Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Feb 4, 2007 jimmysparents
me want coco
Feb 4, 2007 kria1983
she is beautiful!!! i love her coloring and those eyes just speak to you! congrats on your new puppy and enjoy her and give her hugs and kisses everyday!!
Feb 4, 2007 anony
Intelligent, blue Dalai Lama eyes... a Zen dog
Feb 4, 2007 DogMom
Gorgeous girl! What an expressive little puppy face. Her coat coloring is gorgeous -- and I love her little nose!!!!!! Beautiful beautiful -- Thanks for sharing!
Feb 4, 2007 BeachLover
Coco girl is a beautiful pup.
She's focused and very smart.
Her coppery coat and pure white blaze
aren't from the rack at K-Mart.

Coco is a wiggly, loving snuggle-bug
who is close to those on the couch.
She's a darling girl, all bright and trim.
Never a sloppy slouch.

Those perky ears and searching eyes
will pick up every clue.
Whether a threat is near, or a chance for fun,
Coco will surely tell you.
Feb 4, 2007 jobo
so cute! so sweet looking!
Feb 4, 2007 scoutsmom
Coco's eyes look like they know what your thinking before you even say it! She looks so sweet and calm.
Feb 4, 2007 jencar9
Very cute!!
Feb 4, 2007 bekah505
Coco takes great pictures!... i wish my puppy would sit still for more than 2 seconds so i could get good pictures of her...
Feb 4, 2007 snuggles19973
Ohhhhh Coco you look so serious.....she is so cute. Coco is a beautiful girl and I love the colors and the eyes. Huggs and Kisses to your Coco.
Feb 4, 2007 jolimejias
omg if those arent some of the most sincerest eyes, and shes a lady too! and i bet she gets away with almost everything with the sad look. shes a true friend and looks to be an old soul. and a great buddy and she takes a pretty picture. congrats on the new babe!
Feb 4, 2007 tish
Coco is a knockout - those eyes, those ears, that nose! I would find it impossible to discipline such a gorgeous puppy. She'd have me wrapped around her big paws!
Feb 4, 2007 DKN
Gorgeous! A perfect cup of coco with a little marshmallow under her chin!
Feb 4, 2007 Geenie
BeachLover, I love your poems!!!!!! Coco is such a sweetie.
Feb 4, 2007 caspersmom
Coco you have such a sweet face but yet you look so sad. Really like the first two pics. You are sitting there like such a good doggy.
Feb 4, 2007 maggielover322
Coco looks soo adorable in these pics. rhodesian ridgebacks are one of my all time favorite breeds*
Feb 4, 2007 sheron
What a sweet face, she's sooo cute. M & M
Feb 4, 2007 Ellie
Oh, I just love that brown nose and her ears are PERFECT!
Feb 4, 2007 fluffypup
Coco is the most handsome thing with those B-U-Ti-Ful eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 5, 2007 anon
ooooh that face!! she is too sweet... a truly beautiful little girl. such great colors and lovely eyes :)
Feb 5, 2007 Jeannemac
This puppy is absolutely gorgeous. My dog is half rottweiler also and has the same look in his face. What a great addition to your family....
Feb 5, 2007 rebel mama
Ha ha! That first picture's caption should be,
"Must I?" She looks tewtally bored.
Feb 5, 2007 sputnik
undoubtedly an 11 out of 10!!
Feb 5, 2007 azuredee
Oh! I think I am in love! Luck you!
Feb 6, 2007 AnimalLover85
Oh I just LOVE her eyes they are so BEAUTIFUL!! And I absolutely am about to die over the grass picture, so much cuteness! I love her coloring is is so unique and her mix amazing. I LOVE Rotties they are so protective and sweet! You can tell of her rottweiler in her face, so cute!
Feb 6, 2007 AnimalLover85
Ahhhhhhhhh, i forgot to coment on her BROWN nose!! I love dogs with brown noses, they have the sweetest nature! And they are so cuddly and soft, i love her little puppy nose! There i am all better now because the world will know how i feel about her chocolate covered nose!
Feb 7, 2007 mcingrams
This is so far my all time favorite, just absolutely beautiful and I feel he connects to what he sees.
Feb 8, 2007 mellocello
awwwwwwwwwww!!! I love puppies! this is one of my favorites!
Feb 9, 2007 emmy5blue
what a beautiful dog - her eyes are gorgeous
Feb 10, 2007 ZoeLokiLuci
what beautiful eyes! the regal poise of a rott definitely gives this baby some sass. loveee it.
Mar 1, 2007 Daph
WOW, talk about captivating eyes, she's got em!
Mar 14, 2007 susanann
We with Rhodesians wonder why this mix was bred or where he was obtained?
Apr 11, 2007 naomimoore
Coco is beautiful!!! I [i]love[/i] her coloring and those eyes just speak to you! Never heard of such a mix but she sounds wonderful. Have fun with her! Max biscuits!
May 11, 2007 chrissy'smom
I had a Ridge/Rott for 11 years - they're wonderful dogs!!
May 14, 2007 sandi
I think Coco is very sweet looking-- I just adore her ears and her brown nose-- her eyes are very beautiful (are they grey?) she is just cute little angel. I love the little white marking on her chest. She is just adorable. She sounds like a very faithful put and whats to protect the ones she loves. Many happy years with Coco!
Jul 14, 2007 dog_puppluver
This pup is such a cutie..I love her..I wanna cuddle and hug her...muah!!!!
Jul 18, 2007 goldenrod1967
What a pretty mix- mixed breeds are the best. She looks so intelligent and thoughtful!!
Aug 2, 2007 riggins
I just had to put my half/rott half/ridge down two weeks ago after thirteen years. Talk about heartache.
Nevertheless, I don't like to overdo it on the loss of a dog as I feel it's mildly insulting to human loss.
But as a result of my attachment I began searching the internet for a potential replacement and googled half rott/half ridge.
Lo and behild I came across Coco's picture and I must say that is the most beautiful animal I've ever laid eyes on! Has she maintained her appearance as an adult?
Would appreciate any new pictures. Her face looks exactly like my Jessie although Jessie was black and tan.
After seeing Coco I would be real interested in a dog with that color.
Quite a dog!.
Mar 5, 2008 DINI-DINI
This one is a TRUE heart-breaker!!!! Incredibly beautiful!!! Hey, that BeachLover got it right!
Dec 22, 2008 biff
Beautiful dog. How big is she? Rotties and Ridgebacks are both very large breeds, and in these pix, she looks a lot like a Nova Scotia Tolling Duck dog mix, which is a small breed. Whatever, she's beautiful, and yes, her face does have a ridgeback look to it. Many biscuits and belly rubs to you, Coco.
Mar 18, 2009 georgia04
Coco's beautiful, her eyes and coat combine to make one gorgeous little pup. She sounds like such a loving girl. Give her smooches for me, she's one in a million!
Jul 25, 2009 Chain Milk Dog
A gorgeous pup isn't it Coco.Coco just a same with my dog,Beara.She is a half Rhodesian Ridgeback but a half Labrador.
Aug 24, 2009 ILoveMyJackRussell
omg those eyes are illusive!
Jul 30, 2011 cheekymonkey08
Cute Dog! What type is she?
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