Cessna the Australian Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd

My name is Cessna (named after the "Cessna" airplane since my human daddy is a pilot) and I have flown right into my owners' hearts! For starters, I have the most handsome dark blue-green eyes that get brighter in the sunlight. I am very outgoing and friendly, which is good since a lot of people stop me while I'm on my walk to say hi. I love to give them kisses and pose for them (they like taking pictures because of my eyes and fluffy fur). I am already practicing my herding skills even though there are no sheep in Charleston, South Carolina. I am going to be 50 pounds once I grow up, but for now I love to take naps underneath the coffee table instead of inside my crate but no one seems to mind too much. I'll have to find a bigger spot once I grow some more. I am very energetic and I like to go on brisk walks and chase my soccer ball around. I also love to lay on my back so I can get pet on my belly. I even get to go to the office with my new human mommy and have met so many new friends!