Copper the Corgi

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Copper's mom says: Copper resides with Charley the Chihuahua in Torrance, California. I knew Copper was the perfect pup for me the day I picked him up from the airport. I opened his carrier and he jumped out into my arms and tried to climb on top of my head. I then knew it was a match made in heaven. Some of Copper's favorite things to do are eat, sleep, play with Charley, run, and bark at the birds that chirp at our window. Copper also likes attending Corgi Days at the local dog park. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, we take Cop to the dog park for this event. Around 15 corgis attend every time, but Cop ignores them all and always finds a beagle or Dachshund to play with. Cop wakes me up every morning by running up the doggie stairs, jumping on my chest, and staring into my face. It's almost likes he's saying, "Feed me, please!" Cop loves to run up to people when he's outside and immediately fall onto his back and beg for belly rubs. He is almost too easy to please. Either way, he is my main squeeze!