Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jun 15, 2007 lovemydoxies
Too, too, cute!
Jun 15, 2007 Meaghan
Jun 15, 2007 DelilahandSpencer
What a cutie pie! Enjoy your baby!!
Jun 15, 2007 sneezy and dach
The kissses! The doggy kisses in the 10th photo are sooo cute!
Jun 15, 2007 allpupsRperfect
What a cutie! I love her little white "socks" and her mesmerizing eyes!
Jun 15, 2007 GOLDENPUP
how cute is bella!!! she is just so cute! i was going to get a puggle, now i want a puggle even more!! billions of biscuits for you bella!! hugs and kisses to you bella!! :)
Jun 15, 2007 GOLDENPUP
LOVE the name to, it totally fits her!!!
Jun 15, 2007 Roz
OOOOOOOOH,Look at that face
Jun 15, 2007 madziajk
She is simply super sweet! I love her! Kisses to Bella!
Jun 15, 2007 Teeru
she is really bella as her name. CUTTTTyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Jun 15, 2007 Boo's Mom
OK I think all puppies are cute but..........a PUGGLE???...OMG I am in LOVE!!!
Bella is the most adorable cross breed I have ever seen...a real doll!
May you have many many happy healthy years together!!!:)
Jun 15, 2007 mixrox
omg.. I WANT 1!!!!!
Jun 15, 2007 bam s
this baby is absolutely adorable!!!! i want one! where do i find one that just like her? she is the sweetest looking baby i've seen since i got my golden retriever so long ago. she has really captured my heart, and she has a face that even my husband would forgive if he woke up and found his socks chewed on!! lol
Jun 15, 2007 ktlyn
Bella, mommy loves you and thinks that you are the most amazing little girl in the world. :)
Jun 15, 2007 Terry C
I love the photo of her with Mason (Viszla?).

She is the cutest thing!
Jun 15, 2007 Jackums
oh my goodness SO cute!!! i love her and mason nose to nose!
Jun 15, 2007 DogMom
Bella is bellisima! What a precious little girl. The photo of the very dignified (and handsome) Mason with the silly little girl doggie is fantastic. Enjoy your doggies!
Jun 15, 2007 dottiejean28
I like how you can see the pug features so prominently in Bella...she has the cute beagle ears and the pug face and the pic with the wagon...many happy years to you both
Jun 15, 2007 gem1945
What a sweet baby!!! He took the best of both breads and came out with a beautiful look. And I bet his disposition will be wonderful, also. I love the pics with his friend, in the chair, and in the wagon!! Enjoy your bundle of joy!!!
Jun 15, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
omg i never knew what a puggle looked like, what a beautiful, beautiful baby!!!! and the other baby in the pictures was adorable as well
Jun 15, 2007 Yourmomsage
Bella, you are so beautiful with your serious little face and wrinkly paws and chubby tummy! I love how you're kissing your big brother or sister pup in that one photo! It's nice to have someone to look out for you, isn't it? Kisses & biscuits to you!
Jun 15, 2007 tazziesmom
I want to get a Puggle for my granddaughters. Bella is a beautiful doll!
Jun 15, 2007 guersh123
I just want to squeeze you little Bella!!!! You are SUPERB!!!!
God Bless you and your family with many years of fun and good
Jun 15, 2007 3dogmom
Aren't puppies the best thing in the world. I don't care whay breed they are. This one is no exception. Such a little cutie.

The first thing I do when I get to work is check out My Daily Puppy. It always makes my day a little brighter. 11 biscuits for you!
Jun 15, 2007 txmadre
Can I hug her? Bella has waaaay too much cuteness. It's a shame you can't bottle some of it and give it out to the world. Looking at her makes me want to hug something.
Jun 15, 2007 meowkittykitty
Can i take her home with me? She is the most adorable dog i ever seen! You should put her on the daily puppy when shes older too!
Jun 15, 2007 snellie23
Such a cute puppy. What is your breeders name. I am considering getting a puggle myself.
Jun 15, 2007 sue
bella is so cute
Jun 15, 2007 pupluvr
OMG this has got to be my most favorite mutt ever! She looks so cuddly and comfy! Hehe
Jun 15, 2007 Puppy_Lover94
OMG!!!! this puppy is just the cutest puppy yet! :) i luv it!!
Jun 15, 2007 jimandtrishp
No way one dog is that cute! Love the wagon shot and the one in the sand. Many blessings on you all.
Jun 15, 2007 mountainfamily
I never thought that a pug mix could be so ADORABLE! Does it bark like a beagle, or is it quieter?
Love the picture of her laying in the wagon - CUTE!

Okay, and it seems like [i]every[/i] puppy is coming from New Jersey now... Take good care of little puggle! ;)
Jun 15, 2007 mountainfamily
WHY CAN'T I GIVE HER 1,000,000,000,000 BISCUITS?!?! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Jun 15, 2007 Lauragirl87
very cute !!!!
Jun 15, 2007 Booger'sMama
Bella in the wagon...!!!!
Bella on the beach...!!!!
SO CUTE!!!!!!
Jun 15, 2007 doxiemommy83
Bella que bellisma! What a darling little girl!
Jun 15, 2007 bopeep
I love all dogs, but am partial to pugs and I see a lot of pug in Bella, but I also see the beagle. She is absolutely adorable and Mason is a good looking dog. Hugs and kisses to both.
Jun 15, 2007 PuppyLuuver
awwwwww!!!! my friend's sister has two regular pugs, and they are adorable too! I love pugs AND beagles!
Jun 15, 2007 piobaire
Bella and Mason are too perfect and Bella in the wagon! What a dollface! 11x11 biscuits! What would our lives be without our pets, huh?
Jun 15, 2007 momma
Isn't it amazing how you can see each dog's personality by looking at its eyes? Some are so sweet and appealing, like this one, and occasionally you find one that looks as if it would like to bite everybody in sight. What wonderful companions they all are, and I know Bella's om loves that little girl very, very much. Congratulations to you both!
Jun 15, 2007 lonjac
Awww.. So cute. What an interesting breed! She looks so soft and cuddly!!;)
Jun 15, 2007 Amyrarose
Your puggle is sooo cute. I have a puggle named Bella too! It seems to be a popular name this year. Bella will be 1 on June 17th so she's still officially a puppy.
Jun 15, 2007 Taryn
Fantastic shot of Bella and her friend...what a contrast! Beautiful Bella...great name for her!
Jun 15, 2007 jakjaksbabigurl<3
very cute i love her<33
Jun 15, 2007 sandi
I adore the 2nd shot with her little paws up and her face hanging over the chair. The shots with Mason are wonderful especially the one with their noses together-- so sweet! And the shot of her sleeping on her tummy with her little derriere showing and those cute hind legs touching is just too precious
Jun 15, 2007 debdawn1027
Bella is ADORABLE ! I have a 2yr puggle pup named Jersey. They are fabulous, full of energy, but the most loving pups ! Enjoy Bella & what a handsome Mason ! Love the pic of them kissing !
Jun 15, 2007 pauleenm
awwwwww! She's so cute.
Jun 15, 2007 Bobbie
"Bella" meaning beautiful! How very appropriate! I especially love the picture of her stretched out in the bed, sleeping on her tummy with her little legs all stretched out! Such a "puppy" way of sleeping! Enjoy your darling little girl and you are so right, the long trip was worth every mile! You have a beautiful baby. Her big Brother isn't so bad looking either!
Jun 15, 2007 Bubbagirl
Way to cute!!!!!!
Jun 15, 2007 adiorabell
wow ur are sooo cute!!!!! i love the pic when ur on the chair i think its teh second one.

take care :)
Jun 15, 2007 beth
...looks like everyone loves eskimo kisses...
Jun 15, 2007 doxietail
Bella is soooo cute!! and omg the photos! SO, SO adorable! :D
I always love seeing a big dog and a small dog together. (i have a ten-year-old male miniature wire-haired dachshund, and thinkin' about getting a collie...or possibly a labradoodle...or goldendoodle...or standard poodle.) :D :D
She looks and sounds like a great puppy. enjoy her! :D
Jun 15, 2007 Loizhanne
[color=red][B] What a beautiful puppy! Soooo sweet! And look at how Mason adores her! You are so blessed.[/color][/B]
Jun 15, 2007 vllybllstar
aawww she is 2 cute!
i love her right hind has a little blip of white! :D
i love puggles and i can see the beagle and pug sides of him
on some puggles u can onlt c the pug side or beagle side but in bella u can c both! :D
u r blessed and give belly rubs to bella and mason!
ps i <3 her big bro 2! and the wagon pic
Jun 15, 2007 jowaldo
I love the shot of her with her nose shoved in the shoe...too cute!
Enjoy beautiful Bella!
Jun 15, 2007 puppyluv
What a beautiful Weimeraner!
Jun 15, 2007 MB44
Soooo cute!!!!
Jun 15, 2007 Chloe's Mom
Bella is soooooo cute. I just love her face. I was going to ask who her big friend was but other folks have done that for me. Enjoy her.
Jun 15, 2007 bibido123
MUST SQUEEZE! I hope her owners have good security... because I am probably going to break into their house and take their puppy! :)
Jun 15, 2007 oneacd
Not a Weim, I think. Looks like a blue dobe. Mom?

Bella is a very cute little girl. I just wish they didn't give mutts such cutsey names. Makes everyone want one and they are still dogs, not stuffed toys! As an experienced dog owner though, I'm sure you are aware! Enjoy your beautiful baby!
Jun 15, 2007 Kimbalion45
This has got to be the one of the best creations of two breeds put together. Bella is too adorable I just can't stand it. I love puggles and want one so bad. I just sit her and look at the pictures it's like i can't stop. Enjoy both your babies.
Jun 15, 2007 puppygurl
how cute is she sooooooo adorabelme like.
Jun 15, 2007 Zoie's Daddy
now this is a cute little girl, I don't much like the Pug breed, but she is as cute as can be.
Jun 15, 2007 pugsandpuggles
Bella is soooo cute! She has 6 brothers and sisters that also have joined loving homes. Katie has been wonderful at keeping me updated with pix! Thank you so much!.... and a big thank you to everyone who has said how beautiful she is!
Mary Lou
Jun 15, 2007 Momoffive
This little lady is a cutie pie. I got my Puggle, Rusty Roo, as a Christmas gift from my family. Puggles are definately a lovable breed. Would be nice if they stayed this size. Rusty Roo is weighing in at 24 pounds at only 8 months of age and still thinks he is a lap dog!
Jun 15, 2007 Desert Gypsy
Oh what a wonderful pair of babies! Mason is so handsome and Bella really fits her - she is Beautiful! She's sooooo ADORABLE! I'd be more than happy to hold her and cuddle her and give her kisses! I can see both breeds clearly in her and it's a great combination. I wish you years and years of love and happiness with both of them!
Thanks for sharing!
Jun 15, 2007 rdimonte
OK, that's it!!!!! I just have to have this dog. Bella is a real cutie. I love her face & everything about her. I would love to cuddle up with her. She sure would make me feel good. Love the pictures of her sleeping, also in the wagon & the pictures of her with her brother, who is huge. They look so cute together, & you can see that they love each other. Best of luck with your adorable Bella. Take good care of her & Mason.
Jun 15, 2007 lotsapets
What a marvelous combination of two sweet dogs !! She looks as if she will be a nice, small sized pet when she is an adult........more than 11 biscuits for her !!
Jun 15, 2007 socmagmom
Absolutely the cutest little pup!! Sooooo Cute.
Jun 16, 2007 allimarie
So adorable!
Jun 16, 2007 sandrahender
OMG! HUGGLES AND SNUGGLES FOR BELLA THE PUGGLES! What a precious babe! he a Viszla? They are both beautiful but I love the photo of them nose to nose the best! Give them both kisses for me and plenty of huggles and snuggles!
Jun 16, 2007 goofyavey
Bella is soooooo cute! I've seen several puggles and love them all. Give hers lots of lovin'.
Jun 16, 2007 ILOVEZOEY
bella is so cute :)
Jun 16, 2007 muttsville
BELLA, BELLA… What A Beautiful Face!! You fit your name just purr-fectly. Welcome to the world – we know you’ll have a great life. Best Wishes from All The Gang @ Muttsville
Jun 16, 2007 tharealsnowbee
omg I want that puppy soooo bad!!!!
Jun 17, 2007 w0of
This is the cuttest puppy I've ever seen! I've always wanted a puggle, and thats the one I dream. Can I have it!?!?
Jun 20, 2007 xcgjsforeverx295
I never thought a mix like that could be so cute and I love love love that picture of the puppy and the sneaker.
Jun 21, 2007 soshyviolet
what a cute face!
Jun 23, 2007 cocoapuff123
shes the cutest pug ive ever seen!!!!!
Jun 23, 2007 daisysmama
I LOVE HER!! She is the cutest thing !! I have to have one just like her!! xoxoxo Bella
Jun 27, 2007 AmazingChance
I want a twin of your puppy, I think she has a little more pug in her and that's what make her so beautiful. I give her millions of biscuits!
Concrats on Bella.
Jun 30, 2007 pupcake
PERFECT mix of pug and beagle, got the best traits of each breed. Such a cutie !! <3
Feb 16, 2008 aden1994
she is adorable! my sister has a puggle that looks almost the same...
Feb 19, 2008 lilbit101
aw that puppt is so adorible i love&#9829; it its so tiny and cute i wish i had one &#9829;karlie turner
Feb 24, 2008 skeeze_in_belize
Definitely the cutest puggle I've ever seen!
Jul 5, 2008 CDAartlady
How adorable
Jul 8, 2008 adorable angel
o.m.g shes absolutley ADORABLE!!!! i sooo badly want a puggle now oh bless the litle cutie xxx
Aug 5, 2008 abby41
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This dog is soooooooooooo cute! I will always love puggles!
Aug 6, 2008 SexiLexi
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww she looks soooooooo cute just ridin in that wagon
Jan 23, 2010 hamachi
Not a viszla, a weimaraner. Viszlas are kind of similar in shape but a beautiful rusty reddish color. You might take a look at esults/Images/viszla/1/408/TopNavig ation/Relevance/zoom=off/_iceUrlFla g=7?_IceUrl=true ;--H
Mar 29, 2010 love_my_dog_101
I love all the pictures they are all so adorable Bella is such a little cute she is so cute I could eat her up
Nov 3, 2010 pelligrino
OMG, this photo is priceless! Bella's little puppy but is so cute!
Nov 5, 2010 Raven4-ever
Her Markings are so beautiful. I saw one for the first time today. I had to get on line to look them. Yours looks so happy. I just lost my min-pin after 13 years & her daughter needs some company. I really want one now.
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