Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Mar 3, 2007 zet210
Such beautiful eyes and markings!
Mar 3, 2007 alice g
SUCH a marvellously unusual- looking gorgeousness! You are so lucky to have such a uniquely beautiful dog, but beware- I can SEE that glint of mischief in her eyes! She's working out very clever ways in which to be naughty, after which she'll just look at you innocently with her ears half up, with that sweet sweet face...
Mar 3, 2007 yujismom
Dakota is gorgeous-you and she are so lucky to have found each other-thanks for adopting!
Mar 3, 2007 MinerlGirl
Dakota is a sweetie!

She reminds me of our dog, [url=" m/index..."]Sam[/url] (who is Dalmatian/Border Collie and was featured on Daily Puppy on 10-28-06)

Love her and enjoy her.
Mar 3, 2007 peanutsmom
she is a beautiful dog!!!!
Mar 3, 2007 WeLoveBeagles
What a sweetie! She looks like she has lots of personality. Eleven biscuits from us!
Mar 3, 2007 sams*mom
What a beautiful girl! And what a heart-warming story. So glad she picked you. She looks so happy. May the heavens bless you all as they already have.
Mar 3, 2007 sbuent
She is beautiful! As for the blue eye, many dalmatians have blue eyes or one blue and one brown. I had a gorgeous blue-eyed dal for 15 years--the love of my life.

Enjoy your girl, and thanks for rescuing!
Mar 3, 2007 CO
Here's to many years of health and love and happiness together for all of you for saving this precious life. I had a dog (who we unfortunately had to put down recently) with those same "radar dish" ears, the way he held them said a lot about what he was thinking/feeling at the moment, and you can tell your little one is going to use them in the same manner. You can see she's going to be full of mischief for years to come. Enjoy that bundle of love!
Mar 3, 2007 Sunnymel109
Really, I just want to squeeze her! Those eyes and face are too cute for words =:)
Mar 3, 2007 allpupsRperfect
She is stunning! I hope Dakota's brother was as lucky to find such a loving home as she was. You are an angel for adopting this sweet one. God bless!
Mar 3, 2007 BeachLover
Dakota lives to charm us all
with smiles and wiggles and grace.
Big airplane ears help guide this girl
in every adventure and race.

Run, Dakota! Run like a deer,
then stop to sniff the grass.
Now turn around and come right back,
sweet darling, speckled lass.
Mar 3, 2007 Julia
Speckled muzzles are the BEST! I am certain that those muzzle spots will protect her from any reprimands that might come her way. I, for one, would be unable to scold any dog with so many sweet snout spots. I would try, but this would happen:

ME: "Hey! Don't chew on my purse strap! Bad!"

SPOTTY DOG: *sits and stares at me with spotted nose*

ME: "Aww, hell, go ahead. Chomp away."

SPOTTY DOG (thinking): Sweet.
Mar 3, 2007 btpsmom
I love the blue eye!! Our girl, Poochalena (poochie) is a dal/lab mix too. (and I also thought border collie)-- We tell everyone she is a Dalbrador.
Mar 3, 2007 jennybug35
Your just so cute Dakota! Your Auntie is so proud of you for making the front page of the daily puppy. You make your mommy so proud and so happy. I will be over soon to visit with Abby and Sarah.
Mar 3, 2007 taramh
You sure are cute Dakota! I LOVE your freckled nose. Big hugs and kisses!
Mar 3, 2007 BrightRedScream
That is one heck of a gorgeous pup!!!
I am absolutely smitten <3
Congrats on the two of you finding each other!
Mar 3, 2007 pato
Dakota...a tribute to the beauty of are beautiful.
Mar 3, 2007 Terry C
What a lovely pup!
Mar 3, 2007 samadison
She is so beautiful and sounds like a real lover. She obviously knows you saved her. I hope she lives a long life.
Mar 3, 2007 heydakota
You are all right.. she is FULL of mischief and naughtiness! And then her spotted nose, pretty eyes and silly smile make it hard to discipline her. It's hard not to laugh when she barks at me too. She knows what she wants and how to get her way! It was probably this will that kept her alive. I will be posting more photos of her on my website as well (see my profile) because she is very photogenic and good thing for digital cameras!! Dakota says thanks for all the biscuits! PS her brother is still up for adoption in the so cal area if anyone is looking!
Mar 3, 2007 karbels
Ah what a doll! Yes, she has that look that my Dal had. heh... Good luck with that! They are so smart and learn very quickly - including learning how to get around us on some things. And so much energy!

Love the floppy ears. :)
Mar 3, 2007 rosiesmom
I love her long legs and sweet smiling face. Her blue and brown eyes are a treat to look at. Give her a big hug for me!
Mar 4, 2007 jack_russell_lover
she is a very pretty dog. the only thing that i didnt like was in some pictures, dakota looked like she was possessed. its only becuz of her eyes being different colors, but it is kinda creepy.
Mar 4, 2007 Have Mercy
Have Mercy, what a beautiful baby girl. Aaahhhh, and what I wouldn't give to smell puppy breath again!!

Our family is three babies (they are 7 and 6 now, but still our babies) that came from the same Mom and Dad (Rest In Peace, Davidson) that belonged to friends of ours. They are shepard, white siberian husky and lab mix and look so different from each other. Anyway, my point being that the baby has a blue eye and a brown eye. My hubby says he can tell if he has been ornary or not by which eye he looks at you with....the innocent blue one or the brown one that says he is full of doo doo!!

We also have had the daughter of those friends of ours come to stay with us while she gets back on her feet and she came with a miniture rat terrier that just turned a year old. She proclaimed the other day that he is not her baby anymore!! Oops....loving auntie may have take over!!

Enjoy your gorgeous baby!!
Mar 4, 2007 Loizhanne
praise God for people who rescue! dakota is just darling! look at those eyes. and that coat! i pray that she and her brother will be happy and healthy for many years to come, and that her brother is able to find a great home just like yours.
Mar 4, 2007 heydakota
mercy-- I think in dakota's case it is her blue eye that is the evil one LOL. she is busy as we speak pulling her toys out of a basket of toys and squeaking them. it's hard to believe they are puppies when they are bigger than most small dogs and weigh 20 lbs! but whenever i forget she is still a puppy , she reminds me with a little (or big) puddle on the floor. thank god for dog doors!@ (although she won't use it at night..this little one is afraid of the dark!)
Mar 4, 2007 fading_dawn
Such a cute baby but something about the look in that pup's eyes says "trouble" with a capital "T"!!!
She looks like she's so full of happy, playful energy that it would be a lot of fun just trying to keep up with her!
Happy, sweet, playful, troublemaking puppies .. makes me wish my dog was still a puppy. *sighs*
Mar 4, 2007 jolimejias
hey she matches my gransons cat dot for dot eye for eye. shes a lovely puppy. and a very blessed one too. wishing yous a joyous life together.
Mar 5, 2007 dogsrule
So cute! That pup could be in tv commercials!
Mar 5, 2007 YAKHODGE
I love her eyes and her ears. So cute she is going to rule her house who can say no to that face. Both of you are lucky to have found each other.
As always I vote 11 biscuits.
Mar 5, 2007 dkritter
What a beautiful little puppy! I love the little black dot markings on her pink little toes!
Mar 5, 2007 Mana
Odd-eyed dogs don't always turn out this well - they can end up looking unbalanced, or people may find them disturbing. Not so Dakota! Quite a beautiful, lucky pup - with great color in BOTH her eyes!
Mar 6, 2007 renee
It's so sad you lost the mama and most of the litter but you are blessed to have this little angel with you everyday. You are a very good person for rescueing her. You have probably found your best friend in the world. Everyone thinks she looks pretty but michievious. I think she is probably very loyal. All little people get into stuff. She's just taste testing as she goes. Make sure you put everything up high.
Apr 3, 2007 PopeyeDalmata
What a nice puppy is Dakota!!! I own a dalmatian and I can assure you that Dakota has the same attitude... His name is Popeye... you can see some photos here: http://www.amosfelic (sorry, it's in Spanish :)
Apr 11, 2007 naomimoore
I agree, there is some border collie in Dakota, I'm sure. I love her spotty nose and I [b]seriously[/b] love her odd eyes, as I love odd eyes in all dogs!
Jun 14, 2007 charrismo
she's beautiful
Jul 26, 2007 Yankee-7
Very pretty! Can I please have her?? :oops: :)
Aug 22, 2007 yogibear17
Beautiful and so unique. Hope you get better Dakota.
Nov 14, 2007 puppypac
What a charming fantastic puppy. She seems wonderful. Sorry about the rest of her family though. Have many happy years with your Dakota.
Jul 21, 2008 lovemypom
Dakota is just beautiful! Love the blue eye and cute ears!!
Jan 27, 2009 chikagyrl
wow beautiful!!!
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