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Mar 8, 2007 daddy's girl
Mar 8, 2007 caraschotch
Awww--- that worried look and that lovely round puppy belly! I'd be wanting to kiss and cuddle Bucky (I don't think I could call him "Bucket!") all day long. I wonder how big he will get and what his temperament will be like? I've never heard of this breed either, and was glad to meet him!
Mar 8, 2007 mandykw
Pictures 3,4 and 5 killed me! His cute little puppy belly! And I love his name :)
Mar 8, 2007 greyhounds6
Never heard of this breed before. Looks like he is going to be a giant with the size of those feet. He is adorable . He has a cute little puppy belly.
Mar 8, 2007 Terry C
He is beautiful - and yes it is a breed, albeit it's the first I've heard of it.

Here is their Association's [url=http://www.thaidog.c om/atra/]website:[/url]
Mar 8, 2007 melwri0881
he is absolutely adorable. i love the pictures. how could anyone not love a face like that.
Mar 8, 2007 btpsmom
He is absolutely adorable!! What a face!! I love the belly pictures! Be sure to get good obedience training since he is growing to be a strong boy. The roughness at the dog park is because he wants to be alpha male... training helps that!!!
Mar 8, 2007 DKN
I can tell from looking at him that this dog is special. He has so much soul and intelligence in his eyes. As for the dog-aggression thing - if that's what you mean by bully - two words: puppy kindergarten. It'd probably be very helpful for you guys in that area. He's just exquisite!!
Mar 8, 2007 jmjmj57
He is simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 8, 2007 Kales4
Green is definitely his color! In some of the pics (especially #9) he kind of looks like a little kangaroo, which I think is just precious. Enjoy him!
Mar 8, 2007 snuggles19973
What a beautiful pup. How is he making out in the cold??? I know that they are warm climate dogs, never the less he is gorgeous. Huggs and Kisses for that cute nose and lots of belly rubs.
Mar 8, 2007 bucket
Bucket's mom here. thanks for all the wonderful comments! please vote many many biscuits (my boyfriend accidentally voted one biscuit and brought his score down!). to snuggle19973s: he loves the snow, but gets very cold, especially with the wind chill factor. and yes, btsmom and DKN, socialization is the key. we have been doing that since he was young. Be well everyone!
Mar 8, 2007 Taiyin
The third picture, with the inside-out ear, is just too adorable! Ditto the ones with him under the covers. Too irresistable!
Mar 8, 2007 dogsrule
What a wonderful expressive little pup.

He looks very intelligent and I can see he's got lots of personality. Love the folds of puppy fuzz.

11 biscuits for ya!
Mar 8, 2007 BrightRedScream
He's going to be a handful, so be prepared for the fun dominant dog stuff when he gets older ;) It's in their breed characteristics...
He's gorgeous though, and he's only the second one I've ever seen :) This being the first puppy I've ever seen <3
Mar 8, 2007 anna
pictures i LOVE: -bucket in his plaid bed, sweet belly exposed, paws curled. -bucket licking his paw. -bucket laying on his belly, one back leg bent, the otherleg jutting out just so... he is wonderful!!!
Mar 8, 2007 Mana
Hahaha, fat wrinkles! XD
Mar 8, 2007 spongebrooke
Oh.My.God. I LOVE Thai Ridgebacks! What a little pudge! Where'd you get him from? (if you don't mind me asking)
Mar 8, 2007 irishmarmalade
Ohmygosh, he is ridonkulous! What a precious face he has!
Mar 8, 2007 meowmeow
what a wrinkly little face! he looks so thoughtful and worried.
Mar 8, 2007 dpiccus
Or is that a Norwegian Ridgeback (like the dragon from Harry Potter).

Gotta love the belly.
Mar 8, 2007 YAKHODGE
I love him. I love him. I love him
11 biscuits
Mar 8, 2007 roxy101
WOW how adorable!!!!!!!!
Mar 8, 2007 kawauso
I've known about Thai Ridgebacks for along time, even since I saw a tv show on Animal Planet that featured one of these dogs. From what I read up upon them, they are a quite a new dog breed for the United States and they come in quite a varieties of colors for this breed. I really like the grey colored puppies. And I'm amazed that they look like little dragon-dogs (massive paws).
Mar 8, 2007 renee
He is so cute though!!!! I love his face. He has so much expression. The wrinkles!!!! Then the pic where you have him on your lap he looks so tiny. The pics with the green blanky make his coat pop!!! What a handsome little man. Please believe I know all about alpha dog syndrome in a short man. Good Luck with that. Puppy kindergarden won't get rid of that. Just like humans a dog is a dog is a dog. But he is too cute. I gave 11 biscuits.
Mar 8, 2007 jayla
Beautiful puppy... Love Him.
Mar 9, 2007 oahuwoman
Bucket is a sweetie! Look at those emotional peepers... the windows to his soul. One can easily tell he's so full of love and wonderment. I'd squeeze him squeeze him and love him LOVE him. Need a scale that goes to 11 Zillion biscuits!
Mar 9, 2007 liz
Ha, I thought he looked like a kangaroo in some of the pics, too. There's just nothing like big, round puppy belly. And the face full of wrinkles! He looks like he's made of velvet. Whew, I need oxygen. The cuteness has taken my breath away.
Mar 9, 2007 Ankhorite
ATTN BUCKET'S MOM: Wikipedia needs better illustrations of the Thai Ridgeback, especially a puppy shot like the first one of Bucket here on Daily Puppy: [url=http://en.wikipedia. org/wik...]here[/url]

or just contact me, using this name ATverizonDOTnet, if you are willing! :) He's sooooo handsome!
Mar 10, 2007 Mamasobuco
11 biscuit for this little cutie!!! Those ears are too much! :)
Mar 10, 2007 Myrriad
Cool dogs but not for everybody.
Mar 10, 2007 soshyviolet
I had a similar problem with my pitbull bullying BIGGER dogs. It started at about 9 mos. old. We were at a dogpark and a big mastiff tried to hump him and he turned and pinned the mastiff down and growled and snarled. I was totally embarrassed and taken back by his actions! I removed him IMMEDIATELY and I put him into obedience training so that he could socialize with other dogs. I also got him neutered, even though my boyfriend was against it. After 16 weeks of obedience and being neutered, Odin is a TOTALLY different dog! We didn't go to the dog park for about 4 months and I just recently gave him another chance. He no longer "steps up" to challenge! It's a miracle! I am sad that we had to neuter him because he's a gorgeous, purebred dog, but, it has bettered both of our lives. He loves the dog park and is now able to interact with even the biggest of dogs without a problem!

Bucket is sooo cute! I love ridgebacks, but have never seen this type. Gorgeous --- Best of luck to you in the future :)
Mar 10, 2007 soshyviolet
Oh by the way -- you can see Odin on The Daily Puppy! He was Grown UP Puppy of the Day on October 14th, 2006 :)
Mar 11, 2007 sontzi
the moment I saw Bucket, i just HAD TO look up his breed. What an impressive constitution! I fell in love! I come from Romania, where strong dogs and strong constitutions are the norm in a pet, so I think this might be a good breed for me and my husband. Until now we were focused on Akitas, but boy did this Ridgeback blow us out of the water! It is just magnificent!

As far as I could tell there is only one breeder in the US. Did you get your sweet Bucket in the US or in Thailand? I am blown away by the beauty of this breed. I would do anything to meet one in person. :)

Congrats on your gorgeous pup and please, if you can... give him a big kiss from his fan! :)
Mar 13, 2007 soshyviolet
Do people mistake him for a pitbull? His short fur and his ears make him look sorta like a pitbull.
Mar 14, 2007 ceejay413
oh posh, ears that flop the same direction are TOTALLY the in thing right now. who needs ears that lay down like normal. but mom, they totally ARE the new style!
11 biscuit-roos, my dear. he's too presh...
Mar 24, 2007 tinapuentes
What a wonderful baby!! I LOVE this breed! So loyal, gorgeous and intelligent. Not ruined by mass breeding by puppy millers. He is just perfect in every way! Thank you so much for sharing these great pictures of a very deserving breed!! 11 bones for BUCKET!!
Mar 28, 2007 iLOVEdawgs
His face is wrinkly!! Like an old man =]

I love OLD man

Haha I'm just kidding.
But your dog is KAY-OOOTE!! [cute]
Apr 11, 2007 naomimoore
Oh, he's so [b]CUTE[/b]!!! I love the wrinkly face look!
Apr 18, 2007 josieposey
HAHA I love Bucket for a dog name! I have a beagle named Bucket! It fits him to a T. Pretty pups, these Buckets.
Apr 29, 2007 ponytail78
I always wondered what a Thai Ridgeback looked like. Bucket is adorable. I had a Rhodesian Ridgeback for twelve years.
Jul 11, 2007 mstrendytresses
Adorable dog. Lovely pictures. Smooches to pooch! 11 biscuits as well!
Jul 29, 2007 sylvanbliss
Bucket, what are you so worried about? If I could, I would put a hand on each of your sides and give you such a wiggle! Loose puppy flesh, sweet! Watch it wiggle, watch it jiggle...oh, you want to go back to sleep? Sweet dreams, Bucket. No worries.
Aug 25, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
What a beautiful guy!!! He is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 25, 2007 Mummm
Wow what an unusual little guy! He's very handsome.
Oct 7, 2007 mling
He is adorable! I love his cute little ears and sweet eyes!
Nov 5, 2007 kayt
i love these dogs! i saw them everywhere in Thailand, my sister and i thought the were just mixed breeds, mixed with rhodesian ridgebacks, since they were strays. then i came across a breeder online and was surprised. their great lookin dogs, have fun with him =]
Nov 13, 2007 Bubbles
Too stinkin cute!!! What a joy to have. I agree with you completely a dog is a dog is a dog. Its about how the dog is raised/trained therefore the owner is responsible.
Aug 21, 2008 msh85
Feb 11, 2009 nickjfan4ever123
aww all the pics r so cute
Mar 4, 2009 tinacroatina
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