Bjorn the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Puppy Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Bjorn says: "My name is Bjorn. I was born 26 September '06 in south of France, close to Marseille, where my owners came from the Paris suburbs to adopt me, to give company to Ascott, a young vizsla that was feeling lonely during working hours. I am from a litter of 12 brothers and sisters, where I was famous for being the hyperactive one. I am a brave and vigorous puppy, and one of my favourite moments is when we all go for a walk in the wood nearby our house, where I can run and play with Ascott. I also really enjoy meeting other dogs. As many other puppies, I am a professional stealer. I am particularly fond of socks and shoes my owners negligently leaves on the floor. I bring those back in my kennel. I also am a whistling yawner. That is to say that every time I am yawning, I am making this whistling noise that really amuses the family, and despite the frequency it is still amusing to everyone around me. I am quite stubborn and like to do as I decide, but unfortunately my owners are not willing to let me, and Ascott who is a very well educated dog is teaching me some manners in order not to become a rogue monster."