Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Jul 4, 2007 flyingdachshund
He is so adorable and sounds like a really great dog...enjoy your little man!
Jul 4, 2007 mling
Bear is so cute!! The name suits him very well!
Jul 4, 2007 pupidog
actually the above 2 commentors got my favs so i choose this.
he looks so cuddlable.
i love it when pupies twist their head when we do something
Jul 4, 2007 mo
Awwwww.... Bear looks like a great dog for play! I hope you and he have tons of fun in beautiful California!
Jul 4, 2007 faintsfromcutedogs
Bear is the best! His coloring is just gorgeous and he looks so happy and friendly. I bet he loves looking at the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf. Enjoy the holiday with your perfect pup.
Jul 4, 2007 BTLabs
I just love the look in Bear's eyes in this pic. That says it all! What a cutie! I love that Teddy bear look. My niece has a Wheaten and her late father had an Airedale, another Teddy bear type.
Jul 4, 2007 jblacksf
ooooh! bear is oooh so cute! I live in SF, I hope to see him! such a cute dog!!!!!!!!
Jul 4, 2007 Mr. Boo
I love all of Bear's pictures. In this one it is like he is saying " Helllloooo!!!". He is such a cutie! Your little Wheaten has the sweetest face! Kisses and squnches to Bear! He is a precious baby and totally an 11 bone baby!!!!
Jul 4, 2007 Butch99
Great looking dog. Sure hope you like brushing :-)
Jul 4, 2007 hkuczala
What a cutie! He looks like when you cuddle him your hands would dissapear in that fur! :)
Jul 4, 2007 vaishakbelle
wow...very cute.
Jul 4, 2007 DogyLvr
Heartbreaker for sure with all that love in his eyes! Wow, Bear redefines adorable with his expressive personality. What more can I say than I sure wish that I had one just like him too.
Jul 4, 2007 llt214
Oh my gosh...he is too cute for words! This picture is perfect for this 4th of July holiday!! Big smooches for Bear!!
Jul 4, 2007 gill
Bear is just adorable! Such cuddles you must have. I'm sure he's a good guard dog too! A gruff voice for sure. Lots of tummy tickles!
Jul 4, 2007 Zoe's_mama
Love the one where his mouth is open towards the flag. Looks like he's saying, "I pledge allegiance..."
Jul 4, 2007 Zoe's_mama
Can someone please tell me how to attach my fav pic? I have tried clicking on the heart, and it does turn into a green arrow... but then when I write a comment and post, the pic does not appear. What am I doing wrong? Other people have had trouble too. We need clear directions!!!
Jul 4, 2007 edb1917
Bear is just adorable - cute doesn't begin to do him justice. Wheatens are fast becoming one of my favorites, they have so much personality and given his expression Bear has personality to spare.
Jul 4, 2007 Loizhanne
[color=blue][B] What a beautiful stuffed toy! He looks so sweet and loving, and the thought of Bear slamming down frozen cottage cheese is too much! Belly scratches from me![/color][/B]
[color=red][B] Happy Independence Day, everyone!!![/color][/B]
Jul 4, 2007 jenake7395
Too cute for words! He's ready to greet the day in this pic! Here's to many years of biscuits and happy times!
Jul 4, 2007 Taiyin
Is there a set of pictures anywhere that captures such a sweet and loveable disposition?

Have a wonderful Fourth, cutie pie. Don't let the fireworks spook you!
Jul 4, 2007 rozee9893
AWWWWWWWWW!!! This iz such the cutiest dog eva!!!
AWWWWWWWWW!!! He duz look like a teddy bear!!
Jul 4, 2007 slickscaler
I love the way he looks in this pic and his bandanna is adorable!! he does look like a sweet teddy bear
Jul 4, 2007 irisira
I LOVE Wheaten Terriers! He's simply adorable!
Jul 4, 2007 pauleenm
Great name for an adorable pup. He looks just like a teddy bear.
Jul 4, 2007 colio27
The only way I can figure Bear's name is if it's synonymous to teddy bear!!! Very cute!!
Jul 4, 2007 harvard_bound588
He's soo adorable!
I'll bet that pretty soon, you'll have to build a huuge fence to keep the girl puppies out!
What a handsome face!
Jul 4, 2007 tazjt
He has such love in his eyes! What a beautiful baby!
Jul 4, 2007 dogsrule
SO cute.
I love the American flag pictures for the 4th!
Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Hope you are all having a fun, loving safe holiday and giving your pups lots of extra hugs today and maybe even a hot dog on the side. :)
Jul 4, 2007 kukie
Hi Bear! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures with us...and its true you look like a stuffed "bear" are very handsome! Now roll over so I can rub you little bear belly...kisses too
Jul 4, 2007 bopeep
There is nothing but pure love and adordation in Bear's eyes in this pic. My next fave is him sitting by the flag. Bear really is adorable and his name suits him perfectly. Hugs and kisses.
Jul 4, 2007 poch
awww so cute!! he DOES look like a stuffed bear lol but he is cuter than a stuffed bear!!! <3 <3
Jul 4, 2007 LongIslander
Awwwww he's just the cutest ever! Makes me wish I had a dog again. What a love.
Jul 4, 2007 nash5081
If that face doesn't melt your heart, it's because you don't have one.
Gotta LOVE the BEAR!!!! Hope you guy's have a safe and happy 4th
I hope the fireworks don't upset you. Hugs and kisses for Bear!!
and 11+ biscuits
Jul 4, 2007 cobillie
I love the black around Bear's face - almost makes him look like he has a beard. He's the cutest thing EVER!!! Big slurpy kisses from CO! Just love 'im to pieces, OK?
Jul 4, 2007 shannamae_94
awwwwwwwwwwwww he does look like a teddy bear wat a cutie :D
Jul 4, 2007 RiverGal
Just love looking at these Bear pics. He looks just like our sweet Stew as a puppy. Our Stewie, a Wheatie, died 1 1/2 years ago and we still miss him. In fact, I was doggie sitting a Wheatie last week.
Congratulations on your beautiful puppy!
Jul 4, 2007 sewinggoddess
I met a Wheaten in person once & simply could not keep my hands off her!! I just wanted to bury my face in the sweet fluffiness ^__^ The Wheaten energy is amazing.. it is just so joyful!!

Bear is gorgeous. I love love the cocked head, so innocent (NOT!) hahahah
Jul 4, 2007 k8tie12
Hi! I am Bear's mom and I wanted to thank you all for the biscuits and kind words!!

We have been busy all morning relaying your belly rubs, hugs, and kisses : ) He wishes he could meet you in person.... he thinks everyone is his best friend!

Happy 4th! Enjoy the Holiday!
Jul 4, 2007 birdygirl
What a beautiful boy!
Jul 4, 2007 NoraDora
I love him.
Jul 4, 2007 Puppyluv146
Bear is so cute!!!
Jul 4, 2007 Maddy
he is the cutest puppy apart from mine!
Jul 4, 2007 crazyCAdoglady
Oh my gosh. The love in his eyes is unbelievable!What a wonderful addition to your family! He is a darling dog with personality plus. Enjoy your life together! Doggy lovies from my doggy Dante too!
Jul 4, 2007 n1i9c9k9
Bear is so cute.
Jul 4, 2007 sylvanbliss
Bear appears to be thinking about the freedoms this flag symbolizes. The freedom to be cuter than previously thought possible. Happy Independence Day!
Jul 4, 2007 txmadre
What a fuzzy love muffin! Bear is a perfect name. He looks like a fuzzy stuffed toy. Give him lots of kisses and hugs.
Jul 4, 2007 sue
hes sooo cute what alovely cuddly teddy bear
Jul 4, 2007 lovanamals
he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!

how do u put pics on your comment everyone?
Jul 4, 2007 Maude
I love Wheaten Terriers that is why I have 3 Wheatens.
They get lighter in colour as they get older, And are not very easy to train.
Jul 4, 2007 lovanamals
o now i get it!!!
Jul 4, 2007 lovanamals
o now i get it!!!
Jul 4, 2007 edna gimbert
He is so beautiful and patriotic, too!! What a cutie!!
Jul 4, 2007 mhopeg
My aunt has a wheaten (Ruby). I think they are the sweetest, most fun dogs. I love them! And Bear is a doll.
Jul 4, 2007 three_pets
Huh?!? He is so cute!!!
Jul 4, 2007 tammatha
He's too cute to have such a common name.
Jul 4, 2007 Lizanne
Bear is really a sweetie of a Wheatie. Does he shed? Just curious.
He is such an adorable Bear and does look like a Teddy Bear.
Hugs to Bear.

Elizabeth & Kate=O)
Jul 4, 2007 Lizanne
Forgot this!!!
Jul 4, 2007 fluffypup
OMG...he is so sweet and teddy bear-ish!
Big Hugs :) :) :)
Jul 4, 2007 vllybllstar
this little mann is waaay too cute
:D i love him!
ur lucky that he likes dog food; my dog HATES it and sometimes refuses to eat, although he loves food
he would much rather eat the food i give him (human food) :D
i try not to but dogs are masters at begging :D
anyway, bear is huggable and is very patriotic! happy 4th of july to all americans! :D
Jul 4, 2007 mountainfamily
[color=blue] Have a wonderful Independence Day, to all of us Americans...[/color]
What a sweet little bear-lookin' dog!
How old is he?
Jul 4, 2007 mountainfamily
[color=blue] Have a wonderful Independence Day, to all of us Americans...[/color]
What a sweet little bear-lookin' dog!
How old is he?
Jul 4, 2007 mountainfamily
Oops, sorry about putting that in twice... :P
Jul 4, 2007 Cheryl
Such a love muffin!
Jul 4, 2007 puppy*power
Jul 5, 2007 andrewg
He looks adorable, and sweet and cuddly too.
Jul 5, 2007 guersh123
Bear is such a just want to squeeze him!!!
God Bless You All!!!!
Not sure how to add the pic. either, or I would have each of
them with this!!
Jul 5, 2007 2doggies
What a guy!!!! I opened this email and thought for sure he was a stuffed teddy bear! His expressions are priceless and he is just utterly adorable!!!! I hope he enjoyed his 4th of July!

Thanks for the "frozen cottage cheese" tip! I haven't tried that one before!!!
Jul 5, 2007 kathyd125
What an absolutely adorable ball of fur you have! Give him a scratch behind his ear for me!
Jul 5, 2007 sjh
What an adorable puppy. I have never seen a Wheaten Terrier before. He looks like an absolute joy and a so soft to cuddle with.
Jul 5, 2007 joelco
Look at those sharp little puppy teeth! What a cutie
Jul 5, 2007 piobaire
I'm thinking here's another breed I MUST look into!!
Jul 5, 2007 javamom
[color=blue]What a cuddly bundle of curly fur! Bear is a sweet teddy bear to be sure! Long life and happiness to you![/color]
Jul 5, 2007 mstrendytresses
Bear should absolutely have 11 biscuits! He is the cutest thing I've seen a long time! :) I want to give him a big hug! Take Care! WOOF
Jul 5, 2007 maggiesmith'smom
This is yet another "justletmeworkmywayintoyourhea rtin30seconds" pooch.
Jul 5, 2007 sandrahender
HOW PRECIOUS! I WANT HIM!!!!! WHAT A KISSY FACE! He is so beautiful...I could just hug him to pieces!
Jul 5, 2007 LisaLisa
WOW, what a sweet heart. I am melting just looking at these pictures!!!
Jul 5, 2007 doxigrafix
What a beautiful boy!
A little treasure for sure.
Jul 5, 2007 winniesmommy
My heart! I'm in love....
a million biscuits!!!
Jul 5, 2007 Sara
Aww what a cutie. I love his curly hair and his gorgeous eyes!! Lot's of biscuits for you!! <3
Jul 5, 2007 soccerstud6
We just got a Wheaten as well...10 weeks old here...we are also in sf. Bear looks like an older version of our Alex...we should set a play date sometime!
Jul 6, 2007 Jules
Bear is simply adorable I have just recently got myself a wheaten and I love the energy and love he has. They are wonderful I love the flag pics simply Adorable!!!
Jul 6, 2007 Glinda08
OMG!!!!! what a little cutie!!!! i have a tedy bear that is the same colour as him!!!!! congrats!!!!
Jul 6, 2007 HarrisonGoldman
He is adorable i have recenty got a wheaton called bailey they are the most adorable dogs ever soon i want him to be put on the daily puppy and when he is i want him to look just like bear he is one of the best scwt i've seen give him a hug and treat from me
Jul 6, 2007 acmorse
I'm not totally convinced this is a real dog yet. He looks too perfect. Like a mirage. If he is in fact...more than a stuffed animal, he might be the cutest dog ever.
Jul 6, 2007 puppielover42696
your puppy is so cute i love the touch of the flag next to him!!!!
11 buiscuits!!!
Jul 6, 2007 Taryn
Jul 6, 2007 DogMom
Cute, Cute, Cute!!!!
Jul 7, 2007 sibs
Wonderful expressive pictures. Do I see an Oberlin sweatshirt
Jul 8, 2007 caspersmom
You couldn't have gotten a cuter puppy to represent the 4th of July.
Jul 8, 2007 hermia
What an adorable dog! He is so cute!
Jul 9, 2007 writegirl52
Bear is so, so cute. I made him my screensaver <smile> My wheaten Riley looked very much like Bear when he was a baby. Enjoy your little guy - the time goes very fast!

LW in Cincinnati
Jul 10, 2007 scobig
Boo Bear! Kisses to you!!!
Jul 23, 2007 soshyviolet
what a cuddle monster!
Aug 5, 2007 jayman16
My next dog will be a Wheaten, I can't wait!
Aug 17, 2007 maddie's mom
If I could get another dog I would want one just like Bear. Not only is he the cutest baby ever he also looks very sweet and smart. Lucky you!!!!
Aug 18, 2007 puppylovervet
what a little fluff
Oct 12, 2007 ElectricGramma
We are getting a Wheaten Terrier puppy at the end of the month. I hope "Maddox" is as adorable as Bear. What a sweetheart.
Feb 7, 2008 Sydalie3
i love wheaten puppies!
Sep 16, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
I love when Wheaten Terrier's give this "Please pet me"! So cute!
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