Captain Boots the Beagle Mix

Puppy Breed: Beagle / Toy Fox Terrier

Captain Boots loves to sniff, cuddle and play. When we first got her at 8 weeks old, she was the smallest puppy we had ever seen, weighing only 3 pounds. Now at 5 months old, she's growing up fast and is on her way to 15 pounds. We affectionately call her our bucket of trouble because if there is trouble to be had, she'll find it. She spends her days napping but if we're sleeping when she isn't, she enjoys acting like an alarm clock, climbing up on our heads in the morning and licking us until we wake up. At first, she was anxious about being outside but now she loves walks and playing in tall grass. She hasn't quite mastered how to roll over or heel just yet but she is very good at jumping through hoops--we're thinking about getting her a side job as a show dog. We're so glad that CB is part of our family!