Friday, July 25, 2014
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Aug 26, 2007 puppyluvr
What a cutie pie!!!!
Aug 26, 2007 petmommy
Cooper is one fuzzy ball of cuteness!!
Aug 26, 2007 madziajk
I love Cooper!! What a happy little boy!!! I love the photo he is running!! He looks cute in all of them!
Aug 26, 2007 PIPPIN
You're a bright-eyed, happy and cute puppy, Cooper.
Aug 26, 2007 becca
Cooper looks like he would be great for cuddling:)
Aug 26, 2007 pomtzu
What a cutie! Lots of kisses, hugs and belly rubs to you Cooper, and at least 11 dozen biscuits!
Love all the pics, but this is my favorite.
Aug 26, 2007 OleBrumm
I love Cooper's colouring and he's got the cutest face! 11 biscuits to your cutie pie!
Aug 26, 2007 sue
hes soooooooo cute
Aug 26, 2007 webbcues
ah! more love and cuteness ...:):):)
Aug 26, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
I love Maltise of any kind. Spoil him with lotsa love xxxooo
Aug 26, 2007 BearsFan
Cooper is SOOO cute, I really love this picture, it's great coloring and you catch a great expression on his face :)
Aug 26, 2007 tazziesmom
Cooper you can come to my house anytime you want! What a sweet fluffy pup!
Aug 26, 2007 ceallaig
"You know you want to give me some ... you know you do ... " LOL!

You say Cooper is a mix -- I'm betting there's a strong shot of shih tzu in there. Whatever the combo, he's adorable!!!
Aug 26, 2007 DogMom
This is one cute little cuddle bug. You are very lucky -- he looks easy to love. Kisses, snuggles and an extra walk from me! PRECIOIUS......
Aug 26, 2007 bopeep
What a bright eyed cutie you are Cooper. My Maltese/Poodle mix, Missy, says "hi". Hugs and kisses.
Aug 26, 2007 puppypac
Aaaaaaaaaahhh!!! :-)
Aug 26, 2007 cooper_mum
Hi all, thanks for all the biscuits, kisses, hugs and comments. This is Cooper's mum Annie here. Cooper is a maltese x Shih Tzu. And he is turning 3 years old by Sept this year. Cooper is very glad to meet all of you here. :D
Aug 26, 2007 Mary V
What a ham! Does he always pose like that?? What a cutie. It is amazing how they fill our lives and hearts! Enjoy him..
Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Aug 26, 2007 pauleenm
[color=magenta]what an adorable guy![/color}
Aug 26, 2007 Bijou903
adorable! He has such a fluffy face! And very sweet eyes. Give him tons of love for me!!!
Aug 26, 2007 BeckersUNC
Aug 26, 2007 caseyanddavesmom
Lets hear it for the little dogs of the world !!!! You are one of them Cooper.
Aug 26, 2007 bongo
Oh, man, there is something just so appealing about Cooper's face!!! He looks so happy. Does his hair naturally turn out like that, or do you cut it away from his face? It looks so cute! Smoochie to Cooper.
Aug 26, 2007 iamme
I love this picture!!! He's all posed and handsome. lol It's sooo cute!!! :) Best of luck to you guys!!! :)
Aug 26, 2007 babydoll
Cooper is doll baby . 11 biscuits for him. Lots of tummy rubs too...
Aug 26, 2007 sandrahender
What a little sweet angel! I could just cuddle that sweet kissyface!
Aug 26, 2007 jroberth55
Lots of belly rubs for you Cooper. He is absolutely lovely.
Aug 26, 2007 Terry C
Oh, I just want to scoop Cooper up and give him hugs.
Aug 26, 2007 sylvanbliss
It's easy to see why your Mom loves you so much, Cooper! You look to be quite a happy fellow! I think your polka-dot belly is irresistible.
Aug 26, 2007 snuggles19973
Ohhhh my what a cutie, I can see why he is so easy to love. Lots of huggs and kisses and belly rubs from me.
Aug 26, 2007 Mummm
What a little doll! You have a great little love there!
Aug 26, 2007 petluver
Oh my goodness!! I love all the pictures! He looks like such a joy to have around! Big hugs to him!!!!
Aug 26, 2007 guido's mama
Cooper is one fluffy pup-pup! What a sweet baby boy. Thank you for sharing him with us - he has made my Sunday morning brighter!
Aug 26, 2007 ilovedoggies
Cooper is sooooo cute.... he has a very happy puppy face..... we all love you cooper..... lots of snuggles to this cutie and a whole jar of biscuits ......
(He has the happiest puppy face ever ....!!!)
Aug 26, 2007 kellyl
He looks just like my Buddie did as a puppy! Love him....
Aug 26, 2007 HappyPup
What a cuteeeeeee - a delightful mix! :-)
Aug 26, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
Little sweetheart. Love him!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 26, 2007 Tinalia
He is gorgeous!....thank you for sharing your pics of him!...smiles!
Aug 26, 2007 fluffypup
OMG...Cooper is such an adorable little thing, I just love him to pieces!!!!!!!!
:) :) :)
Aug 26, 2007 LucyB
What a gorgeous little fluff ball! Lots of hugs and puppy kisses for him.
Aug 26, 2007 Arrow
Aug 26, 2007 PapaJoe
OMG! The most adorable puppy of all time!
Aug 26, 2007 javamom
Cooper I think they were talking about you when they coined the phrase "bright eyed & bushy tailed"! Long life to you sweetie!
Aug 26, 2007 Chloe's Mom
Aug 26, 2007 txmadre
Cooper is one HAPPY puppy! You can just see the happiness ooozing out of him! God bless you for being responsible for that happiness. He's beyond cute! Give him nose kisses for me!
Aug 26, 2007 Crazy4Chis
What a cutie pie!!!!! He looks so happy!! :)
Aug 26, 2007 Ms. K
What a gorgeous puppy, and you obviously make him very happy. I know he'll bring you a lifetime of happiness and it's obvious you are doing the same for him.
Aug 26, 2007 Rainey
Cherry pie, apple pie, no Cooper Pie .......Many years of love to both of you.........
Aug 26, 2007 cyndersmama
Yep, I would say cooper is def. a Keeper!
Aug 26, 2007 Lizanne
Hi, I agree, this little "Cooper Guy" is a keeper. He is a sweetheart. Many happy years with him.

Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Aug 26, 2007 TXJulie
Oh my goodness - this is one of the cutest, sweetest babies I have ever seen! What a darling face, so full of joy and mischief! God bless you with many happy, fun, healthy years together...
Aug 26, 2007 more
Soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm in love...
Aug 26, 2007 cheleon
Who can resist pink puppy belly - oh dear - definite overdose of utterly adorable! Just love him! 111 biscuits - oops, my finger slipped :)
Aug 26, 2007 vllybllstar
"Mama give me a belly rub!!!" too cute
i <3 your little cooper! eee i love that name
Aug 26, 2007 bordercrazed
not to put anyone out, but I've always thought Shih Tzus were kind of unattractive. Cooper fortunately got the Maltese face. He's adorable and looks extremely happy. It's a good cross
Aug 26, 2007 squamous
Oh, freckled bellies. . I just love 'em. Absolutely adorable--a bazillion biscuits (if I could)!
Aug 26, 2007 jinglesmom
cooper is a super name and he is sooooo cute He gets 11 biscuits from me.......
Aug 26, 2007 MusherMaggie
I love his "big smile, chest out" picture--he's adorable!
Aug 26, 2007 yogibear17
Sooooooooo cute! :)
what a Sweet heart
Aug 26, 2007 TessiesMum
I wouldn't mind a puppy like Cooper...real cute!!
Aug 26, 2007 casey's mom
I am totally drawn to any pup who has Maltese in them--can ya tell I am owned by a Maltese?
Cooper is simply adorable, with beautiful coloring and a winning smile! So precious! Thank you for sharing him with us!
Aug 26, 2007 choxie
awww! Cooper's such a cute baby! he's adorable! you're a very lucky person to have him. Take good care of him for the rest of his and your lives.
Aug 26, 2007 amomto5doxies
a million kisses on the beautiful puppy belly.
Aug 26, 2007 slinky
What a SWEET face! He's a cutie. Lots of love to Cooper.
Aug 27, 2007 gill
Cooper is just a sweetie. Hope you have lots of fun with him. Lovely warm face. Tummy rubs to him.
Aug 27, 2007 stinkerbelle1969
What a sweetheart you are!!! I'd love to have one just like you. Hard to pick a favorite pic, so I chose this one because he looks like a cute little toy. Kisses, hugs and lotsa biscuits!!!!
Aug 27, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
oh my god he is sooooo cute, i just want to kiss his little face!!!!!!
Aug 27, 2007 DebbyD
OMG! What a puff of cuteness this baby is! Many happy healthy years, and 11 puppy cookies for you Cooper!
Aug 27, 2007 piobaire
Looks like Cooper would do anything for a belly rub. What a little fur ball!
Aug 27, 2007 Jennb3
Oh little Cooper, you are just a bundle of fluff!!!!
Aug 27, 2007 LisaLisa
Cooper must be part Shih Tzu - he looks so much like the Shih Tzus I used to have. Enjoy your baby - he's absolutely precious!!!!!
What a great smile!!!!!!
Aug 27, 2007 lig921
Cooper is so cute and fluffy! He looks like he is such a happy, fun loving dog. Give him a treat and a belly rub for me!
Aug 27, 2007 Yankee-7
A real loveable fuzzball! (oh, sorry, that's Rush)
Cooper, you deserve the name too!
Aug 27, 2007 tambore
I see utter devotion ahead for you. Love the photo of Cooper on the rug where his chest looks like its bursting with joy. What a doll! Words fail me, but if I could kidnap him, I would (just kidding). Happy Life Everyone!
Aug 28, 2007 olgadabest
Cooper, I love you and want to snuggle with you!
Aug 28, 2007 westielover173
other than my puppy this is the cutest puppy in the WORLD!!!
Aug 29, 2007 jenga68
Awwww! What a cutie! I am smitten. :)
Aug 29, 2007 eharkins
He's a little Ewok puppy! OOOOO Cute!
Aug 29, 2007 vllybllstar
i love the first pic....i had to comment again! he looks like a happy puppy
Aug 30, 2007 blondiejune
He's soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! I want one like him!
Aug 30, 2007 doxielover
This little guy is too cute to be real! I want one.
How lucky you are!
Aug 31, 2007 pupisrule234
ick. but we all have our own opinions
Sep 2, 2007 annakeg
aww soooooooo cute
Sep 3, 2007 straysavior
Just doesn't get any cuter than Cooper...Wet puppy kisses to him!!

I love this pic b/c he looks like he's trying to be a good boy!!
Sep 5, 2007 lady704
I had a dog that looked just like him and adored it!
Sep 28, 2007 pderoo1
What a cutie!!!
Oct 4, 2007 puppy_lover_93
OMG!! he is so cute! i am getting one them puupies soon but i am getting a girl. I LOVE him!! :)
Oct 14, 2007 mollysmommy
No words can express how cute this picture is. Cooper is just tooo cute. I love the fact that he is trying to smile and poise for this picture.
Nov 12, 2007 sandy davidson
cute, cute, cute, thats all i can say
Jan 10, 2008 Zoe's Mom
I've been looking to "Adopt" a Maltese/Shih Tzu for about 4 months and came across a woman in Miami that had two adorable puppies. I was in 7th heaven, finally I found a puppy that just pulled at my heart strings. My daughter told me to drive to Miami and check out their facility before going any further. Long story short, she was advertizing your puppy for sale, she even sent me his picture. Luckily I didn't send her any money, turns out it was a scam. Would you be willing to share Cooper's breeder's name and contact info? He is without a doubt the cutest, most adorable puppy.
Jan 14, 2008 arcannon
Such a cute puppy !
May 11, 2008 sunny6767
COOPER IS JUST ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 8, 2008 ABC
that is so cuteisnt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 8, 2008 ABC
how cute is that with the ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 8, 2008 ABC
how cute?
Feb 12, 2009 debbiehuls
Cooper is a keeper. Soooo Precious!!
Jul 13, 2009 ladybarber
I Love Cooper, I have a maltese/Shih mix named Laika. She is the love of my life. Hugs and kisses to Cooper.
Feb 23, 2010 ernest
i miss my own puppy...he died last year...i so miss cuddling him and running after i wish he will come back...i feel so sorry...
Sep 6, 2010 Kazzy
I love Cooper, he's so adorable. I actually came across his photo a couple years (maybe 3) back and he is the reason why I decided to get a Maltese x Shih Tzu. Very cute and loveable!
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