Monday, July 28, 2014
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Nov 16, 2012 DaveTheDog
"Ya know, the floor didn't look that far away when I was on it."
Nov 16, 2012 caraschotch
OMG--- he is SO adorable--- may I have him, please?!?
Nov 16, 2012 ebead
Call the authorities! No one is allowed to be THIS cute!!!
Nov 16, 2012 pirosred
Buddy is so absolutely the cutest puppy I have ever seen, you want to eat him up. Have a very good life with him.
Nov 16, 2012 paulinespuppy
I is usin my bestest weapon.. the 'puppy head tilt' gimme treats.. u knowz u cants resists me... Oh u can have all the treats, cuddles, kisses and bellyrubs u want, ur just the cutest little fella i've ever seen.. muaahhh!!!
Nov 16, 2012 champfouquet
What an absolute darling, just look at that expression! My heart has melted! I have a Cavalier King Charles who gives me the same intense stare. This is a wonderful cross.
Nov 16, 2012 elliel
What an adorable face! Would love to see his adult pictures!
Nov 16, 2012 randomearrings
Oh my goodness, Buddy really does look like a tiny miniature Boxer puppy, how adorable! He is absolutely beautiful and precious and I want him! Love you darling, hugs and kisses xx
Nov 16, 2012 The Raven
"Hey, did you call me a BOXer? Well, soon I will climb out of here and show you who is a BOXer!!!"
Nov 16, 2012 dogluvr857
Instant love with that adorable face!
Nov 16, 2012 veronica
wow, you are so cute and very adorable x
Nov 16, 2012 Puddi's Mum
Buddy is such a cute little baby i could just love him to bits....have a good life litte fella you are without a doubt a gorgeous baby......huggs and kiss's
Nov 16, 2012 Puddi's Mum
such a handsome little boy huggs sweet one xxx
Nov 16, 2012 swanruadha
You look just like an angelic brindle Boxer. Beautiful! And with un-cropped ears and tail-yeah!! Love that liuttle face.
Nov 16, 2012 julie55
So cute!!!
Nov 16, 2012 MuttMoments
I would like to find this under the tree on Christmas morning! What a doll!
Nov 16, 2012 2rescues
OMG! Buddy looks like a painting in this pic. What a beauty. Maybe the next perfect breed. You have a winner here!!!
Nov 16, 2012 pammy_sue
Who could resist that face? How precious.
Nov 16, 2012 ckendall
That precious face and beautiful eyes full of love and mischief just takes your breathe away!
OMG!!! I just love him!! I want one just like him!! What an adorable little face
Nov 16, 2012 daphne's mom
So cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles for Buddy!
Nov 16, 2012 sagerosiekirby
Our little Bella (rescued from the shelter as a five year old last year when her original family couldn't keep her any more) is a Boston Terrier/beagle mix. She looks just like Buddy! Accidents are great!
Nov 16, 2012 Cat Mom
Buddy I am melting over you - I think I'm in love! You are truly one CUTE puppy! Have an incredibly long and happy life, little one!
Nov 16, 2012 maxmoe
What an adorable little guy! Hard to choose a picture - happy long life to you!
Nov 16, 2012 tsuki's mom
Oh, Buddy! You have the cutest face ever. Hugs and kisses!
Nov 16, 2012 Mmmousemaid
Buddy looks like some dogs painted in the 18th Century. He is so good-looking.
Nov 16, 2012 Kylie&Ollie'sMom
Absolutely precious!
Nov 16, 2012 rotti lover
Buddy is just precious! No way something this cute could be an accident! Maybe a wonderful surprise...but no accident!
Nov 16, 2012 drakes' granny
Buddy looks and sounds like he will be a treasured friend forever. How cute with perfect markings and colors. And look in his eyes and melt your heart. Sweet!
Nov 16, 2012 catlover
You are such a sweety!!!
Nov 16, 2012 longislander
What an adorable little Buddy. I love the way he cocks his head, so cute. Those ears, that face, you just have to love him
Nov 16, 2012 Moore1953
I truly believe this is one of the cutest puppies I have seen. What a face!! Love him always
Nov 16, 2012 pelligrino
Buddy truly looks like a miniture Boxer! If he has a personality of one, you are all in for a fun time! Buddy, you are so adorable!
Nov 16, 2012 JeanineK
He is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
Nov 16, 2012 RTF
Now that is one adorable little dog! What a precious face!
Nov 16, 2012 poochies=love
I would give Buddy a million biscuits!! Such personality! With that little face he is puppy perfection in my book! No accident, either, but a happy surprise! You are going to have the best life together!! Blessings to Buddy and his loving family!
Nov 16, 2012 bluegigi
Accidents are AWESOME!!!
Nov 16, 2012 ssmmtm
Oh he is SO CUTE. Look at those huge paws.
Nov 16, 2012 dhb200u
Sooo very very cute..... Hope u have a great life.......
Nov 16, 2012 Learama
HI Buddy! You are such an adorable little pup! What are you doing in the box? :) Have a long happy and healthy life sweetie!
Nov 16, 2012 msmulkie
totally adorable!!! i want him!
Nov 16, 2012 val1308
Absolutely adorable!
Nov 16, 2012 nancybatt1
Buddy your are unique and oh so handsome!!! I love your markings and the beautiful expression on your face. Great dog!
Nov 16, 2012 buzzy
Absolutely adorable. I want one. So very cute.How could anyone ever say "no" to face like that.
Nov 16, 2012 mummm
Oh my goodness! Buddy is ADORABLE to the max!
Nov 16, 2012 imissjess
Amazingly cute puppy!
Nov 16, 2012 starslucky
Buddy you are great I though too you were a mini Boxer mix too.. I have a Cocker / King Charles Cavliver mix and i hope Buddy brings you as much joy as Matter has for us. Good Lucky Buddy.
Nov 16, 2012 monkeynbubba
OMG Very Handsome boy! Be Happy Buddy!
Nov 16, 2012 janet weir
What a darling little fellow!!!!!
Nov 16, 2012 chelsearosebud
A sweet sweet baby.
Nov 16, 2012 xxxx
If I were to dream of the most perfect adorable puppy you would be it. I am in love with your adorable boxer features. Millions of biscuits, belly rubs and kisses!
Nov 16, 2012 xxxx
You won my heart sweetie!
Nov 16, 2012 JanW
Buddy, you are truly an amazing accident! What beautiful coloring and wonderful big brown eyes! Have a great life, little one!
Nov 16, 2012 jolieavon
I think he's waiting for a kiss on that adorable mouth from ME!! Yes, I would Definitely do that... often, no doubt...!!
Nov 16, 2012 lucybee
You are the happiest,most gorgeous accident I've ever seen!!
Nov 16, 2012 Mike Harper
Buddy, You are not an accident. God designed you with perfection! Your parents are blessed to have such a wonderful puppy!!
Nov 16, 2012 Jakesmum53
Buddy you are so adorable! What a cutie! I know you bring great joy to your family and friends. Have a long and wonderful life! Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Nov 16, 2012 vorner
Darling Buddy, you are a precious little morsel! I hope you have a long, happy life and many wonderful adventures with your lucky family! XOXOXO
Nov 16, 2012 geeg
Awww...look at his perfect little socks! So cute!
Nov 16, 2012 laine
I have never posted a comment on this site but when I saw Buddy, well I just had to write. I have three Bostons that I love with all my heart but after seeing Buddy, I feel a strong need to add to my dog family. Congratulations on your precious boy. He's beautiful and looks like he has all the good attributes of Boston terriers.
Nov 16, 2012 amyliz
Buddy is not an accident...he is a happy suprise! Not to mention one of THE cutest, most adorable pups I have ever seen! Many happy and healthy years to your Buddy!
Nov 16, 2012 drinkie
Buddy you are adorable!
Nov 16, 2012 patrick58
Wow, what a cutie!
Nov 16, 2012 leepem
OMG what an adorable mix! my heart lept.
Nov 16, 2012 Chelsie
I want one too!!!! Those white paws! WOW
Nov 16, 2012 owhoami
Finally, a 'mistake' you can love! What a great combination you have in your little Buddy. We have a boxer and wish we could bundle him into something smaller - this is perfect! Many years of love, happiness and companionship to you all.
Nov 16, 2012 2chichis4me
you are so so so cute you are the cutest thing in the hole world i can not believe my eyes ooooooooooo your cute little guy i love you soooooooo much
Nov 16, 2012 waterwriter
Buddy was a wonderful accident, it becomes him very well. He does kind of look like a little boxer! He' a real cutie and deserves the loving forever home that he was adopted into!
Nov 16, 2012 virgilsmama
Buddy, who could ever not fall in love with you? You are about as cute as can be! Your name is a real favorite of mine and I love your great white socks, you are just adorable all over!
Nov 16, 2012 michelepat60
Oh dear - another cuteness overload - my heart can't take this - what a little honey ! Nobody could refuse that face anything!!! Lots of love from New Zealand.
Nov 16, 2012 piobaire
What a perfect little darling.
Nov 16, 2012 race27mom
Buddy would be so spoiled at my house. How could you not let him do whatever he wanted to do? He is adorable and I think he knows it!
Nov 16, 2012 SueA
Come on, he is too darn cute!!!!
Nov 16, 2012 cheryl.holmesjohnson.1
Awww you are cutest little "accident". I just want to eat you up!
Nov 16, 2012 nachoz
this is the most cutest mixed breed on daily puppy i have ever seen! im so glad u got thru! xxx
Nov 16, 2012 kathan
Buddy, your soulful eyes just melt my heart. You are so adorable and look like such a good boy! Are you an adoptable pup - I want you to be so happy with a family who loves you and you love back so much.
Nov 16, 2012 cece717
omg! he is so cute!!! :)
Nov 17, 2012 ILUVMYBubbah
He does look like a feather weight boxer!! So many kisses and treats to you Buddy! You are way too cute!! xoxoxooxo
Nov 17, 2012 RobinSpringer
Such a darling! My knees are melting again!
Nov 17, 2012 ECHOBLIZZ
SWEEEET!!! I want to pick this little munchkin up...ooooh so CUTE!
Nov 17, 2012 gretchie's_mom
You may have started a new breed, and just the right size for a small home/apt.
Nov 17, 2012 flutey48
I guess one person's 'accident' is another family's TREASURE... cutest little mistake I've seen in a very long time!
Nov 17, 2012 guerrero's grandma
Buddy is such a cutie pie... simply adorable! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you little big man!
Nov 17, 2012 iluvk9s
Buddy is such a cute baby!!!
Nov 17, 2012 bafern
Now how can a person pick just 1 picture when Buddy is so adorable. I want to choose them all. UI had a Boxer for many years and she was the best dog I ever had. She loved ever person and every dog. She never did a bad thing in her life with me and I was the 3rd owner and she started in Arizona then Nevada and I got her at 2 years old and brought her to California. I'm sure your Buddy is going to be just a sweetie. I love when you talk to them and they twist their head side ways to listen to you. Wishing you a long and happy life together.
Nov 17, 2012 wolfgirl66
Cuteness overload! All of adorable Buddy's pics are very sweet!
Nov 18, 2012 commonprosperity17
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Nov 20, 2012 plugy79
What an adorable little face. So sweet.
Nov 23, 2012 Abiglen
I've heard of Jack-in-the-box, but never Buddy-in-the-box :) ... Buddy is so cute...... oxoxox
Nov 16, 2013 Carlo2767
Where did you get this pup? Any breeders available?
Apr 21, 2014 nnightingale85
We have the same breed and I have never seen another before! Adorable :-)
Jul 3, 2014 /jessica.moreira.963
OMG do you have the name or any contact info about that breeder you got buddy from. My favorite dog of all time in a king Charles and my boyfriends is a Boston terrier, we are planning on getting a dog together within the next year or so and we are both so in love with your dog!
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