Belle and Layla the Labradors

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Belle and Layla's mom says: Belle (chocolate) and Layla (black) are our dream dogs. We got them at six weeks old because the owner didn't have time to sell them. At six weeks old they were climbing up stairs, and at seven weeks they accidently fell into my in-laws' pool and knew exactly what to do. At eight weeks Layla was going down the stairs, which I heard was very uncommon for a dog. Being sisters, they look alot alike, but their personalities are completely different. From day one Layla has always been the dominent one. Belle just sits back and waits her turn. They are a good match for each other. They both love the water... so much we had to dig up our pond! We couldn't keep them out of it. Belle loves to shred paper towels, and Layla loves to play tug. Because they have each other to play with, they have never really chewed on furniture or dug holes in the backyard. They are very happy puppies. I call them wiggle-worms because when people come to the door they wiggle their backsides as fast as their little bodies will allow.