Brixa the Great Dane

Puppy Breed: Great Dane

Brixa's mom says: Meet Brixa, (Lieben Sie Fraulein Brixa, which means Love Miss Brixa in German), she is a Mantle Merle Great Dane, born on Nov. 15, 2007. She is a "plastic surgeon" or so she thinks.. I call her this b/c she is frequently doing open squeaky surgery on her stuffed animals.. there are not many toys that she can not and will not completely destroy within a matter of minutes.She's my little princess, I don't think you could quite possibly get as spoiled as she is.. soon she'll be my "big" princess though! With all of her little antics, it's hard to get angry with her over anything!! Including, but not limited too.. eating my Gucci shoes!! Even as a pup, she has already started to counter surf, which we Great Dane lovers are so very familiar with!! She sticks her monstrous paws on the counter, and sniffles around for whatever she can find! What a sight! When she's not doing that.. she's romping around outside, chasing bad guys and eating oranges.. what a life for Miss Brixa! :)