Birdie and Bogey the Corgis

Puppy Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Birdie and Bogey are inseparable brother-sister Corgis with complementary personalities. While Bogey spends most of his time scouting out cuddles from any human friend in the area, Birdie is a more independent lady and enjoys wriggling herself under couches and beds. She does have a bit of a scheming side--give them both treats and Birdie will hide hers, then steal her brother's. Bogey, meanwhile, has been known to be a bit of a lush, licking clean empty wine glasses whenever his owners indulge him. The pair enjoy tackling each other, napping under the back porch, and chasing the neighbor's goat from behind the fence.

Comments (35)
DaveTheDog Dec 20, 2013
"Of COURSE I'm the cutest one! I'm smilin' ain't...

mummm Dec 20, 2013
They are absolutely adorable! I hope Bogey catches onto the swipe the...

MrMotivations Dec 20, 2013
""2 cute?? Whazat mean??""

doglover3702 Dec 20, 2013
Oh my gosh they are so adorable!!!!

Abiglen Dec 20, 2013
Birdie and Bogey are adorable - I love them! : o) : o) hugs & kisses

bunkywise Dec 20, 2013
That wine glass wasn't empty but it is now. Oooohhhh...never again!

Puppy Defender Dec 20, 2013
I never said "play it again Sam". I said "You played it...

Puppy Defender Dec 20, 2013
Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks...

daphne's mom Dec 20, 2013
Too cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! ...

Economist Dec 20, 2013
This is what I look like after stealing and scarfing all of...

Mmmousemaid Dec 20, 2013
Quick Birdey and Bogey, I think I hear Her Majesty calling. Do you...

spunky Dec 20, 2013
Omigosh, are they a couple of cute & adorable puppies!! Full of...

nancybatt1 Dec 20, 2013
Birdey and Bogey you are a dynamic duo. Cuteness factor times two...

drakes' granny Dec 20, 2013
They are both adorable and look like such fun. Two little ones to...

janet weir Dec 20, 2013
Talk about sweet!!!!!!!!! You two are just precious! Merry Christmas...

jonnijones Dec 20, 2013
CORGIS! Beautiful corgis! I love you two! My Gwennie was born on a...

westiemomof2 Dec 20, 2013
Hope you get 2 new brothers/sisters for Christmas...Mulligan and Shank?

Mini Anderson Cooper Dec 20, 2013
HI Birdie and Bogey, You two are delightful. I fell in love with...

The Raven Dec 20, 2013
What an adventure to take on two of these little dumplings at the...

Ozzy's Mom Dec 20, 2013
How cute is that?? I'm thinking you both will have fun...

bkwe Dec 20, 2013
Can't get any better than this -- can it??? What a lively...

sherignp Dec 20, 2013
Corgis are like Lay's Potato Chips - you can't just have one!...

Auntie Ace Dec 20, 2013
Double your pleasure, double your fun with double corgis. It's...

piobaire Dec 20, 2013
I want to pick ALL the pictures. I want a corgi...I do I do I do. I...

honeypie Dec 20, 2013
OMG, I could just squeeze this cutie pie!! These pups are...

pupfanatic Dec 20, 2013
Your kidding me w/ this level of cute, right? *Thud*

amyliz Dec 20, 2013
Uh oh...double trouble, double fun, and of course, double cuteness!...

nancy24tarn Dec 20, 2013
Birdie and Bogey are just too adorable for words.. My son has a Welsh...

Learama Dec 20, 2013
Aaaw!!! They are soooooo cute!! I want them! :)

longislander Dec 20, 2013
They are both precious and adorable. But this pic is one of the best...

schotime Dec 20, 2013
These sibs r just too cute!

amyliz Dec 24, 2013
Sweet dreams always, Ted! You are in my fave file.

bestfriends Dec 24, 2013
Adorable pair. Many healthy and happy years filled with love, play,...

Frances016 Jan 12, 2014
Double trouble but more double joy. We've just got 2 new brother...

jonnijones May 20, 2014
What a beautiful face and such a wonderful color coat. You are awesome!