Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Mar 26, 2011 aznsroplayer
awww, so cute!!! many cuddles to charlie!
Mar 26, 2011 nonasid
What a sweetie. He looks as if he is going to be a very loyal friend.
Mar 26, 2011 swanruadha
That's a Labbie face, the distinctive ears and furrowed eyebrows. You didn't say how big he is now, but those are some BIG puppy paws! if he does have much Lab, he'll stay a puppy in his heart forever.
Mar 26, 2011 LePenguin
Troublemaker in training.
Mar 26, 2011 sandee
he's definitely a lab with either Ridgie or a Viszla in him. The darker color and the wrinkles give it away :) he's sooo cute! enjoy him, many happy/ healthy years together!
Mar 26, 2011 paulinespuppy
Oh My God im falling in love with those big sad puppy wonder he gets away with all that mischeief.. kisses, cuddles and lots of treats Charlie. Ur adorable. xxxxxxx
Mar 26, 2011 fellefsen
puppy dog eyes can u not hug this guy
Mar 26, 2011 Ladysjeefer
How lovely
Mar 26, 2011 jasper1
AWWWWW!! Look at the puppy belly!!! Oh, he is DARLING!! Soooo adorable!! I would never go to work!! What a doll!! Love you precious Charlie!!!
Mar 26, 2011 labsrule!
Oh, Charlie!! Those EYES!! You're KILLIN me!!! You are most DEFINTELY part lab - my absolute FAVE!!! Wish I cold give you a big ol' hug & kiss!!!
Mar 26, 2011 spunky
Charlie, you have won my heart!!! You have the most gorgeous face, & your eyes! I just love you! Lots of snackies & hugs for you!
Mar 26, 2011 cluvsdogs
he's so precious,cuddly, adorable. I love the sweet face and eyes. I love mixed brees.
Mar 26, 2011 princelover
Oh, what a sad face! Charlie is such a little cutie pie and I totally agree with the comment of troublemaker in training. He is a beautiful little guy and so very full of mischief. I bet there are not too many quiet moments for his lucky owners. Have a wonderful life of fun and frolic. little man.
Mar 26, 2011 guerrero's grandma
Such an adorable baby doll! I just wanna scoop you up & cuddle you all day long! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you big fella
Mar 26, 2011 elliel
Cute little guy. Thanks for adopting a mixed breed.
Mar 26, 2011 Ihave8cats
Cutest puppy pictures ever! So hard to choose just one! Thanks for sharing.
Mar 26, 2011 longislander
This face, those eyes, the floppy ears, I'm in love all over again. Charlie you kill me, you're so adorable. You would never be in trouble no matter what mischief you got into if it was up to me.
Mar 26, 2011 pelligrino
What a face, I can see how your heart melts everytime you look at her!
Mar 26, 2011 janet weir
Charlie is just adorable! Those eyes!!! I have a mixed breed at home that could be his brother! Mixed breeds are the best!
Mar 26, 2011 janet weir
Charlie is just adorable! Those eyes!!! I have a mixed breed at home that could be his brother! Mixed breeds are the best!
Mar 26, 2011 Goldenmom58
What an adorable little baby. I could just see myself rubbing that cute belly of yours. Charlie, I am simply elated that your humans brought you home. May you always be showered with love, affection and at least a million biscuits.
Mar 26, 2011 Mmmousemaid
Beautiful photo of an extra cute pup with puppy dog eyes. He looks like he'll grow up quite big.
Mar 26, 2011 Dogwalker49
So cute!! he looks like Clifford, The Big Red Dog!
Mar 26, 2011 capetown
sooo sweet boy!love his eyes!Adorable!
Mar 26, 2011 beckykristula
This looks like the sure sign of a dog who plays hard and crashes hard! Too cute! I just love your eyes and big puppy paws!
Mar 26, 2011 jolieavon
OK - does he PRACTICE to look that cute?? Those EYES melt you for sure...
Mar 26, 2011 MsJaxFla
What a beautiful, darling, baby boy!
Mar 26, 2011 gryt
Puppy belly in the house!! :) Xoxo
Mar 26, 2011 shortysax
What're you lookin' at? Hee hee...what a cutie! Judging by his paws, I'd say he's going to be a BIG boy. He is absolutely adorable though - mixed breeds are the greatest!
Mar 26, 2011 chelsearosebud
Charlie, there's an old Elton John - Kiki Dee song called: DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART! I think it was written with you in mind, for you are a heartbreaker in every wonderful manner possible! It's impossible to select just one photo of you ... you are just too adorable! Have a wonderful life, little one. Lots of Love from Colorado. XOXO
Mar 26, 2011 AnnM
Charlie is truly a sweetie....the picture of him in the plastic container reminded me of this Black Lab got his head underneath a little table, and it scared him.....he loves plastic bottles...they could have a contest in chewing them up! Charlie has a recessive gene too! There is Lab in him....he's too cute, and those eyes....
Mar 26, 2011 daphne's mom
What a sweet baby! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Charlie!
Mar 26, 2011 Lokismom4ever
Oh Charlie! What a lucky family you have because you will live your life with them! Many happy years to you, filled with lots of love and lots of toys!
Mar 26, 2011 gspmom
what a face!!!! who could not love that face?
Mar 26, 2011 WATERDOG
Charlie,you are an angel.The perfect example of a rambunctious, curious pup.Full speed one minute, fast asleep the next. Stay strong and healthy, Cheers!
Mar 26, 2011 caraschotch
I love everything about you, Charlie, from your worried forehead to your soft mouth and your big paws! Hope you have a wonderful life, Charlie! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Mar 26, 2011 bdadog
nothing much beats a sleepy, contented puppy.Beautiful!
So super adorable!! Looks just like our Millie :) xxxxx
Mar 26, 2011 amyliz
Charlie, you are almost unbearably cute, if that is possible! And do you consciously work those puppy dogs eyes to get what you want or get out of trouble? It would work on me!
Mar 26, 2011 John Wayne's Momma
What a cutie, he sits like my English Bulldog does. He has the most beautiful eyes. I can see him saying "I didn't do it" and you believing it.
Mar 26, 2011 John Wayne's Momma
No words for this! absolutely the cutest ever!
Mar 26, 2011 lucybee
Charlie,Charlie,I love every one of your pictures,but this one of you shielding your toy with an ear blanket really caught me.You are an adorable boy and I wish you many long years of happy mischief making!
Mar 26, 2011 jtywong
this is too cute!
Mar 26, 2011 PWD Shower
Uh, mama? My face got stuck in your pasta salad...again.
Mar 26, 2011 joolie boolie
Very hard to choose a picture, they are all so gorgeous. As soon as I saw the first pic my heart melted, what a gorgeous boy! But this pic made me laugh out loud as this is a pose our Tibetan Terrier, Joey, is often found in! He also loves containers and we can track him down by the sound of the crunching of a plastic bottle! Have a wonderful life with Charlie. He looks like a real bundle of joy!!
Mar 26, 2011 Nias Mom
Charlie is adorable!! Wish you a lifetime of happiness!!! Sweet puppy!!
Mar 26, 2011 Pupeluv
Oh, boy! Mischief 'til about 3 yrs.! "Hang in there " with him because w/ that sweet face and his "soft" eyes, your Charlie should develop into a wonderful, loyal, forever friend. He's a real charmer! :-)
Mar 26, 2011 goldenlover
Award: Cutest of the Year !! Sounds like a great, happy, and real dog!
Mar 26, 2011 mushermaggie
Oh, my--another soulful puppy. He's gorgeous! Kudos to you for opening your home & hearts to him!
Mar 26, 2011 patlynn
How adorable! Charlie is definitely a cutie.
Mar 26, 2011 cherokeewoman
I fell in love just looking at these pics....your person is very blessed! lots of love and treats fella...
Mar 26, 2011 layfenci
OMG! Look at that face! How can you not give him anything he wants? Much happiness with you new pup!
Mar 26, 2011 jmccord2
OMG, All of your pictures are absolutely adorable! How could anyone resist such a little sweetheart with that cute little puppy belly,sideways sit and those big puppy paws? Can you come stay with me? I can see why your Mom and Dad love you so much! Have a long and happy life, you handsome boy.
Mar 26, 2011 mollyG
That face!!!! Too cute
Mar 26, 2011 allmyshelties
Wow Charlie, our people have no chance. You will surely be forgiven any mischief with that wrinkly forehead and puppy dog eyes. What a lucky family you have. They get to share life with you!
Mar 26, 2011 madelynk
Awww, Charlie is a cutie!!!
Mar 26, 2011 bluegigi
Look at that cute puppy belly!!!!! He's adorable - could get anything he wants from me!
Mar 26, 2011 AshRose How could you say no to this?! I would give this baby ANYTHING he wanted crying buckets of tears while doing it. Then poor Charlie would be forced to lick my tear-stained face still looking like that and making me cry harder. It would be a vicious cycle of adorableness.
Mar 26, 2011 3pups1kit
can't stand it---must comment...too adorable for words!
Mar 26, 2011 3pups1kit
can't stand it--must comment #2..."ummm...whadddaya mean, I wasn't supposed to eat the potato salad?"
Mar 26, 2011 3pups1kit
can't stand it--must comment #3..."Well, being a professional mischief maker, perpetual motion machine & cuteness overload carrier is HARD work! I have got to recharge my batteries to prepare for my next victims..."
Mar 26, 2011 nevar
he is sooo cute! He's like, "What are you looking at? Like you never got your face stuck in a cup!" Give him lots of pats a cookies!
Mar 26, 2011 Rio
Look at this face, all the photos are adorable,you definately have a keeper there.Enjoy!
Mar 26, 2011 Coinshop
Oh boy, Charlie is so cute.
Mar 26, 2011 blueeyes43
You are so cute!
Mar 26, 2011 vdavisson
What a total cutie! It would be hard to be upset with this little guy even if he got into mischief. Look at those sad puppy dog eyes!! Many romps, snuggles, dog cookies and learning tricks for you Charlie!
Mar 26, 2011 pandrews-4
What a handsome guy! So hard to choose just one pic because they are all absolutely adorable. This one is so sweet with his puppy belly! Makes me just swoon! Have a great & fun-filled life with this boy!
Mar 26, 2011 vdavisson
My mixed breed lab-terrier (thank you Central California SPCA!!) Makana loves to grab plastic of any kind - water bottles, milk jugs, cups, etc. and run away with them. She's 3 now and still has those sad puppy dog eyes. Mixed breed dogs are so wonderful!! Thank you for adopting a shelter pet!
Mar 26, 2011 tobiasr2
oh my gosh, how precious! what a cutie!!!
Mar 26, 2011 cprisk
Who? Me? Cutie pie!
Mar 26, 2011 SamJade
Charlie, you have to be the one of the cutest puppies i have ever seen! loads of biscuits and hugs!!
Mar 26, 2011 SamJade
tooo cutee
Mar 26, 2011 kaycesmom
what a cutie
Mar 26, 2011 coonhoundmama
What a handsome boy you are. Beautiful red silky coat. You have to practice smiling sweetie. I think you smile for your people though. I bet you and Sandi have fun. Thanks to your family for taking you into their home and hearts. Many happy healthy years ahead for everyone. Treats and tummy rubs for Charlie and Sandi.
Mar 26, 2011 memberume
Looks like Charlie has some Lab in him. Awesome color and cute little white spot. May he have a long healthy and happy life with his new human family. Yahoo! to Charlie for finding his forever home :)
Mar 26, 2011 lizanne
OMG, Charlie, You are way beyond "Daily Puppy." You are priceless and the sweetest little guy on the planet. All your photos are excellent, those eyes, and the whole ball of wax, but these puppy legs, and adorable puppy toes got to me, and I love your beautiful eyes. OK, you get the picture. All the best with your new puppy. He is a Keeper~! Hugs and belly rubs from Elizabeth and Mini A Cooper in NY~
Mar 26, 2011 virgilsmama
This little Charlie is as cute as can be with his puppy dog eyes and cute little baby wrinkles---what a love!! Best of life to all of you.
Mar 26, 2011 ssmmtm
There is absolutely no way I could say no to this face, the eyes, the paws, the little tummy that would have to be rubbed. This kind of cute is really hard on a person. Totally irresistable. There aren't enough biscuits in the world for Charlie.
Mar 26, 2011 drakes' granny
Yup, it's in the heart is melted. Charlie can have anything he wants. You want more treats Charlie...they are yours!!!
Mar 26, 2011 w102663
Charlie Noodles has a precious little face. :) ox ox ox
Mar 26, 2011 gail koup
Charlie you are so hansome! What gorgeous baby seal eyes! I am sure you bring a lot of joy to your family! I am so glad you have a loving forever home! Loads of lovve and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Mar 26, 2011 malawi
Charlie! Are you thirsty? Just adorable
Mar 26, 2011 Scamp's Grammy
Charlie, you are one adorable pup! Love the color of your coat and the way you curl up your toes when you nap. I can tell you don't get into much trouble when you do a no-no, but with a sweet face like you have more power to ya. Cuddles and treats from Scamp's Grammy.
Mar 26, 2011 hannahbanana99
ahahaha this pic is so cute and funny! it made my day!
Mar 26, 2011 Corky'smum
You little beauty Charlie. Love the 'sideways sit' in the last shot. :)
Mar 26, 2011 molly's mom
Charlie is one sweet puppy!!!!Have fun.......
Mar 26, 2011 shortyww22
charlie,you have a good name as I have a kitty named charlie as have a very sweet face and a Beautiful Red coat kinda remind me of my chow mix chance when he was a maybe mixed with red lab and chow or redbone coonhound.whatever the mix we already know you sure are a cutie.hope you have a long happy life with you're family.Big kisses n hugs sweetie.Added to my faves list.
Mar 26, 2011 mattysmom
Charlie boy you are sooo cute! Love the white patch on your chest. And dont get me going on those puppy eyes! Adorable :)
Mar 26, 2011 luvrescuelabs
Charlie is absolutely adorable. Resisting those eyes would be difficult. That puppy belly is just waiting to get rubs. Many happy years with this lovable pup. Kudos for rescuing him.
Mar 26, 2011 fritzthebiz
With those eyes he can have anything he wants.
Mar 26, 2011 pupfanatic
Charlie, your expression in this pic makes me want to write you a million dollar check. It would bounce, of course, but you get the idea. How cute can you be!!! Of course you get anything you want!
Mar 26, 2011 The Raven
Charlie, what a darling puppy photo. You are so cute and you have such an expressive face. You family just loves you and so do I. A long and happy and healthy life to you, Puppy-boy!!!
Mar 26, 2011 gem1945
Charlie, what an adorable puppy you are. Have a wonderful live!! All the best from our critter gang and me xxxxoooo
Mar 26, 2011 Candy&Chloe's mom
Charlie, like Poe yesterday, it's all about those gorgeous soulful eyes! He would have his way with me, I'm a sap for those eyes and as smart as he is, he'd have me trained in no time. Charlie really is one fine, handsome boy.
Mar 26, 2011 Averydka
So cute!!! Look at those eyes!!!
Mar 26, 2011 airedale49
I love the name, Charlie! Look at that adorable expression!!!
Mar 26, 2011 monkeynbubba
Mar 26, 2011 Rio
Nothing in the world is cuter than Charlie!!!
Mar 26, 2011 saintbernardhouse
Those sad eyes are breaking my heart!
Mar 26, 2011 Jose
Charlie your a silly dog and a cute one I hope that you have a great life with lot's of love and kisses.
Mar 26, 2011 coriebe
Charlie, you are such a cutie! Many buscuits for you. :)
Mar 26, 2011 poochies=love
Little pink belly! What a sweet baby Charlie is! Sounds like he is quite a scamp :) Enjoy your life together!
Mar 26, 2011 mkesj
Just seriously cute. Go Charlie, you are one handsome fellow.
Mar 26, 2011 lotsapets
You are SOOOOO cute, I wish you were mine.............but how fortunate your family is to have you in their lives !!!
Mar 26, 2011 lynetz2
charlie! look at your beautiful eyes - i would just melt all day with you, little guy! happy days and lots of love and kisses from your new forever family!
Mar 26, 2011 pirosred
What a great picture, never saw one like this. Charlie is a doll, have a very good life with him.
Mar 26, 2011 kodaono
Mar 26, 2011 iluvk9s
Charlie is sooo adorable!!! Endless kisses, hugs and cookies!
Mar 27, 2011 DebforNow
such a sweet, soulful face. I want to melt!
Mar 27, 2011 amykeelinglovesdogs
how cute
Mar 27, 2011 Bru-Tay
Yay for mixed breeds!! They're like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get. He's just adorable.
Mar 27, 2011 pleaseadopt
His breed. He definitely looks like a purebred CUTIE to me!
Mar 27, 2011 Horsefreak16
OMG OMG OMG the cutest puppy I have EVER seen you look very peaceful Charlie,
Mar 27, 2011 Hollyberrie
he looks identical to my dog when she was a pup ,the same white marking on the chest and the same shade of tan!
Mar 27, 2011 clemency
So absolutely adorable!!! Charlie is so handsome--I love his beautiful red fur!
Mar 27, 2011 Pupeluv
What an endearing face! So-o precious! Have lots of fun times w/ your Charlie. :-)
Mar 27, 2011 ruthie
You are wonderfully handsome, Charlie~~really beautiful boy!! Wishing you a long happy, healthy life filled with lots of fun and lots more love! ;D
Mar 27, 2011 gmhendershot
I would not be able to resist this face! So sweet! Many hugs and kisses and happy years together!
Mar 27, 2011 wolfgirl66
All of ADORABLE Charlie's pictures are totally sweet!
Mar 28, 2011 Puppy Power
Charlie, I looked into your eyes and my heart has indeed melted! xoxoxo Sweet Boy and your such a pretty shade of brown!
Mar 28, 2011 puppy_mama
This is a face that EVERYONE can love!!! Cuddles and kisses, Enjoy your wonderful and sweet baby
Mar 28, 2011 tinoll
The cutest little puppy I have seen in a long time! So sweet too.
Mar 28, 2011 gouldkb
Charlie you are a cutie! You look a lot like lab, and I love your color - maybe a little Visla too?
Mar 28, 2011 Kelsey's mom
cute cute CUTE! Would love to hug Charlie and rub that sweet soft little puppy belly. What a doll. Enjoy him ~
Mar 28, 2011 BeautyLover
I am SO in love!!!!!
Mar 28, 2011 twinkie
u were right his eyes are so pretty they will absolutely melt your heart
Mar 29, 2011 meichler
Your pup looks just like mine when she was a puppy! Ours is a redbone coonhound mix. http://www.
Mar 29, 2011 piobaire
Oh boy. Those eyes. This baby is going to get pretty much anything he wants with those sad looking eyes. He's probably already a master at it. What a cutie!
Mar 30, 2011 MsJaxFla
Why such a sad face? Did mommy tell you to calm down? Well, you can run again as soon as she turns her head.... ready, set, go!
Mar 31, 2011 Grusinskaya
Charlie, you remind me so much of my doggie! I adopted her when she was 3 years old so I don't know what she looked like as a puppy, but seeing your photo gives me an idea and brings tears to my eyes!
Apr 27, 2011 chica222
awww lolz sooo cute!
Jun 15, 2014 /MustangBroncoXLT
Looks like my 2 Lab/Redbone Coonhounds mix. Funny energetic dogs. All they want to do is love on you.
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