Chevy the Border Collie Mix

Puppy Breed: Border Collie / Siberian Husky

My name is Chevy. I get called Chevrolet when I'm not listening, which isn't very often. My mommy says I'm a very good girl and I listen very well. I love my duck and I love playing soccer. My mommy takes me four times a day to play soccer and I go for two big walks which I enjoy because I get to see my friend Tucker. My other friend's name is Kota and he is huge. He is my best friend and we get to play together every week. When my mom tells me he is coming over I go crazy running from the front window to the back door looking for him. Since I'm getting older my mom has started letting me sleep in her bed with her and I'm such a good girl, I cuddle up next to my mom and share her pillow with her but she doesn't mind because she loves me so much. I also snore and it's pretty funny but very cute.