Ben the Aussie/Husky/Golden

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Ben's mom says: We adopted Ben at ten weeks from a humane society in Washington state, and he now lives with us in Long Beach, California. The humane society named him Gentle Ben because he looked like a bear cub -- but it so suits his personality! He is just the sweetest, most easygoing guy in the world. He has yet to come across a person, dog, or cat that he does not want to greet. I have friends who insist that he is not real but actually a stuffed toy. He was born with half a tail and one strange ear that makes it look like there is always a breeze blowing from his right. His big sister Mulligan likes to herd him around the living room, and he has two girlfriends next door who will drag him around the yard when it is too much for his 14-year-old sister. His turn-ons are stuffing himself in small spaces, running through the house with the end of the toilet paper, and posing in the flower garden. He has discovered dog beach, and while he is unsure about the water, he totally digs the beach! He is a total love bug and we are so happy to have him in our lives.