Baja the Mutt

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Baja's dad says: A week ago, we drove to New Hampshire to look at an English bulldog that I found online. There were already a lot of applications, but we tried anyways. Didn't get him. On a lark, we checked out PetSmart last weekend to look at the dogs. (They have adoption clinics every Saturday with local SPCA dogs.) There was a handsome, black-and-white, little three-month-old pup. We got him. He's a total mutt. Part basset hound (check the stubby legs, long body, and great sniffer), a little bluetick hound (look at the tick markings around his white), and something that gives him a mid-length black-and-white coat (some sort of retriever?). For three months old, he's incredibly well behaved. He sleeps a lot, plays hard, and has a healthy appetite. His name, Baja, sort of suits him. It was what the SPCA and his old foster family called him, so we kept it. He's originally from Tennessee, rescued from a kill shelter, driven up to New York just days before we got him. I think he's the best dog in the world. But then I haven't met them all, so I'll reserve judgment.