Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Feb 2, 2006 jessica
oh my gosh! what a sweet little angel!! really don't you ever wonder if dogs are really of this world??
Feb 2, 2006 Jiffy-s Mom
Aw, Chulee! How precious, and a do-gooder, too!
Feb 2, 2006 almostbirthdaygirl
amazing little pookie-wookie!
Feb 2, 2006 cutesy
Come on people out there, give this puppy 11 biscuits!!
Feb 2, 2006 beagle girl
i will! how cute!
Feb 2, 2006 Christin
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW i love all the pics she is soooooooooo cute compared to my dog he is way behind this little doggie!
Feb 2, 2006 brittany
so precious
Feb 2, 2006 puppyluver
AWWWWWWWWWWW 11 biscuts all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 2, 2006 Emily
yea!!! this puppy SHOULD have 11 biscuits. it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooo adorable. that's the most precious dog i've ever seen
Feb 2, 2006 Bubba & Daffy-s mom
Aren't Maltese the best? I love mine. Chulee is adorable - she has personality plus! 11 biscuits!
Feb 3, 2006 Chulee-s mom
Chulee says "thanks and woof" for all the nice comments. She'll be up at the Habitat house this Saturday carrying things around as usual and celebrating the completion of her first home build.
Feb 3, 2006 Braun -Ohana
Chulee rocks!
Feb 3, 2006 chulee fan club
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i want him!!
Feb 3, 2006 Abby
cute dog!
Feb 3, 2006 Steve from New England
A face the world could LOVE!!!!!!
Feb 3, 2006 Betty from Alaska
A wonder dog who has great parents! Definitely 11 biscuits
Feb 3, 2006 Melody from Maui
I love Chulee! She is so beautiful but that doesnt keep her from having fun and being tough; not too princessy. She's a Maui princess. Definetely an 11.
Feb 3, 2006 Brian and Sue from Wailea, Maui
Chulee makes me smile! She is adorable and having met her in "person" she really is a sewwtheart! I love her first haircut photo and the car ride the best! Mahalo for sharing with the world!We gave her 11!
Feb 5, 2006 gaz maui
Chulee takes after her mum can look cute and clean
one moment yet is fearless when it comes to getting
grubby and mucky . A very happy dog who gets and gives lots of love . 11 no problem .
Mar 1, 2006 karlie
precious & adorable!
May 29, 2006 libby and maddy
ahhh she's so adorable
Jun 6, 2006 Lady Mary-s Mom
How cute!! She's absolutely adorable.
Aug 20, 2006
LOL look how dirty you get! My mom wont even let her Maltese outside heehee.
Sep 26, 2006 hotansexy18
that is the cutiest puppie i have ever seen
Oct 5, 2006 pupELuver
I can't wait till I get my very own Maltese!!! I can put a lil bow in her hair!!! she'll be just as cute as that one....hopefully.
Oct 7, 2006 Krysia
She's like a totally different dog when she's cleaned up! Haha. ;)
Oct 12, 2006 Mookie
This dog is very magnificant!
Nov 3, 2006 By Butchies Mom
-> This Pup is a cutie for sure!
Nov 27, 2006 dogLOVER
Totally adorable!!!!!!!!!
Mar 28, 2007 iLOVEdawgs
I have a Maltese.

He is wayy cuter.

and he gets baths.

which is something, your dog, desperately NEEDS.


I'll buy you a bathtub.

to wash your dog.


Apr 4, 2007 maverick78
This is in refrence to the last two comments before mine, my mother always said that when you don't have anything good to say, it's best not to say anything at all. Insulting that innocent pup and it's owner not only display a lack of maturity and consideration for others, but disrespect for a loving animal whose only goal is to love and be loved.

If you don't care for the apperance of that pup or any other on this site, please refrain from such comments!

Apr 6, 2007 Doxie luver
We have our dog livin' in the country, ALWAYS DIRTY! She plays in the mud she runs through thorns (like yours) and much much more! She looks like a VERY active dog! I bet it is hard to keep her white!
Jun 28, 2007 carcar
She likes to get down and dirty! 11 biscuits for you!
Aug 8, 2007 lovemayleigh
My mother has a maltese, and the muddy picture looks just like something he would do. So cute!!
Aug 8, 2007 lovemayleigh
My mother has a maltese, and the muddy picture looks just like something he would do. So cute!!
Aug 28, 2007 TrixAndSam
My dogs, Trixie (Bichon) and Sam (Bichon/Shi-Tzu mix) are both white. Well, they're white for about a day after a trip to the groomer or after a bath! If you look closely at every one of Chulee's pics, you'll see one heck of a happy, active dog. Happy dogs get dirty. That's just the nature of the beast (literally and figuratively)!! Enjoy your Chulee, she's a beauty, mud and stickers included!
Sep 14, 2007 mstrendytresses
I love this dog! What a mischiefous little baby. He reminds me of my yorkie who loves trouble and adventure. Long happy life to you Chulee!!! :) (PS - I'd be interested to hear the green paint story!)
Sep 27, 2007 Mummm
She is one COOL pup, dirty or not. What fun!
Oct 4, 2007 mbolan20
I cracked up looking at these pics....she is hilarious! And completely adorable both dirty and squeaky clean. I would love to have one just like her!!!
Oct 8, 2007 tucker8
what a cute dog! looks like she had some fun in the mudd!
Mar 23, 2008 dog_lover90
i love malteses. there so cute lol. yours is precious. i love the haircut :)
Mar 26, 2008 Dogfanatic1
I live in a Habitat for Humanity house and have a maltese too! I have to agree, they d think they are big dogs and are very hard to keep white.
Mar 31, 2008 buttonsmom
What a precious baby! We lost our 15-yr-old Maltese, Buttons, several years ago and we still miss him terribly. The Maltese personality is amazing. Chulee could be his twin. He hated getting dirty and would groom himself like a cat if he got the smallest bit of dirt on him. He also loved toilet paper. We had to remove it from the spools for all of his 15 yrs or he would drag it all over the house! Hugs to Chulee from Buttons mom in North Dakota.
May 3, 2008 s & w's mom
What personality & cuteness. She cleans up well.
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