Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Aug 26, 2006 Lynn
ZOMG!!!! What a beautiful baby!!!
Aug 26, 2006 Lin
that is one sweetie pie puppy girl...Cassidy Ann you are a lovebug!
Aug 26, 2006 Lovely Lady
Aw, I love Boxers. Very adorable face. And I love the name Cassidy.
Aug 26, 2006 Oaktown Girl
Aug 26, 2006 AdaBee
The 4th picture of her sleeping is precious! What a doll baby!
Aug 26, 2006 mgsc
Puppies sleep in the most awkward positions, but that makes for some great photos. What a beautiful little girl! Such character in that face.
Aug 26, 2006 Arian
Aww, she's lovely. Boxers are such pretty dogs :)
Aug 26, 2006 Charlie O
I want her. Adorable.
Aug 26, 2006 Cairo the boxer
Very cute! Boxers are the best. 11 bones for Cassidy.
Aug 26, 2006 Shizzle
Aw... boxer puppies are so cute. I love the no-cut ears
Aug 26, 2006 DogMom
she looks like an angel!
Aug 26, 2006 Terry C
I love "mooshy faced" breeds: Boston Terriers, Pugs, Pekingese, Boxers.....
Aug 26, 2006 gigilo
OMG that puppy is but ugly and needs help!!!
Aug 26, 2006 Shon
Cassidy is a beautiful Boxer baby. I hope you leave those ears floppy and natural.
Aug 26, 2006 Flake
She's darling. So sweet.
Aug 26, 2006 Maybealice
gorgeously wobbly-faced- enough to inspire jealousy in some who can't even spell their own adopted names, it seems! Let's hope she goes on to REALLY annoy people who hate dogs- maybe she'll try to sit on their laps!
Aug 26, 2006 Ellie
She has a very noble face. Wonderful dog!
Aug 26, 2006 Bonnie
Cassidy is too cute....if people hate dogs why did they come to this site? I hope a big dog licks your face and leaves it sloppy wet.....
Aug 26, 2006 Amber-s mom
What a sweet cute puppy. Please leave Cassidy's ears the way God has made them.
Aug 26, 2006 Suzy Fletcher
AAAAAAhhhhhhh Cassidy !
Aug 26, 2006 Dee
this is the breed i had for 32 years, i know them, and i love them
Aug 26, 2006 Cassidy-s Momma
Thank you for all the compliments about my baby. She is a great pup!! I don't really know what to say about THOSE nasty people.
Aug 26, 2006 ILoveMySchnauzer
Anyone who hates dogs, must not be right in the brain. They must be cat lovers-all those people are strange. Cassidy is a doll!
Aug 26, 2006
I hope her ears and tail will remain attached. Some nutty people cut them off ... just for fun, I guess.
Aug 27, 2006 hannah
i think cassidy is fantastic and her giant head in the first picture is adorable. i realize her head is not actually gigantic, but the perspective in the first photo makes it all the more tempting to reach out and pet her little wrinkly forehead.

and the people who hate dogs are not cat people.
if i had to say, i would call myself a cat person, but that doesn't stop me from mooning over every dog i see.
the people who hate dogs are idiots.
i realize there are trolls out there, but i'm astounded that they would consider insulting a puppy a valuable use of their time.
Aug 27, 2006 Proud Boxer Owner
Poor Cassidy! She has quite the drama going on here. I had a few nasty comments about my boxer pup on here too, but I'm sure you can attest with me that everywhere you go individuals are admiring your Cassidy. I cannot go anywhere without multiple people telling that my boxer is the cutest puppy they have ever seen. We know the truth Cassidy, your a cutie!
Aug 27, 2006 Shizzle
Don't feed the trolls and they'll go away. All puppies are adorable. This puppy is very adorable.
Aug 27, 2006 Cyndi
As a boxer owner I can say that Miss Cassidy is GORGEOUS. She looks healthy and happy too! 11 bones for this girl!
Aug 27, 2006 Dog Lover
How Adorable. What a cute little face.
Aug 27, 2006 Daisy-s human
Very very cute....please don't clip the ears, they are so big and floopy and cute!
Aug 28, 2006 Cairo the boxer
I know Cassidy we are very good friends. Her mommy feels her ears are very cute! And I know Cassidy will keep her velvety ears. She is a very cute pup and leads a happy and fun life.
Aug 28, 2006 jenniferlea
What an adorable pup! If people don't have anything nice to say, save your time and comments for the pups you do like please.
Aug 28, 2006 |]ogs-rock A.K.A dogs ROCK!cute!
ok, im going soorta both ways. im dog lover! but i like cats. not as much as dogs, but LIKE them i own two of them 'cuz mom wont let me have a dog, (awwwwwww) so, please dont say guys who like cats are dumb please, i still love dogs ! so cute! and i dont like the fact that he said cassty is ugly she is cute and i still LOVE dogs im not a cat lover im a dog lover i play with them all i can <3 (^(I)^)
U('O')U bark! bark!
-Emily riley
Aug 28, 2006 so cute!
right you are emily!
Aug 28, 2006 |]ogs-rock A.K.A dogs ROCK!cute!
thank you! good night!
Aug 28, 2006 SueK
LOL--imagine the loser who actually has to post that they dislike your DOG! That's so pathetic that it's actually amusing.
Cassidy is adorable. I'll bet she's soooo soft. Mmm, warm puppy . . .
Aug 28, 2006 Charlotte Smith
Cassidy is way cute. My aunt & uncle used to breed boxers, and I have great memories of playing with them!

As an aside, I find it amusing that someone who can't differentiate between "your" and "you're" would refer to someone else as an idiot...
Aug 28, 2006 Tami
She sure is a cutie! I just want to kiss that "wittle" face all over!
Aug 29, 2006 Bridget
I'm really ticked off by the people who come on here and are rude. Get a life!!!

This boxer is so cute! They are such a goofy breed and constantly make you laugh. My friend has a boxer and he is Great!
Aug 29, 2006 |]ogs-rock A.K.A dogs ROCK!cute!
if you dont like dogs dont come here if you dont like this dog dont add comments!
Aug 29, 2006 GinaM
What a beauty you are, Cassidy. I could spend my day watching you sleep. Boxers rule.
Aug 29, 2006 |]ogs-rock A.K.A dogs ROCK!cute!
yes they rule! wai! (japanease for yes!)
Aug 29, 2006 Ronnie
My boxer Angus is a 90 lbs. lap dog, so if you think Cassidy will break the habit...;)
Aug 30, 2006 Shanghai-s Mom
I'm with Ronnie on that one.. I have a 75lb Sharpei-Golden Retriever mix ( m/grown... )
and she LOVES to get right on top of my lap... THEY DON'T GROW OUT OF IT! HA But you just have to grin and bare the elbow in the rib and smile at their big beautiful faces! :) I love Boxers and she's JUST ADORABLE!!!
Sep 7, 2006 puppyluver
way so beautiful~lol but not joking!
Sep 8, 2006 Kevin
I don't see how anyone can dislike a boxer. Their face is so dopey looking that it makes them loveable.

Cute dog!
Sep 22, 2006 japanese spitz luver
for any one who hates boxers, I HAVE MY MIDDLE FINGER UP!!! AND I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 7, 2006 Casey & Megan
She is so Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 19, 2006 ~by sharla simpson on 10-19-06
awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! how cute i did have a boxer like this one it was a male and its name was sisco!! he was alot like this one very loveing and liked to play.>>>>>> keep up the good work of training her......
Nov 6, 2006 venee
how sweet is this pup!!!!
Nov 17, 2006 Neely K
Adorable! I was raised around Boxers and although have strayed to another alliance definitely lies with the boxers that raised me! Adorable pup!
May 24, 2007 bdfsfdsjkfdsjdfs
oh my goodness. this is by far the cutest dog i have ever seen. it reminds me of my boxer that just recently passed away from cancer. wow. i love boxers!
May 28, 2007 sandi
what a cutie pie- I love the 3rd for the last pic-- that face is so precious. I love those cute floppy ears. I'm sure she is a big dog now-- but these pics are just adorable
Jul 28, 2007 catmama16
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe so sweet and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 31, 2007 DogMom
What a pretty little puppy -- I am sure by now (12/07) she is a full grown and absolutely stunning girl. I know you miss that pointy boxer baby head -- too cute. Give your gorgeous girl (and her two legged sister) a new year hug from Houston.
Feb 11, 2008 GreenWave
How precious she is! I've had 3 boxers, and they are the neatest dogs! Enjoy your pretty girl!!!!

And all I'll say is that I feel so very, very sorry for people who've never had the pleasure of the unconditional love and devotion that dogs bring to us. I can't imagine life without them!!
Nov 1, 2008 georgia04
Baby Cassidy is GORGEOUS! 11 biscuits and counting for this angel. Give her lots of cuddles and belly rubs for me. :)
Dec 26, 2008 flat-coated retriever
awwww, that is an ADORABLE boxer puppy!!!!! have a tooon fun with her.....=]
May 9, 2009 tobyslattery
May 17, 2009 kendra blackie 08
She is really pretty!
Apr 27, 2010 pelligrino
Cassidy, all of this drama over such an adorable baby girl. I have had two boxers and know what wonderful pets they are! I hope you don't think she will get to big to sit in your lap, both of mine thought they were lap dogs their entire life. What a sweet face.
Oct 1, 2010 pelligrino
Cassidy is sweet and adorable. Take it fron one who know's, she will never think she is too big for your lap! I love that boxer face. Have a happy, loving and healthy life Cassidy!
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