Sunday, July 27, 2014
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May 1, 2009 pawgiyo
awww what a cutie! I love his wrinkley face and soft eyes! a hundred hugs and biscuits from me!
May 1, 2009 wolfgirl66
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!
May 1, 2009 lalley
Yaw - Wot a sweetie!!
May 1, 2009 klcantrell
so cute!! aw!!
May 1, 2009 becca
Wow!!!! What a cutie u r Bibs. Lots of hugs and belly rubs for ya.
May 1, 2009 lotro puppy
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to cute 4 many words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 1, 2009 puppue luv
you are so cute i love him already aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
May 1, 2009 Coinshop
You are so cute, Bibs! I hope you have many happy years with your human.
May 1, 2009 toddycat
Bibs, you are so beautiful. I love your eyes. Loved all the pics too. I glad your family spoils you.
May 1, 2009 luvmeluvmydogs
What a total love bug! Kiss that adorable face for me :)
May 1, 2009 ajcarter9405
Bibs you are thee MOST adorable pup I've ever seen!!!!
May 1, 2009 2000cockermom
Here I am, Mama! I'd like some frosty paws, please!! 11 Frosty Paws!
May 1, 2009 longislander
Baba jaba is adorable - looking quite regal in this pose eh? He sounds like one of the most fun puppies. Hope you have a wonderful time enjoying your dog. So nice to hear someone so overjoyed about their pet. Tons of biscuits for this lovely dog.
May 1, 2009 georgia04
Baby Bibs is DARLING!!!!!! What a precious little guy, he sounds like he's brought you immense joy. :)
May 1, 2009 fritzy
How delightful for you.....that you have 2 men in your life!!! Very cute!!! :)
May 1, 2009 ShihTzuLvr
Ohhh! How could you not love that face. It can almost melt you. He is adorable!
May 1, 2009 ECHOBLIZZ
What a cutie~And THIS could be a classic, "baby on the bath matt" photo op! How sweet and loving this little (?) guy must be! Enjoy~with Frosty Paws (my pooches love 'em too~!)and hugs & smooches~WOOF!
May 1, 2009 barbaranne423
Bibs is a great name for him. I love the jowels!
May 1, 2009 HillCountryGal
Bibbs, it's easy to see why your family loves you so. What a cutie. Bet you're a great snuggler too. Sending lots of hugs and treats.
May 1, 2009 Mommys_girls
What a big sweetie!! Bulldogs are awesome dogs and they make your lives so much better! My bully is 9 and she is spoiled rotten, but that's okay. Much love and LOTS of Frosty Paws to Bibsy Boy!!
May 1, 2009 ckendall
Bibs you are adorably cute!!!!!!!!
May 1, 2009 Mommys_girls
This MUST be a bulldog trait-laying on their belly with their legs flopped out-because mine does it too. We call it her "Superman Flop" :)
May 1, 2009 johnandcindy
What a outstanding looking pup. Love that face. Enjoy your life together.
May 1, 2009 Myghin
BIBS!!!!! What can I say? You already know how cute you are...ya little sweetheart!!
May 1, 2009 amyliz
Oh Bibs, you are one of the cutest little guys ever! You also sound like a wonderful companion and a real character! It's easy to see why your Mom loves you so much!
May 1, 2009 halfpintt
I'm da king of da woooorld!!! What a doll
May 1, 2009 molly's mom
AAAAAhhhhhhhh are a sweetie-pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 1, 2009 CollieMom
You've got yourself a real cutie. I can see why he makes you happy and that is what it is all about.
May 1, 2009 jenlf
Bibs you are adorable and sounds like such a sweetie! You have the most loving eyes :) I bet you have your family wrapped around your little paw! Lots of cuddles and kisses for you sweet boy :)
May 1, 2009 PamN1211
What a pretty little flower he looks like in this pic. Bibs is just precious...I love bull dogs also...their personalities are just wonderful and ohhhh....look at that beautiful face!! Wishing you many years of love and happiness with your gorgeous boy!!
May 1, 2009 kerryllr
This photo made me smile - it looks like he's giving us his "sexy over the shoulder invitation glance", very cute!
May 1, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Bibs is just adorable! Look at that cutie face and big smile! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
May 1, 2009 jolieavon
OHhh, Mommy - do you Have to take so many pictures of me?? I Know I'm adorable, but Really - it's cutting in to my "orange ball" time! (Such a cute face!)
May 1, 2009 erine
OMG so cute! I want a bulldog one day :)
May 1, 2009 erine
Really cute plus a really cute name too!
May 1, 2009 w102663
This is a cute picture of Bibs. What a handsome young fella. You sound head-over-heels in love with your baby -- that is so nice. I am happy for you and papa.
May 1, 2009 djmc
Hey can you find me, Soooooooooo cute . Enjoy your baby. He is so sweet , many happy years together. hugs and kisses
May 1, 2009 grandma helen of ct
I wonder if BIBS will skate board some day?? Buldogs are so smart and seem to love skateboarding.......Lot so kisses and belly rubs for BIBs xxxooo
May 1, 2009 loveheals
Bibs is the cutest bulldog i have ever seen! Many years of joy to you all.
May 1, 2009 kathar
Bibs, When we had a bulldog, we called this the inverted frog pose. Enjoy the frosty paws and lots of bellyrubs!!!
May 1, 2009 Dodgerdog
Bibs is ADORABLE!! I love his cute puppy face! I just LOVE bulldogs!
May 1, 2009 kian
Bibs, cute name, very cute pup!!!
May 1, 2009 TummyTickler
He looks so sweet and laid back!!!! Love his wrinkles and his floppy chops, sooooooooooooo cute!! He sounds like an awesome friend who is loved very much. Pls. give him some slobbery kisses & tummy tickles from Zoey and I.
May 1, 2009 ronflank
Bibbs has a looks! very cute.Lots of cookies for him!
May 1, 2009 maddiesmom
bibs is the prettiest or should i say most handsome bulldog i have ever seen.
May 1, 2009 maddiesmom
bibs is the prettiest or should i say most handsome bulldog i have ever seen.
May 1, 2009 2added2ours
Silly and soooo full of fun character! I could never get tired of looking at this guy! He is way beyond adorable, he is perfectly unique!
May 1, 2009 lhunter
He is adorable!! It makes me want a bulldog. Enjoy him for a long, long time.
May 1, 2009 Dog-Lvr
He is such a cutie!!!
May 1, 2009 laurielloyd
Love this picture!
May 1, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
What a perfect pose! Is that a cute little butt, or what!? I bet he warms your hearts everyday. LOTS of tummy rubs, and LOTS of neck nuzzles, and a TON of biscuits!
May 1, 2009 maddie the dog
look at my cute rear
May 1, 2009 lucybee
What a cute picture! Bibbs you are one handsome fellow!
he is sooooo cute...
May 1, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
I am in love with this little guy, he is just adorable. Many belly rubs for you today Bibs.
May 1, 2009 mlhernan64
aww such a cute, handsome face!!!
May 1, 2009 Jansil40
Awwww! He's ADORABLE! He looks like he's soo full of life & great laughter.
May 1, 2009 music_lover
he sounds great!! xx
May 1, 2009 Love_Bug_Love
Oh Bibs! You just look like a bundle of love!
May 1, 2009 doggone1973
Bibs is so adorable, it was hard to pic a fav, cause he is so cute in all of them. Lots of kisses for this cute mug.
May 1, 2009 misspiggy
Have you seen my Orange Ball? I can't find it, Mom! Bibs, you melted my heart, you are so, so, so handsome! Bullies are great and super intelligent, they will learn anything in record time, and they love interaction with his Family. Lots of love and fun to you Baby Boy!
May 1, 2009 ChunkyBulldog
Cute bulldog! He is adorable.
May 1, 2009 spaniel
OMG! I am in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 1, 2009 loopy
May 1, 2009 Jonesy1211
What an adorable face. He's so cute. Lots of kisses and wags of that very little tail.
May 1, 2009 malawi
What a beautiful and charming boy Bibs is!
May 1, 2009 cookiebaby
What an adorable little boy!!
May 1, 2009 tink'smom
Oh pookie poo. What a sweetie. How could I not love this face? He looks just like my husband! What a little doll. I love you, Bibs. Congrats, too, on your awesome name. :-)
May 1, 2009 naomi_C
He has such big, cute eyes!!!
May 1, 2009 rachbo
Awww He's so cute! I love him! added to my favs!
May 1, 2009 tobyslattery
CUTE!!! lots of treats to your baby! xoxox :D
May 1, 2009 bella96
such a cutie
May 1, 2009 Romeo's Mom
So Cute!
May 1, 2009 papajoe
What a sweetie!
May 1, 2009 daphne's mom
AWWWW what a cutie! I love this pic because it looks like Bibs is smiling. I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love and many biscuits for Bibs!
May 1, 2009 Saptember
what a cutie
May 1, 2009 Oliver's Mummy
What a gorgeous, happy boy Bibs is. He is beautifully marked and looks like he has a good sense of humour. I can see why he is the delight of his Mama and Papa. Hugs from Oliver and his Mummy in London, Ontario
May 1, 2009 ilovenala
i love this picture... reminds me of my Nala when she lies on her belly. Soooooo cute for words.
May 1, 2009 susanah
What a cutie!!
May 1, 2009 puppyluverz
look at that cute and cuddly little face!
May 1, 2009 piobaire
What a happy face.
May 1, 2009 takethatdogforawalk
Just having a lazy day Bib? Just kidding. You are adorable Bib!
May 1, 2009 wellie'smum
I love that face!! What an intelligent expression Bibs has! I'd love to have you over to play with my pup!
May 1, 2009 lalamcgoo
What a cute face!!! Love this little one!
May 1, 2009 leorox!!
blocky bulldog face!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooo cute!! =)
May 1, 2009 terrierdog
May 1, 2009 pippin
Bibs you are a very handsome bulldog and very lucky to have a mum and dad who loves you heaps. May your life be always full of love and fun.
May 1, 2009 awa4uinak
Danger loves Bibs the best puppy in girdwood
May 1, 2009 Kari527
All of your pictures are adorable. Congrats on being the first pup of the month and congrats to the owner on getting your new pup. I know what it feels like when you get something you've been waiting for, forever. Have a happy life. 100% cute, Bibs. Lots of biscuit for you.
May 1, 2009 kendra blackie 08
Oh such a cutie love him.
May 1, 2009 T&T
Sweet baby boy lying like a frog! Too cute!
May 1, 2009 muttlover
I don't normally like bulldogs, but this one takes the cake. What a cutie!
May 1, 2009 miDaisy
she looks like the dog my friend likes
May 1, 2009 Mrs. Gentry
He reminds me of the skateboarding bulldog from that flooring commercial! I love that commercial, Bibs is absolutely adorable! A beautiful baby bulldog! Lots of kisses and belly rubs for him! Too cute!
May 1, 2009 weaverpup
wow, that is a great writeup, and Bibs looks like a great pup - nothing seems to be as soulful and yet as loving and fun as a bulldog. you and he are so lucky to share your lives together :-)
May 1, 2009 BoxerLover19
He's such a cutie! My heart just stopped bounding! Ur very lucky to have such a sweet boy! Hugs, Kisses, and Biscuits for u!
May 1, 2009 snoopzy
woww.... hes damn cute. i feel like squeezing him..sorry..hugging him tightly :D
May 1, 2009 Morgan's Fan
This puppy is so sweet. He is definitely one of my favorites. Every owner I have met who owns one of these dogs says that they make them happy. Must be true! Wishing you many happy days . . . ~Morgan's Fan
May 1, 2009 puppy world
May 2, 2009 LuverofDogs
Awww he is so cute!!! i have a bulldog named Bubba but his all grown up now! i miss dat cute little face that used to look like bibs here =)
May 2, 2009 ilovemushy
so cute I used to have one but he died sad right we acadently hit him with are car....
May 2, 2009 lizanne
Hi Sweetie, If you had a name I would use it. You are very handsome and I have a crush on you. I love you. Hugs and a happy life to you and love from Elizabeth, Dane Miss Katie, Pug Cooper in NY~
May 2, 2009 lizanne
May 2, 2009 xabismom65
May 2, 2009 Tufts6
You look so cute bibs, just sparled out in the sun you remind me of my dog if you forget that ur a buldog and my puppy is a golden retriever... it not that big of a difference... not anyhow i love ur name too!!!
May 2, 2009 terry c
I want to give him a big kiss on his forehead. He's a real cutie pie.
May 2, 2009 Clarinet
Bibs.....what a cute name. As well as your name you are very cute. You look like a happy little dog!! :-)
May 2, 2009 ruthie
Positively adorable! His face is priceless and his coloring is beautiful. Wishing you lots of fun, happiness and many wonderful years together.
May 2, 2009 penelope&zoe'smom
What a sweet huggable baby! Definitely THE cutest most adorable bulldog I have ever seen! Lots of cuddles and doggie treats for you!
May 2, 2009 penelope&zoe'smom
This is an amazing shot! Bibs is so photogenic! You should frame some of his pictures. Send them into some pet photo contests even. Nuzzles and tummy rubs for you Bibs!
May 3, 2009 princessniamh
Just gorgeous!
May 3, 2009 KeyStoneK9
What a cute bully baby! Got to love a bulldog :)
May 3, 2009 Freedom's Pet
Who wouldn't love this happy little face! Wishing you a long and happy life, precious.
May 3, 2009 Dallasthedoodle
This is a great picture of your dog! I always try to get good ones of my baby boy but he gets distracted easily!!
May 4, 2009 biff
What a beautiful face! I hope you have a lot of adventures with your doggie and people friends, Bibs (or Stanley, or Baba Jaba, or Jabba the Pup, or whatever you're called). Many, many biscuits and belly rubs to you.
May 4, 2009 Lisaj128
What a funny puppy! So cute!!
May 4, 2009 coulman
bibs is the cutest puppy I love is. puppy love
May 4, 2009 Beth1226
I'm usually not a big fan of bulldogs, but Bibs is a doll! What a cutie pie!!!
May 5, 2009 swarna
May 5, 2009 pughuahua
So Cute and adorable!
May 5, 2009 jujube222
what a good looking boy!!!! I can see why he makes you happy...big loverboy!
May 5, 2009 lynetz2
bibs - you are a cutie and full of life and fun and love - your family seems to adore you and i know you love them back -happy days ahead for all of you! lots of biscuits and belly rubs!
May 9, 2009 $$$Carley$$$
He going to grow up to be beautiful
May 9, 2009 alhpuppyluv
that Bulldog has the right stuff!! and his name makes him a little cuter(he can't get any cuter)!!I LOVE BIBS!!:):):):):):)
May 11, 2009 tambore
"I've got it all, don't I?" You sure do, Bibs.
May 13, 2009 lisalisa
He's so handsome and look at that lovely smile! He's truly a perfect specimen of Bullie. :)
May 18, 2009 cutedog
I really love.............. this buldog
May 20, 2009 cherishbriceno
soooo cute
Jun 7, 2009 tobyslattery
Jul 4, 2009 springlion
oh bibs you are so spoiled.
Oct 1, 2010 pelligrino
Bibbs is beautiful and lovable. I would love to give him a big. I am sure he will provide many years of entertainment and unconditional love into your lives!
Jan 24, 2011 merp202
really cute
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