Saturday, July 12, 2014
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Oct 5, 2007 xthexjessx
aww baby :)
Oct 5, 2007 chipsmom
Such a face!! Great pics! Hugs, kisses and 11 Biscuits!
Oct 5, 2007 chipsmom
Such a face! Great pics! Hugs, kisses and 11 Biscuits!!
Oct 5, 2007 CatahoulaDad
No! I didn't do it!
Oct 5, 2007 untbunny
Beautiful baby! Those eyes...can't help but love this little one.
Oct 5, 2007 NemoStein
A kind of smile that... Ahnn... "Hey, what's up??"

Nice dog... Keep in touch...
Oct 5, 2007 doggieaunt
Sooo beautiful!!!! I just love her green eyes (her fur coloring is fabulous, too)! BTW, until I "met" Bridget and Roscoe (10/3/07), I'd only seen the black/white/grey varieties of Aussie shepherds, so they're a terrific new addition to my puppy admiration "repertoire."

Scritches and snuggles to Bridget!!

Incidentally, it was even harder than usual to choose a favorite photo b/c your girl is so photogenic!

(I'm also quite partial to the shot of Bridget and Chloe, where Chloe seems to be thinking, "Oh great; I've got a zonked-out puppy on my paw . . . how am I supposed to move!?!")
Oct 5, 2007 kishanabear
OMG!!!!! major puppy tummy!!!! i'm in heaven. i just want to stick my face in there and give her rasberries:) 60 buscuits.
Oct 5, 2007 rubyhatchet
Cuuuuuuuuuuute! She wuks so happeeee! Is that her mommy or daddy in some of the pictures?

11 biscuits!!!
Oct 5, 2007 woopwoof
AAAAAAWWWW how fluffy and lovely you are!! lots of Yummy biscuits for you!
Oct 5, 2007 Caseysky
Oh my word, how can one picture hold so much cuteness? 11 biscuits for sure!
Oct 5, 2007 Terry C
Oct 5, 2007 Wozie'smom
Oh such cuteness so early in the morning. I just want to stay home and pet, pet, pet! Lookie at the little bits of earth on our mouthie!
Oct 5, 2007 Jeannie
She looks cute, happy and a real bundle of fun. Wish we had puppy kindergarten where we live!! (No, I don't have time to start one - shame!) Enjoy your 11+ biscuits!!
Oct 5, 2007 romans839
This is such a sweet little cutie. I love her paws and the pics of her with Chloe. Enjoy your little one!
Oct 5, 2007 doriesmom
How can you not love that innocent look, what a precious girl. Wishing you a long and happy life with your family of pets. Enjoy, time flies!!! Lots of belly rubs, kisses, and snuggles from our critter gang ;-) .
Oct 5, 2007 maddie's mom
Absolutely gorgeous puppy.
Those eyes!!!
Oct 5, 2007 rexandbaby
She is focused on the world, look out everyone!
Oct 5, 2007 ard1108
What a beautiful girl! I know you are going to have many happy years together. I love that soft puppy fur. My mini aussie would love to play with your little girl.
Oct 5, 2007 peanutsmom
look at that sweet face!! she is beautiful! have fun with her.
Oct 5, 2007 DogMom
I surrender -- this dog is so cute --- she can have whatever she wants. I can deny her nothing. She is perfect -- snuggles to her!!!
Oct 5, 2007 zoesam
She is adorable!! She looks very smart and like she is quite a handful. Such a sweetie!!!
Oct 5, 2007 padfoot
Wow!! What a beauty! These photos really made my morning!
Oct 5, 2007 Koda's Mom
"What dirt? I didn't play in any dirt?"

What a BEAUTIFUL baby. She just looks like a little fluff ball of love! Tons of biscuits to Bridget!
Oct 5, 2007 kalvarad
OMG! How precious :D
Oct 5, 2007 loverofgoldens
What a sweetie! Great pictures.
Oct 5, 2007 Annette
Absolutley a stunning Auzzie pup! Reminds me of my childhood and growing up with them, great breed!
A bag of biscuits for Bridget followed by a tummy rub or two!
Oct 5, 2007 Bluenoser
This has to be one of the most beautiful photos I've seen of two diggie dogs together. "Someone to watch over me ..."
[And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! We celebrate on Oct 8th! Because of that I almost picked the "dirty mouth" photo!]
Oct 5, 2007 marieelise0928
So cute, so sweet, so wuvvvvvvable!! 11 biscuits, more if I could!!
Oct 5, 2007 skeeze_in_belize
Pretty girl! I love this pic!
Oct 5, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
what a beautifil little girl, and what a great life you have, you get to go to school AND travel!!!! i love all your pics.
Oct 5, 2007 Gusiruli
[color=blue]it's been a while since i saw a cute puppy as yours in daily puppy.[/color] [color=green] she really looks cute!! i love her! [/color]
[color=red] (if it is bad written i'm sorry, i'm spanish...)[/color]
Oct 5, 2007 pauleenm
she's beautiful
Oct 5, 2007 bopeep
That intense, full of life, what can I do next look in Bridget's eyes are mesmerizing. She is a beauty. Bridget and Chloe seem to really enjoy each other's company. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Who is her black and white friend?? Verry cute pup!
never mind-stupid question! I'm guessing that's Aunt Chloe!
Oct 5, 2007 caseyanddavesmom
I love this photo. All the photo's are great. Live long and play happy !!!!!!
Oct 5, 2007 vedder242003
I luv those beautiful eyes! How gorgeous. Give her a long belly rub for me and a kiss on the nose.
Oct 5, 2007 txmadre
Mom's plants? Whatdaya mean "Mom's plants?"
Oct 5, 2007 Morag Bates
I have never met this breed before, I don't think there can be many in the UK. She is so lovely, and looks as if she has a sweet nature.
I wish you many happy years together.

Best wishes,
Morag Bates,
Sunderland, England
Oct 5, 2007 tazziesmom
Looks like a bit of an IMP!! She is a cutie..
Oct 5, 2007 lovechloe
As Aunt Chloe's mom and dad, of course we are very proud of our new grandpuppy Bridget. She is beautiful and we can vouch for the fact that she is super lovable, snuggly, soft, smart, and trying sooo hard to be good. She has won our hearts. Chloe agrees...... We are all very happy to have Bridget join our family.
Oct 5, 2007 snobles
Soooo cute! 1000 biscuits to Bridget. :-)
Oct 5, 2007 westiemom
Bridget: How I would love to run my hands through your soft looking fur. What a sweet baby you are. Be a good girl and enjoy life. Remember to pay attention in Puppy Kindergarten. 11+ biscuits for you!

(Too many cute pictures to choose just one...)
Oct 5, 2007 keep.her
When I saw this picture I was in awe of your little girl! WOW. You have a beautiful puppy! She made my day!
Oct 5, 2007 rachie
definitely worth 11 biscuits!
Oct 5, 2007 LucyB
This picture just melts my heart! I'm another who had never seen a Aussie shepherd in this color. Beautiful coat, wonderful face.Live long and prosper!
Oct 5, 2007 hansepants
oh. my. god. sooooo friggin' cute! 10 trillion biscuits!
Oct 5, 2007 tanner&dotsmom
Bridget is darling ~ we have an Australian Shepard they're wonderful dogs. Enjoy her. I love the pictures they're wonderful. That little face I bet she gets whatever she wants. 11 biscuits for sure!
Oct 5, 2007 lablover121
I love your puppy! She is sooooo adorable! I love her sea green/blue eyes and her milk chocolaty fur. OMG! I LOVE HER!!! I have a black lab and she was cute when she was a puppy but yours is just unbelievable! I also love her face and how her ears just sink down on her head. I have NEVER seen an Aussie shepherd in that color but it is a great color! She is so focused on the world, I LOVE IT!

Have fun with her! :o)
Oct 5, 2007 Yankee-7
Stunningly, astoundingly, wonderfully, adorably, awfully, cate and sweet and beautiful! She's awesome!
I just want to pet her little baby tummy!
Oct 5, 2007 sjh
What a beautiful baby!!! Too cute for words. I love how curious she looks in this pic. My second fav. would have to be the one where shw is about to pounce and her ears are sticking up and theh tummy picture and the ones with Chloe. Who am I kidding they are all adorable!!
Oct 5, 2007 Yankee-7
sorry, typo up there :oops: CUTE, not cate...
Oct 5, 2007 more
[color=purple]AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW! [/color]
;) :)
;) :)
Oct 5, 2007 dogsrule
So hard to pick a favorite photo when they are all perfect!

Beautiful dogs! Pup is amazingly CUTE! Just love them both.

Thanks for sharing them with us! :)
Oct 5, 2007 taglove18
I just love a dog, with a good dirty nose.
Oct 5, 2007 lisaivey
Wow, it was really tough to pick a fave here, but I'm a sucker for sleeping puppies! Bridget, you have such a sweet face, like you're all wide-eyed and ready for the world!
Oct 5, 2007 dogcopper
What a wonderful face! Another Shepherd... two in a row! You are very lucky to have such a beauty. Enjoy!!!
Oct 5, 2007 cindsue
WOW! She is beyond perfect. Just Magnificent. Beautiful.
Oct 5, 2007 Buddy360
Bridget looks stunning! The best looking Shepherd I have ever seen........?I love Bridget's nose and her eyes. It's so cute. Her face is one in a million - very expressive. Thank you for posting those gorgeous pictures.?
Oct 5, 2007 cindsue
I just can't stop looking at these pictures. All of them are so special. I had to add another fave.
Oct 5, 2007 jrterriermom
What a beautiful pup! I love this one of the 2 together. Thanks for sharing your pics. :)
Oct 5, 2007 bordercrazed
I went back for a second look at the fantastic photos and I'm that Chloe's leg over the top of Bridget? Not that the picture isn't fantastic in and of itself, but if it I'd think it was staged if I didn't know you just can't really stage dogs...

Adorable pup, of course.
Oct 5, 2007 bloodprincess
so cute reminds me of my dog coaco-puff you are so playful i love you so much briget![color=purple] my colored text [/color]
Oct 5, 2007 bloodprincess
color=purple] so cute reminds me of my dog coaco-puff you are so playful i love you so much briget! [/color] excuse my last mistake
Oct 5, 2007 tsuki'smom
She is a beautiful girl! What gorgeous eyes she has.
Oct 5, 2007 hazeleyes_1972
Awwww tweety pie doggie. I could just kiss her all over. This picture should be called "Monkey see, monkey do!" ;)
Oct 5, 2007 pugswill
It was so hard to pick a favorite picture, and I must say this dog has the most intelligent eyes I've ever seen. My cousin has an Australian Shepherd and he has made her life very interesting! He sure is full of energy but a great dog. Bridget is a real beauty.
Oct 5, 2007 marleysmom
Now how am I supposed to pick one favorite picture? I love that her Aunt is so watchful of her! Adorable, adorable, adorable. She must be such a great cuddler! 11+ biscuits!
Oct 5, 2007 sue
shes beautiful
Oct 5, 2007 Daphne's Mom
What a sweet looking baby! My puppy also seemed to forget everything once we got home from puppy class. When we worked together she eventually remembered. Chloe is very sweet though and I hope she fills your lives with happiness!
Oct 5, 2007 plantsforjenny
She looks like she's grinning a little in this one!
Oct 5, 2007 k9soul
Good lord, there's no getting any cuter than this pup. How can you stand it? ;) She'd melt a heart of stone. Beautiful puppy and what a wonderful friendship between her and pretty Chloe.
Oct 5, 2007 citydog
Awww. I love good doggie aunts and uncles. :)
Oct 5, 2007 stormdog
After a rough day of playing and eating, I end up like this too, Bridget! Wishing you many years of good health and love!!!!
Oct 5, 2007 doggielover80
they are soooo cute together. she's adorable!
Oct 5, 2007 Joe Fitz
All are lucky here. Beautiful pup, brilliant breed.
Oct 5, 2007 piobaire
Too many pictures, I wanna pick them ALL! She's so precious! This picture is just so sweet! I want to just cuddle her up in my arms and give her loving all day long! Many long years of doggy love to you both!
Oct 5, 2007 j000wxe
How very sweet. I love seeing Bridget and Choe together.
Oct 5, 2007 mbolan20
Bridget!!! You are so beautiful. I bet you are so silky and cuddly. Prettiest of your breed!
Oct 5, 2007 smithc1010
aussie pups are my favorite and this one is especially cute. Once you get an Aussie you'll never choose another dog breed except for maybe mini aussies. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy
Oct 5, 2007 guido's mama
I could gaze into Bridget's eyes all day long! What a sweet fluffy ball of pup pup love!! Thanks for sharing her with us.,
Oct 5, 2007 Lizanne
What a beautiful girl you have. Bridget is just adorable and hope you enjoy each other for years to come. :)

Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Oct 5, 2007 jilbean3
I love her!
I have a mini-aussie!
Oct 5, 2007 jilbean3
I love her!
I have a mini-aussie!
Oct 5, 2007 magnoliasmom
OMG! I am speechless. I couldn't pick a favorite picture because they are ALL my favorites. Your baby is just the most adorable puppy I have seen. You MUST be very proud of her. Enjoy your wonderful life with her :-)
Oct 5, 2007 sherae
I wanna rub it! aaaaahhhhh, chest pains!
Oct 5, 2007 thepupsmom
Sooooooo sweet! Every picture is adorable. 100 biscuits to you!
Oct 5, 2007 pomtzu
What a cute little freckle face. All the pics are great and it's hard to pick a favorite, but I like that look of concentration in her eyes in this one. Looks like she has zeroed in on something and has gone into a stalking mode.
Enjoy your new baby for many years.
Oct 5, 2007 Scribs
One of the cutest puppies around.
Oct 5, 2007 MDuran75
Oh my goodness, Bridget is so precious, sweet and adorable.
She is perfect.
I had a very hard time just picking one photo
all of them are amazing. Chloe is beautiful as well.
11 million biscuits to Bridget and also to Chloe.!!!
Oct 5, 2007 cyndersmama
love this picture with "auntie chloe" looking after her. What a wee darling she is (they both are!). Hundreds of biccys to each, and snuggles and tummy rubs galore! :)
Oct 5, 2007 tugey
What a beautiful puppy. She reminds me of Sis (the Dalmation/Lab mix that I had). She has those same eyes. She looks so cuddly. And, I chose this picture of her with her friend because we also had the brother Bro and he would lick her ears so much that they were soaking wet.. It was really hard to pic a favorite picture. She is definately 11 bones!
Oct 5, 2007 kryshia
how cute are the mom and pup! adorable!
Oct 5, 2007 franzie99
What an Angel! So much fun and so beautiful!
Oct 5, 2007 Bully'smom
Nothing says complete and total puppy trust like sleeping in this pose!! She is sooooo cute!
Oct 5, 2007 MissManda
Too cute! I love Aussies, they're so gorgeous.
Oct 5, 2007 SpencersMum

Bridget, you are a spectacular puppy!! Such intelligent, soulful eyes.

I know you'll have tons of fun exploring your world!!! :)
Oct 5, 2007 Magluyan
Sooo cute!
Oct 5, 2007 kukie
Bridget looks like a lovely girl! She is very pretty and has great colors...I really like her friend too!
Oct 5, 2007 Mom2Max
So sweet
Oct 5, 2007 chocopuppies
wow, what a cutie! You brighten my day!
Oct 5, 2007 Zoie's Daddy
I just love tummy pictures, it shows the trust they have.
Oct 5, 2007 LisaLisa
Your baby is so cute, I can't stand it!!! This is truly one of the most beautiful puppies I've ever seen. You are so lucky! Enjoy your baby and your other baby too. :-)
Oct 5, 2007 babydollp80
Everytime I check out the daily puppy I think I have seen the cutiest one. These is why God made puppies so adorable because you cannot resist taking one home. Enjoy you baby !!!!!!!!!!!! 100's of biscuits
Oct 5, 2007 bayley's mom
What a beautiful baby Bridget is! I (like others before me) love this picture because it shows just how comfortable she must be with you. I also like the ones with her Aunt Choe. Enjoy her!
Oct 5, 2007 sheltiemum
This is just a beutiful picture of your darling little girl. If the composition was by luck alone, boy did you nail it!! She is just adorable and Aunt Chloe is pretty cool, too!
Oct 5, 2007 joandshadow
What a beautiful puppy!!!! Take care of your baby, lots of kisses, hugs and walks. Thank you for sharing your pictures of your baby.
Oct 5, 2007 krisl73
Such a pretty baby puppy!
Oct 5, 2007 thepoetcalliope
Hooray for action shots!!!
Bridget is absolutely gorgeous, and so is her aunt. ;)
Oct 5, 2007 TriMom217
How gorgeous is Bridget! I'm a new Aussie Mom myself and I just can't get enough of these girls! All the biscuits for Bridget :)
Oct 6, 2007 tazjt
What a beautiful baby! And pretty Aunt Chloe, too!
Oct 6, 2007 Judi
What a sweetie!!
Oct 6, 2007 kwikwitz
I love Bridget's purple looks great against her milk chocolate fur! I hope her eyes remain such a beautiful green. Bridget you are simply gorgeous! Auntie Chloe is very pretty too...
Oct 6, 2007 lmsibs
Really captured her intelligent look with this photo. She really seems to be asking a question.
Oct 6, 2007 fro01
Oh My God, can a puppy get any cuter than this? i think not
Oct 6, 2007 fro01
Oct 6, 2007 KayS
"OK, what can I get into next?"

My goodness, what a beautiful pup she is. I just want to give that fuzzy little fur ball a squeeze!! She looks so soft and fluffy. What beautiful coloring and eyes!! Tons of biscuits, hugs and belly rubs for her.
Oct 6, 2007 debora
Bridget is the most beautiful puppy.....OMG. The pictures are divine. I'm speechless, what gorgeous eyes, expression and all that amazingly soft fur...... One million biscuits. I wish I coud have a doggie like Bridget. Wish all the most wonderful times together.
Oct 6, 2007 elvislover1
I love those Eyes!There so beautiful
Oct 6, 2007 Brytbryt116
She's precious! It was hard to pick a favorite picture...they're all amazing! Beautiful eyes. They go perfect with her brown fur.
Oct 6, 2007 theweezer
Oct 6, 2007 murphmuffin
She is such a sweet baby! I love all the pictures but the one with her aunt looking at her as she sleeps is so full of love. I wish you long and happy years with your little girl.
Oct 6, 2007 doggydorsey
What a cutie! So many great pictures. Have fun.
Oct 6, 2007 mash18020
Looks like your ready to take on the world, Little Miss Bridget. So adorable!!!!!!!! And Aunt Chloe is gorgeous!!! Just to let Bridgets mom and dad was VERY difficult picking a fave picture!!!!!
Oct 6, 2007 AussieLuv
Bridget's Mom & Dad here!
We just wanted to say thank you for all the great messages and love for our little pup today & yesterday! She is quite the firecracker that many of you predicted, so we know we're in for a fun ride. She is a VERY bright little girl - and she knows it. :-)
We are so happy to have brought her home and into our lives and appreciate all the compliments and well wishes from all of you so very much. Bridget sends barks and kisses! :-P

PS - Thank you for all the attention for Chloe, too. We love her very much and she is a big reason why we couldn't wait to add another Aussie girl to the family. She is a GREAT dog & we're so glad they get along well!
Oct 7, 2007 Mummm
What a sweetheart!
Oct 7, 2007 susannajon
What great pics! She is just gorgeous!!!
Oct 9, 2007 lotsapets
I was fortunate also to have been the owner of an Australian Shepherd in the have picked an excellent friend for part of your family !!
Oct 9, 2007 lotsapets
I was fortunate also to have been the owner of an Australian Shepherd in the have picked an excellent friend for part of your family !!
Oct 10, 2007 mollysmommy
What beautiful eyes and a wonderfully expressive face. She is just a little sweetheart. Wishing Bridget tons of love and lots of fun.
Oct 16, 2007 Mainegirl
Oh my God! This dog is beautiful! Bridget has such great eyes. A friend of mine has a dog like this one, her name is Silver, but this puppy is just precious! Take care. I love this site!!!!
Oct 16, 2007 Mainegirl
Oh my God! This dog is beautiful! Bridget has such great eyes. A friend of mine has a dog like this one, her name is Silver, but this puppy is just precious! Take care. I love this site!!!!
Oct 16, 2007 Mainegirl
Oh my God! This dog is beautiful! Bridget has such great eyes. A friend of mine has a dog like this one, her name is Silver, but this puppy is just precious! Take care. I love this site!!!!
Oct 16, 2007 Mainegirl
I guess we all like this precious pic of Bridget!!!
Oct 17, 2007 happypuppy
He looks very precious
Oct 23, 2007 pderoo1
she's absolutely beautiful... I've got 2 Aussies myself... I could easy have a hundred more... :)

p.s. can't pick a favorite photo... love them all! =-)
Jan 5, 2008 lfigel
Aw, Bridget is so cute, she looks so much like my doggie! Aussies rule.
Jul 23, 2008 love lab
man this dog is so adorable i think he is really cool
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