Biggie the Chihuahua

Puppy Breed: Chihuahua

Biggie's mom says: Biggie was a birthday present from my boyfriend. Now at almost four months old, Biggie weighs in at exactly three pounds. He is a friendly little guy who loves to meet new people and give them a bunch of kisses. Biggie can even be a little flirty with the ladies -- he has more people friends than dog friends right now. But since he's getting bigger this should change soon. He goes with us everywhere: shopping, the movies, parties, and sometimes out to dinner if he's quiet! He just started going for walks on the leash and is doing great. Although it's not always his very favorite thing, he does let me dress him up in sweaters and Doggles. I never thought I would be a "little dog" person, but I love my pup and we're having a great time with him. Biggie seems to be having a great time with us, too.