Bracken the Border Collie

Puppy Breed: Border Collie

Bracken's mom says: I became Bracken's mummy midway through March. She keeps me busy! Bracken is a puppy with bags of character. She loves endless walks with lots of streams and rivers to play in. She is very much a people puppy and is always ready for a tummy tickle. She knows she is very beautiful and uses it to her advantage when she has been up to mischief. As Bracken has grown up over the past few months she has developed a liking for cardboard boxes and barking at anything out of the ordinary. Bracken has grown up with my niece, Libby. Bracken protects her and the two of them enjoy very slow games of chase round the dining room table. They play very gently with each other and Libby is always very excited to see her puppy play pal!