Monday, July 28, 2014
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Sep 1, 2006 ME
so you are saying that in reality your, very cute kid, is an adorable mutt. Let us not try to create a breeds.
Sep 1, 2006 melissa
There are no longer mutts, but an exciting wonderful mystery of what the next mixture of dogs will make. He is adorable I wish I had one just like him!!!
Sep 1, 2006 Dingo-lover
He's really cute!!!! I bet you get stopped all the time when taking him for a walk!!!
Sep 1, 2006 donna
cutest pooch anywhere
Sep 1, 2006 Samantha
I love his coat its so handsome!
Sep 1, 2006 Elaine Benes
He looks like a Muppet dog! Awwwww!!!
Sep 1, 2006 DogMom
He may be the cutest puppy I have ever seen!!!!! He looks soooooo soft.
Sep 1, 2006 Beth
OH mutts definitely still exist! The word 'mutt' should never be considered degrading! I say it with pride when I refer to my puppy! Yours is definitely a cute one! Such beautiful coloration on him!
Sep 1, 2006 I love my schnauzer
I love his coat! He looks like a stuffed animal! What a cutie.
Sep 1, 2006 Lizzie
LOVE his markings!
Sep 1, 2006 Malteseluver
Sep 1, 2006 julia
he's adorable.
Sep 1, 2006 puppy-lovin- freak
This little guy is possibly the most adorable thing I've ever seen... he almost looks like a stuffy...

A+ on all the mutt comments... the most wonderful elements of puppydom are the myriad of coats and faces and ears and tails and personalities and everything else that come along with mixed breeds... Let's all agree to make September 1st the "International Day of the Mutt"! Can we throw in Moggies too (moggies are the mutts of the cat world)? Mutt isn't a derogatory word, it's what nature intended for dogs (and every other species including us human-types) most of the greatest dogs I've ever met have been of indeterminate breed.
Sep 1, 2006 Jessica
He reminds me of a teddy bear. I bet he's a real snuggly guy. I love him!!
Sep 1, 2006 DB
He looks stuffed! Soooo cute!
Sep 1, 2006 Jana
What a cutie pie. Everyone needs to lay off with the mutt comments. I don't think they were trying to create a new breed by detailing the different mix- I think it was just informative. Clearly they know that their puppy is a mix and love it for the puppy it is not its registration papers. Besides I think CKC will even register mixed breed pups now. Of course if your a purist then stick with AKC, but don't degrade them for trying to explain what mixture made this puppy so adorable.
Sep 1, 2006 Miz Shoes
I love, love, love this little guy. What a wonderful mix, and what a beautiful coat. He is prosh, and I could just eat him with a silver spoon.
Sep 1, 2006 Nose Deep in Fluff
That pup doesn't even look real! Are you sure you didn't buy a stuffed doggie and are trying to pass him off as real? =)
Sep 1, 2006 Coffee Addict
He is adorable.
Sep 1, 2006 In need of a fur fix
I was at a dog park recently when a man arrived with his dog who was obviously a mix of several breeds. When I asked him what kind of dog she was, he replied "She's a good dog". What a wonderful response! So three cheers for all the loveable mutts of the world!
Sep 1, 2006 ME
Love the 'She's a good dog' comment - I will have to use it when asked about my kids. I meant the 'mutt' comment as a positive comment. We see so many celebrities with these 'exotic' breeds which creates a demand when there are so many 'good dogs' out there, that are just simply a dog looking for a good home.
Sep 1, 2006 jess_hanson
The way people say the word 'mutt' is what makes it mean. I would rather say this pup is a beautiful mix than call is a mutt. He looks so soft and fluffy I want to cuddle him! :)
Sep 1, 2006 mamagi
I hope as he grows to become an adult he keeps all those wonderful curls. Makes want to kiss the puppy through the pc screen
Sep 1, 2006 Cheryl
He is an impossibly cute dog! I love his little black nose, meaningful eyes, and the color of his fur. He really does look like a stuffed animal - Adorable!
Sep 1, 2006 beth
...are there beauty contests for dogs?? he would certainly be a beauty "king" if there were!!
Sep 1, 2006 Lizzy18
he looks like a big teddy bear...
Sep 1, 2006 Kristen
Oh My God - he doesn't even look real! He looks like a rag doll! I want one!!!! Kissies to him!!!
Sep 1, 2006 Ann
He is beautiful. He doesn't look real !
You are lucky to have him.
Sep 1, 2006 Linda
Oh, who cares what he is with a face like that! A big kiss to him.
Sep 1, 2006 HONEY`S MOM
Sep 1, 2006 Cassidy-s Momma
Great perm! what is the name of your stylist!! cutie pie!!
Sep 1, 2006 jobo
google the world "cockalier" and you'll be surprised at how many hits you get!!! it's a made-up word, like all these mixed-breed words, but they are catching on!!!!
oh, and i absolutely positively adore this dog and i'd love it if here mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 1, 2006 Michelle
What a cutie!!!
I have a Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel with almost the exact markings & colouring.

Does Cody shed???
Sep 1, 2006 Michelle
What a cutie!!!
I have a Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel with almost the exact markings & colouring.

Does Cody shed???
Sep 1, 2006 Sarah
He's so cute. I wish he were my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 1, 2006 Tori
LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 1, 2006 Amy
I have never seen a dog like that. He has beautiful coloring..
Sep 1, 2006 yummi600
oh my goodnesses!!!what a little poo-poos!!!i know her mama is proud :o)
Sep 1, 2006 lesliehand@AOL.COM
Sep 1, 2006 Amber-s mom
Such a sweet looking pooch. Looks like he is very cuddly. Oh so cute. Love the first pic
Sep 1, 2006 Ruth
I thought our little cockapoo Moxie was the cutest little dog every but your little Cody comes pretty close. My the two of them would make some beautiful puppies.
Sep 2, 2006 the kissing lady
HE is not a mutt he is all a AMERICAN and i BEAUTIFULL ONE
Sep 2, 2006 Jess
He reminds me of a big cuddly teddy bear. So cute!
Sep 2, 2006 freckles
He is sooooooo adorable i love him he is soo cute!
Sep 2, 2006 Joy
adorable is what he is!
Sep 2, 2006 priya
i wish i had a puppy dat cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 5, 2006 Libby
He should have his own calender! He really should!
Sep 7, 2006 Neil A Greskiewicz
I love him - he is sooo cute!!
Sep 12, 2006 Sue B
I want one!!!!!!!!
Sep 16, 2006 Rebecca
I love cody..he's the best dog ever. I love goin over to your house to see him. I love yo cody.
Sep 16, 2006 Hanna
I love Cody! he's the coolest and softest pup ever!
Sep 16, 2006 rebecca
cody is like the coolest dog ever...i love him more than u hanna
Sep 19, 2006 Cody-s Mom
I love Cody the most... I'm the one who feeds him,
walks him, plays' fetch with him, and kisses him
every morning. I get to see his cute little face every day!
Sep 22, 2006 Nicholle & Greg Y.
He is the cutest puppy. He looks like a little muppet. I want one of them. Where can I get one!
Sep 22, 2006 Xena
The "designer mutts" make me sad because there are people willing to pay hundreds of dollars to a breeder for a mixed breed pup, while thousands of beautiful mixed breed dogs are euthanized at shelters every day. I guess a dog has more value if you pay $800 for him.
Sep 22, 2006 Greg Y
Check out my dog's own website and tell me what you think. It's called http://www.geocities .com/co...
Sep 25, 2006 Maureen
I WANT this puppy!!!! Anyone know were we can get one?!!? absolutely adorable!!!!
Sep 25, 2006 Me want a puppy
He is sooooooooo cute! His colouring is awesome ^_^
Sep 26, 2006 Baxters Mommy (May 23rd, 2006)
ooooooooooooooooooo... cute! i love him!
Oct 6, 2006 Leslie
Please share where you got him from - what Breeder?
Oct 11, 2006 Lydia
For all of you who can't seem to understand the definition of mutt- a dog with unknown ancestory. Just because a dog is a mixed breed does NOT mean he is a mutt. People pay good money for mixed breed dogs, not to be insulted by ignorant people calling them mutts. Ever heard of designer dogs?
Oct 13, 2006 puppyluv
Mutt, schmutt, who cares - The important thing is that this is one cute pooch!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 31, 2006 Emily
Cody is the cutest puppy I have ever seen.He should be in show biz. Seriously, if he was mine, I would get an agent and try to get him into modeling.
Nov 9, 2006 robbio
he looks like a stuffed animal! he is just to cute to be real.
Nov 21, 2006 Lauren
I am in love!!! If this is YOUR DOG, can you please e-mail me and let me know what breeder you bought this dog from!! Or if you ever decide to breed puppies!!!!! YOU HAVE A GORGEOUS ANIMAL ON YOUR HANDS!!! LUCKY LUCKY!
Nov 25, 2006 jessica
i really need to know where this adorable pup came from. please let me know asap
Dec 4, 2006 marly
He is so cute!!!
Dec 4, 2006 Claudia
I also really need to know where this adorable puppy came from. My kids fell in love with him. Please let me know asap,
Dec 6, 2006 jon pasqua
I also would like to get his breeder info,
Dec 12, 2006 Brightrain
Oh, my god it's fozzie bear!! that is the cutest pup i have EVER seen!!! what a pile of love and curls.
Dec 20, 2006 1000RainyDays
Cody is much too precious and perfect to be real. Are you sure that isn't just a strategically placed stuffed doggy??
Ah, he's so cute! I can't get over that orange color. I'm a sucker for orange, red, or liver colored dogs.
Jan 18, 2007 sthrnanni
y'all have frightened the word out of its right sense, the mutt debate is for outside of a puppy-praising website.

cody is amazing, absolutely perfect!
Jan 24, 2007 arieljk
He is soo adorable. I really want one that looks like him. I have been looking for a breeber. Can you please tell me where I could find a breeder. My e-mail is
Jan 25, 2007 dogsni
Forget the mutt and mixed breed debate and an animal is an animal. A dog needs a home and love no matter what. Cody is the most adorable,cutest puppy dog I have ever seen and I'm interested in what he looks like now. Cody-s Mom,are you going to e-mail these people? Send his picture to DogFancy magazine!He's a cover shot for sure.I have a standard poodle. Hair looked that soft when he was about 5months old. love your pup sooooooo much...
Feb 10, 2007 dugoon's mom
Cody is a cute little puppy. My little Dugoon is a toy phamtom poodle and he has some of the same type of markings in black and copper.
Feb 13, 2007 DeannaD
Are you kidding me with this?? This little bundle of love is the cutest puppy ALMOST ever (my precious Layla Belle is always going to be first)! LOVE HIM! And mutts rock! :)
Feb 22, 2007 Dimora
What beautiful colors!!!
Feb 22, 2007 melwri0881
beautiful dog looks like a big teddy bear.
Mar 31, 2007 Dyxe
Quite possibly the cutest puppy I've ever seen! I want one just like him!
Apr 2, 2007 secretagent924
Has anyone discovered where Cody's owner got him from? I would love to know the breeder information! Send email to me through my member name. Thanks!
Apr 4, 2007 goldenlove87
wowww pretty rude comment from the first "ME" guy, gosh.

what an ADORABLE baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's so handsome!!!!! you're so lucky to have him be a part of your family =)
Apr 7, 2007 savon19
OK - I can't seem to move off this page!! Did the internet just stop???

Toooo cute for words. Which is sweeter - the white snout or the white paws? Impossible to say...

Surely - a "one of a kind!!" Lucky you!
Apr 17, 2007 Hamachi
Put me down in the "stuffed animal" column too.

I'm guessing he's half poodle and one quarter of each spaniel breed. Did I get it right?

Apr 18, 2007 HarrisonGoldman
wounderful abasaloutley wounderful
Apr 29, 2007 vllybllstar
new breeds are always interesting : ]
May 3, 2007 Sinnamon1
So cute. I have a Bichon Frise' but he's not that tall.
May 5, 2007 katiabrim12
looks just like a toy
May 6, 2007 beachbum
He's adorable! You've got yourself a handsome little man there!
Whether a dog is purebred or mixed breed, they all have the ability to love and be loved, as the proud mama of both purebred poodles and mixed breed dogs (bluetick hound+ and shepherd+), they all bring joy and love into my life.
Jun 2, 2007 eawysong
I LOVE,LOVE LOVE, LOVE, THIS DOG!!!!! He is soooo adorable!!! I have been wanting to get a small dog for some time and have been trying to find the right breed. I love Cavaliers and Cocker Spaniel but they shed and I am allergic. This mix is PERFECT!!!! Can you please tell me where you git him? I hope that you got him from a breeder becasue I woudl like to buy a pup just like him!!!
Please e-mail me through my member name!! Thank you!
Jun 3, 2007 susannajon
I have a Cockapoo who is our heart and just the sweetest dog in the world. She is perect and we couldn't ask for a better dog. She is gentle, loving, loyal, funny, and energetic. I have always loved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels but stayed away because we have allergies. This is a gorgeous dog and I am sure a wonderful mix. He looks like such a sweety-pie! Please ignore those that suggest a beautiful hybrid like this is somehow inferior. If you are fortunate enough to find a hybrid that combines all of your favorite traits it's a good thing. It might even lead to a healthy dog without breed specific health issues. Enjoy your gorgeous sweet baby!
Jun 14, 2007 gill
I have a CKCS and Cody is just gorgeous. Definitely did a double take.You can see all the other breeds mentioned in the dog, but the most important factor is she loves you and you adore her.She is just the sweetest thing. Hope you have many wonderful years together.
Jun 28, 2007 carcar
Even though he is a 4 breed mix he is the cutest mutt I ever saw. I'll bet people stop and watch you go by when your on a walk. He looks stuffed! SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!
Jul 15, 2007 Delilah_Carroll
He looks like a big cuddly teddy bear! So toy-like, he almost doesn't look real! I wish I could cuddle him!:D
Jul 15, 2007 Delilah_Carroll
He looks like a big cuddly teddy bear! So toy-like, he almost doesn't look real! I wish I could cuddle him!:D
Aug 17, 2007 achope246
He looks like a stuffed doggie!! I bet his coat is really soft!
Aug 19, 2007 sylvanbliss
No kidding, may I check Cody for a sewn in tag? So cute!
Sep 25, 2007 joan1022
He is adorable !! If I didn't have two pups already I'd be looking for a breeder too.
I did find this site for anyone interested They look pretty close
Nov 5, 2007 Luv-em_All
He doesn't look real. He looks like a toy. I'm not surprised that others think the same. When you take him for walks, etc., do you get stopped alot. His coat pattern is sooo perfect. It's really amazing! The first picture really depicts this incredible coat. I hope he has some little people friends to play with as I'm sure they would have a blast.
Jan 9, 2008 CelineBeforeSunset
Can't believe you didn't sew him! He is very darling! I think it is great that mixed breeds are gaining in popularity as it is better for the poor doggy's gene pool - mixed breeds are healthier and often live longer I've heard! I also feel very sorry for dogs which have been selectively bred into strange shapes that prevent them leading totally doggy lives ie. too short legs, too small with vision problems, fragile boned etc! Very far removed from their wolf ancestors!
Feb 5, 2008 crystalstar
Oh my goodness!!
This Has got to be the Cutest Dog EVER!!!
When ever I get a chance to adopt an other dog.
I want one just like him!
How lovely and Adorable! You are a lucky momma!
Puppy KISSES to you Cody!!
May 17, 2008 radioriot
Oh that coloring is too cute!!
Oct 25, 2008 BAH0228
I want one darn it. That is the cutest dog I have ever seen.
Jan 9, 2009 waterlandsky
He's adorable!
Jan 9, 2009 ladybarber
I want a Cockalier Poodle!! Looks like a stuffed teddy bear.
May 10, 2009 Tia Maria
Cody is just too cute! I love the chocolately caramel color, with the white on his face, neck and paws! He is one adorable litle puppy. Love the curls!
Jul 29, 2009 chloesophia
He is very cute but he is a mutt. Be proud of it don't make up silly names. It makes you look ignorant and ridiculous.
Dec 27, 2009 shaungrl
You're adorable, Cody. And what makes a peep look ignorant and ridiculous is making caustic, rude comments such as the following: chloesophia says:He is very cute but he is a mutt. Be proud of it don't make up silly names. It makes you look ignorant and ridiculous.
Jan 13, 2010 codysmom
Thanks for all the support out there!!!! Cody is our big boy now. 4 years old!!! Still furry and curly as ever!
Jun 15, 2010 Creekstone
Don't tell my Cavaliers this, but Cody is the cutest puppy I have ever seen in my entire life. Could we have updated pictures please????? I don't care what breed, or mix he is, what's in a name? I want to snuggle him and just eat him up.
Jul 16, 2010 Creekstone
We need some grown up pictures please, please, please. I keep coming back to this page over and over again because I just can't get enough Cody!! {{{hugs}}} from Aunty Sher!!!
Feb 28, 2011 pelligrino
Cody is a spectacular puppy! His coloring is so unusual, and that face is adorable! Have a happy, long and healthy life Cody!
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