Charlotte And Putt Putt the Adoptable Puppies

Puppy Breed: Terrier

Charlotte is a precious 12-week-old, small terrier mix puppy. Per her foster mom: If you are seeking a fun loving, playful companion, look no further. Charlotte is a little firecracker! She has such a huge personality, stuffed into a cute little body. She is curious, fearless, and always ready to go. She is an accomplished runner, gardener, and cleaning assistant. She will also keep other dogs fully exercised, by playing chase and wrestling (even though they are five times her size). Once she becomes attached to her person, you can not go anywhere without her by your side. If you have an active lifestyle, Charlotte would be so happy to share it with you!
Putt Putt is a five-month-old Glen of Imaal Terrier mix. As we were getting a German Shepherd at the shelter, we passed by his cage, and then went back because we couldn't say no to his pleading big, brown eyes. This little guy is a furry ball of cuteness. He's fun, playful, loves tennis balls, and is good with other dogs. In fact, at his first adoption event, he met some of our "big dogs" and he wasn't even intimidated. He's quiet and is not a barker. He loves car rides and quietly sits in the back. He appears to be housebroken. Behind-the-ear rubs are his favorite but he mostly just likes to be near you or on you giving you gentle kisses. If interested, please visit (Southern California residents only please.)