Chaun the Wolfhound/Labrador

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Chaun says: "My name is Chaun, as in leprechaun. I was one of nine pups born to a couple in Georgia. I am part Labrador (my mom) and part Irish wolfhound (my dad). Because there were so many large mouths to feed I was given up for adoption. My siblings and I were first sent north to Indian Creek Sanctuary in Michigan. Diane and some other great folks took us to the doctor where we were shot (ow), altered (ow ow), and I had a turned in eyelid that was repaired (OUCH!!!). They made me wear a funny cone for a couple of weeks. That thing held food and water in it pretty good until I finally broke it. My brothers and sister were quickly adopted by people from New England to California. I was adopted by a family from Ohio. We are a family of seven. There are four humans, a Siamese cat, a five-pound Chorkie, and little old me. This place is great, a big lot to roam around on, plenty of food and water, and a gazillion chewies. I have my own crib (crate) that has soft carpeting (a blanket). Life is grrrreat!"