and kisses to u Austin.

bernesesrock4 Apr 6, 2009
I love the color of Austins coat it reminds me of sand! Lots of...

Scrufty Apr 7, 2009
What a beautiful boy, so intelligent looking. Many happy years together.

cutey998 Apr 7, 2009
Austin, your adorable! You look extremely playful too!

Paigeipoops Apr 8, 2009
He's soooooo cute!!!

pal Apr 10, 2009
I love all the pictures!!! wich one to comment on???? he should be in...

jobo123 Apr 11, 2009
he is amazing soooooooo cute

animals10 Apr 11, 2009
So cute! I envy you SO much!!!!

*Teddy*Bear Apr 13, 2009
Sorry i haven't told you this.I forgot to.I made an acount on...

lisaamcm Apr 15, 2009
Austin, aren't you a handsome boy! And those hazel eyes must...

ceggers9 Apr 17, 2009
you are so so cute even to cute for me and you will always be in the...

GoldenBelle Apr 18, 2009
cute!!! Austin is very hansome!! 11/11 biscuits! yummy!!!

MY YAHOO Apr 25, 2009
You are so cute.

BellaStella May 8, 2009
He has such beautiful eyes! What a gorgeous dog!

Bulbasaur Jun 5, 2009

aatack Jun 26, 2009
I love this cute guy!!! So adorable!

springlion Jul 4, 2009

slevinsmom Dec 2, 2009
Oh, Otis!!! You are a living doll!!!!!

pelligrino Nov 11, 2010
Beautiful Austin found his way into a loving family and cozy place...