Friday, July 25, 2014
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Feb 3, 2011 BCD luver
i hope you have a great life with loads of cuddles from me!
Feb 3, 2011 veronica
so adorable. x
Feb 3, 2011 Shefali
Beautiful..... baby doll. So pretty. Luk at the li'l tongue coming out of her mouth! OMG...cutie
Feb 3, 2011 fluffyboots
Very cute!! beautiful face..
Feb 3, 2011 wolfgirl66
Hello Beautiful Boo! I love all of your cute pics! Bye Bye Sweetie Pie!
Feb 3, 2011 joolie boolie
All the pics are so wonderful, I couldn't pick just one out!! Tibetans are my favourite, cos we have one. He's 8 and called Joey. He is just adorable, so sweet natured and he has a great sense of humour. Your owners are in for a treat - Tibetans are very funny and loving. Have a wonderful life Boo xx
Feb 3, 2011 john1069
Boo, how couldn't love you with those eyes? You're going to grow up and be just a big puppy!
Feb 3, 2011 daphne's mom
Oh Boo you are so cute! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for you sweetheart!
Feb 3, 2011 goldenlover
Feb 3, 2011 jeksfcusa
All the bikkies fur ball. I wish you could come to visit me ath the Ole' Soldiers Home. I would give you complete comand of the campus. I'm not picking a pic' cause I love em' all.
Feb 3, 2011 longislander
Never heard of these, but Boo you are beautiful. Smart too. Photogenic as well. Probably a lot more things, but you know how you are. Perfect!
Feb 3, 2011 mattysmom
Now I know what puppy love looks like! Boo you are sooooo adorable. Way too cute to ever be in trouble for unrolling bathroom tissue!!! Enjoy your special day
Feb 3, 2011 KAZGJ
He is absolutely adorable! If only I could sleep like that!!
Feb 3, 2011 w102663
Oh my God Boo, you are BEAUTIFUL!!! Wagging your tail while asleep means you're dreaming of the wonderful life you have. You sound like a very smart puppy. I'll bet you are at the head of your puppy class.:o) Did you ever try holding the toilet paper in your mouth and running through the house with it, that's real fun...LOL my kitty did that!!! Tons of frozen goodies for you plus hugs and kisses
Feb 3, 2011 bassetmomma
you are soo adorable- sweet dreams!
Feb 3, 2011 scratch
Boo, you are ever so precious. Just want to hug and kiss you. You and my Cookie would make a great pair. She is also a terrier and would love you. Have a wonderful doggie life and lots of love.
Feb 3, 2011 spunky
He looks exhausted after all his mischievous antics that he does!!! So cute & fluffy! Lots of hugs!
Feb 3, 2011 charmedimsure
I love this dog!!
Feb 3, 2011 janaS
so cute! Great description, made m laugh out loud. Very endearing little guy.
Feb 3, 2011 meganbooth
Boo Boo Bear you are cute as cute can be!
Feb 3, 2011 charlieandbrodie
Boo, you are exquisite! As for the comment that you looked more like an Old English Sheepdog, it reminds me that the first Tibetan we got over 25 years ago was from an Old English Sheepdog breeder who was attracted to Tibetans because of their resemblance to Old English when they were puppies. However, Tibetans are much, much smaller and grow a beautiful long coat when they grow up that is flowing and not like an Old English at all then. Tibetans are an ancient breed and were considered holy to the Tibetans. Only the monks and the Dali Lama (sp?) were allowed to own them. I remember a Tibetan Breed club show in Portland Oregon many years ago that the Dali Lhama visited when he was in the U.S. He "blessed" the dogs at the show and was quite pleased to see them. Anyway, I say all this because Tibetan Terriers are still not widely known and some don't know they are such an ancient breed. We don't show dogs any longer, but we showed the 4 Tibetans we had all those years ago, and we have Westies now because of our daughter who loves them so. But Boo, you are so beautiful and you look to me like you will be a "show stopper" some day!!! By the way, Tibetans come in every color - so fun!! Love you Boo!!!!!!!!
Feb 3, 2011 Chrismhen
He looks a lot like my stuff pup Riff. Just without the rose in his mouth.
Feb 3, 2011 gem1945
Boo, you are a cute Tibetan Terrier!!! Your owner wrote a very cute story about you!!! We wish you a happy life, good health, and a lot of fun playing with your toys and going to school. You are a very smart Tibetan!! xxxxoooo from our critter gang in Montana. You'd like it here, you'd blend in with the snow when there is some ;-)
Feb 3, 2011 Babsintoyland
Boo is so cute and cuddly looking. Give him some biscuits and belly rubs for me.
Feb 3, 2011 jtywong
so sweet! hugs and kisses!
Feb 3, 2011 Puppy Power
Boo you are one sweet pup! Many years of fun & love sweetheart!
Feb 3, 2011 icorn2
Such a pretty baby!
Feb 3, 2011 Lors
Absolutely PRECIOUS!!! I see she has the platypus toy - how long did it take her to pull the eggs out? I'll bet about 30 seconds! ;-)
Feb 3, 2011 puppy4yourlove
Oh have the sweetest little face and even better it sounds like you have an awesome personality and are very smart. I giggled at the thought of you messing with the T.P. Be good! :-)
Feb 3, 2011 amyliz
Multiple Choice Boo is A)Cute B)Sweet C)Smart D)Funny& #13; E)All of the above And the answer, of course, is E Boo, I am sending you OXOO and rolls of toliet paper!
Feb 3, 2011 pelligrino
Boo you have the sweetest face. I don't kn ow how you could ever get in trouble for anything! It sounds like you have fun no matter what you do! Stay happy and habe a long and healthy life!
Feb 3, 2011 molly's mom
What a sweetie, i have a pic of Molly that looks like this one, many happy years to you.....
Feb 3, 2011 WATERDOG
Wags her tail while she sleeps? What do you suppose she could be dreaming? Kongs filled with p.b., mountains of t.p.? She is awesome, stay healthy and happy Boo, Cheers!
Feb 3, 2011 Beagle109
Boo, what a darling character you are! 11 biscuits for you!
Feb 3, 2011 cookieyordon
That is the sweetest face ever!!! Woof......
Feb 3, 2011 CA puppylover
Nothing cuter than a terrier pup! Have a great D.P. day, Boo, and a wonderful life!
Feb 3, 2011 chelsearosebud
Tell me, how can a face this adorable do one thing remotely "naughty" .... i.e. unroll toilet paper?! You're a doll, Boo. You and Mom enjoy the best life has to offer. And each other! XOXO
Feb 3, 2011 jeksfcusa
Wha' happened dude? Didja play to hard in the sprinkler and have to take a nappie pooh? Sleep well me heartie!
Feb 3, 2011 gryt
Oh my goodness what a sweetheart. Boo is so cute and he seems like boatloads of fun. Xoxox!
Feb 3, 2011 bogeyismrsept
Who could resist that face! Wishing you a long healthy lovefilled life.
Feb 3, 2011 pfordeb
Boo is just too cute. That was one of our dog's nicknames. Sounds like he's doing all the right dog stuff. Have fun with him.
Feb 3, 2011 gouldkb
You are sooo cute! I love this picture - its great. You sound like a dog who know how to enjoy life. Keep it up
Feb 3, 2011 The Raven
Booooooooo, you are such a character and with great character. You look like a rag-a-muffin, fluffy white furred. What a great life you lead, what fun adventures you have, Lucky doggie. Enjoy and give me regards to the Dali Lama.
Feb 3, 2011 Wander Puppy
Boo you are quite something! When I frist saw you I thought you were a old english sheepdog! Well good luck to you and your owners!
Feb 3, 2011 memberume
Come-on pleeeese give me a cookie! What an awesome face and so picture perfect. May Boo have a long, healthy and happy life with this human family. Boo come to my house and you can get a treat from our cookie jar!
Feb 3, 2011 McGeek
Oh, this picture is absolutely precious. I want to cuddle up right next to him! This pic tells me everything I need to know :)
Feb 3, 2011 madeline
I find him so cute and so tender !
Feb 3, 2011 Dylans mummy
Absolutely gorgeous - just like my T.T. - lovethem to bits. give Boo big kisses.
Feb 3, 2011 konasmom
Oooooh gosh, what a BOOtiful baby! I've never heard of a Tibetan Terrier before - what a lovely puppy. I wish you many years of happiness together! Too sweet!
Feb 3, 2011 lucybee
What a cute baby you are! You sound like delight to be around.Happy long life,much fun and frozen treats to your heart's content!
Feb 3, 2011 virgilsmama
Boo looks so sweet and tender in this photo with a tiny pink tongue, just right for little dog kisses and the pretty pink name tag. What a puppy face, you are lucky and so is Boo!!! Best of life to all of you.
Feb 3, 2011 geeg
Oh, oh...I think I'm in love!
Feb 3, 2011 rufus'smommy
ooooo, I want one!
Feb 3, 2011 monkeynbubba
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Beautiful boy! I want one; Sooooooooooooooooo cute! Be Happy!
Feb 3, 2011 priceless
I want one... or two, three,ETC......
Feb 3, 2011 gail koup
Boo, they missed the boat when they didn't put out a cuteness alert on you! You are simply adorable! If I had a tail you would definitely make me wag it! Glad you have such a loving forever home! Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Feb 3, 2011 shortyww22
Boo,you are sucha cutie.and you remind me of a smaller version of the old english sheep dog.I hope you have a long happy life with you're family.kisses n hugs cutie.
Feb 3, 2011 3saavik
Boo, you remind me of an Old English Sheepdog puppy I knew once! He (Illya) was sweet too! I guess you won't get to be as big though. My babies love their Kobgs too, but we never thought of freezing the p.b. and I wondered if they would like frozen pumpkin. I'll try it.
Feb 3, 2011 Beautiful Cookie
What a sweetie you are. Those eyes just melt your heart! Enjoy all your days with your forever family. Hugs and rubs. Cookie and her mom.
Feb 3, 2011 steakboy
i'm melting! oh, what a sweetie face. and i am so taking your frozen pumpkin kong tip -- our sam will love that. thanks much for the idea and the lovely pics of your beautiful pup.
Feb 3, 2011 ruthie16
You're so cute!!...My Tibetan Ruthie would love to play with you.
Feb 3, 2011 Coley42023
I had never heard of this breed before but I am in love! I grew up with OES and have a Westie now. Boo looks like the cutest combination of both. I hope he finds a good home soon!
Feb 3, 2011 jasper1
Just precious! What an adorable dog!
Feb 3, 2011 Chow Parents
You are a little love. I have a Boo too so I know how special you guys are. I can tell you are Mommy's pride and joy. Stay happy and healthy and do what the teacher says. Kisses and hugs, Chow Mom
Feb 3, 2011 landolphe
Only her hairdresser "nose" for sure.
Feb 3, 2011 mychiensr1
Awww, Boo is so cute! I want your life. Even when you sleep, you got a big smile on your face, I'm so jelouse. Can I stay with you:-)?
Feb 3, 2011 coriebe
Boo, You are soooo very cute!! Biscuits galore to you! :)
Feb 3, 2011 tink'smom
This sweet face looks like an Old English Sheepdog to me, but Boo is incredibly adorable no matter what exotic breed she is. She's purebred cute! XXXX
Feb 3, 2011 sowhatisnew
So sweet! So Cute! Love that nose. Wishing you both many happy and healthy years together. lots of pats and belly rubs and a few extra biscuits for good measure.
Feb 3, 2011 Critter Crazy
Love that bit of pink tongue. They are so cute when they do this.
Feb 3, 2011 Critter Crazy
Absolute cuteness! This is the definition of happiness!
Feb 3, 2011 mastiffs3
So adorable!!!
Feb 3, 2011 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Boo, you are such a pretty little GIRL! I guess the sweet expression, along with the pink heart tag bearing your name wasn't enough to tip most people off to the fact that you're a girl. I am also surprised that so many people are unaware of the Tibetan Terrier. The Daily Puppy is fun and informative, and Boo, you are a terrific Ambassador for your breed. Before I had Cavaliers, I seriously considered a T.T. Clearly you have a very smart Mummy as she already knows tricks like frozen treats in your kong. Perhaps she will visit our Forum section and participate in there as well. Big hugs to you on your special day Boo, from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Feb 3, 2011 Corky'smum
O my god you are CUUUUTTTEEE!!!!!!!! I want you in my life, you gorgeous bundle of white perfection!!!!
Feb 3, 2011 vorner
Impossibly precious!!! One of the most adorable puppies I have ever seen in my life! Straight into my "favorites"! I would LOVE to snuggle this angel day and night! God bless you, sweetheart, with a long, happy, healthy life! Boo, you are BOOOOOOtiful! XOXOXO
Feb 3, 2011 vorner
OH my GAWWWD!!! How could anything be this CUTE?!!! XOXOXO
Feb 3, 2011 drakes' granny
Incredibly adorable. Many belly rubs and treats.
Feb 3, 2011 Jose
Your sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugsa and kisses! I hope that you have a great life Boo.
Feb 3, 2011 poochies=love
The picture of contentment! Boo is absolutely beautiful! I can tell what a wonderful personality she has.Lots of cuddles an hugs!
Feb 3, 2011 mablizz
Boo! You are such a sweetie pie!
Feb 3, 2011 puppylove9
you may be the cutest puppy i have ever seen Boo!! i would love to snuggle with you :)
Feb 3, 2011 iluvk9s
Boo is the cutest puppy!!! Such a sweet baby. Endless kisses, biscuits and hugs!
Feb 3, 2011 maltipinfan
I wuv ya Boo!! I just love that you wag your tail in your sleep. What a fun loving dog you must be.
Feb 3, 2011 DogLover in Canada
Oh my goodness, you look just like a sweet little stuffed animal! I just want to snuggle with you! Also, I loved the write up, well done.
Feb 3, 2011 ruthie
Oh Boo, you are wonderfully cute; You are all that and more!! I wish you a long, happy, healthy, love-filled life.
Feb 3, 2011 harlequinguy
He looks sad, but something tells me he doesn't get time to be. Whatta face! Cookies and hugs from all at DP.
Feb 4, 2011 Taramore
Oh my goodness.......lost for words. What a darling.
Feb 4, 2011 minkiesmum
You're a cute one and an adventurous puppy too !! Have fun !
Feb 4, 2011 BCD luver
what happened to my comment? anyway i'll say it again boo you are adorable! you look more like an old english sheepdog to me, but who cares your to cute to say anything! but i just cant resist not saying more about this cutie. your so adorable and i hope you have a great life with lots of treats from me darling!
Feb 4, 2011 guerrero's grandma
Boo you are such a cuddly baby! What a cutie pie! you have a very sweet smile... Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you baby doll!
Feb 4, 2011 dianel99
What a sweet bundle of snow! I know why I love Daily Puppy. I see the sweetest little puppies.
Feb 4, 2011 piobaire
Oh Boo, you look so soft and cuddly!
Feb 4, 2011 pamfontainepeters
Omigosh Boo is just adorable. Puppy Perfection! I'm totally smitten. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Feb 4, 2011 pirosred
Bo is so adorable and I just love the actions he gets into like rolling the tiolet paper, thought only cats did that. He has quite a personality. Have a good life with Bo.
Feb 5, 2011 mushermaggie
Fuzzy-wuzzy was a Tibatan Terrier!
Feb 5, 2011 rachelas
Bentley is to die for!! Soooo adorable. Best wishes xoxo
Feb 5, 2011 bluegigi
Who couldn't love this face. Look at that mug!!! OMG! The cuteness... I'm melting. And with a name like Boo!
Feb 7, 2011 Scamp's Grammy
Boo, you are a real sweetheart! Love that little pink tongue peeking out. Wishes for lots of frozen peanut butter and belly rubs from Scamp's Grammy.
Feb 8, 2011 amykeelinglovesdogs
boo it such a cute name.
Feb 24, 2011 victoria_guo9
What an adorable face!!!
Apr 19, 2011 jaiyari
giving your toy a kiss, that's so sweet! of you Boo!
Jul 31, 2011 lulujay
Boo has been my favourite dog for months and i love to look at his photos all the time! i love boo I LOVE BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 31, 2011 capullo
Can I sent to you imagens of my dog? I guess is the same race of this one.
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