Monday, April 21, 2014
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Comments (117)
Mar 24, 2007 bderrybaby
sooooo cute! :*
Mar 24, 2007 allpupsRperfect
This is seriously one happy pup! Adorable!
Mar 24, 2007 jo
Ben is absolutely the cutest puppy I've seen yet--and they're all adorable! Take good care of this sweet boy. And I hope his ear always flops over that way; it makes him that much cuter!
Mar 24, 2007 pierreluver21
awwww ben is soooo cute!!!! i luv like all three of those dogs and now they r mixed!! aww so cute :) i luv the one of him diggin in the sand. its soo cute jus like him. lol.
Mar 24, 2007 daddy's girl
love the ear! love the tail! love the cheeky expressive face! what's not to love in this boy????????????he has got to be one of the best looking puppies i have seen in a while and you would just want o run and cuddle with him when you are both tired out! have a wonderful adventurous life together! he's one special gentle ben!
Mar 24, 2007 allimarie
He's such a good puppy it makes me want to cry! He should be the poster dog for why everyone ought to love dogs! Seriously, what a good boy! I just want to hug him. Please give him my love!
Mar 24, 2007 caraschotch
OMG what a beautiful, happy, lovey guy! Hello, Ben! How fun to be a California beach baby! Your folx made a wonderful choice when they picked you, and I hope you have many happy, healthy years together!
Mar 24, 2007 sweetie6226
How cute is he! And those MITTS! They are so big and clunky in the pic with him laying against the wall! What a cute golden face too. It makes me feel good to see people adopt a pet from the humane society. You just gave him a second chance at life.
Mar 24, 2007 McKennasMom
Awwww he's such a cute little bear cub!!! I wanna hug him!
Mar 24, 2007 sue
what a cuddley puppy he looks so cute if i had him i would not go
to i would just stay at home all day and play with him hes beautiful
11 out of 10 biscuits
Mar 24, 2007 Maywee
He is PERFECT!!!! As a companion to a mixed breed dog (I don't know who owns who!) they are the BEST!! Ben is absolutely beautiful!
Mar 24, 2007 yujismom
no that cant be a real dog-but i dont see the steiff tag in his ear...something that adorable cant be a real puppy...ben is beautiful!
Mar 24, 2007 Cheryl
Cute, sweet, unique with that tail and that ear...wonderful little (for now) guy. Those are about the biggest feeties I've seen on a pup ... would love to see grown up pictures of Ben...he's a charmer.
Mar 24, 2007 Mary V
Geesh, I want to snuggle my face into that soft fur. I couldnt put him down! So beautiful!
Mar 24, 2007 SwattyMcFox
OMG! Ben is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen in my whole life, and he sounds like such a good boy. You are very lucky to have him!
Mar 24, 2007 puppylove17
You're puppy is soooooo cute!! Hi eyes are bright and eager yet gentle at the same time. Very nice!
Mar 24, 2007 adie
Mar 24, 2007 Pupadmyror
This might be the cutest puppy I've ever seen. He was just plain cute to begin with, but add that precious folding ear...I'm in love.
Mar 24, 2007 glorypuppyoski
Wonderful pup! Great description! I'll always wonder now whether he takes to the water or not. Let's have a pool. ;}
Mar 24, 2007 Waiskai'sMommy
What an absolutely adorable...well...little "bear cub!" An Aussie/Husky/Golden would be the best of 3 worlds! Ben's personality has to be just super! You just want to hug this kid!! An 11 for sure!
Mar 24, 2007 Patty
He is sooooooo cute. He has a Big smile on his face. He is a very happy pup.i love the fold ear. When I was a kid we had a pup with a fold ear ,my mother took a soft pink curler and taped it to sandy's ear for 6 weeks by order of the vet. It worked. Either way they are he is beautiful. His paws are huge. You know what they say about big paws............................Big Dog. LOL
Mar 24, 2007 Newfie_lover88
he is so adorable. 11 treats hands down. his eyes and demeanor just shout "hey be my friend cuz i'm a great pup!"
Mar 24, 2007 Patty
He is even smiling when he is sleeping. Good luck with this beautiful pup. He will bring you many years of love and happiness.
Mar 24, 2007 Fran
Ben looks like a real sweetheart! So happy and Handsome too! Best of luck with your new best friend!
Mar 24, 2007 cookies176
soo cute!! love the special little ear ;)!
Mar 24, 2007 Dogsrule17
Oh my gosh!!!! He is absolutely adorable, isn't he? I LOVE the little ear - hope it always stays that way; so cute.
Mar 24, 2007 sams*mom
The most fun about having a mixed breed [Sam is a Corgi/JR mix] is seeing the different breed traits emerging as they grow, both in looks and temperament, then seeing them all combined in one unique pup! Ben is one gorgeous puppy and he looks so happy. Blessings to you and wishes for a long happy life running on the beach!
Mar 24, 2007 Ophelia82004
Aww, he is very cute. I have a mini aussie and a golden retreiver pup. , I can see the different traits in this cute puppy!
Mar 24, 2007 CO
Ben is just too precious for words! He does look like a giant stuffed teddy bear!! I can just imagine the hours of snuggling with this little guy, burying your face in his beautiful coat, puppy kisses galore! Here's to many years of happiness and health, a great life together for giving him such a loving home. Thanks for sharing this little bundle of love with us all. :-)
Mar 24, 2007 tazziesmom
Ben is just precious. I love his ears!
Mar 24, 2007 kavrno
What a sweet face. Ben looks like a gentle soul, but I bet he can be a handfull. Kisses to that sweet little face.
Mar 24, 2007 dangelXXI
Oh my goodness I swear that this is the cutest pupy that I have ever seen on here!
Mar 24, 2007 LabMom
OMG!!! Look at those paws! Enormous. What a way to start a Saturday! With Ben! Ben is lucky that you found him. Best of luck with this beautiful big boy.
Mar 24, 2007 Vivalasteffer
Oh my gosh! He is so cute! I just wanna pick him up and hold him!!!
Mar 24, 2007 Terry C
Looks like a big old teddy bear!
Mar 24, 2007 gryt
This site should have had with a warning today: "Enter at own risk. Explosive adorableness inside."
Mar 24, 2007 Fritzie
[color=green]He's absolutely gorgeous.[/color]
Mar 24, 2007 Brava97
Ben has the most wonderful life. I think I'm in wuv!
Mar 24, 2007 xox_dachshund_xox
He is so CUTE!
Mar 24, 2007 Lydia
I love him! <3333
Mar 24, 2007 krisl73
What a sweetie! He's so cute!
Mar 24, 2007 puppy-lovin' freak
please please please please send more pics when he qualifies as a grown-up... I don't think I've ever seen a puppy as wondeful as Ben - - - and I can't even imagine how handsome he's going to be when he's all HUGE (golden husky aussie... he's going to be a slender monster... his paws are the size of cinnamon buns and twice as sweet).... oh my goodness, and that ear... that ear needs to be chewed on and nibbled ... I'm ranting - he's got me so flustered that I can't even write coherently.

Anyway, he's absolutely beautiful and his parents are wonderful to have adopted him and are clearly treating him so well...

Mar 24, 2007 dpiccus
Mar 24, 2007 tinapuentes
Oh...sweet little Ben!! I have loved you since the moment you were born! Look at you now! Such a handsome, big boy! Here at the Humane Society, we could not be more proud or happy for the cutest puppy EVER!!! :-) Lots of love from Tina and all of us here at A Pets F.A.T.E!!! GO BEN!!!
Mar 24, 2007 yoliesf
I love him. I think his name should be "Love Bug"!
Mar 24, 2007 gandydancer
what. a . gorgeous. puppy!
Mar 24, 2007 fluffypup
Ben is absolutely ADORABLE...what a love!!!!!!!!!!!
Those ears really got me ;-)
Mar 24, 2007 ccteach16
This dog's outta-this-world adorable! He's melt-your-heart-go-out-and-adopt-a- puppy cute! Poster Pup for animal adoption!
Mar 24, 2007 Lucysmom
Puppy toofuses!
Mar 24, 2007 puppyluv
What a beautiful bear of a pup!
Mar 24, 2007 moseleysmom
I love your puppy Ben. He is so cute and fluffy. What a beautiful boy you have. Bye, Ben.
Mar 24, 2007 snuggles19973
Ohhhhh what a cutie pie. He looks like a cute fluffy bear. I love that he is smiling in all his pics, he must be a ham when it comes to taking his picture. HUGGS AND KISSES to you Ben !!!!!
Mar 24, 2007 Maz
Ben you are oozing with way too much personality. What a darling lovable boy you are. Love you Ben!!
Mar 24, 2007 sister
Ben, you're sister, Morag, sends her love and hopes to see you again some day. Her mom thinks you are both gorgeous.
Mar 25, 2007 Jeaniefur
this one gets all my love!
Mar 25, 2007 Natasja666animal
hes so sweet i love him i want him to;'(:)
Mar 25, 2007 Natasja666animal
Mar 25, 2007 Natasja666animal
[color=blue]hes so sweet[/color]
Mar 25, 2007 jolly jellies
He's going to make a beautiful grown-up, I can't wait to see the onesies photos! You're very fortunate, Ben looks like he has a wonderful character.
Mar 25, 2007 txmadre
What a beautiful animal!! He is going to be gorgeous! With that sweet disposition, he's also going to be a lady killer!
Mar 25, 2007 jenbeagle
What a cuddle-bug! So adorable!
Mar 25, 2007 dkritter
HOW CUTE!!!! He reminds me of my husky/golden mix that we happened to find in our yard the Christmas before last- and she is a complete love bug! Maybe that combo is meant to be so sweet and loving? I LOVE that little ear, it gives him such a cute and playful look- enjoy him! He's ADORABLE!!!
Mar 25, 2007 monacoplease
He is absolutely adorable! And I LOVE that he is an adopted pup! He truly does look happy and healthy and like he loves his California life!!! I wish you many happy years with Ben!
Mar 26, 2007 GeniaNC
Bless Crooked Ears! Not that Mister Ben needed anything else to make him more endearing to our hearts but that little ear sends me over the edge! And bless those who adopt! We adopted a black lab mix puppy of our own and I believe there is no greater joy. Thank you so much so sharing your little man with us and best of luck (and love) with that little furry snuggler. Big sloppy kisses!!
Mar 26, 2007 dogsrule
Baaaaby! He's the color of sand & just look at his puppy fuzz! I'm melting. He really made my Morning morning.

You are so lucky to have this wonderful boy. Give him a big kiss and snorgle for me.
Mar 26, 2007 MommyOfEldri
Oh, how sweet you are, Ben! Let's play together :)
Mar 26, 2007 Marlee Rose
Is he real? ....adorable.
Mar 27, 2007 animal lover
what a little teddy bear! Super cute!
Mar 28, 2007 Daina
Ben, would you like to come to Australia on holiday? Yr sooooo sweet! Much
Mar 28, 2007 ridingbuddies06
~Ben is like the CUTEST dog EVER!!~
~What a cool mixture he is!~
Mar 28, 2007 NoraDora
What a hansom man!! He gets such a kick out of life!
Mar 29, 2007 doggydorsey
Ben is the cutest puppy ever! Have fun with him.
Mar 31, 2007 goldenlove87
oh wow, what a happy smile!!! he's absolutely adorable :)
Mar 31, 2007 mbwhite
ben has the most beautiful eyes and looks like the most adorable puppy he has lovely coloring and markings. Maureen Bergan
Apr 9, 2007 womansbestfriend
Wow! Your dog looks just like mine! Mine's a Aussie/Golden mix and she's awesome. I can't believe how similar they look! Her ear used to hang to the right as well. I used to think her ears were paper clipped together...
Apr 9, 2007 JodyB
He is too adorable! Please post more pictures as he grows up.
Apr 10, 2007 naomimoore
I love his fur, I love his colour, I love his mix, I love him totally!
Apr 14, 2007 melavara
My younger brother and I have decided that Ben is the cutest puppy EVER! We look at his pictures every day because we just can't get enough! Thanks for sharing him with us. :)
Apr 18, 2007 nanabloom8
i like the pictures when Ben is with the plants
Apr 20, 2007 dogaholic
Ben Update - he is now almost 5 months old and is closing in on 50 lbs! He is still adorable - my favorite comment is from a friend who said " that is not a dog, it is an Ugg boot!!"
Apr 21, 2007 pupa
This dog got a cute bootie and i cannot lie!
Apr 21, 2007 thecomicdisaster
What a silly ear he has, but he's just soooo cute. I'm so happy he's found a home with you.
Apr 30, 2007 ponytail78
He's adorable!
May 4, 2007 mags4evr
DOUBLE ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! he looks like a little fluffy bear! soooo,soooo,sooooooo cute!
May 4, 2007 mags4evr
DOUBLE ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! he looks like a little fluffy bear! soooo,soooo,sooooooo cute!
May 5, 2007 mom-lainie
omg! what a beautiful pup. He looks like he was made for lying in the bushes. and what a sweet look in his eyes. truly gently.
May 12, 2007 vllybllstar
yes he does like small spaces!
love the last pic
May 15, 2007 sandi
what and adorable sweety pie! I love his little snuggling places, behind the plants and under the chair- he must be a snuggler. He looks like he is really enjoying digging in the sand- what a fun loving doggie he is!
May 22, 2007 Cappo619

I wanna hug him!!
May 29, 2007 feltlabbit
cuddly bear!!!!! i wanna bring him home!!
Jun 16, 2007 chembo
Really adorable doggie! Very cute ear! How big is he now? And I'm very jealous that you have a "Dog Beach"

--Chembo Chi's dad.
Jun 18, 2007 dancerjo
oh my goddess! i have always i mean always wanted a huskie! and now seeing him i really want one!
Jun 22, 2007 pderoo1
what a mix!!! he's one adorable little furbaby!!!
Jun 27, 2007 deevine
LOVE those ears!
Jul 4, 2007 harvard_bound588
Words just can't describe how incredibly CUTE he is, and I don't think cute can even begin to describe him. I think that he is my new favorite puppy I've seen here! What a wonderful personality! And those mixes between the dogs is soo adorable!!
Lucky people!
Jul 7, 2007 cuty pups
k im oficilly dead of cutness!!!!!!
that ear is aaddoorriibbllee
i todally wish i had two!!!!!!!
Jul 14, 2007 dog_puppluver
wow! this pupp is cute!!!
Aug 1, 2007 soccergurl132
what a cutieeee! I am blown away!
Aug 9, 2007 dogsrule

This pup is BEYOND cute. :) Words fail me.

And of course you got this darling little baby from a shelter. You can't buy a dog like him. Bless you for rescuing him.
Sep 23, 2007 allgodscritters
Cute overload!!! That ear is the cutest thing I have ever seen. :)
If he doesn't have any kids to play with, may I come over and be his surrogate kid? (Unless he thinks 57 is too old for playmates...)
Please give him a hug and kiss from me. Enjoy, enjoy!
Nov 1, 2007 Naeliah
So much personality, yet so small! A cutie pie! Many huappy years!


Nov 4, 2007 thespacemonkee
I LOVE this dog! He reminds me of the Bear in the Big Blue House.
Nov 9, 2007 DINI-DINI
HOW CAN ANYONE BE SOOOOOOO CUTE???? CUTEST THING ON EARTH!!!!!! Absolutely beutiful. I have husky half breeds.... I tell you.. you'll have a lot of fun. He is a wonderful dog, your BEN. Gorgeous and adorable.... A bit like Bear in the Big blue House, that's true... HUGGABLE!!!
Dec 11, 2007 dmcd33
Jan 19, 2008 Tuskist
bunny bunny
Jan 22, 2008 aden1994
He is adorable!
He looks just like a big fluff ball.

I have an aussie and a golden.
They are very good dogs!
Feb 23, 2008 confused13
Mar 9, 2008 ipod
he is so cute hes just like a big fuzz ball that i could just hug and kiss all day long :) boxes and boxes of biscuits for you :):):):):):)
Mar 13, 2008 mutts&hounds2
I want!!
Jul 13, 2008 JingleBells
i wish i had a puppie like that one.
Jan 28, 2009 jbroy
so so so very cute!
Feb 9, 2009 berries22
Ben is one of the CUTEST PUPPIES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! My heart stopped when I saw this picture! Ben! Ben! Ben!!! It's wonderful when any dog gets adopted but I am stunned ANYONE could bear to give this puppy up. HE IS TOO CUTE! Ack!!!
Mar 17, 2009 Orange Dog Lover
He is so cute and fuzzy!! I just want to cuddle him!
Apr 24, 2009 Myghin
BEN!!! are you real??? Your too good to be true!! Your face is so perfect and your coloring is completely beautiful!!
Jul 6, 2009 sdv in slc
Ben just came up as a "Potluck puppy" and I am IN LOVE!!! What a cutie! I can't figure out which photo of him is going to be my desktop picture.
Mar 23, 2010 love_my_dog_101
thats so adorable its always cute when a puppy digs for absolutely nothing so cute
Dec 29, 2010 pelligrino
Ben is just beautiful and he does look like a perfect mix! He looks so lovable, I would want to cuddle and love him all day! Have a long, happy and healthy life Ben.
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