Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Dec 25, 2007 nicefrenchgurl
First! must be beginner's luck :)
I love this picture, and especially the look in the rotie's eyes....
Happy holidays to you all and fuzzy cuddle to your four-legged friends
Dec 25, 2007 SleepingPuppiesRock
Love those fat paws. Delicious.
Dec 25, 2007 Shoshino
absolutely adorable, and one of my favorite breeds!!

It looks like he's saying "I'm here World, so get ready!"
Dec 25, 2007 birdygirl
Such a sweetie! I love this expression, 11 biscuits!
Dec 25, 2007 mqm501
Basso the golden boy! Love his colouring. Have a Great Day. 11 biscuits and a Very Merry Christmas from Sunny Spain!
Dec 25, 2007 pomtzu
Lucky little Basso - gets to go to work with Mom. That's certainly worth getting out of bed for! And he's sure lucky to have all those friends to play with at work and at home too. Have a Merry Christmas little guy!

And a very Merry Christmas, love, and peace to all the pups and their families that I have met here this past year.
Dec 25, 2007 sue
hes beautiful
Dec 25, 2007 kishanabear
oh my god, i'm in love...with a dog! this is killing me, i can't stand the cuteness any longer, i'm logging out!!!
Dec 25, 2007 kimshros
Happy Christmas Basso-wonder if you'll ever grow into those ears!
Dec 25, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
lucky you . She's adorable. I have a puppy who does NOT WANT TO GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING until but the minute my back is turned he's on the kitchen table eating the cat's treat!!!! LOL
Dec 25, 2007 yujismom
two beauties for the price of one! Merry christmas basso and profundo!
Dec 25, 2007 goldenlover
" Hey, Merry Christmas, Mom !!"
Dec 25, 2007 rexandbaby
Too cute for words! 11 biscuits!
Dec 25, 2007 Puppylove13
Merry Christmas to your family - this is an "aaawwww" picture for sure! enjoy...
Dec 25, 2007 SAM0iiN3
Dec 25, 2007 Desiderata
I am the mommy of 2 mini's. What an experience! :) Basso's eyes are beautiful. Gorgeous little boy!
Dec 25, 2007 mannymann
Merry Christmas to the cutest dog I have seen all year !!!!!
Dec 25, 2007 rosy
Both gorgeous!!! Billions of biscuits and Merry Christmas to you and these beauties!!!
Dec 25, 2007 murph
What a sweet heart!!!! Sounds like life is good for him, with work, family and friends. He's absolutely adorable!
In Joy
Dec 25, 2007 bopeep
What a gorgeous bundle of joy. Basso is one adorable social little guy. He may not want to get up in the morning, but I bet once he is up he is a ball of fire. Merry Christma Basso. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.

Merry Christmas to all Daily Puppy fans.
Dec 25, 2007 wldhrsesrydsagn
What a complete angel you have there! God Bless you all and Have a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!
Dec 25, 2007 RonDog
A very proud looking boy indeed. Congratulations! A Merry Christmas to all of the doggies and their peoples' out there!
Dec 25, 2007 coyne12
Precious!! 11 biscuits and more - best wishes for many happy days!!
Dec 25, 2007 postiemayer
What a pretty boy he is, such wonderful coloring. And the pics of him cuddling with his buds, way too cute for words. Merry Christmas little one, hope Santa is good to you. Already you got a great Mom so enjoy your life.
Dec 25, 2007 FRITZY
What a cute one!!! I love this breed!!! I am so happy that he goes to work with you. That is great for Basso.
Dec 25, 2007 Nemesis D
I have to protect my home! HEY! Who are you?!
Dec 25, 2007 2pups1kit
Basso is darling--he has unusual eye color, kinda green?
I chose this photo cuz it reminded me of a few things: 1st-I had a mini dachshund named Schatzi when I was growing up. I had used every opportunity to wish for a dog up until my family got him when I was 14---You know, when you wish on the first star, when you blow out birthday candles, winning the wishbone contest, etc., in addition to all my prayers. Well, Schatzi was the answer & he stole my heart from the moment I saw him. 2nd: My mom always used to be amazed whenever she would see my Black Lab Sharah & my rescue kitten Maui cuddling together. Maui would actually groom Sharah, which Sharah seemed to enjoy. My mom always thought cats & dogs were always natural enemies & my two dispelled that myth!
ok---enough, already! 11 biscuits & best wishes for a happy, healthy life!
Dec 25, 2007 DucksHockeyFan
I chose this picture because the first thing I thought of was "How Regal" he looks standing so "tall" and proud. You have a really precious Christmas Present. Merry Christmas to everyone. God Bless you and your puppies.
Dec 25, 2007 puppypac
Incredibly adorable! Makes me want a doxie. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Dec 25, 2007 lucyny2000
Oh, My God! I would be tempted to kidnup this couple! You are so-o-o lucky to have the two of my favorite breeds! You all have Five Stars, Twelve Cookies, the Merriest Christmas, and Many Many Happy Years together!
Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures.
Dec 25, 2007 usfour
Basso you look just fetching!! - like a litle prince. Too bad you don't live at my house - I like to snuggle under the covers too. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!!
Dec 25, 2007 Terry C
"Don't give me no trouble...or me big brudder here will hafta get rough wit'cha!"
Too cute!
Dec 25, 2007 Terry C
I love the photo with the kitty, too.

Looks like MY big black cat Wizard and my Boston Terrier, Bugzy.
Dec 25, 2007 molly's mom
what a sweetie Basso is....i love this pic with the cat!!!!!Priceless
Dec 25, 2007 peanut1964
OMG!!!! One of THE most adorable doxie puppies I have ever seen. He is master of all he surveys in this pic. Proud, brave pup! 11 biscuits and hundreds of kisses on the nose!!!!!!
Dec 25, 2007 Daphne's Mom
Basso you are too cute for words! I hope you had a happy holiday. Eleven million biscuits for you and sloppy puppy kisses from my little girl Daphne. Hope you all have a long happy and healthy life together. Hope you have a Happy 2008!
Dec 25, 2007 pooh91158
Well, since I'm partial to Rotties I HAD to pick this picture! Basso and his friend are really cute here!!
Dec 25, 2007 windchime
This is definitely a cuties. and I send 11 biscuits and wishes for mamy happy days together.
Thanks to all of you for the last 6 months of puppies. I lost my
Bichon, Cash, May 25, and still grieve. But your sharing of your puppies has helped. Please give them all an extra tummy rub from me. Happy Christmas to all.
Dec 25, 2007 pooh91158
I don't know why it didn't include my picture! knew which one I was talking about, lol.

Basso is a real cutie pie!
Dec 25, 2007 windchime
sorry for all the typos ... the tears were streaming
Dec 25, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
WE LOVE THIS SITE............................... ......
Dec 25, 2007 Mastiffmom
What an adorable puppy!!!
Dec 25, 2007 corgilooove
that face and body language just shouts:

"yes, i may be a leettle beetty pup, but deep down, I'M BIGGER'N YOU!"

what a perfect little babe! looks like he's about to spread his kite-like ears and just take off. best of wishes to you and basso!!
Dec 25, 2007 nancy814
Merry Christmas to all!! What a cutie pie for Christmas Day, Basso is such an adorable little puppy. 11+ biscuits for you.
Dec 25, 2007 casey's mom
Basso sure gives meaning to "Merry Christmas". He is absolutely adorable with his long ears and short legs and it all balances out into one sweetheart of a pup!! Many more holidays with this precious fellow!
Dec 25, 2007 Catlover
Basso looks just like my Trixie when she was a puppy (she's now 12). She could fit in the pocket of a T shirt & did. She too gets a long with her feline sisters & brother. In fact at times I thinks she thinks she is a cat!! when she was younger she would climb up on the back of the chair or couch where I was sitting & rest her head on my shoulder. Here's wishing you many more years with your sweet baby. (Tried to add pict of Basso & cat, but for some reason it wouldn't take.)
Dec 25, 2007 sylvanbliss
Tiny puppy and a big kitty with visions of sugarplums...Merry Christmas, Basso and everyone!
Dec 25, 2007 Mom2Max
Basso is adorable, and your kitty looks just like our Meow Kitty here at home! Merry Christmas!
Dec 25, 2007 inmemoryofnijah
[i] [b] [color=red] What a cute pup! Merry Christmas from Northampton, PA [/i] [/b] [/color]
Dec 25, 2007 KuvaszKountry
"Don't mess with me or I'll kick your....ANKLE"....I'm sure he'd kick butt if he could reach it...GREAT things come in small packages...Basso you are to cute for words....Merry Christmas and all the biscuits Santa can carry.
Dec 25, 2007 k_cyn
Oh Basso you are too cute!!!! just adorable!!!!
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Dec 25, 2007 faintsfromcutedogs
Basso proclaimed "I am king of all I see." Then, all the people in the village knew all was well in the land. The end.
Dec 25, 2007 harriet
Basso is very cute and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.!!!
Dec 26, 2007 Deb O'Nair
Hurray for Basso!! What a cutie!! The world's a better place with Doxies like Basso gracing our presence!!
Dec 26, 2007 Mikkimrado
Ok - i love all the pictures u have uploaded here and I chose this because i love all sizes of dogs! :) Basso i absolutely adorable! I love his color and the color of his eyes too. Looks like a very deservingly pampered pooch! :)

Happy Christmas to all!
Dec 26, 2007 BTLabs
What an adorable little boy!
Dec 26, 2007 Mummm
Basso is wonderful!
Dec 26, 2007 guersh123
Merry Christmas Basso....and are precious...I too have a mini-doxie...actually two...Riley and Pisano....what a blessing from above they are....never really got the pottie training down, but, oh well...gotta love'm!!!! Many Blessings to you Basso and a
Great 2008 to All!!!!
Dec 26, 2007 guersh123
Opps....forgot the picture....
Stand tall young man!!!!
Dec 26, 2007 guersh123
One more time......

Happy New Year!!!
Dec 26, 2007 guersh123
Love you!!!
Dec 26, 2007 Ems
Every puppy needs a "kitty pillow" to lay on. Looks like Basso has found the perfect one. Best wishes, he's adorable. Enjoy!
Dec 26, 2007 piobaire
Cats and dogs, living in SIN!! No, just kidding.....aren't these two a pair. What a squishably cute dog (and kitty for that matter). I already like Basso, anybody that would rather stay in bed in the morning, is a dog after MY own heart.
Dec 26, 2007 dogsrdivine
Basso, what a cute, lively, character you are - & an unusual name, too. I like all the pics, but this one with the cat & the mutual head rubs happening is too much to pass up. Sounds like you've made yourself a very happy home Basso. Much joy, health, & fun to you & yours.
Dec 26, 2007 LisaLisa
What a little man! He's lovely! It's cute that he doesn't like getting out of bed in the morning - I think most of us can relate to that. I bet he's a great cuddler.
Dec 26, 2007 AngelC
Look at these two!!!! . . . . TOO CUTE!
Dec 26, 2007 randomearrings
11+++ biscuits for beautiful Basso, what a great little dog! xx
Dec 26, 2007 katiecrow
You may have to have a heart to heart talk with this little one...I seriously think he might believe he is a kitty kat..He is really cute.
Dec 26, 2007 katiecrow
You may have to have a heart to heart talk with this little one...I seriously think he might believe he is a kitty kat..He is really cute.
Dec 26, 2007 katiecrow
You may have to have a heart to heart talk with this little one...I seriously think he might believe he is a kitty kat..He is really cute.
Dec 26, 2007 Sasafras56
What a beautiful puppy. I wonder how much these mini's weigh when full grown. Love this picture as the coloring and eyes are so vibrant! Belly rubs to Basso!
Dec 27, 2007 Yourmomsage
I just love a doxie puppy--there's nothing cuter in the whole world! Can I nibble and nuzzle those chubby paws? I just love a chubby paw and puppy "ankles" with fat rolls!!!!! Yummmmmmmmy!
Dec 27, 2007 saustin866
I just love all of these pics. he is so adorable. Having 4 dachies I can appreciate how sweet and loveable they are!
Dec 27, 2007 Jennb3
oh what a little cutie you are!!!!
Dec 27, 2007 skyesmom
Basso is adorable! We love mini doxies!! We have a little miniature dapple dachshund. Reds are very cute too! If anyone would like to see pictures of our little dapple, please visit our blog at http://skyethedoxie. squares...

Dec 29, 2007 flower5
This was really hard to pick a favorite picture but I would have to say I love the fact that your cat and dog gets along!!! Your puppy is so cute and I hope you have a fun time watching him grow
Dec 30, 2007 PuppyLover439
Only one thing 2 say in this case......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'd give him more biscuts but....I guess all the other puppies can't be as good as Basso!! LOVE THE PICS!! :D
Dec 31, 2007 puppy*power
I love the pitures of him and the bigger dog , and him and the cat
Jan 1, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
Oh, my! What a beautiful handful he must be. I am on my third dachie, and would have a houseful if I could. Enjoy that cutie. 11 biscuits!
Jan 3, 2008 morgan39
this puppy is like sooo cute. i hope one day that i can have a puppy as cute as this!
Jan 17, 2008 Bratwurst
You can take on the world with that look, Basso!
http://www.diaryofad achshun...
Jun 8, 2008 shibainualex
CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow a christmas puppy
Apr 12, 2009 kls9255
awww so cute just relaxing just like my mini
Feb 4, 2010 akeefer
Love the picture with the Rottie. Looks like Basso is wishing to be as big 'cause at the moment it's a little scary being so tiny and the Rottie is wondering if Basso is a dog or a toy and whether or not it's safe to play.
Jun 16, 2010 Geany
Basso!!! You look just like my Bono! Besides having the same color, the same green eyes, and the same irresistible charm, you have rottweiler friends WOW!!
Aug 5, 2010 LittTwinStar
OMG!!! SO CUTE!!!!!! He looks like he's king of the world in this picture. So proud!!!!!
Nov 14, 2011 Mrs. Herbest
BEAUTIFUL daschund! I am partail to the breed, they are absolutley the BEST cuddlers in the world!!! But I have a question for the owner, I am a huge dog lover so like others I am very particular and have certian prefrences in dogs. Basso looks like he has a "thick" frame, (his face isnt skinny)lol, which is exactly what I think looks good. When you picked Basso what did you look for that told you he would be "thick".
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