Brodie the English Springer Spaniel

Puppy Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Hi, my name is Brodie and I love to run! I wake up at 7 and run! Then I take a nap and run some more! My favorite toy is my squeaky ball, and I know it bothers my family, but I still squeak it. I love to play with my cousin, Breezy, also a springer. My family loves me so much. Sometimes I get so energized, I run around the house in circles for an hour. Then I take another nap. My favorite game is fetch, but sometimes I don't want to let go of the ball! I already know how to sit, give paw, lie down, go in the crate, and ring the bells to go outside. I'm looking forward to going to the beach and going kayaking with my daddy again. That was fun!