Boo the Tibetan Terrier

Puppy Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Hello! My name is Boo. I'm a Tibetan Terrier who loves toys that squeak and roll. I love my Kong toy, especially when mom fills it with frozen pumpkin. I go to school once a week. So far I have learned to sit, stay, shake, speak, lay down, dance and crawl. It's the best because the teacher always gives me frozen peanut butter! I also love to run, chew sticks, and chase water from the hose. I'm obsessed with spinning the toilet paper roll (it's fascinating) but get in trouble soon after. I spend my weekends meeting new friends at the dog park. I especially enjoy diving into the large water bowl. It's really for drinking but it feels so good. Afterward, I love a nice long nap. Mom says I make her laugh because I wag my tail in my sleep.