Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Apr 6, 2007 flyingdachshund
Your little girl is sooooo adorable!!! I especially love the picture of her shaking in the snow. She sounds really sweet and like a lot of fun...enjoy her!!! (not that i need to tell you that lol )
Apr 6, 2007 daddy's girl
Apr 6, 2007 trendypuppy
perfect little puppy
Apr 6, 2007 henryrules
OMG!!!!! what a perfect puppy i melt into a puddle for labs!!!!! i love the dusting of snow on her little nose!!!
Apr 6, 2007 night.prose
She is adorable! After 12 years we still miss our yellow lab.
We have other dogs, also very special & loved, but
there was only one Grits.
Apr 6, 2007 geeg
I am a puddle of mush over Daisy! What a cutie pie! Such expressive eyes!
Apr 6, 2007 erinn
seriously, the puppy dog eyes??? my heart melts. i would totally forgive her if she looked at me like that after eating all of my credit cards.
Apr 6, 2007 doxietail
Daisy is soooo pretty and sweet-looking! I love her eyes!...i love when dog eyes are all shiny and black...just like hers. :D I agree with flyingdachshund (we are twins after-all lol) -- I love the picture of her shaking in the snow!
Apr 6, 2007 allimarie
Wow, she is RIDICULOUSLY cute!!! Unreasonably cute!! :D
Apr 6, 2007 hetzlerl
Awww, she looks like my fluffy little yellow lab pup, Holly!! Love you Daisy!!!! 11 biscuits for sure :-D
Apr 6, 2007 hetzlerl
I just love all of these photos, especially the ones taken in the snow...I know how much my lab loves the winter weather!!!
Apr 6, 2007 Lexie2u2
I love the pic of her play fighting. She looks so fierce compared to the other cute pix of her. I have a 3 month old puppy and she has a LOT of the same expressions. I believe they take a lesson on "cute" for a week before they adopt us!! Whoever took the pix had a great subject but is also a wonderful photographer. You're quite talented... hope animal photography is something you post a lot of. You're great at itand I'd love to see more!
Apr 6, 2007 badideajeans
she's so perfect!

i love the devil dog face while she chews on a stick.
Apr 6, 2007 snoopy_charcoal
such a cutie! wanna hug hug and kiss kiss this cute little thingie! i love the pic that has a snow on her face! such a darling!
Apr 6, 2007 Frogfaerie
I have a seriously cute black puppy labrador, and she looked an awful lot like Daisy, but she's IMPOSSIBLE to photo because she's so dark! Daisy is incredibly beautiful, I've ahhed at these photos at least 4 times already and shown my boyfriend whereupon he ahhed too.
I adore the pic where she's all snooched up cuddling someone, her nose goes all crinkly, she's just too cute! Keep her safe (ours got over-excited about seeing another dog and ran across the road in front of a car, she's miraculously recovered, still totally gorgeous and bouncy, but she has some little scars) and have fun playing with her, DON'T let her eat too much, I'm sure you're aware of just how much labs are prone to eat! : ) I'm sure you'll exchange an awful lot of love! : )
Best wishes!
Apr 6, 2007 Kelly524
What a sweetheart! She's gorgeous!!
Apr 6, 2007 jairdamotta
Tooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
Apr 6, 2007 lablover
what a great looking lab! it brings back those memories of my yellow male, Austi, now 8 years old, but still a fun-loving, mischievious guy.
Apr 6, 2007 Debbie Anderson
This if one beautiful lab. I have two black labs and they are the best dogs. Hope she brings you as much joy as mine have. Of course she will, thats just what labs do best.
Apr 6, 2007 tish
Wow. THAT's a lab for the ages. She's beyond biscuits.
Apr 6, 2007 Cody's Mom
This much cuteness should be against the law! :) However, being a lab lover for many years (and still missing my Cody, 13 years old, black lab), I have to say that I am biased towards labs. Much happiness and longevity with Daisy. 12 biscuits!
Apr 6, 2007 sue
who can resist those beautiful eyes 12 biscuits
Apr 6, 2007 peanutsmom
who could ever get mad at her with those sad eyes!!! she is a beauty.
Apr 6, 2007 hsquared2005
How could you ever say no to those sad eyes? This chubby baby is absolutely loveable!
Apr 6, 2007 Kimberlyep
Daisy-face, You've got the cutest little baby face.

There's not another one could take your place, Daisy-face.

My poor heart is thumpin', You sure have started somethin'.

Daisy-face, I'm up in heaven when I'm in your fond embrace.

I didn't need a shove 'cause I just fell in love.

With your pretty Daisy-face!

(with my apologies to Brenda Lee)
Apr 6, 2007 GeniaNC
As all the other posters said... I love the eyes. My black lab gets away with way more than he should because of those same eyes. The snow on the nose? Is that because she likes to eat snow? I'm sure all dogs do, but it also reminded me of my pup too. He LOVES to eat snow! She is beautiful. Loads of love and big sloppy puppy kisses to Daisy.
Apr 6, 2007 jowaldo
What a sweetie!
Apr 6, 2007 MATA
She looks like a lioness. Regal, yet cute.
Apr 6, 2007 SnowWolves
Definitely a beauty! I just fell in love!!!
Apr 6, 2007 Yourmomsage
Love those chubby paws and the innocent eyes! Kisses and Hugs for Princess Daisy!
Apr 6, 2007 Zoe's_mama
Wow, I think these are some of the best pics I've seen on this site yet (personally). You are an incredible photographer, and she is the cutest, most photogenic little lab puppy ever! You have really captured her in a great variety of poses. Lots of snufflekisses to you, Daisy!
Apr 6, 2007 DogMom
Puppy dog eyes defined!!! What a beautiful little girl puppy. She is absolutely pawsitively the cutest!!!!
Apr 6, 2007 Vivalasteffer
Too cute! Seriously adorable!
Apr 6, 2007 libbiepup
Unfortunately your dog is too cute to ever be angry with! :) She is so cute!
Apr 6, 2007 LizzieBelle
The third picture down from the top... she looks so sad... maybe it's because she's ashamed to live in a country that clubs baby seals to death for the fur trade...
Apr 6, 2007 txmadre
What a precious bundle of love! She s one lucky puppy because whoever took those pictures is obviously head over kibble in love!
Apr 6, 2007 Taryn
Absolutely the most beautiful lab puppy Ive ever seen. She has such adorable eyes. She photographs very well too, especially for a lab! Such sweet, soulful eyes...she definitely can melt my heart!!
Apr 6, 2007 Waiskai'sMommy
Are you kidding me!?!?!? What an adorable doll baby Daisy is! Congrats on a wonderfully new kid to raise and love. I just want to scoop her up and rub noses! Good job - and may you have many many happy years together.
Apr 6, 2007 ANNAfoxlover
so cute

no, cuter

nope, CUTEST!

Apr 6, 2007 weinerdog
WOW! Beautiful pup. We missed the puppyhood of our black lab as we got him at 3 yrs old - after he was abused. But he has turned out to be a terrific dog. She gets 11 bisquits from me and a kiss from her Appalachian cousin "Sparky"
Apr 6, 2007 bopeep
Daisy is adorable. I can tell she is full of life and fun. Hugs and kisses.
Apr 6, 2007 werleybird
She is soooo cute. Puppy kisses from her would bring lots of giggles. And kisses to her cute little nose would be lots of fun too. Enjoy all the years ahead & have fun in future puppy kindergarten. It's lots of fun to watch the puppies training together. 11+++++ buscuits!!
Apr 6, 2007 SwattyMcFox
wow. i don't think i've ever seen anything so cute in my entire life!
Apr 6, 2007 Terry C
She's adorable.....and is going to be a BIG girl.
Apr 6, 2007 j000wxe
I had a yellow lab - GEORGE - lost him 1 1/2 yrs ago after 12 WONDERFUL years. I miss him everyday. Daisy looks just like him. Thanks for the memories : )
Apr 6, 2007 Doxie luver
That puppy is sooo cute! Beautiful color, beautiful eyes!! you have one pup!
Apr 6, 2007 mahogany
Daisy is beautiful! I want her. I have a chocolate lab puppy, but yellow has always been my favorite. Labs are a lot of fun to own, but you do need to remember patience is a virtue. Enjoy.
Apr 6, 2007 CBinID
You could make a fortune with Christmas cards with the snow pictures.

Very precious.

Apr 6, 2007 Northernsoulgirl
I am a German Shepherd Girl and I thought there were no other dogs for me but................. am very tempted now..............she is beautiful and they have such lovely temperaments, what a little sweetie. Have fun..........
Apr 6, 2007 Dogsrule17
Awwwwwwww! 11 bones!
Apr 6, 2007 Labgirl19
I love Daisy! I am currently looking to buy a yellow lab, female puppy. I sent my mom the pictures of Daisy and she said she would love one just like her. We were curious where you got Daisy?
Apr 6, 2007 Loizhanne
such a darling puppy! She will be a joy for a long time
to come!
Apr 6, 2007 labperfect
What wonderful pictures of this cutest puppy in the world. I would have loved to keep her myself but am very happy you are the one who bought her. I guess I'll have to settle for visiting rights. She definitely has her mom's eyes. Mom (chocolate Lab) and Dad (black Lab) say hi!! 12 bones for my BIG girl.
Apr 6, 2007 jayla
She looks exactly like my dogs Ajax when she was a puppy... So cute!
Apr 6, 2007 ezrinjaz
Awwwe!!! I love her!!!
Apr 6, 2007 Daisy's mom
Hello Everyone,

This is Daisy's mom. Thank you for all your kind comments. It is always nice to hear sweet things about your "youngster'. Yes, it is good that she is so cute because sometimes she gets into trouble. I think the owner needs better training.

Labgirl19, I got Daisy from labperfect (2 posts after you). We are in Canada so it may be too far for you to go.

There is a new DOGS ANNUAL in CANADA, have you seen it?

Daisy's mom.
Apr 6, 2007 ezrinjaz
Awwwe!!! I love her!!!
Apr 6, 2007 Liv
uh. muh. gah. heartbreakingly adorable!
Apr 6, 2007 Fran
What a beauty!!!
Apr 6, 2007 petluver
Look at that face! She sure poses well for the camera! What a cutie!
Apr 6, 2007 TessiesMum
There is nothing like a yellow lab puppy, she is just like our Tess was 6 years ago and she still melts our heart. At puppy kindergarten she excelled and finished as 'top puppy' but she has a stubborn streak and likes to lead when we walk her. Her mum was a very proud 'black' lab and her dad a handsome 'yellow'....hope you enjoy many years of cuddles with Daisy...they have the sweetest nature and love nothing more than being with their family (pack), and maybe food is a close second....12+ bones please
Apr 6, 2007 dkritter
So cute! She looks like the Charmin commercial puppy! Cuddly- I love the picture of her flinging snow off!
Apr 6, 2007 luvdogs2244
The look on her face in the third photo she could get away with anything anywhere anytime what a beautiful little girl
Apr 6, 2007 PuppyLuuver
She is SO cute! I love her eyes!
Apr 6, 2007 apugach
She is ADORABLE, what soulful eyes!
Apr 6, 2007 2LabbieGirls
She is a beauty and I love the name! I want one!!!
Apr 6, 2007 Lizanne
Love, Love, Love this adorable little girl. What a sweet little face and love those puppy toes. I want her. She's toooooooooooooo cute.
Apr 6, 2007 xox_dachshund_xox
you little puppy is so CUTE! I wish I could have one just like her!
Seconding the compliments on the photos--great views and sharp focus!

I love the way her skin is too big for her body. : )
Apr 6, 2007 phoebe'smom
big sigh.... Daisy's eyes are squeezing my heart. I seriously need some puppy love.
Apr 6, 2007 Newfie_lover88
i love puppies playing in snow!
our 'puppy' is about 12 now but she still loves to play in the snow, it's wonderful.
Daisy has such a cute face also. enjoy her company.
Apr 6, 2007 Suzette
This is a beautiful dog. The picture of her in front of the evergreen with snow on her face would make a perfect Christmas card.
Apr 6, 2007 merjam
:D so cute :D
Apr 6, 2007 FRITZY
Greetings from Toronto - your puppy is extremely cute!!! I just logged on to my computer and always look forward to viewing the puppy of the day. Daisy has brought a smile to my face. I love the photos in the is so much fun to watch them run around in it.
Apr 7, 2007 Laphrena
Gorgeous pictures of your gorgeous puppy!
I'm just east of Edmonton, and this was a great year for adorable snow photos :D
Apr 7, 2007 pierreluver21
OMGGG!!! she is soooo cute!! i luv all the pics. but i especially luv the snow on the muzzle ones! there soo cute!! jus like her!:P
Apr 7, 2007 chefahoola
Nothing I could say that hasn't been said here. Daisey is the BOMB!!
3,938 biscuits!!!
Apr 7, 2007 cookies176
Apr 7, 2007 Lizanne
This puppy is by far my favorite. She is ssoooooooooooooo adorable and sweet and lovey and love to see her shake off the snow in the next to last shot. She is a beautiful lab girl.

Apr 7, 2007 Mustang
What show stealer at the finals, this pup could when 1st price big time! It must be awesome to have a puppy like Daisy. What a joy she must be to her family!!!
Apr 7, 2007 pawprints113
I think that your puppy is so cute!!! I have a chocolate lab and he likes to play in the snow too. Anyway... hope that your puppy doesn't BITE like mine.... Then again he is only 8 months old..
Apr 9, 2007 LabradorLvr14
What a cute LAB!! I love Lab's. I own a Yellow Lab too. They are so cute. It looks like the dog from the k9 Advantix commercial!!!!!!!
Apr 10, 2007 naomimoore
In the third, fifth and sixth pics she looks so guilty! I luv it!
Apr 10, 2007 jackh
This is my all-time favorite dailypuppy. OMG I can't even get over how cute she is. I've been looking at her every day since it posted, and she cheers me up as my work background image (third image with sad face). Thanks for sharing!
Apr 10, 2007 Daisy's mom
Hi jackh,

I'm glad you like my little puppy. She does look quite pathetic in some of the shots I have of her. Okay, lots of them. She also knows when to turn on that look (like when I am near the 'cookie' tin or when she doesn't want to go outside).

She is a joy and I am glad that she can bring a smile to someone else's face too.

Daisy's mom
Apr 11, 2007 Meaghan
Daisy is beautiful. She looks so energetic and sweet.
Apr 14, 2007 a.eagle
Apr 14, 2007 moseleysmom
I love Daisy. Her eyes are the cutest eyes you ever seen. She is just picture perfect pup. I love all her pictures. Especially the one on the snow. Those are priceless.
Apr 16, 2007 poochie
She is adorable!!!!
Apr 18, 2007 YAKHODGE
She looks like she is going to speak any minute. What a great looking baby girl. I love her in the snow
Apr 25, 2007 kathyd125
I think I would have to quit my job so I could stay home and play with her, all day every day. She is absolutely adorable. I can't stand it! I have emailed her picture to so many friends! Take good care of her - she is an angel (even as she chews the remote)!
May 1, 2007 jridder
I would have to agree with kathyd125. What a dog she will turn out to be. Thanks for sharing you pictures, its a joy to see something so precious.
May 4, 2007 llt214 are one of the prettiest dogs I've ever seen!! Awwww....I'm in love!!!
May 10, 2007 sweety_mj
hiya i have a dog like daisy her name is harmony but shes more yellow daisy is cute
May 13, 2007 sandi
oh sweet lord! the dusting of snow on her little nose just melted my heart! That sad little look in the 3rd pic makes me want to just hold her and hug her. I love the pic of her running- she is absolute perfection! I hope you have many happy years with beautiful Daisy (like the flower she is sunny and beautiful)
May 16, 2007 Vini
Awsome, i wish if i can kiss daisy once in my life.
May 22, 2007 sylvanbliss
Daisy, pretty girl!

Flower names are my favorites. When you are a grown up, I hope you learn to smile like my yellow labbie. Although, the sad face is working for you!
May 30, 2007 charrismo
awwww...she's so sweet...makes me miss my sunny..i remember when her was as little his hind legs would slide on the tiled floor and he would then flop down...

she's adroable..enjoy every minute of her...too bad there were only 11 biscuits :)
Jun 5, 2007 vic1of2
oh those eyes! She is perfect
Jun 6, 2007 bibido123
This looks like my labrador retriever puppy! Especially in the 3rd picture! (Except my puppy has a pink nose!) :)
Jul 29, 2007 dogluvr234
this is a really cute puppy!!
Sep 11, 2007 lunas_mom
Daisy is a snow doggie!!!! Too cute i love labs so much expression in that little face.
Oct 5, 2007 joandshadow
Now, that is what I call a lab!!! She is going to be huge!!!
I took my dog to puppy school-she loved it!! Was great for her socialization to other dogs-enjoy!!!
Nov 2, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
ALL yellow labs are gorgeous, but Daisy is one special little girl!!! I have honestly never seen such a beautiful yellow lab pup!!! You are so lucky, and she is too!! Have tons of fun with her and give her multiple hugs, kisses, and belly rubs for me!!!
Feb 20, 2008 pderoo1
God's greatest creation -- The Puppy! And Daisy's a beauty!!
Jun 19, 2008 hkkitty92
Mar 11, 2009 LSM
Geez, I think I got some snow in my ear!!! Every one of her pictures are fabulous and it was just soooooooo hard to choose. She has the sweetest expression and that face would just melt your heart. I'm in love, again!!!!
Mar 11, 2009 LSM
I just had to put another comment!!! Can't pass by a sleeping little angel like this!!!! Kisses & cuddles.
Apr 14, 2009 Rosekathren
RoseKathren What a cutie pie!! My Daisy was 13 when she passed May 19th, 2008. She was my best friend. I now have ROSEKATHREN another yellow labshe is 2 years old. THe same age I rescued Daisy and from the same place...animal control. They are wonderful dogs. Hope U have many joys Daisy!! Bones galore and rides in the car ur ears blowing in the wind...I took so many pictures and it helps now with Daisy's pictures all over the house...I have her ashes too. GOD BLESS this special pup!!
Apr 14, 2009 Rosekathren
so much of life ahead! So much love to give...I love this pic looks to the big wide world and future joys for all....
Jul 14, 2009 Cartoonification
OOooohoo!! I love it! so cuteeee
Nov 24, 2009 AnnM
This puppy is simply too cute for words.. she will undoubtedly have a great life with lots of love and hugs....
Dec 16, 2010 hoopymmap
this picture is the essence of puppy dog eyes! absolutely ADORABLE and HEARTWARMING!!!
Dec 16, 2010 hoopymmap
Its those PUPPY DOG EYES...,makes your heart MELT!!!
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