Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Aug 27, 2007 Sweet Pumpkin
What a cutie~ I have a black pomeranian pup, and she has the same little beady eyes ;) I am sure she is as sweet as she looks in these pictures! Btw - Congratulations to her mommy & daddy~~
Aug 27, 2007 Kellybeth
So adorable! Bravo to you for rescuing her!
Aug 27, 2007 laceyirl
she is perfect. enjoy her :)
Aug 27, 2007 alldogsgotoheaven
She is an absolute darling. Her eyes are so beautiful. Can't wait to see what she looks like when she grows up!
Aug 27, 2007 belleandlola
What a beautiful puppy!
Aug 27, 2007 sylvanbliss
Kitty?'s Carmen!

So glad she's pulled through her rough start. We're wishing you a long, happy marriage and a long, healthy life for Carmen!
Aug 27, 2007 madziajk
Carmen is so sweet! It was so fortunate she was able to fight the virus, you are both lucky to have each other! Lots of wonderful years with Carmen!
Aug 27, 2007 PixieGal262
How on earth could someone give up such a sweet little baby? She is so friggin adorable, I just want to kiss her and give her lots of belly rubs. Congrats on your marriage and your new baby :) Give her lots of love and she'll give it back in spades.
Aug 27, 2007 PIPPIN
What a lucky little girl Carmen is to have you as parents and to survive that virus. How could you not love her she is just so precious looking. I too, thought she had a feline look about her in some photos as she looks so graceful. Love her eyes and alert ears. And congratulations mum and dad.
Aug 27, 2007 allgodscritters
Hello, Carmen, you sweet, beautiful baby! I am so glad that you and your Mom and Dad found each other :) The idea that someone would breed and discard a wonderful puppy like you is criminal. A pox upon them.
God bless you, Mom and Dad, for rescuing this very special little girl. May you have many, many years of joy, wonder and love together. What a great way to start your lives together. Congratulations all around!!
Aug 27, 2007 sandi
She is a delightfully adorable little critter! I would love to see a pic of her playing with the shepard mix :D. I just love her ears and her little white 'socks' and the white vest-- she is just perfect. I'm so glad she recovered and has a nice loving home. I hope you have many happy years with this little sweetness. I agree with slyvanbliss - she looks like a kitty from the back view standing walk or porch. :wink
Aug 27, 2007 FireHorse
What a perfect little darling. She is beautiful!
Aug 27, 2007 inmemoryofshelby
What a beautiful sweetheart! Thank you for rescuing this baby. I have 5 in my house that have been rescued and they all make my heart feel happy!

Hugs and kisses to Carmen
Aug 27, 2007 shibalover
What a cute baby! So glad that the virus has been overcome. I'm sure the breeder knew what dogs they crossed, but for the life of me, she sure appears to be a Shiba Inu cross, the telltale "milk dribble" on the chin - that disappears with maturity, the "urajiro" like coloring on the chest, the delightfully alert eyes, the curled tail, and how she curls the paw under while lying....a definite shiba trait. Read up on them...definetly the most catlike dog there ever was. My black and tan looked very similar as a pup, especially the milk chin.
http://puppydogweb.c om/gall... m/index...
I have listed two sites to see pics similar to your pup, including one from "The DAILY PUPPY"!
Aug 27, 2007 sue
what a cute puppy
Aug 27, 2007 puppyluvr
[color=purple] [b]CURIOUS CARMEN[/b] [/color]
Aug 27, 2007 greyhoundmommy
She is extremely adorable. Thanks so much for adopting this little angel. Rescuse dogs are the best. I hope she remains in great health.
Aug 27, 2007 OleBrumm
Bless you, little Carmen, bless you!
Aug 27, 2007 JaxMom
[color=pink]I can't stand the thought of her being discarded like trash because they didn't "like" her. There are some cruel people in this world, BUT more importantly there are more people like you who believe in these animals and rescue these darling babies. Carmen is just too sweet for words. She is my idea of the perfect puppy and how sweet that the two of you newly married have a new baby to play with. Carmen is a doll what ever her mix and you guys are all so luckly to be together. I'm so glad she is well and all of you are happy. Congratulations on your marriage and your new baby doll!!![/color]
Aug 27, 2007 more
Live a long and happy life! You deserve it. :)
Aug 27, 2007 tish
Carmen is beautiful and so are you!
Aug 27, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
so glad to carmen with a halter and not a collar. Bless you for saving her
Aug 27, 2007 Mummm
What a cute girl! Her story is so touching. Enjoy your nice young lady!
Aug 27, 2007 caseyanddavesmom
To all dog lovers and owners , love your dogs a lot. I lost my 11year old dog , Casey last night. He was and is the joy of my life. So, please love your dogs a little more today and maybe my dog casey will feel the love.
Aug 27, 2007 ceallaig
Carmen is a beauty, and I'm glad the breeder couldn't see it -- it means she went to a home where she is truly valued! Many years of happiness to her and her newly joined mom and dad!

caseyanddavesmom, condolences from all here! Many of us have been there ourselves, sending a friend to the Rainbow Bridge before we wanted to let them go. Know that Casey is strong and healthy now, and will be waiting for you when it's your turn to come across. And I know that my Sam will be happy to show him around the place -- he went to the Bridge three years ago, and I still miss him.
Aug 27, 2007 Sashasmommy
What a doll baby! Interesting cross, never heard of that one before. Thank you for rescuing him, he'll bring you much joy...
Aug 27, 2007 stinkerbelle1969
This picture shows just how content she must be. Enjoy her, she seems like a wonderful puppy and is very lucky to have you and it sounds like you are lucky to have her. What a rough start she had. I don't know how people can just reject these dogs like they are old rags. But it all worked for the best because you ended up with her. How lucky you must feel. Hugs, kisses and lotsa biscuits.
Aug 27, 2007 yujismom
carmen is the perfect wedding gift-many happy years together...thanks for rescuing!
Aug 27, 2007 Ozzy2975
Aug 27, 2007 zaussie
I love this pup!!! A mixed breed rescue will always steal my heart!! How lucky your little family is to have each other!!!
Aug 27, 2007 savon19
Wonderful that you rescued her! "Instant Baby!" for your wedded life. Many happy years together.

SO glad she beat that virus!!
Aug 27, 2007 Sarah520
What a wonderful story and a beautiful puppy. She fought her illness and now doing so well with a wonderful family like you. As the saying goes it was meant to be!
A gorgeous little girl-I wish you all many long years of happiness and fun with Carmen!
Aug 27, 2007 DogMom
Could Carmen be any cuter? I don't thinks so!!! This is such a cute little girl, I know you guys are going to have a great time with this little lady. What a beautiful face she has. Congrats on your new life together as a couple and as wonderful dog owners!!! Enjoy this lovely little baby doll!!!!
Aug 27, 2007 charliesdad
Cute pup! One of my co-workers has a ???/pom mix and I can see the pom in Princess now. SO glad she made it thru the virus to get on Daily Puppy. 11 biscuits!
Aug 27, 2007 FRITZY
Carmen is sweet!!! God bless you for rescuing her and then seeing her through the difficult time. I hope that the 3 of you share many loving memories, kisses (licks), and good times.
Aug 27, 2007 Mamasobuco
Awwww, what a cutie!
Aug 27, 2007 tazziesmom
She is a doll.. so glad she was found by a loving couple! Enjoy her she is a treasure
Aug 27, 2007 Terry C
Boston and Pom - what a cute mixture.

Two of my favorite breeds!

Carmen is so cute!
Aug 27, 2007 my_stoney_baby
how could anybody reject such a sweet face?!?!? congrats to you for adopting her, and I'm so glad she got over her virus. adorable! have many happy years together!
Aug 27, 2007 Terry C
Oh, yeah. There are that Boston Terrier "you can deny me nothing because I'm so adorable" look.

I get that all the time from my Boston Terrier.
Aug 27, 2007 bopeep
What great pictures of a great little pup. There is no doubt she is truly loved by her mom and dad.

To caseyanddavesmom - I truly understand the hurt involved in losing a beloved baby. May each day be a little easier for you.\

Hugs and kisses to all.
Aug 27, 2007 chultzee
My goodness! I totally agree that she looks remarkably like a shiba inu! How funny that the crossing of such breeds would result in that. She's absolutely darling:) I had a sweet boston terrier puppy in the spring who got very ill and did not make it, so I am overjoyed to hear your Carmen made it through:) She looks like the sweetest, prettiest little girl and I wish you all the love in the world!! Best to you little Carmen and your loving parents!!!
Aug 27, 2007 rozee9893
OMG!!! so cute! That;s so lucky that she lived! GIVE HER A MIllion kisses from me!
Aug 27, 2007 thetopazsmurf
What a sweet, sweet Funny Baby...I just want to give her buches of hugs and belly rubs..Thank you sooo much for sicking by her side..Many happy Years to ya!!!!P.S. Congrats on the marriage many happy years to ya for that too..hehe
Aug 27, 2007 pteet
I gave Carmen 11 biscuits, of course. Love her cute, funny face!
I also gave you all 11 biscuits for rescuing and taking such good care of your wonderful puppy!
Aug 27, 2007 pawspupraiser
My, is she a cutie! And what a face! I have never seen a dog that looked quite like her! She is certainly unique, in every way! Many snuggles are sent her way! Be sure to check out my pup Quincy, who is the Grown Up Puppy for today!
Aug 27, 2007 Cody's Mom
Carmen, such a sweet name for such a sweetie. Congratulations on your marriage and Carmen.

And to caseyanddaves mom, my Cody is there to welcome Casey and tell Casey it will be okay.
Aug 27, 2007 dogsrule
What a beautiful little puppikins! Bless you for adopting this little baby.

How could ANYONE reject a sweet pup like this? I am convinced that these hybrid breeders do no not know what they are doing and in the end are causing harm to animals by breeding them indiscriminately.

Please promote responsible breeding and adopt from shelters if you can. There are rescue organizations for every breed. So have a heart. :)
Aug 27, 2007 jessieandcompany
give her a gazillion hugs!! She is soooooooooooo precious!
Aug 27, 2007 roseyinflorida
Bless you for rescuing her. She will reward you over and over again for giving her a second chance in life. She's a sweetie pie!
Love the closeup picture of her.

Promote responsible breeding. Rescue whenever you can. There are so many puppies and adult dogs just waiting for you to help them.
Aug 27, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
what a beautiful little baby, i am so glad she is better, AND is in a great home...
Aug 27, 2007 puppypac
What a unique little cutie-pie! Many hugs and kisses her way. I won't say what I think about people dumping dogs like that, but I sure am glad that little Carmen has a wonderful home and that she is healthy and happy now.
Aug 27, 2007 shellyrini
If I didn't know better, I would think she was a kitty cat.
Sorry Carmen, don't want to offend you :). anyway, I am soooooo glad to hear you pulled through your ordeal. No pup should have to go through that. Poor baby. Thank God he pulled you through so you could be with your family who loves you so much.
You are a cutie Carmen. Best of luck
Aug 27, 2007 dogdays
What a sweetie! She looks so bright and alert. I second all the comments about responsible breeding and rescues, and condolences to all who have lost canine friends. A long and happy life together to Carmen's family!
Aug 27, 2007 jmjmj57
How could ANYONE reject this sweet thing! All the better for you and her! Enjoy!
Aug 27, 2007 rogersryanc
Possibly one of the cutest babies that I have ever seen... One of my babies is a Pomeranian/Jack Russell mix and I can see some similarities...Hooray for you going to the shelter to get you're new baby! Give him hugs and kisses for us all!
Aug 27, 2007 BeckersUNC
Oh my goodness, how can I pick just one photo? The inquisitive head-tilt elicits squeals of glee from yours truly, but it's the glimpse of ittle-bitty puppy toofies that really does me in. What a total cutiehead!
Aug 27, 2007 Fran
Carmen is a doll!!! You are great to rescue her and help her to get
well. She will bring you much love ands joy. hugs and kisses from Lily's mom
Aug 27, 2007 Desiderata
Aug 27, 2007 txmadre
Anyone can see in the pictures that Carmen is a very content and happy puppy. And with good reason! Two wonderful people were led to her and took care of her. She will give you more love, loyalty and enjoyment than you can imagine and it will all be totally unconditional. You are wonderful people.
Aug 27, 2007 twodogsthreecats
I never would have thought that a boston terrier x pom would be a good mix, but OH MY, how cute!! And so glad to hear she survived parvo (the virus you refer to, I presume). How great for Carmen - and you - that you were there to give her the care she needs to pull through such a terrible ordeal. Enjoy her!!
Aug 27, 2007 csbarker
She is even more adorable than I remember ~ thanks for rescuing her & being such awesome parents :)!

Kisses & hugs to "baby" Carmen from her former foster mom...
Aug 27, 2007 butlerandylolasmom
Hi! i recognize the shaved iv marks on her forearms and tummy...brings back memories of the time when my puppy was so sick (parvo) and had an IV...he's all better now though! and i'm so glad your sweet little lady is doing so much better too! Lots of love to Carmen!
Aug 27, 2007 gador
Carmen! what a beautiful little girl you are!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 27, 2007 doxiemommy83
Yea Carmen! Good for you you strong little girl- be good to your momm and daddy! mwah!
Aug 27, 2007 alldogsrule
What a cutie! Thank you for rescuing her, how could they reject such a sweetie. I am glad she is doing better. Kudos to you for taking such good care of her and 11 biscuits to Carmen.
Aug 27, 2007 tazjt
How gorgeous! I can't imagine anyone rejecting this little bundle of love!
Aug 27, 2007 Lizanne
Lots of biscuits to little Carmen. She is very lucky to have you as her parents. She seems to be very well now and we hope for many, many happy years together for all of you. :)

Cute little face!!!
Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Aug 27, 2007 DebbyD
What a beauty she is! Your first baby, and she is precious. Many happy healthy years to you and Carmen!
Aug 27, 2007 tamijohansen
She is a sweetie pie! Enjoy her :)
Aug 27, 2007 nash5081
Do you guy's have any idea how WONDERFUL you are???? Well let me tell you... There is a special place in heaven for folks like you! You saved this little babies life, without your love, she wouldn't have made it. You are my HERO'S! Congratulations on your marriage, and your first baby!!! She is so CUTE! Many, many, happy years together. 11 biscuits to sweetie-face Carmen.
Aug 27, 2007 guido's mama
Carmen is one lucky pup-pup to have such a wonderful mom and dad. What a giving way to start a new life with her - to see her through those tough times. Now, she will be forever bonded to you and your family for saving her and she will give nothing but love forever. Be happy, play hard and stay healthy. You are truly an inspirational little family. Kisses to Carmen.
Aug 27, 2007 guido's mama
By the way, those EYES.......just magnificient!
Aug 27, 2007 mom-lainie
How adorable. I think this pic shows just how tiny she is. She for sure has the heart of a tiger to be able to beat such a horable illness so early in life. Those "designer dog" hybrid breeders should be responsible for their "culls". At least pay for their upkeep at shelters/foster homes.
Aug 27, 2007 xthexjessx
too cute!
Aug 27, 2007 sams*mom
What a sweetheart! It sure sounds like she found a wonderful, loving home. She looks happy, bright, intelligent and content. Here's wishing you all a long, happy life together.
Aug 27, 2007 diane4pups
Carmen is a cutie. Nice of you to take care of her when she was sick.......enjoy your life with Carmen
Aug 27, 2007 kukie
Carmen is the best looking wee dog I have ever seen...I think this is a wonderful combo!!! I don't understand why anyone would 'reject' this wee dog!!! Lots of kisses and belly rubs for Carmen
Aug 27, 2007 jblake
A very very cute little puppy. What a wonderful thing you did rescuing her. I'd just like to mention that her breeders were probably puppy millers, who routinely discard or cull puppies, and frequently keep the parents in small wire cages for theier whole breeding lives. If you are buying a puppy from somewhere other than rescue, please insist on seeing the parents in person.
Aug 27, 2007 debora
What a sweet sweet darling. Her eyes are let you into her precious delightful soul....
Aug 27, 2007 Crazy4Chis
What a sweet face...... :)
Aug 27, 2007 piobaire
STOP IT with the pictures....I CAN'T CHOOSE JUST ONE!!! What a little dollface! I want to just scoop her up and love her. Obviously she gives kisses too, and I give one right back, plus a hundred biscuits. Thank you for rescuing such a sweet puppy.
Aug 27, 2007 kalvarad
You make it so hard to choose a favorite with all those great pics! :)
Stay strong Carmen, and mommy and daddy keep taking such good care of her!
Hugs and kisses for Carmen :D
Aug 27, 2007 periwink31
Aww, she has such a sincere face~too cute!! :)
Aug 27, 2007 saahikat
Wow, she's absolutly darling. Does she have any clue how beautiful she is? Congrats on you new puppy! :) ;) (&)
Aug 27, 2007 Jennb3
What soulful eyes you have!!! So glad you pulled through! Live life fully and enjoy your parents!!!
Aug 27, 2007 CO
Puppy nose! OMG can she be any more adorable!!! What a fabulous mix! I would love to find one! Thank the good Lord she pulled through and has you both to love her and give her a super happy life. Here's to many years of health, happiness and love with your little Carmen.
Aug 27, 2007 liz
Cutest puppy I've seen in a long time. I mean they're all cute, but she's special-cute!
Aug 27, 2007 Xabismom65
Well you know our Xabi is a boston and we just love this little Carmen. She is the business. Bless you for rescueing her and giving her a loving home. We love her boston markings with her pomeranian body features - what a great little mix you have there. Just too cute. Congratulations and all the best. Xabi's Mum
Aug 27, 2007 cyndersmama
how can someone look into those beautiful eyes and not fall truely, madly, and deeply in love!?! I do not understand treating animals as disposable just because they dont have the right look. Thank heavens you found her, and she has you to love. Wishing you many happy years together as a family.
Aug 27, 2007 caraschotch
I can't understand how anyone could reject such a sweet, loving little thing! Lucky for you, there are idiots in the world! I hope you have many many years of happiness with your Carmen...
Aug 27, 2007 elizzievb
Thanks for getting a shelter puppy!! What a beautiful little lucky baby! All the best always!
Aug 27, 2007 Pleca
Congratulations on your new family! Carmen stole my heart with her sweet face and soft eyes. I love her colors, she is a beautiful puppy and is going to be just as pretty as a full grown dog! Thank you for sharing her with us and proving once again that mixed breeds produce the most beautiful pups!!
Aug 27, 2007 sarallyn
wow, my friend has a pit bull/chihuahua mix and he looks a lot like yours!

what a cutie! have fun with her!
Aug 27, 2007 CheneyNuts
I've never seen a bostie mixed with something like a pom. What a cutie!
Aug 27, 2007 kbouscaren
I've never commented before but I just had to--Carmen is the first puppy I've seen who has pulled at my heart so much! She is the most adorable thing in the whole world, and your story is very touching. I am so pleased to see someone on this site getting a shelter puppy amongst all the purebreds. Rescue animals are the most rewarding thing ever. Dang, she's cute!!! Did I mention that she's cute and awesome? Yep.
Aug 27, 2007 KayJay
Oh, I love her! Eleventy-seven biscuits! Stay well, Carmenita.... and congrats to all on your new family.
Aug 27, 2007 LisaLisa
Sweet Carmen! I hope this little girl stays very, very healthy and happy too!!! She's lovely! :-)
Aug 27, 2007 windwalker
She is so beautiful..Yes what soulful eyes she has, so full of intelligence and love. You guys are so blessed. I have a male who could pass as a older litter mate. He is seven and his name is Goosie. 1000s of buscuits. woof, woof....
Aug 27, 2007 Oberon's Female
What a darling little angel! She is really unique looking and just totally captured my heart--what sweet people you are for hanging in there with her--so glad she is doing well! Kisses little Carmen!
Aug 27, 2007 Puppylove13
Such a cutie - and a wonderful way to start off your married life and her healthy one.....congrats to all 3 of you. Many happy years ahead!
Aug 27, 2007 lig921
What a darling Carmen is! I love the expressions on her face. Adorable
Aug 27, 2007 scobig
How disgusting that they would dump her in a shelter because she didnt turn out as they wanted, I dont know what they could have possibly been expecting and why they would be disappointed because she is BEAUTIFUL!

This is the way of the 'hybrid breeder' though, they are thoughtless people who needlessly add to the overpopulation problem and discard and sell them like they are objects with no value other than monetary. Ugh.

Bless you for saving her, you are so, so, lucky to have this little beauty! Kisses to you sweet Carmen!
Aug 27, 2007 yogibear17
[color=purple] Oh my god she is too cute! What a fighter! Feel better Carmen, and have fun![/color]
Aug 27, 2007 feismom
We have a BT member of our family and I know you are going to love being Carmen's family! What a great mix! Poms and BTs are both very smart pups so you might have your work cut out for you! :) Carmen is a lucky girl to have found someone to love her like she deserves! Many, many happy years with that sweetie pie!
Aug 27, 2007 pauleenm
What a beauty.
Aug 27, 2007 Woofins
Oh you are a cute lady.... Use those German genes to flirt! Those Boston eyes to flutter.
Aug 27, 2007 doxielover
What a sweet baby! Sometimes mixed breeds get the best of both parents. Thank you for taking such good care of this pup. I'm sure you'll be repaid many times over.
Aug 27, 2007 doxielover
Forgot to add my favorite picture.
Aug 27, 2007 dogglovr69420
Carmen, you are certainly one spicy meatball!! What a splendiferous little pup!! She is too cute for words, so I guess I will have to settle for biscuits!!

The verdict? Eleven!!! Enjoy your scrumptious rewards!!!!!
Aug 27, 2007 cloverdog
I am so glad that Carmen is ok! Good for you getting a pound puppy. I have had 3 shelter dogs of mixed breeds and they are always the best! Good luck with Carmen, hope she doesn't chew anything important!
Aug 27, 2007 VicBrunolover
Wow, wow, wow! I just love her! I have 2 Bostons & I see my youngest's face in her. I can't get over how precious she is! Bless you for saving her & giving her everything she deserves! I just gave my husband the "I want one" face! Best of luck to you & your beautiful little girl!
Aug 27, 2007 bibido123
so cute!
Aug 27, 2007 Yankee-7
Wow. What an absolutely beautiful puppy! :D
Aug 27, 2007 Yankee-7
Ps. I had to add, who's "KimmySue?" I thought the one who owned the site was Michael?
Aug 27, 2007 VW_729
A sure sweetheart!
Um, do you make her wear that harness all the time? I just ask because the way harnesses might push on her (as opposed to a collar) might be painful after awhile of wearing it.
Don't mean to offend!
Ps. A harness worn all teh time (same thing with collars) could cause moldiness - eww! - I'm not saying that you do this, but please, take into consideration!!
Aug 27, 2007 abbs687
cutest thing, cutest thing!!
she is an adorable dog!! even though we have 2 mini dachies, i still think that mix breeds are way better!! like the many that we have fostered, they have better tempers than im-bred dogs! they are ever so lovable no matter what they are thoguh!!!!
Aug 27, 2007 gretchenmoon
This is one of the cutest little faces I've ever seen! She is absolutely adorable. What a neat mixture of breeds! I love the photos of Carmen laying in the grass--she looks like she's in heaven!
Aug 27, 2007 LindainNC
YOU are so sweet for adopting her and taking car of her when she was ill. You deserve this sweet little baby.
Aug 27, 2007 mling
A million biscuits if i could! She is adorable!! I love her unexpected patches of white!
Aug 27, 2007 123erga
Carmen, Bravo to you for finding such wonderful parents. Here's to a wonderful life!
Aug 27, 2007 tambore
To say she's beautiful is an understatement. I see the terrier in Carmen......... those soulful eyes. Love that little white patch under her chin. Let's forget the externals though..... you took her in and she will never forget that...... bless you all and please, please give her a kiss for me immediately on that sweet little head of hers. On second though, make that two!
Aug 27, 2007 Judi
How could anyone in their right state of mind reject such a sweet soul?? God bless you for rescuring such a special puppy. Many years of joy & love.
Aug 27, 2007 postiemayer
What a cutie pie. No doubt she pulled thru because of your love for her. Believe me, they know. And her love for you can pull you thru a lot of things too. What a great wedding present. We got my sweet baby as our 1st anniversay gift and 14 years later our love just keeps growing, for all of us. Bless and keep you all. Would just love to cuddle this cute baby!!!
Aug 27, 2007 poohmama
Carmen you are a beautiful baby!! Congratulations on getting such a loving family. Many happy, healthy years to you and your family.
Aug 28, 2007 Chris Myers
What a cute puppy. Have lots of fun with her. I am glade she pulled through. She should have more than 11 biscuits.
Aug 28, 2007 lovemydogs
Congrats on your marriage and rescue of an ANGEL!! She is precious!! Best wishes to you all. 10 puppy cookies for Carmen!
Aug 28, 2007 boobeth420
She is just darling. If I could, I would take every unwanted animal and make them wanted. All they want is love. Good butt shot of Carmen.
Aug 28, 2007 boobeth420
She is just darling. If I could, I would take every unwanted animal and make them wanted. All they want is love. Good butt shot of Carmen.
Aug 28, 2007 raerae
So cute!! Lucky to have her :)
Aug 28, 2007 vedder242003
She is so cute and lovable! I know she had a rough start, but now her life seems perfect! Best wishes to your family. Millions of biscuits for her!
Aug 28, 2007 chucky_97
Very lovely!!!!!
Aug 28, 2007 JunieB
HA! I love this picture! What a great breed combo!
Aug 28, 2007 olgadabest
[color=blue]Carmen, you are so precious! Enjoy life with your new parents![/color]
Aug 28, 2007 woofwoof95
in this pic u see his best feature lol so cute
Aug 28, 2007 free2travelmom
What an interesting mix!! I just love all the pics! I'm "dogless" at the moment due to work commitments but as soon as I can I'll find the right pup. I tune in to "The Daily Puppy" each morning and drool! Thanks Carmen, you made my day!
Aug 28, 2007 vllybllstar
ooo i love nose pics they are so cute! carmen is such a sweetie and im glad that she is so happy! yay
Aug 28, 2007 desertrose
Bless you for seeing that this little one has a loving home and for making sure she was nursed back to health. Carmen is so precious. I'm sure she will return your love ten-fold.
Aug 28, 2007 bbba80
What a cute mix.
Aug 28, 2007 yoliesf
sooooooo cuuuuutteeeee. Thanks for saving her life!!!!
Aug 29, 2007 eharkins
You know, it's stories like this one that make me want to kick breeders where the sun doesn't shine. Yay for you! Saving puppies is the way to go. And what a cutie! Congratulations and best wishes.
Aug 29, 2007 lita
God bless the shelter pups and the Angels who save them.
Wishing you and your new family much happiness in the years to come.
Aug 29, 2007 kalvarad
"Hey! What is that you got there mommy? "
Aug 30, 2007 Loverboy's Mom
I am in love with this beautiful little sweetheart!!!! Thank you for sharing your pictures!!!!!
Aug 30, 2007 Aoife364
Absolutely adorable! I know she brings a lot of joy, fun and happiness into your lives.
Aug 30, 2007 Aoife364
Absolutely adorable! I know she brings a lot of joy, fun and happiness into your lives.
Aug 30, 2007 Angelpup77
[color=purple] she is soo cute, im happy she pulled through that virus but she is just so cute [/color]
Aug 31, 2007 pupisrule234
ick. but i still feel sorry for her
Aug 31, 2007 Clinch
They are all just so cute i like seeing the little bitty puppies thatare like this well bye bye!!!!!
Sep 3, 2007 straysavior
Too darn cute; she's so luck to have you!!
Sep 3, 2007 taglove18
Carmen looks like a curious dog!!! She is precious!
Sep 12, 2007 soshyviolet
what an interesting, adorable mix! great colorings
Sep 26, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
There are no words............I love mixed breeds!!!!!!!! They're so special.
Oct 14, 2007 mollysmommy
Carmen you are a sweet little girl, who is to cute for words. I'm glad that your mommy and daddy found you, and you found them. Lots of hugs, belly rubs, and cookies for the entire family.
Oct 25, 2007 caramel
carmen might be a mixed breed but i reckon she is pure cute
Oct 29, 2007 fro01
Nov 12, 2007 sandy davidson
thank you for adopting from a shelter.....she is lucky to have you, may both of you enjoy a long life together
Jun 29, 2008 vballplaya418
im getting a dog that is a pomeranian mix boston terrier and i have a feeling that it is going to turn out very similiar to this very cute dog...this is bc she has the same color pattern..I AM VERY EXCITED!!!! : )
Jul 5, 2009 moonbaby
Such a sweet face!
Feb 4, 2010 Steph89
I think I know what breed my Molly is now :) She looks alot like Carmen and has close to the same story we got her at a pound and she almost died on us too So glad they didnt :0
Apr 22, 2011 pelligrino
Carmen is adorable and she is also very lucky to have a forever home with you! If I saw that face every morning it would make my day!
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