Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jan 19, 2007 Dani
beautiful beautiful puppy! I especially like the picture of him and ascott. viszlas are such wonderful little dogs (as are ridgebacks.... although not quite so little)
Jan 19, 2007 anon
HAHA! what a great looking dog he is - so much character in his face! And these pictures are really great. The 3rd one down with his tongue hanging out literally made me laugh out loud. Too cute!
Jan 19, 2007 sthrnanni
Bjorn est tres, tres beaux! J'adore!! :)
Jan 19, 2007 pato
Bjorn you are so cute!! Adorable!
Jan 19, 2007 lola
He is soooooo cute! I love his vizsla brother, please post pics of him!!!!! Your babies are so wiggly! I love them!
Jan 19, 2007 shimmertwist
It's a shame that the voting system only goes to 11. Bjorn is definitely a 12! :)
Jan 19, 2007 rotties8
you have 2 beautiful furbabies!
Jan 19, 2007 bunnied816
That wrinkled face with the tongue hanging out was just too much!!! What a great dog!!
Jan 19, 2007 Yourmomsage
what a handsome boy he is!
Jan 19, 2007 chultzee
Hello Bjorn! What a wonderful name for you:) You are so funny! You are lucky to have such a great family Bjorn, so have fun, but be a good boy:) Learn all you can from your big brother Ascott, I'm sure he's got alot to show you. Love and kisses!
Jan 19, 2007 wonder_al
I love Rhodesian Ridgebacks! :D
Jan 19, 2007 jingles_jackson
I've never seen a puppy Ridgeback before...absolutely adorable!! He looks like he has tons of personality.
Jan 19, 2007 DogMom
OMG what a handsome boy Bjorn is! Have fun with this beautiful dog -- sounds like he keeps himself (and you) quite busy! ENJOY.
Jan 19, 2007 McKennasMom
I agree - the picture with his tongue out made me really laugh out loud! He's a cutie!
Jan 19, 2007 DKN
Look at his perfect ridge!!
Jan 19, 2007 lowlybworm
C'est un beau chien!
Jan 19, 2007 doggielover92
I ADORE THIS DOG. I mean, who could possibly look at the photos and not fall in love straight away? A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. Alternatively one could use the words perfect, beautiful, cute or handsome - but I prefer adorable!
Jan 19, 2007 AngelaMichelle
Jan 19, 2007 Loizhanne
beautiful, beautiful! i could get lost in those eyes.
Jan 19, 2007 Geenie
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! i love his eyes. And his brothers, sisters, and him looked so cute in that pic when they were little puppys.
Jan 19, 2007 Geenie
P.S how do you pronounce his name? Bjorn?
Jan 19, 2007 amyhuang
I like this dog. He is so cute and lovely!
Jan 19, 2007 philmon
thank you all for your warm comments and votes
to answer to you Geenie, Bjørn means "bear" in my native norwegian language, and to pronounce it properly you'll have to remember the famous tennis player Bjørn Borg... but it is not easy ! :-)
Jan 19, 2007 alice g
The wonky tongue in the 3rd pic! His sweet wrinkled brow! His butter-wouldn't-melt expression, best seen in the last pic! Utter gorgeousness. And sock stealer too? What a fine hobby for an upstanding young pup.
Jan 19, 2007 ridingbuddies06
aww... he is so cute! ive never heard of his kind before...:)
Jan 19, 2007 caraschotch
Quel bon garçon fort vous êtes, Bjorn ! Je pense que vous et votre famille êtes très chanceux pour avoir trouvé un autre. Soyez bien !
Jan 20, 2007 meghanxx4
awww hes such a cutie! i have a 1 and half year old Rhodesian arent they fabulious! Mines just quite the character and im sure yours does to by the looks of it. Mine has almost the same colouring except alittle more white.. hes got one paw that is like almsot intirely white! They are quite lazy things so you might have to push him alittle to get soem excersise heehee good luck with him! im sure you'll make out fine with him!
Jan 21, 2007 Krysia
Geenie: I think "Bee-orn", but one syllable. ;)

My old dog's best friend was a Rhodesian. (It was all sorts of cute, let me tell you.) They're great dogs.
Jan 21, 2007 caspersmom
What a cute face, lots of expression in this face.
Jan 22, 2007 scobig
he is breathtaking! I truly am enchanted by these dogs and that remarkable ridge! Thanks for sharing! Kisses to Bjorn!
Jan 24, 2007 soshyviolet
what a beaut!
Jan 27, 2007 Julia

The third picture down almost made me lose all bodily control. Seriously, I laughed so hard I almost passed out. *gasp* Bjorn, man, you are my hero.

Oof! My face hurts now from such extreme and intense smiling. Bjorn, I don't even know how to express your adorableness in words. I will just continue to laugh and squeal.
Apr 20, 2007 Holly Bean
Hey there,
I was wondering if you could help me out at all? I'm looking to buy a ridgeback pup, preferably a bitch, i'm from the uk, but living in France and would ideally buy the pup in France and get the pet passport there. Do you happen to know of any one who has a litter or will have a littter soon. Please contact me through my member name.
Hope someone can help me, thanks,
Apr 25, 2007 Pepper
I love the photos here of Bjorn. He is a lovely dog. I wonder how big he is now? The pictures show a lot of personality.
May 7, 2007 Pepper
I love the pictures and sent you a private message with a question, Philmon.
May 19, 2007 goldenlove87
he's beautiful!!!!!!!!! what a fun dog :)
Jul 14, 2007 sylvanbliss
Bjorn is so handsome! Very funny pictures, my dog gets right up in the lens too. The one picture of Ascot and Bjorn had me scratching my head in confusion...Ascot's legs...he's quite flexible! It appears he has folded in half. When I think of it, the rope toy does bring out all kinds of contortions, good job capturing the moment.

Ever since I met a Ridgeback at an off-leash dog park, I've been interested in them. I love their natural beauty!
This baby has PERSONALITY!!!!! What a sweetie and a little devil all in one! He is absolutely stunning- what a beautiful boy. Many years of love and happiness to you all!
Aug 4, 2007 bopeep
Bjorn is quite the handsome dog. Please watch the socks. I lost my Brittany, Colby, due to a swallowed sock. Hugs and kisses.
Oct 10, 2007 JaviersMom
Just ... just ... just ... WOW and give me a break, Bjorn ... that pic with that tongue hanging out had me going for a while. I laughed till tears ran down me face, ruining me pirate eyeliner! Go easy on folks with them eyes and that TONGUE, li'l guy! You are MERCILESSLY cute ... a ton of bones to you, precious.
Jan 12, 2008 Cavyclan
I'm in love :))))))))))
Aug 12, 2008 wolfgirl66
Mar 2, 2009 LSM
This is such an awesome picture of this beautiful looking boy!!! We hardly see this breed on DP so it is a nice change. Long & happy life Bjorn!!!! Sounds like you're quite the fun doggie.
Oct 8, 2010 pelligrino
So many wonderful photo's od adorable Bjorn! That face is too much, and I love that tongue hanging out! He has a wonderful home and life in France. Life is grand for Bjorn!
Feb 28, 2011
Rhodesians are always cute. Bjorn looks like quite the mischief maker lol. +11 biscuits for you.
Feb 11, 2012 renabena
Oh, Bjorn you are adorable. I too have a vizsla and I'm sure you have a very active play buddy in him. May you have a long and lovely life!
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