Friday, July 25, 2014
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Nov 5, 2008 nascar
He is so adorable especially in this picture!!!!
Nov 5, 2008 pixiegal262
Snuggle bunches! I just wanna play with those loooong ears and smoosh his face into mine. Barney is a fabulous little basset hound who has the perfect *yawn* expression :).
Nov 5, 2008 CandyBoo
So lovely and cute. Such a big yawn!
Nov 5, 2008 suelill
Awwwwwwww Barney - toooooo cute - what a cuddle bunny - I want a hug. Just one thing - cheer up sweetheart lol Zillions of biscuits and cuddles and have a long, happy and healthy life.
Nov 5, 2008 wolfgirl66
Nov 5, 2008 doggieaunt
Barney unquestionably has the "baleful basset" look down! Oh, those ears -- those big paws! Watch the stuff on the table as he grows -- bassets may be short in stature, but they're looooooong in body. Ever so many scritches and ear dandles to Barney!
Nov 5, 2008 dottie
Barney is one BEAUUUUTIFUL DOG!!!!
Nov 5, 2008 NellyWelly
What a treasure!!
Nov 5, 2008 sachat
Ah, Barney, you are so cute. Those eyes and those lovely long floppy ears. May you grow up to be a beautiful boy. This is the same look that mine has when she's being cute and stubborn at the same time (she's 3). xxx
Nov 5, 2008 arnie
i love this pic Barney is adorable.
Nov 5, 2008 howiesmom
Too adorable for words!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!
Nov 5, 2008 oaktown girl
Barney - you're going straight into my "favorites" file! I love all the photos, impossible to pick just one!
Nov 5, 2008 superhedgie
such a cute name for a cute dog. I love his big yawn too.
Nov 5, 2008 mary v
I love HIM!!!! i am going to show him to my boys when I get home. They love their cousin Bassets!! -Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Nov 5, 2008 mary v
Barney is so cute he deserves a second look from me!! I LOVE Bassets!! -Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Nov 5, 2008 terry c
Look at that face...those eyes. How could you deny him anything?
Nov 5, 2008 lkg0711
Im so in love with this face! Barney, sweet dreams little guy!
Nov 5, 2008 GwdGma
How could you deny him anything with a face like that!! Adorable..........
Nov 5, 2008 daphne's mom
What a cutie! I hope you and Barney have many happy and healthy years together! Much love and many biscuits to you Barney! You are adorable!
Nov 5, 2008 dogmom
To Barney's owner: this is a photo of the look he will give you that you will never be able to turn down :-) What a precious boy he is. His face is just beautiful! I wish you many happy healthy years with this adorable boy.
Nov 5, 2008 amstar
hi barney, you are too cute!!! wish i could hug you!!!
Nov 5, 2008 fluffy ears
floppy ears
Nov 5, 2008 djmc
Don't you think I am just the cutest!!!!! Barney you are so loveable. Many hugs and kisses
Nov 5, 2008 HillCountryGal
"Now I lay me down to sleep" Sweet dreams little guy! What a lovable pup. Barney has a big huggable factor going on here. :)
Nov 5, 2008 fritzy
Well if you ever wanted a Basset Hound and were unsure, these precious photos would change your mind. This little one is too cute!!!! These photos are just adorable!!!! :)
Nov 5, 2008 ckendall
AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! The sweet longing look gets me every time!
Nov 5, 2008 gizmo's mom
Which to choose Barney is the perfect name for this adorable pup, he looks like a real snuggle bunny.
Nov 5, 2008 philip
too cute!
Nov 5, 2008 AnnaT
Oh, puppy yawns are the sweetest! And so is Barney!!
Nov 5, 2008 Spike&Brandi'sMom
What a sad little face. He is so cute. We have this same couch at my office.
Nov 5, 2008 Spike&Brandi'sMom
Forgot to attach picture! Barney is so adorable
Nov 5, 2008 LSM
Inoticed that Barny gets a little tired during his photo op, never the less he is some cute.
Nov 5, 2008 pitbullmama
Barney you are the cutest little thing! I love your long ears and cute puppy eyes. Best of luck to you.
Nov 5, 2008 longislander
That face! Those eyes! Those ears! He is just adorable. Barney is such a fitting name, really suits him. This was another puppy that I had a terrible time picking just one pic, he's so cute in them all. I bet you'll have a ton of fun with him. A bucket of biscuits for Barney.
Nov 5, 2008 pamfontainepeters
OMIGOSH, Barney.. it must be EXHAUSTING being that cute! What an adorable puppy! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Nov 5, 2008 bassetmomma
Barney is so handsome! May you have many happy years together! Lots of biscuits from Braewyn & Baylee!
Nov 5, 2008 kyladee
Saying no to this face, would be the toughest thing one could ever do! Wow what a sweet little baby.
Nov 5, 2008 lyndial
Barney Boy, you are the cutest! I sorely miss my little basset hound. You are simply the best and I wish you a wonderful life!
Nov 5, 2008 papajoe
At last, a photo of MY, "puppy". Be prepared for a guiltless food thief and con artist.
Nov 5, 2008 MemoryofBarney
Barney, you are a cutie. Love the eyes in this picture. Love your name even if you are a dog. My Barney was a cat with your coloring though. Love ya.....
Nov 5, 2008 corgigirl37
OH it is tiring being so cute!
Nov 5, 2008 malachy
what an absolute doll baby! enjoy him! with hugs and biskies from Chris and Malachy doxie(another HOUND! hounds are the best!)
Nov 5, 2008 Lucy's Dad
omg, i am exhausted - hi ho the puppy life - Barney, what a great looking hound - have a nice nap now...
Nov 5, 2008 greyhoundmommy
He is adorable. Always the lab looking out for others protecting those little birds.
Nov 5, 2008 CFONazi
I cannot wait to get one for my very own after graduate school... when I have more time to spend with him/her... HOW CUTE.
Nov 5, 2008 hkornman
I loved it when my basset looked up at me like this. These are the best "puppy dog" eyes. Much love and kisses to Barney!!
Nov 5, 2008 boxerlove126
Oh, so cute!!!
Nov 5, 2008 mummm
There is no doubt in my mind that Barney is going to be a sweet dog! I mean... just look at the darling pictures!
Nov 5, 2008 Devi
Look at what an expressive face he has. What a sweetheart!!
Nov 5, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
Oh, MY GOODNESS!!! Barney is beautiful! And from what you say, he is a wonderful, sweet, loving pup! I know you will be very happy with this precious little guy. Congratulations on finding such a wonderful friend. Ear tugs, tummy rubs, and a ton of biscuits!
Nov 5, 2008 angelaregan
he is absolutely adorable
Nov 5, 2008 doggielvr
Barney - It looks like you're getting ready to dream Sweet Puppy Dreams! You are a gorgeous boy!
Nov 5, 2008 basset_ mom
What a sweety!
Nov 5, 2008 lucybee
This is no doubt the look that will get him anything he wants in this world.Work the charm little guy!
Nov 5, 2008 randomearrings
Oh Barney, what a heart-breaker you are, it was so hard to choose a picture....the big yawn, the sleeping one, the soulful eyes, you look so beautiful in each one. Have a long, happy and fun life darling. Big kisses and 11+++ biscuits for you. Love you babes xxxx
Nov 5, 2008 Mia3
What a handsome boy! We have a Basset and who would have thought they can be so lovable & snuggly. He makes us laugh everyday and that's what it's all about -a true gift from God!
Nov 5, 2008 mikdebluvpups
Who could resist that face?
Nov 5, 2008 Lisaez1
I love puppy breath!!! What a cute boy and he has a perfect name to boot!!! Lots of hugs and kisses Barney!!!!
Nov 5, 2008 lizanne
Hey Mom, Time for bed!:) What gorgeous pictures! Barney is ready for Broadway or Movies or Something BIG. He is beautiful. Hugs to this sleepy guy from Elizabeth & Dane Miss Katie =O)
Nov 5, 2008 tsuki's mom
Barney, you are the cutest! I love you! Hugs and kisses and tons of biscuits!
Nov 5, 2008 lizanne
Such a cuddly, lovely puppy. I forgot to mention that my brother had a beautiful Bassett who looked just like Barney and even had the same NAME,BARNEY. Cool.:) & #10;Elizabeth
Nov 5, 2008 amyliz
I love all of Barney's pictures but choose this one becasue of how it highlights those heart-melting eyes and those floppy ears! Barney is so cute!
Nov 5, 2008 t49caro1
What a doll. Enjoy your puppy, he is a cutie!!
Nov 5, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
Barney is so cute! I love those ears, they are so cute! Lots of kisses and belly rubs to this cute cute baby!
Nov 5, 2008 sdv in slc
Good grief! Could you get a more "hang-dog" expression??? Barney is adorable.
Nov 5, 2008 Puppy Power
Barney! You couldn't get much cuter!! A+++
Nov 5, 2008 rocketdog
Well that is just the nicest hound. And this is such a perfect hound dog picture too. What a sweetie!
Nov 5, 2008 usfour
This is one of those "I have to quit my job, stay home all day and just snuggle with you and pet you" dogs. What a sweet little cutie he is.
Nov 5, 2008 egnelson
who couldn't love this face!?
Nov 5, 2008 dachsiemomx3
Oh Barney ! You are absolutely the most photogenic pup I have ever seen. I'm a sucker for hound dog pups and you are just the most beautiful Basset boy ever. Eleventy million biscuits to you from the Dachsies and me.
Nov 5, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
I love this photo of you, Barney. It looks like you know how to 'work the camera'. You are adorable.
Nov 5, 2008 vorner
Barney, if you were any more adorable, I couldn't stand it! I have added you to my "favorite dog" list because I find you irresistable! God bless you and your family with long, happy, healthy lives filled with love and fun! A million biscuits for this angel! XOXOXO
Nov 5, 2008 ButtersMum
What a little doll - does it get any cuter. Barney looks like a simple lovely little boy. Enjoy him forever!
Nov 5, 2008 iluvk9s
Totally adorable cuddly wuddly puppy!!! Love the floppy ears. Tons and hugs and kisses for this precious baby!!
Nov 5, 2008 frankies_mom
Are they just the sweetest things or what!?! I had a Basset Hound as a young child and you never lose your love for those oppy ears, the soulful eyes & what I refer to as those "big hamburger pattie" paws! Enjoy Barney--he's a loving, devoted pup aleady. Loads of biscuits and kisses.
Nov 5, 2008 magic1
I'll bet he gets lots of cookies with that face!!!!
Nov 5, 2008 maddie the dog
Oh Mom I know I am cute- keep taking the pictures
Nov 5, 2008 anitac
Soooooooooooooo CUTE! THANKS
Nov 5, 2008 piobaire
Man, Bassets have those built in sad eyes, it would seem to me from minute one they'd get their way all the time! He's pretty darling all right!
Nov 5, 2008 dkritter
Barney says, "Aww, please? One more treat?!?!?" How can you say NO!?!? This little puppy brought out a squeal from me in the office- thankfully I am all alone in here! He is TOOOOOOOOOO cute! I just want to hug him and give him belly rubs! SO CUTE!!!
Nov 5, 2008 caraschotch
Oh what a cute baby! I just want to kiss him and kiss him! Wishing you many happy years together... cuddles and cookies from Cara
Nov 5, 2008 jamiemorgan
I just want to nuzzle him! He reminds me of my Elvis (also a Basset) when he was a pup! He would run so fast in the backyard when he tripped over his big ole ears he'd pull his stripe down the middle of his forehead sideways. LOL
Nov 5, 2008 twosweethounds
Anything cuter than a baby basset hasn't been invented yet!!! What kind of dog will he grow into? Well, here's what we say around here: a basset is a dog that is good for absolutely nothing... except love and laugher. Enjoy!!! P.S.: you can get rid of your TV now. You will never be lacking for entertainment with a basset in the house!
Nov 5, 2008 vbelville
He is sweetheart. I just love his sad eye and long ears. He reminds me of my basset hound I had when I was a little girl. His name was Spottie.
Nov 5, 2008 Oliver's Mummy
Barney, you melt my heart with those eyes and those lovely soft ears. I bet you are a wonderful snuggler :) Hugs and kisses from London, Ontario.
Nov 5, 2008 Ozzydoodle720
awwww :D i am definitly adding this puppy to my favorites :)
Nov 5, 2008 Muggy
Barney is too cute for words--I want to hug him!! I bet he gets plenty of that at home!! :) Kisses Galore to Barney!!
Nov 5, 2008 Saffy
Look at those baby browns! What a cutie!
Nov 5, 2008 I luv dogs
This picture is too cute! looks like you just walked into the room and caught him doing something! cute! cute! cute!!!
Nov 5, 2008 gryt
Aww puppers... So adorable. I bet those ears are sooooooft!
Nov 5, 2008 kasmoss
My basset when I was a kid was named Barney. He would not let any boat in his site leave land without him on the stearn with his "captain's hat" on.
Nov 5, 2008 cookiebaby
He is a love for sure!!
Nov 5, 2008 Chance551238
awww what an adorable baby
Nov 5, 2008 sputnik
OHHH Barney!! It must be tiring being so gorgeous!! You are just a beauty... I love Basset Hounds!
Nov 5, 2008 dkritter
I just have to say, I can't believe this pup doesn't have 11 straight biscuits... Although a lot of them do deserve it and don't get it! :o)
Nov 5, 2008 lisalisa
Aaaaaaaw, all that lovin' has him tuckered out!!! He is TOO cute. I love his ears - Bassets are awesome dogs. He's so cute and seems so sweet. You're so lucky - enjoy your sweet baby. :-)
Nov 5, 2008 LPlumb1963
OH MY GOODNESS! He will be a big snuggle bunny!!! He is so cute!! Lots of Hugs & Belly Rubs!!!
Nov 5, 2008 doggymommy
Bassets have the eyes of "old souls" Barney is beautiful!
Nov 5, 2008 Erin's Mom
With those sweet, loving eyes he is going to be one spoiled dog! How can you ever say no to him! I know I wouldn't be able to! Many snuggles, kisses & hugs!!!
Nov 5, 2008 aimster
"and this is one of me being demur, and this is one of me looking longingly, and this is one of me looking innocent" says Barney Barney - you are adorable, but where is Betty Rubble?
Nov 5, 2008 aimster
But, are you single, my MinPin wants to know???? what is your sign and where do you live?
Nov 5, 2008 drakes' granny
A little cutie pie indeed. I'd say everyone would love to cuddle with Barney. Give him lots of love, treats and belly rubs.
Nov 5, 2008 lilyj
Barney is amazingly adorable. Now I want a basset hound.
Nov 5, 2008 malawi
Oh no! Not the over the shoulder look....I can't resist that :-) Barney is very sweet..have many happy years together.
Nov 5, 2008 pawprint1513
tired puppies r soooo cute!
Nov 5, 2008 PuppyLove15
What a cute puppy! Lots and lots of puppy kisses to Barney! The name fits him SO well! Lots of love to him! ~Madison
Nov 5, 2008 ivypup
this is a cutie i love basset hounds and i adore his markings omg yaaa!!!
Nov 5, 2008 NellyWelly
Is he yawning - or singing a song?!!!
Nov 5, 2008 ruthie
Barney, you are a very handsome and cute, lad. Many happy years are wished for you.
Nov 5, 2008 Hana's Mom
oh my!!! I just feel in love!
Nov 5, 2008 ktclementine
Barney is precious! God bless him w/ years as long as his ears! And w/ health & joy! Have a great life together!
Nov 5, 2008 taffy7
My mom had a basset named Barney in her childhood. He was tri-color. Barney looks like a real sweetie Lots of kisses and biscuts Taffydog
Nov 5, 2008 Lilypuppylover
As you can see, I am a 5 year old girl. Barney is so cute when he is lying down and I want to hug him so much. I just want to cuddle him.
Nov 5, 2008 georgia04
Baby Barney is 100% sugar! I love those sweet floppy ears. Give this precious angel lots of hugs and kisses for me. How could anyone resist this face?
Nov 5, 2008 ChunkyBulldog
ohmygoodness....the floppy ears and sad eyes are the cutest things I have ever seen! This pup could probably get whatever he wants by just batting his sad little eyes!
Nov 5, 2008 ChunkyBulldog
ohmygoodness....the floppy ears and sad eyes are the cutest things I have ever seen! This pup could probably get whatever he wants by just batting his sad little eyes!
Nov 5, 2008 lalindamore
It's late over here, and you're right, time to go to bed... You're a very cute little pup.
Nov 5, 2008 lucyny2000
"I can sing this song with my eyes closed!" What a lovely pooch! Enjoy every moment with your lover-boy! Kiss to every wrinkle and blessing with every biscuit!
Nov 5, 2008 gary
Hush Puppy. You Hum And I will sing it
Nov 5, 2008 growlgirl
Nov 5, 2008 becca
Oh my gosh ...he is adorable! I love this picture. Looks like he's saying "paaaweeeeze". Lots of belly rubs.
Nov 5, 2008 Shadowgirl
Gently grab an ear and wiggle,basset's love it and you may even get a groan.Great dogs just a little stubborn when they are older. Such a sweetie.
Nov 5, 2008 Lab_mum
Oh Barney, you're such a cutie!!! Losta love from Ange, Max and Chloe. xoxoxo
Nov 5, 2008 tambiggs
AAAWWW!! I want one!!! Too cute :)
Nov 5, 2008 iluvlespuppies
he's absolutely perfect!
Nov 5, 2008 puppy world
he soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo adorable i mean most bassets hounds have droopy red eyes but this pup has non of that is its a puppy well i havent seen one this adorable hes always tired and cute and obeys loves back scratches hes always look back at its owner if hes does somthing good to huim when he turns his back hes says your the best
Nov 5, 2008 susannajon
Barney, you have the sweetest, softest little mushy face!
Nov 5, 2008 popo
He is very cute. But his fat tummy against his stubby leg. The ratio looks very strange. Is it normal for this breed? or he is fat compare with other puppy?
Nov 5, 2008 emyat
I can't resist that look, I have to say something. He is sooooo cute
Nov 5, 2008 jblacksf
omg. this dog is so cute. i can't breathe.
Nov 5, 2008 puppyloveforme
Yes, you chill Barney. Love him, he's great. Enjoy!
Nov 6, 2008 Beagle109
Barney, you're adorable! Lots of hugs and kisses to you!
Nov 6, 2008 breezibee
What gorgeous dog, such a lovely face!
Nov 6, 2008 Andrea P.
Great name! Fits Barnbarn like a glove, he makes me laugh!
Nov 6, 2008 patsywatsy
I could just love him up!
Nov 6, 2008 patsywatsy
I just LOVE this face!!!
Nov 6, 2008 someday-dewey
BARNEY you are too cute for words... this adorable little thing is going on my desktop so i can have a smile a day until i get my own basset :)
Nov 6, 2008 puppies for life
you are so cute! i always wanted a hound dog you are so cute when you chew on your toy
Nov 7, 2008 drbobm55
"Iyez Tyrud"
Nov 7, 2008 Bowie's Mom
He'll never get into any trouble with those eyes!! How can you resist but to give him only love forever!! I hope he grows into his ears!! Enjoy :)
Nov 7, 2008 ilovedogs
Barney is soooooooooooo cute!!!!! The yawn picture is my favorite!!!! I love basset hounds. They are such cute dogs!!!!!!
Nov 7, 2008 milbo
U are so cute!
Nov 7, 2008 Rosalina
Aww!!!! Love and cuddles to the pudgey faced cutie!!!
Nov 7, 2008 Rosalina
Nov 7, 2008 shanamc
I've been going to this web site for a long time and this is the first time I've left a message. This puppy is by far the cutest puppy I've ever seen in my life. It brings a smile to my face every time I see his pictures!
Nov 8, 2008 artybugboston
Oh Barney is alittle darlin. He"s precious.
Nov 8, 2008 7920A
I have my own basset hound and I love basset hounds I don't have a scanner that works with my computer though so I would show you a thousand of pictures of my dog and I and my friends with Lacey
Nov 9, 2008 Muttley
"HOME, HOME ON THE RANGE" Looks like he is singing just as loud as he can. He is way way to cute. long and happy love filled life to all.
Nov 9, 2008 puppydog
Barney is so cute! There are too many words to think of that discribe this beautiful puppy! 11++++++++++ biscuits for this little lover!
Nov 12, 2008 cowboys55
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww HE IS SOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 13, 2008 puupys need love
Nov 13, 2008 puppylover!
WHAT AN AMAZINGLY CUTE PUPPY! give him the life he deserves!! :)
Nov 14, 2008 poker76
Barney is the cutest thing in the world super cute and i love its huge ears
Nov 16, 2008 k9ruby
pretty cute!
Nov 20, 2008 knetterville38
Oh are so handsome. You would go along great with my tri-colored basset, mahogoney basset and my black one. These are the most exceptional dogs....and just watch his personality grow. It is amazing. Happy life Barney!
Nov 25, 2008 dashiemom
Barney workin it for the camera!!!
Nov 25, 2008 copycat624
His heart on his side is sooooo cute!!! All of these pictures are adorable. I kept on ''awwwwwwwwing!!'' at the pictures
Nov 27, 2008 Kamisha
omg I LOVE basset hounds! I can't get enough of them. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE. ahhhhhhh. =DD
Nov 28, 2008 lola123rilley
Jan 2, 2009 tobyslattery
i love basset hounds! in this pic he really shins!
Jan 15, 2009 Nicollet Tady
Oct 20, 2009 Beth Elder
Barney is so cuuuuute! I like how his ears hang low!
Feb 27, 2011 pelligrino
What a face Barney has, this will insure him of love and attention! I love those big soft ears, have a happy, long and healthy life Barney!
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