Chance the Australian Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd

Hi, my name is Chance. I live in Colorado. I love meeting new people and other dogs. Most of the time my bright blue eyes draw everybody in, but if they don't stop to see me, I chase them down or bark to let them know I am here. At home, I love playing with my older sister, Teegan, a 4-month-old kitten. I'm teaching her a thing or two about being a dog, like chewing on sticks. I like sitting on her because she makes funny meow noises when I do it. I also love playing with my two golden retriever cousins. They double team me, but it's okay because I think I'm fast enough to get away and they don't fit under small nooks! I'm learning lots of new tricks already and I've learned that I love swimming! If my human friends don't bring me to a creek or kiddie pool, my water bowl is just fine.