Cedar the Small Munsterlander

Puppy Breed: Small Munsterlander

Hi, my name is Cedar. I'm a Small Munsterlander Pointer. A Small what? Most people haven't heard of my breed. I'm a German versatile hunting dog. I'm 11 weeks old and just recently arrived to my new family in South Dakota. They love me very much. I'm very sweet and love to explore. Swimming is a lot of fun and I would play all day if I could. My favorite toys are my hedgehog and chew rope. I have a huge backyard which I love and an outside kennel which has a big dog house. I love sleeping behind it instead of in it. I also can fall asleep to reggae music. For whatever reason, I find it very relaxing which my family really appreciates especially late at night. I love going for walks and meeting new people and dogs. Although right now I'm playing a lot, someday I'm going to be a great hunting dog and bring my master back lots of birds. I come from a great line of hunters and am already pointing! I can't wait to get out in the field!