Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Aug 28, 2006 rocka rocka
bandit stole my heart. hacha!
Aug 28, 2006 Odie
Oh my goodness his eyes and coat are so unusual. What a special little man you've got!

11 biscuits for Bandit from me!
Aug 28, 2006 Lovely Lady
VERY cute. I love the eyes! I had a Presa Canario that had a blue and brown eye! It's gorgeous.
Aug 28, 2006 the kissing lady
well u gat 3 so i will take this one i have a cat like him one yellow and one blue ahahah and i want him he is beautiful and so cuite so let me know when u ar going to send him to me and i let u know wher i live ahahahah si til then give my new love a kissssssss and squeeze
Aug 28, 2006 Samantha
Your dogs so unique which makes it very cute! yeah this calls for 11 biscuits.
Aug 28, 2006 Terry C
Love that one blue eye.

Very striking little dog.
Aug 28, 2006 DogMom
he is tooooo cute. We have a 12 year old doxie who still acts like a puppy! Bandit is adorable!!!
Aug 28, 2006 doxiemomma
Adorable doxie baby! I have two doxies and they are the best - so smart and sweet. I voted 11 biscuits for Bandit!!
Aug 28, 2006 Charlie O
What a sweetheart. I love to hear that all these puppy's have such great homes.
Aug 28, 2006 Malteseluver
What a Sweetie!!!!!
Aug 28, 2006 Blupaws9
Are you sure he's not a stuffed toy?!! He's SOOO cute I thought He was a stuffed toy!!! Absolutely one for the "REALLY REALLY CUTE" Books!
Aug 28, 2006 Henry the Dachshund-s Dad
What a great looking Dachshund!! He's got that playful mischevious look in his eye, very nice.
Aug 28, 2006 El, Shads & Peasy, the Yorkie Terrors
Love the blue eye (of course, I've always been a sucker for dark hair and light eyes [g])! This is one precious puppy! Too cute for words doesn't say enough (just wish I could give more than 11 biscuits!)
Aug 28, 2006 Skwerly
Bandit, you sure are a QT. I must admit, however, that the wonky Marily Manson eye is a bit distracting.

But never ye mind, sweetness- you are still adorable!
Aug 28, 2006 Chip
Aug 28, 2006 windjammer
bandit you get 12 biscuits from me.
Aug 28, 2006 Ellie
I just love the paws with the little delicate black nails!
Aug 28, 2006 bethany
i was wondering is he blid in one eye or is he just have one blue eye abd one brown eye but he is supre cute
Aug 28, 2006 bob
i do not think that it is a demon doggy i think that is the worst thing that you could say about a dog i think that he looks perfectly normal nothing werid about bandit plus i have a german shepherd that has one brown eye and has half blue half brown eye but i think that i would figure that chip and skwerly would say something very rude ans stupid because they are probably rude and stupid!!!
Aug 28, 2006 txmadre
What a unique little man Bandit is. Really cute!!
Aug 28, 2006 Cyntha
Oh My...where did you get your beautiful coloring & soulful eyes...I want you. have a wonderful life with your family...
Aug 28, 2006 Danielle
The collar looks a little big, but love the eyes!!!
Aug 28, 2006 puppylover34
Bandit is one cute puppy. I wish I could just hug him and love on him. He is so adorable.
Aug 29, 2006 SK
LOVE the eyes! Gotta get me a dachsie pupster!
Aug 29, 2006 yummi
what a wonderfully unique puppy!!! he's a cutie!!! i love his markings and those eyes:o)
Aug 29, 2006 bandits owner
he is a cute rascal! :)
Aug 29, 2006 Ellen :P
he is the cutest dog in the world.... the pplz who own him i am their daughters best friend
Aug 29, 2006 Tricia
I LOVE BANDIT!!! cutie-pie.
Aug 29, 2006 Kendra
don't you just want to go up and hug him to death?
well, not to death, but you get the point!
Aug 29, 2006 puppyluv
amazing looking dog.....beautiful coloring. god bless minis!!!
Aug 29, 2006 Tricia
Aug 30, 2006 Meg
Too cute! In that first picture he looks like he's scheming :D.
Sep 1, 2006 kristin
he is soo cute and his eyes are the best part about him
Sep 3, 2006 Bonnie
Bandit Lookes Like My Dachshund Luky.
Sep 6, 2006 stephanie
ogm i love this dog i always wanted a dog like this!!! i want it now!! lol
Sep 21, 2006 sandy
Oh wow! The eyes are so captivating and unique! Bandit is one of the CUTEST dogs I have ever seen!
Sep 24, 2006 N/A
Sep 30, 2006 ??????????
Nov 21, 2006 Animefreak
Very uniquie markings! Sure, the blue eye is disconserting (sp?) at first, but you've got to look past it. When you look at it close, it is no different than any other dogs', except it's blue. And there's nothing wrong with that. I love dogs' eyes. (Most of them anyway) have wonderful, soul-searching eyes. Bandit is no different. I don't know why people above were calling him "demon dog" but, whatever. Hopefuly they will read this and see that Bandit is not a "monster".
Nov 23, 2006 Michele
I think hes darling. My 10 yr old mini doxie has the exact same coloring and coat only without the one blue eye. I think he looks like a winner and I bet he's very mischievious but full of cuddles too.
Dec 19, 2006 Moonpie's Mom
Bandit looks just like my dapple, Moonpie, but Moon's right eye is blue and her left is brown. How adorable.
Apr 30, 2007 x-lab_lover-x
you lucky thing havin a pup so sweet!!
May 12, 2007 Micki26
very unique dog! luv his eyes
May 15, 2007 mdavis1256
Oh he is the cutest!
May 28, 2007 sandi
his markings are really unique and he is just a cutie I love those ears and that snout. The last pic is just adorable. Little Bandit knows how to steal a heart
Jul 25, 2007 tristatedawn
Well OK, I'll give the little squirt 11 bisquits, but that's only cuz I can't give him 12 or more!!!!!!!!!!! Love those one of a kind babies.
Sep 26, 2007 Mummm
Gosh he's cute! I love his unusual look.
Oct 6, 2007 mford24
Beautiful puppy! I have a dapple myself and Bandit is just gorgeous!!
Dec 28, 2007 skyesmom
Awwww! Bandit is adorable! We adore the dapple pattern. Our mini doxie is dapple too and also has dapple eyes! Come see him at http://skyethedoxie. squares...

Jan 16, 2008 Bratwurst
Bandit, you sly hound, your name fits you to a tee. You're the cutest dog in the West!
Feb 21, 2008 dallas031226
What a cutie!
Jul 6, 2008 Chance551238
awwww what a cutie pie,lov the eyes
Nov 1, 2008 georgia04
Baby Bandit is beautiful! Lots of hugs and kisses for this sweetheart.
Dec 9, 2008 Dachshund lover
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ;
Sep 4, 2010 taxlady49
He is a sweetheart. Hold him close and love him and he will return that love a hundred fold.
Jun 26, 2012 pupfanatic
Bandit, I know this is a cheesy joke, but being a "bandit" you have stolen my heart!!
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