Monday, July 28, 2014
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Aug 16, 2007 fourbaddogs
I cannot stand how cute this baby is!!!
Aug 16, 2007 bordercrazed
Okay...Biggie is adorable....but a lot of it has to do with these fantastic photos! And to add to it, he looks like he's mugging for the camera in most of them.

Congrats on both.
Aug 16, 2007 jenpic
How precious! And I love the name! Congrats!
Aug 16, 2007 untbunny
Biggie has to be the most spoiled (read: loved) pup I have ever seen. Great name, too.
Aug 16, 2007 vspears
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Your puppy is adorable. I have 3 chihuahua's and I love them!
Aug 16, 2007 inmemoryofshelby
Oh my! What a precious baby you have. I have an 8 lb Shih Tzu that I try to sneak in everywhere but I always get caught.

Hugs and Kisses to Biggie and 11 biscuits.
Aug 16, 2007 rubyhatchet
OHMYGAWSH, widdle pink toe pads!!!

11 biscuits!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 riverfamily4
OMG so cute!!! We have our own 3lb applehead named Monkie, so we know how much fun it is!
Aug 16, 2007 double07
Chihuahua.... Love them so much! Lil’ applehead and those precious eyes.... He is veru photogenic!
Aug 16, 2007 alldogsgotoheaven
I adore this pict... he reminds me of the "if you give a mouse a cookie" mouse...
take good care of your cute little dear.... he's a darling
Aug 16, 2007 kishanabear
oh my god, i'm in love. i just wanna snuggle those cute puppy toes!!! and puppy tummy/chest...i'm a gonner:) 20 buscuits!!!
Aug 16, 2007 buffy
He's flirting with the camera. That is so cute
Aug 16, 2007 sandyc799
Your baby is just adorable!Those pictures are winners,everyone of them!
Aug 16, 2007 dancehappy202
I can't pick one picture to be my fav. This is the cutest little puppy I have ever laid eyes on. It makes me want to get a little taco dog for myself. LOL.
Aug 16, 2007 Mixie
oh my goodness, what an adorable little puppy. I didn't think I was a Chihuahua kind of girl, but Biggie has definelty changed my mind. 11 + biscuits for you Biggie. xx
Aug 16, 2007 kwikwitz
I just had to give Biggie 11 biscuits! He is a very handsome fellow.
He can flirt with me any old time! Great pictures too -- they really capture Biggies's enormous personality!
Aug 16, 2007 sue
what big eyes hes got sooooooo cute
Aug 16, 2007 gordygus
I always dismissed Chihuahua's as well but now I think they are adorable cuties. Biggy is no exception. I love the cute little bags under his eyes in this pic.
Aug 16, 2007 FireHorse
What a perfect little specimen of dogginess. I love Biggie! You can tell he has a personality to fit his name - he looks so self assured. Totally gorgeous!
Aug 16, 2007 Geordie
Pretty darn cute!
Aug 16, 2007 morrigan
So sweet, i could just burst in tears!
He looks a very happy and lively puppy.
That smile is a heartbreaker :)
Aug 16, 2007 savon19
OH my - and what big Ears you have!!

What a cutie-pie! Looks like you had a hard time finding small enough collar...
Aug 16, 2007 chopchop1216
I adopted my first chichi, Now I have bought 2 more! would not have anything else now! They are like little kids. Yours is soooooo cute.
Aug 16, 2007 greyhoundmommy
What a total lady killer, I bet he drives them wild. He is adorable. I am not a "small dog person" but this little guy is so cute it wouldn't matter what size.
Aug 16, 2007 HappyPup
OMG!!! I screamed when I saw the picture in my e-mail inbox!!! How anyone can give this adorable baby less than 11 bones is beyond me. He is just too cute for words, and I can't stand it either, Fourbaddogs!!! :-)
Aug 16, 2007 Debbie Anderson
I don't think I have ever seen a cuter chihuahua. Give him lots of kisses and hugs. Maybe just kisses because a hug might crush this tiny angel.
Aug 16, 2007 Zoie's Daddy
What a cute little smile on his face, these really aren't my breed of choice, but how could you not just love this little guy.
Aug 16, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
Do you think Biggie will ever grow into that BIG RED COLLAR!!!!!LOL
Aug 16, 2007 honeygreeneyes
Aug 16, 2007 Bobbie
OMG! Cuteness personified! I am not a little dog person either, but this is one of the cutest little dogs that I have ever see. Biggie, you are a lady killer, no doubt. Just look at the expression in the picture I picked. And picking just one was extremely hard! Best wishes and many years of love to you and your new parents! And parents, love him and cherish every second of every minute that you have with Biggie.
Aug 16, 2007 puppypac
It was verrrrry hard to pick a picture. Adorable puppy with lots of charm and character. Many kisses and hugs!!!
Aug 16, 2007 janey
OMG, Biggie is soooooooo cute!! Lots of snuggles! Enjoy!
Aug 16, 2007 Emery
My Dear,so cute and I can't help loving it
Aug 16, 2007 vedder242003
I love this adorable! Biggie is Beautiful and I just love the name. His pointy ears are so cute and he looks so cuddly and lovable. Best Wishes!!
Aug 16, 2007 llt214
Oh my gosh...he looks like a little mouse in this picture! Precious!! All the pictures are wonderful. I am another one that didn't think I was a "small dog person"...but Biggie has changed that...I think I'm in love with this little guy!!! Tiny smooches and belly rubs for you Biggie!!!
Aug 16, 2007 marigold
It would be impossible not to smile at these photos!! He is adorable!
Aug 16, 2007 tsuki'smom
OMG! Biggie is one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen! What an adorable face! I would love to give him a big kiss!
Aug 16, 2007 DogMom
Biggie Big: You ARE the cutest! I cannot believe how precious you are. I love the smiley picture -- it really defines him. ENjoy!
Aug 16, 2007 Ozzy2975
Aug 16, 2007 Bluenoser
Biggie has to be one of the most photogenic diggie dogs that I've ever seen. And someone is an excellent photographer! Put them together with Biggie's winning smile and you have puppy heaven!
Aug 16, 2007 maggie13
Your puppy is SOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable! My sister has a Chihuhuaha and I have a Yorkie. I love little dogs so much! I love it when people say they are so cute! You have a (i)cutie!(/i)
Aug 16, 2007 YAKHODGE
I am in love with Mr. Biggie/ what a name. I love every picture of this precious little guy. I have a small maltese and she weighs
5lbs. Give him sweet kisses from a small dog lover and lots of belly rubs. He gets 11,000 biscuits.
Aug 16, 2007 bongo
Your pup is so cute and so mini! I hope you enjoy many many fun days together.

P.S. One humble request, as the spouse of someone who is allergic to dogs--please be careful when bringing your cutie puppy into public places where dogs are not normally found. People with allergies may be wondering why all of a sudden their eyes are itching and they're having trouble breathing. Thanks!
Aug 16, 2007 maddie's mom
I could not pick a picture. Really. These are the cutest pictures I have seen. Biggie is a top model. Those eyes and the way he turns his head when posing. Amazing. You have to send them to a calendar, workman publishing has a dog per day one which is great.
Aug 16, 2007 FRITZY
Ok.....Biggie is tooooooooo cute!!! He looks like a toy in some of his pictures!!! That is a fantastic gift. May you and Biggies live, love, and be happy for countless years!!!.....did I mention he was cute? :)
Aug 16, 2007 Sashasmommy
What a handsome little man!
Aug 16, 2007 babydoll
Oh my what a lovely dog........ The 1 where he is standing up at a counter .Which to me he is saying WHERE"S THE BEEF !! Cograts on your little bundle...
Aug 16, 2007 Suzy's Mom
Biggie is such a cutie pie. He should be a professional puppy model.
Aug 16, 2007 Terry C
It's hard to choose a favorite photo. They are all so cute.

He is absolutely adorable.
Aug 16, 2007 Mary V
How cute can he be! Aggghhh!
I think one of my Basset's paws would crush him!!
So adaorable
Bucky and Bailey's Mom-
Aug 16, 2007 thetopazsmurf
O My, How can any one resist this face...Chi-chi's are so cute when they are little...My Goodness Have Many happy years with this little sweetie..Too CUTE..
Aug 16, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
he is soooo cute, i had a hard time picking out a favorite picture, i loved them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 my_stoney_baby
I can't believe how HAPPY he looks in every picture. He's very photogenic! :)
Aug 16, 2007 jmjmj57
Cannot believe hoe CUTE he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 thetopazsmurf
Someone said he looked like a mouse in one pic..LOL..He does he does Look like a mouse..LOL..Still tooo Sweet
Aug 16, 2007 kphg
Biggie's ears are insanely cute- they make him look like a little deer. And what a total ham for the camera- even when he's sleeping!! TOO CUTE! lots of kisses and biscuits for Biggs.
Aug 16, 2007 cindsue
Simply adorable. Are you ever afraid of stepping on this little guy. He is the sweetest.
Aug 16, 2007 bulldogmom
He is so small....and has the biggest personality I have ever seen in pictures!!! Perfect name for him!!
Aug 16, 2007 Liv
omg it's SMILING
Aug 16, 2007 inmemoryofnijah
[i][color=red]What a cutie!![/i][/color]
Aug 16, 2007 weaselsmom
OK_ OK_ I'm a convert to lovng little dogs too! How can so much personality be packed into such a little guy? He has certainly made a "biggie" impact! Luv him-
Aug 16, 2007 funkyfinds
oh i am in love! so precious!
Aug 16, 2007 3dogmom
I had a hard time picking my favorite picture because they are all so good. Biggie is so photogenic and you are such a good photographer. I've never seen anything sooooo cute in my life. This is just the perfect little puppy. How luck you are! Enjoy many wonderful years together.
Aug 16, 2007 werleybird
How do you pick a favorite when the pictures are all so cute. I'm partial to big dogs but with all Biggie's personality & cuteness how can you not fall in love. Especially when he looks this happy. Many happy years to all of you.
Aug 16, 2007 txmadre
WOW! Close the cuteness market. Biggie has won. He is precious and I just want to kiss his face and rub his tummy. What great pictures! Someone knows their way around a camera.
Aug 16, 2007 earthdog
Aye, Chiquaqua!
What a sweetheart you are little Biggie.
Makes me want to be a puppy parent all over again.
Aug 16, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
We love Chi's. We have our Spanky she is almost 7 years. I'll tell ya she is QUEEN OF THE HOUSE. Yep, THE BOSS. Enjoy BIGGIE. He is so very CUTE. LOVE him.
Aug 16, 2007 Joe Fitz
Thanks for sharing Biggie with the world. He might be wee, but his protection and love for you and Family will astound you.
Aug 16, 2007 Langtry
Can't take the cuteness!
Aug 16, 2007 bopeep
Well I got beat out. My first impression of this cutie is he is quite a ham for the camera. He really knows how to pose. Mom you received one fantastic birthday gift. Hugs and kisses to Biggie.
Aug 16, 2007 betty2dogs
Biggie is adorable! You have a great eye for puppy photography! Have fun with your little man.
Aug 16, 2007 dogmomtimestwo
Oh my! I am a big dog person but Biggie is adorable. Such a personality and wonderful facial expressions. I can hardly stand it, he is sooooo cute!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 jimandtrishp
Biggie is DEFINITELY the cutest little dog I have ever seen. He has more expressions than some people I know. What a dollface!
Aug 16, 2007 pugswill
What a ham! I particularly love the picture of him with his eyes closed and a big smile - a more contented puppy never lived! I went from an Irish Setter/Golden Retriever mix (106 lbs) to a Japanese Chin and a Lhasa Apso (11 and 13 lbs respectively). Little dogs are great - of course big ones and medium ones too! Enjoy Biggie - he looks like he has a great personality!
Aug 16, 2007 sandrahender
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Let me give him kisses and hugs!!!What a sweet little precious guy....
Had to give him 11 biscuits; but I give 11 to every single puppy I see, hahahaa! I love him! I love those feet, those ears, those big saucer eyes, and that great big beautiful smile!!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 Arrow
auwww ah-dorable! He deserves a full 11 biscuits, not the 10.36 that all the cheapskates are giving him :D
Aug 16, 2007 JoAnne in CT
OH MY GOD!!! A smiling puppy!! Soooooo cute!!!
Aug 16, 2007 snuggles19973
OMGosh what a cutie, I love small dogs.....I love all dogs. This little guy is beyond cute, he is adorable. How do they make collars small enough for these little guys. I give Biggie 11 biscuits. Huggs and Kisses for his little tiny nose and give him lots belly rubs.
Aug 16, 2007 cjmath
Cute for sure, but what impresses me is how perfectly proportioned his features are. He would make a great subject of a children's book...the "Biggie" series!
Aug 16, 2007 fina
I actually laughed out loud when I scrolled down to this photo - he's so cute!
Aug 16, 2007 doxiemommy83
Could you be any cuter? LOVE THOSE EARS!!! Biggie you're too sweet!
Aug 16, 2007 TrixAndSam
Let's see... let's go down the list...
Adorable tiny size... Check!
Glorious sail-size ears... Check!
Heart-melting beautiful eyes... Check!
Luxe fur color and velvety skin... Check!
Tiny twinkle toes... Check!
Personality oozing from every pore... Check!

I think Biggie is Puppy Personified!
Aug 16, 2007 feismom
ACK! EARS! Twice in 2 days I'm confronted with ears I need to love on!!! What an adorable little man! I'm jealous. Enjoy Biggie!
Aug 16, 2007 harry's mom
What a little star......

Enjoy your precious pup!

Aug 16, 2007 atlann
I want this baby immediately!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 harry's mom
My fav photo didn't add so here it is now......
Aug 16, 2007 harry's mom
One last try........
Aug 16, 2007 Gypsy
OMG... this little cutie is just adorable!!!
Aug 16, 2007 jane.ashley
I want one!!! Where did you find such a cute little puppy?
Aug 16, 2007 maggie9583
Look at those sweet little puppy paws. What a darling baby!!
Aug 16, 2007 pawspupraiser
Your baby is quite cute! I do have to say this, though. I have been raising assistance dog puppies for 5 years now. To get the dog used to as many things as possible while they are with us, we have to take them into as many publie places as we can. Most places are very understanding about our dogs and allow us access, but some have been more resistant or won't let us in at all because of a bad experiance with a "civilian dog", or a normal pet who was "snuck in". Our dogs will eventually placed with a disabled client and by federal law the places have to allow the dogs in, but because of people who have tried to bring their pets in without permission they have a hard time with the manager or business owner. As a puppy raiser I have also faced opposition due to that. My dog HAS to experiance public places and have been prevented because of careless owners with their toy dogs. Please, just because you can "get away with it", don't take your dog out in public. It makes it much harder for the working dogs that need to be there. Thank you, and best of luck with your pup.
Aug 16, 2007 mylilpupwithwings94
Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is an adorable chihuahua
You r blessed with a chihuahua!!!!!!
by the way cute name!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 nash5081
Hi Biggie, You sure are cute!!! Every picture is my favorite, so I just had to pick one. Your mommy sure is lucky to get you for a birthday present. I'm sure she'd agree, you're better then flowers or jewelry, or anything else she may have gotten. It looks like you have some personality. You little flirt you. (LOL) Many more happy birthdays to your mom, I would love to see you guys next year at the party( you and mom now have the same birthday) with party hats and cake. 11 biscuits to you little man!!!
Aug 16, 2007 nash5081
picture please
Aug 16, 2007 Monip
11 biscuits for Biggie!! Definitely the cutest chihuahua pictures I've ever seen. We take our puppy everywhere too - and if she can't come in, we don't go. Enjoy!!
Aug 16, 2007 kukie
wow biggie is a big doll face !!! love his pictures, i think biggie is a doggie model! which one to pick...
Aug 16, 2007 seasmoke 70
OK...I'm in love. This is the most adorable Chihuahua I have ever seen, and I've got three of them. I can tell he's got a cute personality. These photos are great.
Aug 16, 2007 Pretty_Hansome_Akward
Oh!How utterly adorable!I have a Chihuahua and remember how cute she was when she was a pupy.One Million biscuts! :)
Aug 16, 2007 doxiemum
Cute as a button!
Aug 16, 2007 doggielover80
awh, he looks like he's smiling!
Aug 16, 2007 diane4pups
Biggie is one cute puppy.....congratulations!
Aug 16, 2007 franky
WHAT A HANDSOME BOY!!!! Folks that have never had Chi's just don't get how amazing they are... Biggie is just too cute. I was never a dog person till someone gave me my 3lb. boy Chi... had to get another cuz they are like potato chips.. you can't have just one!! Congrats and enjoy!
Aug 16, 2007 Giada777
Every pic is precious! He does know how to pose well. ;-)
Aug 16, 2007 Jennb3
Biggie is such a little ham!! Big smiles in each pictures, you can tell just how happy he is. Enjoy your baby!!! They are the best things ever!
Aug 16, 2007 Loizhanne
[color=red][B] What a sweet, precious baby! There is nothing so adorable as a contented puppy. Bless you, Biggie![/color][/B]
Aug 16, 2007 Wild Dove
I think Chihuahua's are one of the most ugliest dogs ever. But this big fella has stolen my heart. How in the world can you not like a face like that. He is so cute.......... My mind has been changed!!!!!

Many kissess to Biggie
Aug 16, 2007 Skatewiz
I really can't deal with how ADORABLE he is!!! He looks like he's smiling!!!! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Many happy years with your baby!!
Aug 16, 2007 nicoleyanli
this puppy is soooooooo cute!!!
Couldn't move my eyes off him.
Aug 16, 2007 BeckersUNC
Tiny pink puppy paw pads! Cuteness overload.
Aug 16, 2007 texasbelle10
Biggie really is cute and looks like he really enjoys life.
Aug 16, 2007 lhaverstick
Ok - seriously - where did you get him? I want one and I would love it if you could put me in contact with whoever bread him.
Aug 16, 2007 Lizanne
This Peek-a-Boo photo is very cute. I also loved the "Sleeping Smiley Face." Biggie looks SO RELAXED AND HAPPY in his sleeping face. :)


Elizabeth & Miss Katie Dane =O)
Aug 16, 2007 Kiragirl
All I can say is: "Where is that mini-chalupa??"
Aug 16, 2007 Marlowe's Mom
I'm not usually a fan of tiny dogs, but Biggie is a charmer! He has the most intelligent, knowing little face.
Aug 16, 2007 3catnite
If Biggie grows into those ears, he will be a Doberman. lol
What a cutie! 11 biscuits!
Aug 16, 2007 pinkyfluff
Ahh I love the puppy paws photo. Love pink puppy paws!
Aug 16, 2007 shellyrini
I have to admit that I am not a fan of little dogs. I just like the bigger breed dogs. But yours is really cute.
I love his ears and he takes some good pictures.
I don't know biggie, you might just change my mind about little dogs.

Best of luck with Biggie. Love the name
Aug 16, 2007 caraschotch
Bravo, l'il guy! You're a real cutie, and I hope you have many many years of happiness with your people!
Aug 16, 2007 oscars mom
Biggie rocks! OMG - he is too sweet! And what a poser!!! 11 Biscuits little man!!!
Aug 16, 2007 olgadabest
Biggie you are just the cutest! Great photos!
Aug 16, 2007 kalvarad
Well this is completely unreasonable! How am I supposed to pick a favorite picture when they are all so freakin cute?! ;)
Biggie, you rule little man!
Aug 16, 2007 liz
The camera LOVES this little niblet, and so do I! The expressive face, the perfect head tilts. Bravo, Biggie! He really should be a model.
Aug 16, 2007 caseyanddavesmom
Love, love, love the ears !!!!!!! Sooooo sweet too !!!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 babydollp80
What a sweetie!!!!!!! I sure you love it little self.

I am out in California & with the stars taking their dogs everywhere. We have many pet friendly places. I have clients that even bring there dogs into the office.
Aug 16, 2007 chipsmom
OMG!!! What a cutie! Hard to pick a favorite picture. Hugs, Kisses and 11 Biscuits to Biggie!
Aug 16, 2007 Crazy4Chis
OMG! What a cute baby!!!! :)
I am in love with him!
...Teresa & Nena
Aug 16, 2007 ckporter73
Happy Puppy!

He is so photogenic! The camera just loves him and I think he is happy to oblige. What a darling little guy.
Aug 16, 2007 bayley's mom
It's so funny how such an adorable puppy can convert all of us big dog lovers into little dog lovers!! My brother is thinking about getting a chihuahua and I thought he was crazy!! Now I can see why anyone would fall in love with the breed. Biggie is absolutely gorgeous.....and I LOVE the name! Suits him perfectly because he looks like he's got BIG personality! He totally looks like he's flirting in this picture.
Aug 16, 2007 maddie's mom
You should come to France with Biggie. Dogs are allowed everywhere and everyone is happy.
Aug 16, 2007 gryt
What an absolute sweetheart... Biggie is divine! Love his "smiling" pics, but this one is just sooo sweet. Kisses to Biggie!
Aug 16, 2007 lisaivey
OMG, the tiniest pink toe-pads EVAH!!!!!

I love Biggie's little grin in his photos.
Aug 16, 2007 LucyB
And the award for Most Photogenic goes to....Who could possibly pick just one picture??
Aug 16, 2007 Mamasobuco
Biggie is the cutest!!!
20 outo f 11 biscuits!!!
Aug 16, 2007 Yankee-7
He's cute - he looks like a mouse - I'm so glad that there's a cute chihuahua that they let on here - usually they only like to take the unfortunately UN-cute ones...
What a sweetheart!
Aug 16, 2007 jenpdx21
Oh my Gosh! How can I pick a favorite picture. I love them ALL! I am not a little dog person either, but I can see how this guy got into your heart! What a handsome fella!
Aug 16, 2007 jazzy's mom
He is extremely cute, looks like the Taco Bell mascot. He looks very contented in this picture. It was difficult to pick a favorite.

I would love to scraggle those ears!
Aug 16, 2007 jinglesmom
What a cuttie!!!
Aug 16, 2007 Lexiepoodle
He is saying, I just dare you to say I am not cute"
Aug 16, 2007 Lexiepoodle
He is saying, I just dare you to say I am not cute"
Aug 16, 2007 jennie0128
What a truly precious HAM!!! Talking about mugging for the camera!! Like having a baby.....and so smart....
Aug 16, 2007 birdygirl
What an adorable little guy! 11 biscuits, I wish I could give him more.
Aug 16, 2007 cutepupzrule
**falls over**
Aug 16, 2007 Bijou903
How innocently adorable!! I love the name. He is just full of expression in that tiny little face and body! I love this puppy!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 Yujisdad
Yuo're as big as you think you are, and this one is "Dogzilla." Loved the second picture - blissed out.
Aug 16, 2007 sylvanbliss
Little Biggie, the birthday gift that keeps giving! Blue Cashmere isn't a soft looking as Biggie, softly sleeping. So very sweet, I actually think my blood pressure just lowered.
Aug 16, 2007 LisaLisa
Biggie is the sweetest little guy! I think I'd have him with me absolutely EVERYWHERE I'd go, if he were mine. Congrats on your adorable baby!
Aug 16, 2007 lovemydogs
12 cookies for BIGGIE!!! OMG I could not decide on a picture!! I cant tell you how many times i changed! I'm not a ChiChi fan (some of them have verrry buggy eyes!) My daughter would love this baby and I would too. HE IS SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 lovemydogs
My final fav. picture!
Aug 16, 2007 quincy<3
He is ahdorable!
Aug 16, 2007 daisymae
to pick one picture is impossible.... but this one says to me "how you doin'?" in the words of Joey from Friends.
just darling!
Aug 16, 2007 piobaire
If that's not a smile, I don't know what is. What a cutie!
Aug 16, 2007 LindainNC
I love all these pictures - I guess when you have such a wonderful subject to work with, you just can't go wrong. However, I especially love the smiling one :)
Aug 16, 2007 KayJay
Wow, someone needs to get a new job as a puppy photographer... These pics are all so great! Doesn't hurt that this puppy is simply bursting with personality. He's a charmer! We love you, Biggie!
Aug 16, 2007 Doris
OMG!!! he is adorable and I am not a fan of small dogs, but this is a little cuttie I love him...and the name fits him well 11 cookies he is a winner!
Aug 16, 2007 dkritter
Well, I am normally not a big fan of Chihuahuas, but goodness gracious- this little guy is painfully cute!!! He is so adorable! Enjoy him! He's too adorable!
Aug 16, 2007 coco's mom
OMG!!! He is almost as cute as Cocoa and Taco (Cocoa being my chichi and Taco being the neighbours chi!) I wonder, does he think he is a Rottie like mine does?! You will get lots of love and affection from your little guy - you are soooooooooooooo lucky.
Aug 16, 2007 eileen2000
your pup is beautiful, He has the most wonderful expressions. I have three chiwa's and they are the best companions in the world.
Aug 16, 2007 cyndersmama
Oh Gawd! I have never been a chi fan, until now. How could a person look at that wee face and not fall instantly, madly, and deeply, in love!?!?
Aug 16, 2007 lalamcgoo
Well everyone has said what I wanted to say but I'll say it anyways!beep-beep-beep (alarm sounds) cute overload!!!! what an adorable critter-how do you stand putting him down???? That dog is one of the cutest EVER!!! And I love the fact that he LOVES the camera, enjoy your baby, how priceless! :-) this one is impossible to pick a favorite-they are all adorable photos-what a ham!
Aug 16, 2007 bond
[/color]Oh my GOSH!!! What a HAM!!!
Aug 16, 2007 hd1218
This puppy is tooooo cute.
Aug 16, 2007 pauleenm
Your little Biggie sure has personality to spare. He's adorable.
Aug 16, 2007 Desiderata
I love him. I would take him in a heart beat if you wanted to give him up!! He is precious.
Aug 16, 2007 lotsapets
Aug 16, 2007 Rainey
Could any one be so cute.....
Aug 16, 2007 Tinyoscar3162
I certainly read some craziness in that blurb, but he surely is adorable. My parents have a min-pin, who is crazy, but biggie seems like a lot fun. I bet he is a great gift!
Aug 16, 2007 leiakelly
Just a little cutie!
Aug 16, 2007 puppyluv
Yes, I agree that the award for most photogenic puppy goes to Biggie. He definitely has a future in advertising! Aside from that, I JUST CAN'T TAKE THIS MUCH CUTENESS!!!! And that smile as he sleeps with his radar ears. Oyyyyy.
Aug 16, 2007 scobig

I have a Chihuahua named Biggie too!!! I didnt name him, he was a rescue and that was already his name but I looove my Biggie and yours too!!

I have to admit, as big a Chi lover as I am, this has got to be the *prettiest* short hair I have seen! He is so perfect! I can tell he has a shining personality and his SMILE lights up the room!! Pick a favorite picture, heh right! Id be here all week.

Oh Biggie, I would love to meet you, I bet you are alot like my sweet and oh so cool Mr Big. Biggie kisses to you sweet sweet baby!!!

Im gonna go breathe into a paper bag now....
Aug 16, 2007 luvpupbreath
your little puppy is soooo adorable!!! those eyes are sooo sweet and he seems to have alot of potential!!! once again he is sooooo cute and he really is a "BIG"gie!!! good luck :)
Aug 16, 2007 windwalker sweet. GReat pics of Biggie. I''m in love, I'll trade all 8 of my big ones for such a precious pup like Biggie. Woof...woof
Aug 16, 2007 Roz
Awwwwww,What big ears you have.You are such a little dumpling,I love you Biggie!!!!!!!
Aug 16, 2007 Yorkies07
Biggie is just like a celeb.
Taking a tan on he beach.
Aug 16, 2007 poodieboo
Oooohhhh.... to pick one picture is just not fair. I have to admit I am not the worlds biggest fan of Chi-chi's but I am in love with this little guys name and his personality! What an absolute doll.
Have fun!
Aug 16, 2007 mling
Biggie looks like such a sweet, kind pup! What a little bundle of joy!
Aug 16, 2007 tambore
Biggie....... you are living proof that "the BEST things come in little packaging." Being the guardian of three Chihuahuas, I already know how special and different you are than most other canines. So glad Mom loves her "little guy" because all your lives are about to change forever and, may I add, for the better? I love everything about Chichis, but my favorites are their radar ears and alertness.
Aug 16, 2007 tambore
It's me again and just have to say to you, the tiny, little itty bitty Biggie...... you've received the most comments I've ever seen on The Daily Puppy. You've probably set a record! Just stay away from Paris Hilton, okay?

I'm madly in love and it's all your fault.
Aug 16, 2007 OneFlower
Just so sweet! Does he always smile for the camera like that?! lol I love it!! Nose kisses for Biggie!! :D
Aug 16, 2007 Britt2500
He is a doll and appears to be smiling in a lot of the pics.
Aug 17, 2007 easycompany
Aug 17, 2007 oneacd
Superior photography and an adorable model! Congrats on the best gift you'll ever get!
Aug 17, 2007 achope246
SOOO sweet!!
Aug 17, 2007 Anisabellydance
He could not be any cuter!!! I love him!!!
Aug 17, 2007 Romeosdad
12 Biscuits !!!
Aug 17, 2007 crystalstar
I love the grass picture!!
I have had several Chi's and this was my favorite part of how small they are!!
They walk in the grass and almost disappear!! It is SOOO cute!
Biggie is a Cutie!!
Aug 17, 2007 kathy
AWW so cute. he looks like a son thats proud of something he did for his parents!!
Aug 17, 2007 Kenzi
Oh gosh, so many cute pictures it was hard to choose a favorite. He has the sweetest ears :)
Aug 17, 2007 Lizsterr
AWWW His face is so full of expression! 11 biscuits!
Aug 17, 2007 bugaboo6112
This puppy is the cutest! i just want to scoop him up and kiss him all over! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 17, 2007 mikeyshalf
so so precious and sweet, just love him, he deserves the whole box of biscuits.
Aug 17, 2007 Jean1018
You are so darned cute. And you are also very photogenic.
Aug 17, 2007 Jean1018
You are so darned cute. And you are also very photogenic.
Aug 17, 2007 sixbucksamonkey
That is one "come hither" look he's shooting you. What a dashing young fellow!
Aug 17, 2007 xo_tess
[u] [i] [b] [color=red] Oh I love him to DEATH! so cute! Hope he has a long, healthy life ahead of him [/color] [/b] [/i] [u]
Aug 17, 2007 ChiMum
If I didn't have own adorable Chi, I'd say that this is the cutest guy I've ever seen. What a camera hog too!
Aug 18, 2007 JayNizzy
One of the most handsome boys I have seen in a LONG time. LOVE this pic, cute little smile, like he's dreaming of all the biscuits he'll get. lol
Aug 18, 2007 puppyluvr
[color=purple] I'm not a fan of Chihuahuas but this little one has so much character it just shows in every picture. Biggie you may turn me into a Chihuahua lover yet!![/color]
Aug 18, 2007 bitterpug

I tell if a dog has a good score not by biscuits but by the amount of sadsacks and Debbie Downers on the thread. Biggie only got two. ''Won't someone think of the people w/allergies?!'' and ''You are ruining it for assistance dogs everywhere!''

Biggie has the cuteness to silence most of the mopes!
Aug 18, 2007 Leannmarie
He has to be the cutest little guy!!!!!!
Aug 19, 2007 hermia
I have some Chihuahuas whom I adore and he is one of the cutest I have seen!
Aug 20, 2007 DebbyD
<color=red>OMG! What a precious little baby! I love the name!!! 11 tiny little puppy cookies for you Biggie!
Aug 20, 2007 johncie
Biggie looks quite pleased with his situation!! He is just the tiniest little guy I've seen. What a cutie. I want keep him in my purse to give me a chuckle anytime I need one. Kiss his sweet nose for me!
Aug 21, 2007 Rickysmom
This baby is absolutely adorable. What a camera hog. He loves to pose.
I adore Biggie!
Smooches and 12 biscuits.
Aug 21, 2007 flashdoggy
Biggie seems like a pleasure...he's so adorable, I'm sure you are never bored!
12 biscuits!
Aug 23, 2007 HectorsMom
I have two Chi's and I must say, I would add Biggie to my family in an instant! The pictures are excellent and Biggie is a great example of a handsome Chi. Worlds of happiness and years of joy with your new "baby". 11 biscuits without doubt.
Aug 23, 2007 vllybllstar
this little baby is so cute! i love how puppies sleep on their backs--it makes them that much cuter!
i also love the mottled pads--my dog has those kind of paws
omg! :D
Aug 24, 2007 memiownself
I've never been a little dog person but Biggie could change my mind. What a cutie he is! Thanks for sharing him with us.
Aug 24, 2007 ifermaldonado
WOW! Never wanted a little puppy until now. He is the cutest I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing all of those great pictures. He should be in advertising. Have a blessed time with your new best friend!
Aug 24, 2007 valentine'smom
What can I say that hasn't been already said?! Biggie is an absolute angel! I have a sweet little brindle chihuahua myself; you are in for lots of joy; all the best to you and Biggie!
Aug 25, 2007 Blazer316
I am a chihuahua fan, I have four of them and BIGGIE is sweetest one I have ever seen, He will make your life alot of fun, and he'll love you for ever. Take care of this little Biggie.
Aug 29, 2007 yoliesf
I'm in love!!!
Sep 6, 2007 doxielvr
Sep 9, 2007 doggiedude97
sickos this so ugly eww
Sep 15, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
get a life, doggiedude97. ANYWAY............Biggie is ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I love him AND his big ears!!!!!! Soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! I can't say it enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 26, 2007 bloodprincess
thats what i call feed me :)
Oct 3, 2007 gabgirl
Biggie: "is that a new pair of doggles?!?!?!"
he is soooo super cute!!!
i hav a chiwawa 2 and my mom but sweaters and doggles on her, but she probabley doesnt lik it as much as biggie
Oct 14, 2007 JaviersMom
Oh. My. Soul. Chihuahuas are so precious, they practically leave me speechless. My own darling Javier is a Chihuahua ... he is my baby! Biggie is sooooooooooooo much cuteness, it's almost unbearable! **SMOOCHES**
Dec 29, 2007 Sahkah
So Cute!!!
Jan 13, 2008 DaschundLuver
look at his pinky lil toesies!!!! i want to nibble on them!
Mar 5, 2008 polkadotpony
11- I love him- he smiles!!! :) And his toes are all little and pink <3 LOVE HIM
Mar 17, 2008 nesherismydog
This chihuahua has the most personality I've seen in this breed! 11+ doggie biscuits!
Aug 23, 2008 baymon
OMG....Biggie is so cute, all his pics are adorable!!! Anyway, it's funny that he was named Biggie when in fact he is very small... Cuteee! !!
Aug 23, 2008 baymon
he was like thinking: "I seems to hear people are talking about me..."
Jan 7, 2009 ltldog
He looks like my Elvis - born 7/16/07
Apr 2, 2009 Hersheypup
Okay I am honestly a "big dog person", but this picture is something that not even a big dog person can resist! A bazillion biscuits!
Jul 25, 2009 BlazerandmE!
Awww!I love the paws!:)
Sep 1, 2009 megang88
This picture of Biggie is so dang cute!!!!!!!!
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